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"Alien Memories and Dreams" Article by Brad Stieger

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posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 04:00 AM

As of 2008, over 40,000 individuals from all over the planet have returned the Steiger Questionnaire of UFO, Paranormal, and Mystical Experiences.

Of that number--

* 59% have had dreams or memories in which they were viewing a city or a planet made of crystal
*69% have vivid dreams or memories in which they are in a spacecraft and viewing Earth from a perspective far away from the planet
*54% perceive themselves in dream or memory scenarios as being an actual member of a UFO crew
*43% state that they have dreams or memories in which they observe themselves coming to Earth as Being of Light
*44% have dreams in which they are drawn aboard a UFO to receive instructions and counsel *85% believe that they have lived a prior existence on another planet or in another dimension
*53% experienced dreams or memories in which they see Earth as it might have appeared in prehistoric times

Alien Dreams and Memories

Good reading.

Well we alien reality believers are a hated bunch on these forums, but at least we're not alone, in more ways than one, it would seem.

So how about it, anyone here had a dream like this?

I have to admit I have. I dreamed I was helping my alien friend prepare an engine type to 'help them all out', we were in our ship, but a bomb of some type was involved, (maybe I tried to disarm, or tamper with it?) and we had a limited time to accomplish our tasks. I don't think I was an engineer as my friend was wanting my help and I felt I knew more about the bomb or weapon, wich does fit my personality. Weapons come natural to me but so do the ideals of physics, even though I'm peaceful to a fault and truely dread the thought of ever needing to put my weapons skills to the test. Inside of the ship was kind of green, maybe living? I've never seen a picture or drawing of the other alien who was like me in this dream, kind of shaped like a Kamino cloner alien in body perportions, but bigger head, skin more like a grey, and small eyes not big, no ears I saw, and a small mouth too.

Maybe alien dreamers aren't always believers or is this a rare thing among unbelievers? I'm really interested to know.

So tell me unbelievers, if YOU started haveing these dreams all the time, would it start to change your mind? Would it give you a diffrent outlook on the subject?

What if you friendly believers dreamed you were an evil alien? I mean I was evil and actualy was setting the bomb to blow up the good guys, for all I know. (Sheesh I hope not)

Sorry I couldn't find a way to prove any of this. So how do I go about proveing my dreams?
Hope that doesn't get my thread put in the 'skunkworks'

This is all based on a scientific study though. So what do YOU think?

*Edit by me to fix link

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posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 06:33 AM
Hi HellHound,

Your link appears to be broken.

Perhaps this is the article in question?


You might find the full results of the questionnaire to be of more interest available here: Brads Questionnaire Results.

Though in all honesty I view the use of simple percentages with regards to analysis of data collection to be effectively worthless and not very scientific, as is the collection of 'additional detail' reported in the article by Dr Sprinkle using regression...

What's needed is a null/hypothesis and actual correlations between the various result categories which you'll notice that the article lacks.

E.g. What is the correlation between reports of reincarnation dreams and underlying religious orientation.

The hypothesis being that religious groups teaching reincarnation as a central tenant will report a greater number of reincarnation type dreams (whether Alien or not) than religious groups lacking the reincarnation belief.

A positive correlation between these two data sets would indicate that the hypothesis is true and thus you may not say Alien reincarnation dreams are universal across all social groups but are more confined to groups whose underlying philosophy supports the premise.

In other words, the original data would be of more value to the honest questioning types here at ATS than the spin placed upon the findings by Brads seemingly innocuous article.

Also if you are interested you can find and take the actual Questionnaire here: Brad and Sherrys Questionnaire

With respect to your questions, I have dreams about all kinds of things all of the time and Alien type stuff makes you about 30% that I can remember, none of which is very nice, and I'm a sceptic but not an Activist skeptic.

So effectively I do have these dream types all the time and no it does not change my assessment of the available evidence.



posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 09:42 AM
In the younger generation thread i posted i had dreams about being on a mothership, attending class, just like in high school.

posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 10:09 AM
Hi, nice post, i have recently started a thred that relates to this topic and is an attempt to offer another perspective to account for what we are seeing here, i hope you can look at it and give me your
these kind of reports are facinating and the numbers are very interesting and an excellent source of tracking this growing phenomena. Nice post.

posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 10:18 AM
Does anyone know how the Quetionaire was distributed.....was it only available online, i saw some of the results but there are no demographics or other stats available.

if the questionaire was only available via the site, then that makes the responses typical does'nt posting one here. We could expect to see those percentages in relation to the nature of the site and its viewer.
like going to a church and asking do people believe in god, have they had an experience...etc.

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posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 10:46 AM
Hi Atlasastro.

If you check the description present at the start of the questionnaire you'll see that Brad describes it as being a new (1993) version of one which was previously constructed in 1987.

The 87 version itself a combination of two pre-existing versions, one by brad in 68 and the other by Sherry in 70. So it may be best to say it simple evolved from numerous originals to its present form which has not changed for a few years.

From the article I gather that the original was paper based and intended only for those Brad wished to interview, although how these interviewees were selected i do not know.

The online page you see on the link was saved from the URL on 6:32 PM 9/18/2005 and has been present since.

Unfortunately there is not alot of information on the Rense presented version and it lacks a page creation date but since it was produced using PageMill 2.0 one can safely say it was created not earlier than 97.

And finally.. Yes.

The demographic and statistical information was just one of the aspects of the presented information that I found to be specifically lacking.

A shame really. With the original information (demographics included since room for this information is present on the original)and a little time the results may prove to be fascinating.

posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 11:49 AM
reply to post by Absence of Self

Excelent analysis, very complete and in depth. I would bet your into stats, very expert.

I agree the study has no control to compare its data to, but interesting none the less. I do wish they would have asked the question I asked here wich is if you have these dreams does it make you more likely to believe in UFO realities, or not.

I find the most interesting part to be how many of these dreams fit into so many neat little catagories, and that though most of these dream subjects are not directly the plots of any super popular movies/books/myths, here they are popping up over and over, the same themes or images. This to me sugests a really interesting result, that maybe these dreams are MORE than the babble of the subconcious. I mean sure our dreams are often abstract, but they also often involve the familiar day to day situations.

You answered the first part of my question, "do you have these dreams" but what of the second part, do you believe in UFOs/aliens?

reply to post by TheNetherlands

Cool yours fits right into one of the main catagories, getting instruction abord and alien vessel! Isn't it neat to know that others share your exact dream? I geuss mine fits being part of an alien crew, but its kind of a broad area.

reply to post by atlasastro

I posted my theory on your thread, I do dissagree with its premmise, but you have an interesting idea, wich I think has much merit.

It is related to this subject I agree though. I just don't think I believe in irrational things. I've had my own true UFO experiences, and dreams, but I don't make up alien gods to worship or hold them in higher esteem than myself. Also I would never put myself under the authority of some preist how says 'this is how it is'. Like any preist has ever known what was actualy better for any member of thier 'flock', EVER!

@everyone thank you for your ideas!

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