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Are there spiritual practices that take years or decades to bear fruit?

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posted on Feb, 24 2023 @ 12:44 PM
a reply to: dragonslayer83

originally posted by: dragonslayer83
When I see a ant or other tiny creature, I like to let it be.

You said If you take the time to take an injured animal to find help, you will start to notice things like animals gravitating towards you, in ways that they did not before. Do you know why that is?

I've also heard other spiritual people say that we're all connected. I'm assuming that's what they mean when they say that we're all one. I don't quite understand it. It seems like I'm a separate person than other humans. I wonder is it because of what science says that we're all energy or we're all atoms.

I definitely would like to truly know/experience/understand what happens after death.

Yes, I know why it is

It has to do with alignment

In the religious context people refer to "Prophecy" and "Prayer"

This is "Probability" and "Possibility"

The spiritual alignment of your body, is a direct reflection of the world around you


Within the world, your position within the nature of that which surrounds you, opens you to probability

How you move within the world, determines the probability of those actions

You put yourself at the ball game, you open yourself to the possibility of catching a ball hit into the crowd

Probability is alignment within the positional flow of the construct, influenced by your relation within that construct

Within the mind, your position within the nature of that which flows though the body, opens you to probability

By such, possibility/prayer, is based on intent, rather than action

The relationship between these two forms "attraction" and "repulsion"

The centering and flow of that which is within, balanced against that which surrounds it

To be able to properly visualise the mechanics, you need first understand the sequence by which dimensional "reality" in manifested

The primary sequence of conscious mind is taught throughout most religions as the "Trinity"

1) The centre
2) That which surrounds it
3) And the balance in between, by which one, can look upon the other

Or, by which the conscious mind, can look upon the consciousness (the world)

It takes a while to be able to visualise the world around you, as being an externalised version of your internal physical body in phase, but you will get it eventually

I'll include a video below that will help. Note: He only quotes 9 dimensions, when there are actually 12. But apart from that, the video is fairly good

My post on the second of the links below the video, clarifies a few things he is a little vague on, such as the meaning of the 7th and 8th dimensions

Here are the links to some posts I made recently that explain the basics of the dimensional construct that may help you understand

But again, the dimensional considerations are something which you learn a little later on in the the ascension process



All you really need know to begin with, is that we exist within a sphere. And everything within it, is a balance of the internal pressures, meeting the external pressures

By which, everything you do, is very much, intimately connected with everything around you, in ways you do not yet realise

Likewise, we all originated from the same source of creation

As do we all flow to the same point when we leave this world

The more you start to understand the sequence of the physical construct within the spheres of our reality, the more you start to understand that we are one with the flow between life and death

So the key to understanding "where you go", is within understanding the nature by which you came to be in this world to begin with

Do you have more info on that diagram you posted with the title consciousness. And any particular websites or resources you think are worth researching.

I made that diagram I gave you

It illustrates how the universe around you, is a large scale "inside-out" version of your body

A lifetime within your body, being a mere moment, within the larger outside version

The best way I can describe this, to help you visualise it, is to say

That if we were able to see the visual spectrum of "dark matter" within space from the influence of earths gravity and atmosphere (we can't because we exist outside (and inside) of that spectrum) ...

It would look space was made of entrails and flesh

Google pictures comparing the stars and neurons. The pathways are nearly identical

Because what we exist within, is nearly identical, to what exists within us

Next, compare the sequence of planets, to the chakra of the body

The sun, as your mind

Think of the moon, as the tip of your spine. Imagine yourself looking upwards at the moon, as being the same as you looking downwards at the tip of your spine, from within your pineal

Looking outwards at the universe, which is your body

It takes time to understand how this could work, for the collective body around us, to be one with all the different bodies within is

But it is simple phase

The trick is learning to look inwards, at the same time as you look outwards

This is what is taught within initiation and ascension

You learn to look in one direction, then you learn to look in the other direction at the same time

Think of it like what is described in the Gospel of Thomas

Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living father

You come to know yourself, as you become know

You see in, and out, at the same time

This leads to you being able to influence things like Probability, as if they were probability

