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Is there a Star-Gate/Alien Tech in Iraq? The REAL reason for invasion?

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posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 12:48 AM
G'day all,

I have a couple times from various websites/forums/documentaries mentions of possible stargate in Iraq, and this being the true, hidden reason for going to war there, albeit hidden from public knowledge, but rumour has it that Saddam was onto it and there was no way the US or the West would let him use/uncover/learn how to operate it for his own purposes.

Therefore, I thought I'd do some net searching and investigating to see what I can find and compile a little report here for you all that may be interested in this subject matter.
Titled-"Stargate in Iraq-Real reason for war"

in reference to saddam Hussein-"More significantly, his permission for a German team of archaeologists to resume excavations in the Sumerian city of Uruk after detailed underground mapping, suggests that this may be the location of the Sumerian Stargate. This knowledge of a buried Stargate, may also be part of the reason why the German government has been publically opposed to a US preemptive war against Iraq."

The following is from Pravda newspaper in Russia, dated January 27th 1999 - Titled "Is Hussein owner of a crashed UFO"

"On December 16, 1998, during Operation Desert Fox against Iraq, a video clip aired on CNN showed a UFO hovering over Baghdad; it moved away to avoid a stream of tracer anti-aircraft fire. At that time we all thought it was another UFO sighting, although captured on videotape. But now, ufologists think it was much more than a mere incident"

"Jack Sarfatti reported that Friday evening, December 6, 2002 “someone called the Art Bell radio show, claimed his connection with the military and informed that a UFO crashed in Iraq several years ago. The USA is currently searching for any pretext to invade Iraq. In fact, the USA is motivated by the greatest fear that Saddam will reverse-engineer the crashed alien spacecraft.”

Very interesting wouldnt you say? Lets see what else we can find-
This ones pretty interesting, titled "Saddam or Stargate"

"Imagine this scenario. The U.S. government obtains intelligence that hidden somewhere in central Iraq is an actual stargate, placed there by the Anunnaki 'gods' of ancient Sumeria... In this scenario, when Nibiru (the alleged "twelfth planet"--J.T.) is closest to Earth, the Anunnaki " will "take the opportunity to travel to Earth through that same stargate and will set up their encampment in Iraq."

"With time running out, President Bush invades Iraq. American scientists raid the (Iraqi national) museum and close the stargate, thus frustrating the grandiose ambitions of the self-styled reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzar, Saddam Hussein, and making the world safe for the New World Order."

The above scenario was written by Dr Michael Salla of the University of Melbourne.

""He believes that the U.S., Russia, Germany and France have been aware that the Anunnaki left behind some very high-tech apparatus, and possibly weaponry, when they abandoned the Earth around 1,700 B.C., and that Saddam Hussein had been getting assistance from Russian, German and French archaeological teams for years in an attempt to unravel, and perhaps reverse-engineer, this apparatus, which Salla claims is probably far in advance of any technology we might have obtained from the Grays from Zeta Reticuli" and which is supposedly warehoused at Area 51 in Nevada."

Interesting, could be the reason why europe and russia opposed the invasion so vehemently?

The following is the actual report by Dr Michael Salla on the subject matter -
titled "An Exopolitical Perspective on the Pre-Emptive War in Iraq"

Just had a quick flick through Dr Salla's report and it is very thorough and detailed indeed. I will try and find the time to fully read it and learnhis theories. I highly recommend his report to those of you that are interested in this matter and trying to search for the truth as I am.

If any of you have further reports of ideas in this matter please share them with the rest of us. That report is really something thou, detailing the history of ancient Sumeria, US policy towards Iraq and possible implications.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this short summary as I have investigating it.

posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 01:18 AM
Just thought I'd add this little bit which is the policy implications and recomendations of Dr Michael Salla's report, I thought it was important enough to post here-

" If the exopolitical perspective is a more accurate description of the motivations driving the Bush administration in pushing for a preemptive war on Iraq, then the following policy recommendations can be made. (43)

First, the quality of evidence substantiating an historic ET presence and clandestine government cover up has a significant degree of credibility and persuasiveness. This supports the creation a new field of public policy, exopolitics, which would study the historic ET presence in terms of its implications for contemporary public policy.

Second, there is a need to promote official government disclosure of the historic ET presence and/or the impending return of these ETs; and to make more representative the policy making process that has evolved in government responses to such information.

