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What would Jesus think of the way we celebrate his birth?

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posted on Dec, 22 2005 @ 10:42 AM
Good will towards man? Yeah right!

You go to the mall and it's like a freakin' zoo! You have to drive around for weeks to find a freakin' parking space! You have to stiff-arm some old lady to get the "last" of something! People walking around aimlessly like freakin' zombies!

By the time Christmas Eve and Christmas day roll around you've been beat down like a freakin' door mat! You're tired and in debt up to your freakin' eyeballs! You eat like there's no tomorrow and spend a couple hours moaning and groaning on the can afterwards. You've had to listen to Last Christmas by Wham so many times that you want to go jump in front of an eighteen wheeler.

What would Jesus think of what the celebration of his birth has become? I think he'd be very disappointed in us. I think the whole "peace and goodwill towards man" thing went out the window decades ago.


p.s. I did all my shopping online this year for the first time, but I still had to travel to the mall and suffer.

posted on Dec, 22 2005 @ 03:07 PM

Originally posted by Dr Love
What would Jesus think of what the celebration of his birth has become? I think he'd be very disappointed in us. I think the whole "peace and goodwill towards man" thing went out the window decades ago.

Good question. I think, first of all, He'd say:

'You are assigning your empty celebrations to the wrong day. You have the wrong day because it was not revealed on purpose--for I knew you would do this.'

Then He might say:

'What is the cause for celebration, anyway?
Did I not enter the world in no more different a form or manner than any one of you?
I was born into death and you celebrate. Later my death opened the matrix and I became the first begotten of the dead--born first so that you could then be born, too.
And yet you speak of my death in the same sentence that you talk about sin. Hypocrites! You remain more dead than alive.
The doors of the kingdom are standing wide open. Why do you wait for the key I left in your safekeeping?
Oh ye of little faith, did you not realize that your servitude was over when I removed the shackles of death? And yet your thoughts are consumed more by sin than about showing love.
Verily I say to you, love is the only christmas gift that every really counted. I gave it to you, and my Father gave it to me.
My commandment I give to you, that my Father gave to me: that which freely you have received you must freely give to each other.
These words are life and love is life.'

Last He might say:

'If you have loved ones, in the mall, bring them out immediately. I am going to utterly destroy it from the face of the earth.'

posted on Dec, 22 2005 @ 03:35 PM

I think the whole "peace and goodwill towards man" thing went out the window decades ago.

Only for some...

I think that for the most part, people do try and be just a little bit better towards their fellow man this time of year, and I think that Jesus, assuming he existed, would appreciate that...

Though he probably would be a bit jealous about his b-day being commandeered by a fat man in a red suit, just because he delivers bribes in the morning....

I think he'd say, "Happy Birthday to me....Happy Birthday to me...."

posted on Dec, 24 2005 @ 09:51 PM
Christmas is a pagan Holiday !!!!!!

And I hope Jesus will not be angry with all the christans that celebrate a Pagan holiday, the Bible Say's to be careful and not be taken in to Pagan celebration's and other Acts of unbeliever's.

By what the Bible Say's about Jesus birth, it would not be in December,
If it had been, his parents would not had to go to the sheep barn...

All you have to do is read the story and you will see that it had to be another month if you think about what is said..........

posted on Dec, 24 2005 @ 10:15 PM
To even try and think like Jesus would think, really hurts bad.

Thanks Dr Love!!

posted on Dec, 24 2005 @ 11:11 PM
God said not to have any festivities He didn't tell us to have.

He didn't tell us to have this one.

I think it is a true no-brainer, but nobody ever listens to me. I've had more than one pastor tell me I see the world too much in terms of black and white. I disagree.

posted on Dec, 25 2005 @ 02:58 AM
I'm pretty sure, from both symbolic and circumstantial evidence found in scripture, that Jesus was born 15 Tishrei. This is the 'Feast of Tabernacles' also called the 'Feast of the Ingathering'. And it falls about the end of September to the beginning of October on the Gregorian Calendar, and it is right after Yom Kippur, the day of Atonement, which is 10 Tishrei. So that means the conception was around this time of year.

The key to finding this out is determining when John the Baptist was born, and Jesus was 3 months later.

Hint: Zechariah, John's father, was a temple priest, and their courses of service are laid out in the OT, and remained consistent all during Israel's history.

posted on Dec, 25 2005 @ 01:48 PM
Well we Know it had to be in a warmer month than December and the Bible says that the Sheppard's were still out in the fields with there sheep and other animales..
We look at the time that the Romans started the Tax that took Jesus Dad back to Bethlehem in order to pay his taxes, It would hold to mid September around the 15th, and we know that they stayed there in Bethlehem over a year because the king wanted to be sure that he would have the New kings lift out of the way when he had all baby's from 2 years and under killed so that Jesus you not be missed..
Its thought that the baby Jesus was over a year old when the three king's showed up. there walk to get there was over 1000 miles, and that is LONG DAY walks to.....

posted on Dec, 26 2005 @ 08:33 AM
Considering that the very concept of celebrating birthdays is pagan in origin, I doubt he would have wanted his birthday celebrated at all.

posted on Dec, 26 2005 @ 06:41 PM

I would agree, I really don't see anywhere in the Bible Book where it says that Jesus said to honor and celebrate his Birthday...
It is as Pagan as can be and it cane out of Roma and I do RE call That he did say to watch what we do and to not get tied up with Pagan ways and Celebrations because it is not from him and if it is not from Him, it is something that we shall not DO IN LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 01:17 AM
Even if both Christmas and Easter were not pagan celebrations disguised in Roman christianity--there is still a contradiction demonstrated when one considers that Easter is not as important as Christmas, in the Roman christianity scheme of things. Add to that the icon of dying misery on a cross and it seems far more focused on death than life.

Oh yeah, and don't forget the 'incorruptible' corpses of saints that some churches display near or under their altars.

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 09:39 AM
Some of you mentioned Easter. Man, I tell you that holiday is even more bizarre!
Easter bunnys hiding eggs so kids can find them. Kids gorging on chocolate bunnys the size of Volkswagons.

What does any of that have to do with the death and resurrection of Jesus?


[edit on 27-12-2005 by Dr Love]

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 09:47 AM
If Jesus actually exists, he probably wouldn't give a crap. I mean come on. He created you, knowing your destination in life (possibly hell), and lets you go there when he can stop it. Then.....he loves you.

What I like to call that is contradictory BS.

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