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Possible Encounter?

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posted on Dec, 9 2003 @ 08:21 AM
What follows is completely true... I am not suggesting it was 'Alien Spacecraft', but something weird happened last night:

I was in the car on the way home from helping my parents at work, the time was about 4:45pm. I was looking out of my the left window and I saw an aircraft going really fast in the skies quite high up. It was flashing it's white, blue and red lights.

We turned a corner, I could still see it in the sky. Then I noticed another aircraft of some sort in the same sort of direction, it looked like it was a long distance away, so I cannot be sure of it's shape - plus it was a dark night.
But it looked oval shaped. Glowing white. The other aircraft was then approaching this white oval object, then they both dissapeared (behind clouds maybe?).

At that same time, a load of police cars were coming in the other direction on the other side of the road. We always have police cars rushing everywhere around here, so I thought nothing of it.

Later that evening I was in the car going along the same roads, I was going to the library with my parents.
And I saw in one of the fields in the distance (the road is high up, so you can see into the distant fields) a load of flashing blue lights - The police cars?

Also in the skies at that time were a lot of flashing aircraft... Did something happen? Lol.

In case anybody lives in Wiltshire like me... I was going down the road that leads into Chippenham... Around the area where the FIAT garage is.
An RAF base is nearby in Lynham... So that would explain the 'normal' looking aircraft... But there were more than usual that night.

Any ideas? I am probably being paranoid... But just thought I'd share it with you lot.

posted on Dec, 9 2003 @ 08:25 AM
you could go to the police and try and find's part of the freedom of information might take you a while but it's worth a shot......remember a knife in the dark is worth 1000 swords at dawn.....take a stab in the dark you might hit it first shot.
Alernitivly you could ring the closest civilian airport and ask for flight record data. Or do both!

posted on Dec, 9 2003 @ 08:53 AM
Thanks Nemesite...

I will do that. Maybe two different incidents happened?

posted on Dec, 10 2003 @ 04:06 PM
Maybe It Was A Satallite

posted on Dec, 10 2003 @ 05:08 PM

Oh well, a lot of crazy stuff seems to happen here, lol.
Plenty of aircraft always seen, as we're near a RAF base.

posted on Dec, 10 2003 @ 10:26 PM
it could be anything, maybe a bunch of coincidences. Let us know if you figure out what any of it was

posted on Dec, 11 2003 @ 12:47 AM
One question I have for you and everyone else who witness' these things happening on the ground. Why didnt you drive your car as close as you could, get out and walk up to the strange lights? I am in no way trying to be rude, but why is it people see these "strange" things on the ground but never get close enough to see what it really is? This is why people in the world think the ufo believers are wackos. Whats the worst that could happen, you find out its nothing, or you find the greatest discovery of our time, or you get blasted by a ray gun. Anyhow, at least you would of know the truth!

posted on Dec, 11 2003 @ 04:50 AM
Well Dusty...

I am 16... I don't drive
I was the passenger...
Plus I wouldn't know how to get to the lights, it's all fields around here... I haven't a clue wether:
1: It would be tresspassing on somebodies land.
2: Which field they were over.

I just saw a oval shape in the sky, it could of been an aircraft flying in my direction from miles away.

I haven't heard anything so far in the local papers or news about any 'incidents' happening that night.

I totoally agree though, if you are in range of a strange light in the sky... Try and get closer, lol. I wasn't able to in my case, sorry.

posted on Dec, 11 2003 @ 09:00 AM
Sorry unaway of your age. But next time just jump out of the car or beg whoever is driving to stop. About the tresspassing, who cares?!?!

posted on Dec, 11 2003 @ 09:04 AM
Lol... I will do that in the future

posted on Dec, 12 2003 @ 08:00 PM
I Would Care About The Trespassing Ordeal... YoU Dont Know Who Owns The Land Or If He Or She Wants People On There In The First Place And If They have Weapons.. If He Or She Shot At You And You Called The Local Sheriff Or Police Department They Would Say They Had A Right To And That It Would Be Trespassing I Would Think..

posted on Dec, 15 2003 @ 01:54 AM
Well if you walked on someones land and they had a gun, Yell for them to bring it over near this UFO just in cas the Aliens arent friendly!

posted on Dec, 15 2003 @ 11:39 AM
Sounds Like A Good Idea But Remmber Some Aliens Are Telipathic They Can Control You

posted on Dec, 15 2003 @ 12:11 PM
Im gonna have to jump in here with my points of view on this. I dont know what you saw. But I do live near an airport, and planes that are distant sometimes look strikingly like a hovering UFO as they approach the area. Like I said though, I dont know what you saw.

What I wanted to get out there though is your thing about the police. This is one of my biggest trouble spots when it comes to the belief in a massive conspiracy. I have an uncle, brother, and two relatively close friends that are police officers. Not to mention those that I just know from running into them now and again.

I find it hard to believe that a conspiracy could extend into my inner circle of friends and relatives. For a conspiracy of the likes described by many at this website to exist, it would have to include many people that you know as friends or relatives. Are you willing to believe that you are being decieved on a large scale by your friends and relatives? If so, do you think it is possible to contain a secret with such a large pool and so many possible leaks?

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