Which is why the keys to gaining such abilities and influence is guarded

And why you are made to prove yourself worthy of knowing and understanding such things

You need to learn to do the right thing within yourself, and be trusted with what is within you

Before you can be trusted with influencing the world

More to the point, there are many who would seek to influence the world for themselves

So true hearts need align within a common interest, to bring this world back to what it is supposed to be

This is being done as we speak

The things that have previously only been known by the few, are being taught to the many

So that goodness of the collective heart will come to outweigh the bad

A good book to read to open your mind initially, especially because it contains many interesting charts and diagrams, is "The Universal One" by Walter Russell

His theories are a very good basis to work with, when first considering the nature of things such a frequency, as a basis for all things
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posted on Feb, 24 2023 @ 12:44 PM

originally posted by: dragonslayer83
You said, you recognise that nothing, beyond yourself, can be known as certain. Is this like the philosophy of Solipsism where you only know you exist and everything everyone else can not be real or is possibly not real or exist.

A fear that I have is severe social anxiety. When it comes to the body, I'm working on controlling my urge to binge eat.

What form or brand of spirituality do you follow. If someone were to ask you, how would you respond.

I appreciate the help, not many people will volunteer to help someone out, spiritually speaking.

No, as I stated in the other post,

This is not to be confused with solipsism, which posits that everything else may not be real

The initiate understands everything outside of the primary truth to be as real as their own self, if by nothing else than them being a necessary part of your own identity

Everything around you determines your reality

The body of the world around you, is the external balance of the body within you

Therefore, everyone within the world, need be as real as the cells within your body

Solipsism is a shortening of the primary truth, which negates consideration of how such truth relates, outside of what we perceive as self

Within understanding that the world, is an extension of what we consider to be self, we appreciate that others are most likely, a phase variable of our own mind

As real as you are, to this world. As the world is, in reflection to them

Think of it like this

If the world OUTSIDE, is the opposite of the world INSIDE your body

Then the bodies of other people are like the opposite, to those opposites

They are just as real as you. If only because they are a reflection of truth, within that which truth (yourself) reflects upon

Even if it were to be considered that they are nothing more than a way for your own truth to process itself, within the external body of the world ...

You would still need to respect them to be as real, as you would consider yourself to be

It is a difficult rope to walk this one

To ascend your form out, to being that which is equal to the world itself. At the same time as you take into consideration the need to humble yourself as equal to everyone else

It is a struggle which can take many years to balance, in how you visualise it

Just take it slowly

I often consider people within this world as those "who do not really exist". But during initiation, it is a dangerous consideration to mess with

Only because it has the potential to destroy meaning within the things we do in this world. If there is no one to do it for, or do it with

It is an important consideration during ascension, but only because you have developed the tools to weigh the reasons by which, considering the validity of another's existence would be important

It comes together within your ability to visualise cyclic manifest reality, propagating outside of our linear perception of time

People who appear to have come to be, for no other purpose than to teach you a lesson, you are also able to reconcile, against them being precipitated by events and choices you made within your life

By which ... It could be objectively said, that you only exist within this world for them, as much as it would seem that they exist only for you

To begin with, just know, that they are indeed as real as you are in every way

Regardless of whether you can ever know it to be certain, as you do with the only knowable truth of self

If you are lucky, during initiation, you will go through processes that teach you to understand things like remote viewing

Where you align with another persons body and soul, outside your own body and soul

This experience, is like waking up on another persons body. As real and as fluid as if you woke up on your own. So you can see, hear, feel, taste, smell, touch

You can even share their thoughts and emotions

This is where training yourself to look inwards and outwards at the same time, becomes necessary

Because whilst you are in "communion" with these people, you are able to think as both them, and yourself simultaneously

It takes some practice, and generally only lasts as long as it takes for you to have some type of conflicting thoughts to "unsync' you with the person

But the benefit of this experience, if you come to go through it, is that it gives you a first hand understanding that others around you are most definitely as real as you are