Third, evidence suggests that the present military preparations for a war against Iraq have little to do with weapons of mass destruction, but are designed to perpetuate US clandestine government control of information concerning the historic and present ET presence. Such a preemptive war should therefore be stopped and a resolution between the US, Iraq and interested European governments should be encouraged.

Fourth, evidence suggests that the Iraq conflict and the destruction of the Columbia Space Shuttle mask a deep factional struggle between clandestine government organizations associated with different national governments that were initially created to deal with the ET presence. It is recommended that there is public disclosure of these organizations and their efforts in monitoring and responding to the ET presence, and that these organizations become accountable to elected public officials.

The final policy recommendation is that there needs to be more effort in determining the extent to which congressional and legislative oversight is required for organizations created in different countries to deal with all aspects of the ET presence, both past and present, and on the implications of a projected return of a race of ETs associated with the birth of human civilization."

Ive read most of this report and I urge you to do it to. I do beleive that it will change your opinion on the Iraq War and the reasons behind it. It is packed full of evidence and information hidden from the media.


posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 01:22 AM
Sounds like a nice idea...a star gate, discovery, etc.
But I tend to think all governments are together. (Well hence the international criminal courts, international military, etc. So I am pretty much right.)

As to the ones that seem in opposition, they seem to be part of it to.
I mean the fact that the U.S. used to work with Saddam, etc., I bet they are pals with the dude in Iran who had interaction with the U.S. years back.

So all in all its wool over our eyes...why, who knows.
But yeah, love the idea of discoveries and stargates, but Im sure they have already been uncovered...if they were ever covered to begin with.



posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 01:59 AM
Maybe what theyre looking for is the Ark Of the Covenant,it could be some were buried in iraq.

Personally i dont believe the Anunnaki are out to harm us..but they will have to set things straight in order to prepare the way for christ to take the throne.


posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 02:35 AM
Once again, with feeling....

Pravda is a tabloid. It's the Russian version of "the Onion" with made up spoof news. There's a few real news stories there, but most of the material is completely made up.

Although Pravda isn't a respected source, there are lots of other respected sources.

posted on Dec, 25 2006 @ 11:54 PM
After alot of study on the topic, I concluded that there were at least 2 star gates in ancient Sumer. One at Enlil's EKUR Temple in Nippur (which was called Nibru at the time), and one at Enki's E.ABZU Temple in Eridu.

Enki's star gate (and eventually Enlil's, as well) was called the ABZU. This is the etymological foundations of the biblical word "ABYSS" or "Bottomless Pit." Many times when ancient texts are translated to say "sea", they really mean Abyss and as such, they really mean Abzu. This will become even more apparent in a moment.

According to the story of the Tower of Babel (Etemenanki), when Nimrod failed at his attempt to reopen the Abzu star gate (he tried to rebuild Enki's E.ABZU Temple (which was the Tower of Babel/Etemenanki), he basically vanishes from the scene. So what happened to him? Well the texts say he had become a mighty one, and he lead the people of the world at that time. The world was all one language at that point. The imperial language of the first world god emperor, known as Nimrod to the Hebrews, Gilgamesh to the Babylonians, Osiris to the Egyptians and etc. When he failed at reopening the Abzu gate at Eridu (Babel), I theorize he went to Nibru (Nippur) and took Enlil's EKUR gate, also called "Abzu" and more formally called the "Dur.Anki" (heaven-earth bond). He fled with it to Egypt, along with his entourage, where they set up the gate at Abydos, in an underground chamber called the "Osirieon."

However, the powers that be decided humans didn't need a star gate because it was causing too many problems (which is the primary reason the Tower of Babel gate was shut down, as well). We were being exploited by other races. Pretty much reads like a STARGATE tv episode, to be honest.

When they realized that Nimrod had taken the Nibru gate to Abydos, he was
either killed or forced to go through it and stay where ever it was the thing connected to at that particular point. Then all the gates were buried and somehow sealed. Nimrod's (Osiris) power was divided amongst the "Divine Council", who separated the people following Enki's Namshub incident, into 70 nations, each of which was assigned an overseer or group of overseers ( god(s), which is argued are either angelic, fallen angelic or a race of beings who were from a class of gods known as Elohim. my personal view is that they were the fallen ones, the anunnaki, who came after Elohiym and tried to "upgrade" Elohiym's handiwork, resulting in the exact opposite).

Anyway, the gates were to remain buried and all who had taken part in using them to exploit humans were sent thru them to some place called in the biblical texts "outer darkness", which i theorize was some place so far removed from any other civilization that they wouldn't be able to interfer with any other races developement. (I view the universe as a governmental thing, and the rule is much like that of Star Trek -- prime directive says, keepa-you-hands-off.

