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A little about me.

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posted on Nov, 21 2003 @ 09:53 PM
Im an unemployed college graduate. I worked part time to pay for colllege and graduated with an AAS degree.

I had a very educated Aunt that was somewhat distrustfull of the world. We would spend summers on vacation and for a hobby sneaking in military instaltions. Afther she passed away the hobby lived on in the form of sneaking and applying for jobs. The best way to sneak in a government building is to apply for a job. SOme places if you have a relative working. They will give you an invitiation to visit for Christmas and set up Christmas decorations. (Out of everything I like the Christmas decorations the best. I mean seriously, try to imagine evil bush playing with trains.)

For the most part most instalations have an open door policy. Although things in the world are changing. FOr the most part people want to know the government is doing a good job and visa versa. There are things we are shown Im sure. %99 of the time if you want to sneak on a military instalation, you just have to know how to ask and who to ask and when to go.

Here is a list of US Miulitary Instalations Ive snuck in. FOr the most part all you need is a Valid US ID. After 911 some of these places are off limits. Some areas are available for tours and others for job fairs.

The J Edger Hoover Building FBI headquarters.
The White House.
SAAC Strategic Air Command South Dakota.
Everything in Annapolis, the Navy Base and
the State Capitol Building
The Baltimore State House.
Various Police buildings in Baltimore. Central headquarters, ect.
Baltimore County Police Headquarters
Social Security aka Social welfarity, Various Buildings in Baltimore. Social Security Metro. Woodlawn Social Security Supplementle buildings.
FBI headquaters in Maryland on Woodlawn Drive.
US Customs, the Custom House.

The other places I havent snuck in like Camp David. Well I been there. Just havent bothered to park the car and hike in. Not worth the effort.

I have an additional comment. All these assholes that didnt higher me probably think Im an idiot. Look at that list and look at all the government buildings I snuck in and found???

posted on Nov, 21 2003 @ 09:55 PM
Nice, websuspect. I rather think you've shown them.


posted on Nov, 21 2003 @ 10:01 PM
Oh yeah and I forgot. One time I got lost in DC and decided to be stupid and drive into the pentagon and ask tell the marine working the entrance. Im sorry, Im lost can you direct me to Washington State.

Okay now I have to be honest. With all the problems we have in the US. How cool is that, that you can or could pull into the Pentagon and ask for directions.

With all the screwed up stuff in government, that says alot about the quality of people we have, that you can ask someone for directions and they will give you excellent directions.

I havent been to pentagon city but Id like to go. Ive been all over the mall in DC, Kennedys Grave, Lincholns memorialand everything but the Washinton Monument and the Statehouse. I would like to go...

AS COlonol said. You travel around DC, its nice but you see all the flowers and trees and you get the imprression that the government is bigger than the people...

Than sleeping in the mall, you see all the disposable people and homeless vets. No country is greater than its people. No country.

posted on Nov, 21 2003 @ 10:10 PM
Someone mentioned the J Edger Hoover building. Thats the building you see in the X FIles. Teh X Files is filmed in Canada and for the hoover building they just throw in CLips of the Hover building.

The Hoover building has extensive displays of Phone Phreaking systems. The Phone systems in the US have been relatively unchanged for the last 30 years. The US phone system runs on Dial tones. The infamous hacker group 2600, well thats a access trunk tone, something like 2600 meghertz tone will give you access to a main trunk. They have various displays of various boxs that criminals use to screw with the government. (AKA cheese box.)

They have an Indoor gun range, fully automatic weapons and love to walk in there shoot off a few dozen rounds.

They have fingerprint labs, probably very updated now and yup lots of updates pictures on the internet of teqniques for gathering fingerprints with crylonite and Black lights.

Than like towards the end they have, had a computer command center with statistics on crime in the US which is very sad.

It comes back to how were a violant society, for years and year and years, so many rapes, shootings stabings and birglarys per second, per minute, per day, per week, per month per year. They have tons of statistics showing the interaction between drugs and crime and virtually every other crime.

Which brings us back to sad sad sad. We have all this stuff and still tons of crime. More crime than we ever had. Exponentiolly more crime.

How many Robert Hansons are there out there?

posted on Nov, 22 2003 @ 08:37 AM
Wow, that's pretty impressive. Here's my list:
The Teacher's Lounge
.. Do you really want to know what goes on in there?

posted on Nov, 22 2003 @ 09:08 AM
All I can say is hope you enjoyed those things your destiny, made it you have. Also, I myself, not that it matters, have found that interpreting another's reality and coveting it as one's own is fear or lack of comitment to design one's own destiny as free-will and the gift of the creation have afforded humana from the beginning. I am not attacking you kind one, I only offer my own self-ascribed truths to help. I make not war. As such, to be destroyed as I am is merely to make me immortal, or you or a one. I mean it generally speaking.

posted on Nov, 22 2003 @ 11:25 AM
Welcome, thats a nice long list... seems your quite lucky obviously. I wonder if security is much tighter after 9/11

posted on Nov, 26 2003 @ 08:12 PM
that has to be one of the coolest avatars ive seen here on ABOVETOPSECRET did you draw that with cad or what?

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