As real in "truth" as the primary truth

Through these experiences, I was able to understand principles about this world and reality, that science today does not understand

Things that nobody else on Earth knows

Such as, the way women and men see, is slightly different

I've viewed the world through womens eyes, and it was like looking at the world through a much flatter and wider perspective

Like looking at the world from inside of a window. Where as men look from just outside the window

I had the displeasure of trying to park a car as a woman. Not an enjoyable or easy thing to do, within their shallower, but wider depth perception

I have much more respect for them, after trying

When I look down a hallway as a woman, the depth of detail, and understanding of "how far away" things are exactly, was nowhere near as good as a man

But ... I could see a much wider field of vision of things "all at once", than as a man

When I returned to seeing as a man, if felt almost like looking through tunnel vision

Which I think is why men often find it hard to find an object that is right next to them, that women find easily

Because we see things within a long, deep focus. Whilst they see things much shallower, but with a greater width to see 'whats around'

Anyways ...

My point is, that until you have experienced some of these types of things, which most people do not even know are possible, you need consider yourself as the only knowable truth

Everything else is relative

You need first need move inwards, removing all blockages to define yourself

Then through this, you can start to move outwards, to define the layers of the world which exist around you

Lastly ...

With your eating ...

Begin by controlling "what" you put into your body, as more important than how much

Overeating, or binge eating, vegetables and salad, is far better than candy or fast food

Look at what you are putting in first

Then work on how much you are putting in

Eat a mountain of food, if that is what you are used to

You can work on bringing this down slowly, just as with everything else which takes time to adapt

As long as you pick better foods for that mountain

If you are trying to quit drugs, alcohol or smoking, get as much red meat and vegetables as you can, to help your body rebuild damaged tissue

The choices of what you eat (at least to begin with) are more important than reducing how much you eat

Once your body is used to eating good and healthy foods, over less healthy foods ... Then you slowly bring down how much you eat

People make the mistake of trying to adjust their bodies intake to both things at once. Healthier foods and less of them

This sets you up to fail

Because it is easy to slip back into old habits, if you feel do not feel full and satisfied

At first, it might suck eating mountains of vegetables to fill you up, instead of a burger

But eventually, your body will adjust and accept it

Hope this helps for now

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posted on Feb, 24 2023 @ 01:07 PM
a reply to: dragonslayer83

Also, here is something I wrote a while back which may be helpful

Find better within you, so you can be better. It isn't who you are as a person that is ever 'not good enough', only the parts of you which can be improved

When you think of the best way you could possibly be, what is the feeling that goes with it?

It's not a question of can you do it, but 'can you see it being done'?

It is unrealistic to believe if the belief brings you nothing, but it is not completely without merit

More self-confidence opens more opportunities and within this, belief is essential

When you think of the past do not think about how it has found you falling short

Look at it as the essential process towards becoming who you wish to be

There is a difference between having something better and having something extra

Seeking better seats discontent

Which plays to a deficit when you need move forward

Hold everything you have as precious

Because the better you seek could just as easily become worse

Nothing permits when nothing is asked

Giving is the same as receiving

As it goes further than the expectation of nothing gained

Something is better than nothing, and for every something over your purpose, there is someone with nothing in need

Do you seek better as one with something, to those with nothing?

It is not to say that because others have less you should feel content, only appreciate that you have more than they

You move forward from here grateful for every bit extra that you receive

The less you're concerned with having a better life

The more you enjoy the path to finding it

So many ask the question of what this world holds for them and the meaning of life, without asking why it is they think they ask the question

Is tomorrow going to be any different if the answer were to be given? And is the meaning of life to be found within the answer, if indeed it even could be given?

It is less about what the meaning of life is, and more about how we can bring meaning to life

The answer itself, lays within our ability to ask the question

The question, is the answer

We have belief, because we seek understanding in something greater than ourselves

But what could be greater than ourselves, as those capable of seeking such understanding?