Anyway, the Divine Council was supposed to oversee the affairs of humankind, although this was not the ideal situation, as these were also fallen ones who the people themselves WANTED to lead them. The other law in the universe regarding free will, made it impossible to alter that decision and the rest is history.

However, the gates were not destroyed, simply locked up and buried.

In fact, the biblical texts claim that the bottomless pit will be opened again. Due to the description of where this is located, I believe it is Enki's E.ABZU that will be uncovered and opened (if it hasn't been already), which was located at Eridu in Iraq. When it is opened, well, it won't be a good thing.

posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 12:26 AM
In Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta (c.2000 BC), we see echoes of Nimrod. This would've been his Akkadian name (Enmerkar).

Anyway, according to David Rohl (Egyptian Archaeologist), the word "Abydos" is actually a greek word. The egyptian word would've been "Abdju", and the "dj" would've been pronounced "z", like Djoser is pronounced "Zoser". Thus Abydos=Abdju = Abzu. Hinting that Abydos was the site of a star gate, an Abzu chamber. All that remained was to find it. That's where it gets complicated.

According to the history of the area, Abydos became the "seat of Osiris" and for awhile it was believed his "head" was buried there. Really, it wasn't his head, it was the star gate. It had been placed in the Osirieon. You see hints of this on the Shabaka Stone which reads as follows:

This is the land ////// the burial of Osiris in the House of Sokar. ////// Isis and Nephthys without delay, for Osiris had drowned in his water. Isis [and Nephthys] looked out, [beheld him and attended to him]. Horus speaks to Isis and Nephthys: "Hurry, grasp him ///."
Isis and Nephthys speak to Osiris: "We come, we take you ///."
////// [They heeded in time] and brought him to [land. He entered the hidden portals in the glory of the lords of eternity]. //////. [Thus Osiris came into] the earth at the royal fortress, to the north of [the land to which he had come...]

Notice it says he "Entered the hidden portals in the glory of the Lords of Eternity", at the royal fortress to the north of the land to which he had come. This is precisely where the Osirieon was found, in Northern Abydos. I theorize that there must've been a structure positioned atop the Osirieon chamber at one point, but by the time it was discovered by Seti I, the upper structure was missing (supposedly).

Anyway, Seti I finds the OSirieon. The only hint that he may have found the star gate in it, is that it was during his reign that the "Book of Gates" was written, and in fact, he has it and the Book of What is in the Duat (The Abyss/Abzu) painted on the walls of his burial chamber and carved into his alabaster sarcophagus.

The trail of the Nibru star gate ends there. When Seti I's burial site was discovered in the Valley of the Kings, they excavated all the way down to his sacrophagus, and continued down a bit further in a door that was past his sarcophagus until they reached water, where they stopped. The hieroglyphs , however, continue on down below the water line and it has never been (or so we are told), fully excavated.

posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 12:33 AM
If, by chance, Seti I left the star gate in the Osirieon, then the next likely suspect would've been anyone else who knew it was there OR the next group of people to find the Osirieon, which could be just about anybody.

For example, Strabo discovered the Osirieon in the 1st century BC, and nearly two thousand years later, it was discovered again by Flinders Petrie and Margaret Murray. Any number of other people could've found it before that, including other pharaohs.

Modern day archaeologists assume the Osirieon was a model of the primeval ocean and primeval mountain, from which all life on earth supposedly took place in egyptian texts. The primeval ocean is a mistranslation of Abyss. It was the Abzu, the Abyss that the egyptians referred to as the place from which life began. And the Abzu chambers in question were both originally in Iraq, one at Nibru and one at Eridu. The Nibru gate may have already been found, however, it isn't until the Eridu gate is found that the events regarding the biblical bottomless pit, can transpire.

[edit on 26-12-2006 by undo]

posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 02:38 AM
interesting find, melbourne_militia. I shall endeavour to read the report over the christmas break.

Should you ever find yourself in adelaide, find me and we shall hook up for a beer and a chat.

posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 03:17 AM
Quoted by UNDO - "And the Abzu chambers in question were both originally in Iraq, one at Nibru and one at Eridu. The Nibru gate may have already been found, however, it isn't until the Eridu gate is found that the events regarding the biblical bottomless pit, can transpire."

May I ask why you beleive the Nibru gate may have been already found, if it were, would that lead whoever found it to the Eridu gate? Thus allowing this biblical bottomless pit to transpire?

Could I also request abit more information in regards to the bottomless pit and how this fits in to the stargate?


Australian Nutter, thanks for the invite, goes the other way too K? share a beer and some conspiracies

posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 04:03 AM

May I ask why you beleive the Nibru gate may have been already found, if it were, would that lead whoever found it to the Eridu gate? Thus allowing this biblical bottomless pit to transpire?

Could I also request abit more information in regards to the bottomless pit and how this fits in to the stargate?

Well that is all contingent on my theory that Nimrod took the Dur.Anki (Enlil's Ekur gate) to Abydos and put it in the Osirieon. It could very well be that it was already there when he got there. He may have already known it was there. In fact, it may have been there since before the meso flood as well. it might even be a third gate. There's no way to tell, really, how many gates there were, because i find hints of them in almost every ancient culture. For example, the Hopi Indians had their Kivas with the "Sipapu", which I think were representative of the same thing - an ancient, underground star gate chamber their ancestors probably witnessed the use of.

anyway, if Nimrod had the Nibru (Dur.anki) gate at Abydos and put it in the Osirieion, somebody must've discovered it cause it's not there now! See what i mean? The only way it wouldn't be in the hands of modern humans is if it was rehidden by whoever found it, locked away in a safe spot, buried, or something equivalent and hasn't been rediscovered.

The Bottomless Pit. A "hole" in the ground in the vicinity of the Euphrates river, that the "fallen ones" who had messed up the planet prior to the meso flood, the same ones who had screwed up the human and animal genome and drove the entire planet to the brink of a polluted destruction, were placed in and the thing was "locked" and buried. The texts say these were sent to outer darkness, which I think means the other side of the universe lol. I don't know how it was locked, but this is where it gets rather scary.

According to the texts, the Angel of the Bottomless Pit (this has just gotta be Enki), comes down to the earth and opens the pit. I believe this coming down to earth bit is exactly what is shown in the Wormwood passages. That Wormwood (or the Eye of Ra or E.ABZU, if you prefer) is the name of Enki's spacecraft, and that once the poisoning of the waters thing takes place, the next chapter explains his descent again but from another perspective. These verses in Revelation 8 and 9, are all describing events that are swirling around this singular figure as he enters earth's atmosphere and begins to take his last stand (his world order is coming to an end, his time is limited. for 6000+ years, he's been head honcho and he knows that's about to end. so he opens the Eridu gate and allows his buddies from antediluvia to come through.

Did I mention that's not a good thing?

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posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 05:56 AM
I think that alot of the ancient texts all come from the same singular occurance in history, and they have been interpreted and changed over time to suit a particular need.

What you described above sounds alot like the biblical sort of story about the devil or devils advocate coming back on earth during the end times and doing whatever he needs in order to bring Satan himself back. Which sounds like your story.

Just to make sure I understand it correctly, these stargates, how many and wherever they are, are meant to have been left behind or hidden so that when the Annunaki return, they can use them to come back to Earth, correct? though some through history were moved and or hidden.

The angel of the bottomless pit could be a reference to the biblical Angel Lucifer that was thrown out of heaven and into hell. So you saying that one day Enki will want to return or is trying to return to free his mates who are supposedly in this bottomless pit. Could this bottomless pit be a doorway to a subterrain world with different people living in it. again there have been stories of this and legends of subterrainian worlds and wierd underground peoples, particularly in reference to Malta, where it is said many people have gone missing in ancient catacombs and tunnels beneath the island that no one has found the end of.

All interesting and who knows, maybe they are all also connected.

When are we going to find out?

Oh, just quickly, If the annunaki came to help the sumerians with their civilisations, why have they not returned in the meantime? Are they that restricted to the orbit of their Planet X or Nibiru?


posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 06:47 AM

Originally posted by Melbourne_Militia
Oh, just quickly, If the annunaki came to help the sumerians with their civilisations, why have they not returned in the meantime? Are they that restricted to the orbit of their Planet X or Nibiru?