Remember that you do not need to be right, in order to find peace within what you have learned about this world

And others need not be wrong, in order for you to appreciate their journey in all the beauty of its difference, when compared to your own

To believe, is not to see an end to the questions. Because without these questions, such belief would hold no meaning

If everything were to be answered, all at once, life would hold little meaning

Life is precious, because it can be held within contemplation of itself

This is what we are

We are neither the question posed, nor the answer in any culmination or definitive form. But the consideration of all which comes in between

The fluid nature of water, is exactly the same as that of thought

Though both can be held within you perfectly, it is much harder to hold them within your hands for offering

And we would drink of the waters from our own hands, before we would from the hands of another

This is the essence of experience. It is amazing. It is horrible. It is beautiful, and it is disgusting

But it is yours. And what more could you, as yourself, ever need?

And within the same likeness with water, belief represents our thirst. A taste in reflection to our own specific needs and wants

So where does purpose fit in to all these things?

Is their purpose within belief?

Do we drink just to sustain ourselves? Or does it form our part within processes far bigger than ourselves?

Why should we be here tomorrow to sate our thirst? Or maintain our beliefs?

When the sun sets tomorrow, what difference was made by us being here to eat, drink, breathe, believe, love and feel pain?

Is the world better off tomorrow, than it was today, because I was here to do all these things?

Did my understanding of this world help to lessen our collective pain in some way?

Do we know more? Do we love more? Do we pain less?

We can see that this world loves us. We can believe that we were created for something greater than ourselves

Yet we can still overlook the reason for why we are able to do such things. Which is purpose

The question itself is not the problem. Just as the answer is not the solution

The important part of looking for, finding, or understanding your purpose, is within the experience itself

Along our journey we can exist within a state of creation. Or we can exist within a state of decay

Which we represent, is ours to choose. Regardless of our differences, how we live, what we understand, or what we choose to believe

You need not know where you are going, to find your way

You need only take the next best step that you can possibly take

The best step that is available and open to you

It may not be much, but where it leads you, may be huge

When all is said and done, and your time in this world is done. It will be the things you did not do, that you will likely regret, more than the things you did

What is it that you will leave behind?

What part of you will live on, when you are gone?

This will be your life after death, on Earth

This is purpose

Your ability to look back at your life, at the end of your time here, and know you did well

You did good, and you left behind love and creation, rather than pain and decay

posted on Mar, 26 2023 @ 04:58 AM
a reply to: Compendium

Do you think you'll be on ATS for months and years to come?. I would like to stay in touch

posted on Mar, 26 2023 @ 09:41 AM

originally posted by: dragonslayer83
a reply to: Itisnowagain

I mentioned looking for practices that bear fruit after years of practice, so I can know if I should start now. There's nothing wrong with right now. I'm looking for all worthwhile paths. But if a certain spiritual way or practice takes years to see the result then I can't put it off until I'm older.

Any path leads away from the truth....and what you are looking for.

A wise man said....."We are looking for what is looking" or "The One you are looking for is the One who is looking".......there are different versions that point to That which is seeing.

A wise lady said this...
Been looking for you beautiful that it was you who was looking.

I highly recommend Alan Neachell channel and The Nonduality Podcast channel on youtube.

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posted on Mar, 26 2023 @ 09:56 AM
Like most things, practice makes perfect. More or less, it depends on what you want or aiming, but in general meditation more about relaxation, while the more advanced one tend add willing stress factors for focus while maintaining good vibes. Thing is, when it comes to newbs or those who haven’t practiced in time, it usually bring to surface unbridled or released thoughts or emotions, but it usually goes away like water under a bridge although it does take time.

Breathing in the positive an then out the negative an easy one, though it gets used a lot by New Age crap.

As for theology, take your pick, the Western/Abrahamic religions tend to be more into Philosophical or Critical Thought along with Judical Laws, where the East kind of articulates Psychology and elaborates the practicalities of Meditation differently. All while having their own take on the cosmology of the universe.

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posted on Mar, 27 2023 @ 04:25 AM
a reply to: dragonslayer83

I should be

But I'll send you my email in a private message, in case

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