Who knows, but one thing is sure, NASA (US goverment so to speak) believes that the stories about a Planet X/Niburu told by the sumerians could be very real. They did search for it and they maybe even found the planet:

posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 07:36 AM
the anunnaki never left. what happened was, some of them were sent through the star gate, to some place called outer darkness, which as i said before, i believe is some place on the other side of the universe or at the very least, in some kind of hypernatural prison in the vicinity of this planet. in either case, they are barred from interacting with the humans on the planet until the gate/pit is opened

however, according to biblical texts, satan hasn't left yet and wasn't barred from interacting with humans. why, i'm not entirely sure. could be because of his rank and popularity. perhaps, it has something to do with free will decisions. he let the other members who assisted him in the process of nearly wiping out the human species, take the fall. he's extremely good at public relations and has a knack for trickery, mimicry and subterfuge.

i think of "satan" as a race of angelic beings, of a particularly high ranking, which would include the anunnaki enki. not so sure about enlil. he sometimes had actions and attributes assigned to jehovah in biblical texts and at other times, he was more like satan than jehovah. for example, at one point he is known as baal, who not only was the god of flying things, he was the same as bel, the god of "holy" prostitution.... err, that doesn't sound like jehovah/yahweh to me.

in the meantime, the fallen ones who weren't sent away were given certain parameters they had to operate under as members of this planet's "divine council" following the tower of babel debacle.

it's a bit confusing and probably the result of all those little city-states having their own versions of things and since the mainstream was anunnaki driven, it seems more likely that either enlil and enki's activities were occassionally confused together or entirely ripped off from an even older god. for example, sometimes jehovah seems more like Anu. lol every time i read those ancient texts, it's like trying to solve a logic puzzle.

enlil though, seems the more likely akkadian model for jehovah. he was a big proponent of protecting the environment, for example, which sounds about right for him considering his position on the state of humans prior to enki's upgrades and the climate the people were found in. it's just, i dunno, somewhere along the line it got all mixed together in confusing mess.

i believe satan and co. are called the fallen ones because they came down here, they fell from the sky, and violated the prime directive, if you will. they were already in rebellion against the rest of the universal government before that (only one third are "fallen"), so their actions here were nothing new. this must be just more of the same. who knows how many planets they have abused or are abusing, in this manner. i'm fairly certain they and some of their hybrid offspring are already using up the resources of the moon, so that if our descendants ever need it, it'll already be a wasted hull of valueless dust.

i don't think the bottomless pit is a subterranean world. i think it's a gate to another part or other parts of the universe, that is placed in a subterranean chamber because of the physics involved in creating wormholes on the planet.

nibru is enlil's city not a planet. planet x may exist, but it isn't called nibru.


posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 07:55 AM

Originally posted by undo
nibru is enlil's city not a planet. planet x may exist, but it isn't called nibru.

Nibru and Nibiru are 2 diffrent places. Nibiru is the planet wich the Sumerians believed the Annunaki originated from, this 10th planet is called Planet X by researchers.

posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 10:16 AM

The problem is, I cant find a single reference to "Nibiru", only to "Nibru".
Nibru was Enlil's earthly city, at the Crossing of the River (which i think, like william henry does, is a dual reference to crossing the river and using the gate (which was also said to be crossing the river (see ancient egyptians)).

the etymology for it is nibru, nibbur, nippur.

posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 11:02 AM
A very interesting read

Somehow i had the feeling that this invasion of iraq could have something to do with the artifacts that where stored in that country.
Right after the invasion the national museum was raided in what seemed to be a very profesional set up theft of ancient treasures and artifacts.

It is also strange that a lot of militairy bases set up by the americans in iraq are right on the spot of these ancient places.
It happened before with the german army around ww2, they rushed to every occult and ancient site to see if they could find usefull artifacts and hidden knowledge.

Not that it is much use to others, but my feeling has been telling me that there is something to this story from the first time i encountered it.

posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 12:11 PM
Now why wouldn't Saddam Hussein say something about this over Arab television or something when the US was on its way to overthrow him? If he has a UFO and alien tech, what has he got to lose by just saying, this is the reason why...

posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 12:44 PM
Hi, I don't mean to be the fly in the ointment,
but is there any REAL evidence apart from theory
or internet links?
I may be incorrect, but I can't recall any mention
of Star Gates until after 'Stargate' the movie came out.

Please don't take offence, I am interested in the idea
of past civilisations having a 'in' with other off-world
people, but to date, no actual evidence as surfaced.

It just annoys me that again, supposed contacts with
little green men are locked in coded writings, wouldn't
you think that ane day, people would just say the simple
truth and not hide it with vague veils.

posted on Dec, 26 2006 @ 01:03 PM
Interesting post.There is another thread on ATS whch deals with archaelogical(not geopolitical)motives of war in Iraq.
"Enki's ziggurat" is the name of the building where artefacts are purportedly to be found.

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