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In the middle of the night they come

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posted on Jan, 28 2022 @ 09:18 PM
a reply to: asabuvsobelow

I agree. I have a new 9 month old now.
Not cool. Not cool at all.
From a distance examine the pile of bs conspiracies we've all seen pushed over the last 2 years.
I could make a chart, but it would look like the its always sunny collage.

posted on Jan, 28 2022 @ 09:34 PM

originally posted by: xuenchen
a reply to: asabuvsobelow

True. But in the meantime, who is "supporting" all these millions of people?? 🤫

Idk according to yahoo news we are in the fastest growing economy in 40 years but inflations bad.

posted on Jan, 28 2022 @ 09:52 PM

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posted on Jan, 28 2022 @ 10:30 PM
Not agreeing with what is happening.

Just a question?

Does this have anything to do with the population?

Could this have something to do with our economy?

posted on Jan, 29 2022 @ 01:33 AM
It's crap like this which makes the Dems look like total con artists. Pretty much the first thing Biden did when he got into power was reverse all of Trump's border protection policies so that illegal immigrants could flood across the border. And they have been flooding across since that time.

They need millions of new voters because they know how badly Biden really lost the last election, and the next election will be much harder for Dems to win. I know it's considered a completely taboo conspiracy theory, but the lab leak theory was once also considered taboo and banned on social media.

Now we have very strong documented evidence to prove Covid-19 most likely did come from the Wuhan lab. And social media has been forced to reverse their censorship of lab leak theories. I don't use social media so I don't know if they still censor people who question the last US election.

Either way, the fact they think they can decide the truth for all of us, and then be proven wrong is all the reason you need to ignore their "fact checkers". They can act like anyone who questions the election is crazy, but every single action they take only confirms their agenda and lack of ethics.

posted on Jan, 29 2022 @ 07:02 AM
Maybe 'they' feed on suffering; maybe it's chaos that they want - universal war.

posted on Jan, 29 2022 @ 11:30 AM
a reply to: 727Sky

posted on Jan, 30 2022 @ 05:02 AM
aren't there 20+ mil here already? dreamers?

and chain migration is on the table too.

if the repubs don't win big i bet amnesty will be brought up again for all.

what can be done on the street level?
we won't have a country.

posted on Jan, 30 2022 @ 07:16 AM
The Democrats want to change the demographics of the country. South Americans are known for having more offspring than they can support or even what society can handle.

So the Democrat came up with a plan to strategically place these illegal aliens around the country like seeds. The real goal is in 30 years or so when their procreations take over.

posted on Jan, 30 2022 @ 07:33 AM
a reply to: SleeperHasAwakened

How is this happening?

Simple--the bad guys are in charge of the federal government. Multiple enemies have been inside the gates for many long years. Soros and his co-conspirators are running a continuing criminal enterprise.

posted on Jan, 30 2022 @ 09:21 AM
a reply to: nugget1

dropping requirements for proof of residency.......
then we all can vote in EVERY state?

posted on Jan, 30 2022 @ 09:28 AM
antifa reinforcements from venezuaela?
escaped prisoners from el salvador?
terrorists from middleast?
they all registerd democrat already
checked box to automatically vote dem, in every race
build back better didnt make sense either

a reply to: Bloodworth

posted on Jan, 30 2022 @ 11:19 AM
The Cloward-Piven Strategy.


posted on Jan, 30 2022 @ 07:53 PM
a reply to: 727Sky

Perhaps if people ask the right questions, then you will find out exactly what the corrupt democrats and RINOs are planning for the U.S.

Why are the majority of these illegals men of fighting age?

Why are democrats getting rid of police officers, military personnel, etc who would not kowtow to unconstitutional orders, like vaccine mandates?

Why did this trend started with Obama allowing not just hundreds of thousands of illegals into the country, but allowing known criminals who are wanted for murder in their countries and many of them have committed crimes in the U.S. and democrat leaders STILL protect them?

Does anyone remember the threads I made during the Obama administrations in which an FBI whistleblower, and border patrol whistleblowers testified that the Obama administration gave specific orders to allow illegal men claiming to be minors into the country but that anyone could see are grown adults, and even if the border patrol found out those illegals had committed serious crimes the border patrol was ordered to still allow those criminal illegals into the U.S.?

What's more, how come the Obama administration was still able to deport more illegals than any other POTUS, including Trump? Why allow certain illegals into the U.S. but deport others in numbers never seen before?

This puppet Biden administration is following "the Obama agenda" so all that Obama and his administration did is essential for us to know to understand the big picture in what is happening now.

I have made so many threads in ATS, and lately it is harder and harder to actually find those threads using ATS search engine. Even if you use the right query the search engine does not find the threads I am looking for.

In one particular thread I also covered Obama's visit/vacation to Africa a long while ago, and there is a statement Obama made while being there that I think can explain quite literally what the goal is. Obama made a comment in an old video while in Africa in which he stated, and I am paraphrasing here this was years ago, that he understood and was hopeful for the changes occurring in Africa. Obama saw a revolution occurring in Africa, and he hoped a similar change and revolution would occur in the U.S. And here is the kicker. Why is it that so many pro-Obama officials, including whites, keep on insisting in causing reverse racism in the U.S. to "amend for the U.S. past of slavery"? There are literally white liberals who hate whites, which means in some strange way they hate themselves?

Both the Obama/Biden administrations have been working for a very long time in actually getting rid of patriotic Americans from U.S. government agencies, teachers,/professors from schools/Colleges/universities, from police departments, and even healthcare personnel. Why? Why has this agenda picked up pace during a so called "pandemic"?

Does no one remember that Obama even went after journalists who dared publish what government whistleblowers were telling them Obama and his administration were doing? Obama used the DOJ to go after journalists, and now the large majority of "journalists" very seldom report real news. They just report propaganda and lies as they criminalize all opponents to Obama's agenda. Now the large majority of reporters only seem to follow the orders from "the Obama officials." Even Rachel Madow used to report actual news she even spoke against Obama's "indefinite detention" but now she is 100% a mouth piece for the lies and is 100% pro Obama's agenda.

If this trend continues there will only be chaos and eventually not even those who caused this chaos would be able to control it, so it seems contradictory that they would seek to just create chaos which they won't be able to control. Unless, the chaos they want is a chaos they can control. Unless they had "replacements" for all those law enforcement personnel, first response personnel, etc, that are being fired and forced to retire.

Where would the Obama/Biden people get replacements that would be "completely loyal to whatever orders these communist bastards will give those replacements?" Hint: remember that the majority of illegals being allowed into the U.S. are men of fighting age.

IMO there is no other reason why they/the Obama/Biden/democrats/George Soros/Bill Gates types will be doing this to the U.S.

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posted on Jan, 30 2022 @ 07:56 PM
a reply to: 727Sky

In the middle on the day

posted on Jan, 31 2022 @ 05:47 AM
Every day via the media they lie, lie, lie! They want to destroy (we the people) any way they can.

posted on Feb, 2 2022 @ 10:56 AM
The reality has long since been apparent.

Democrats are changing the demographic make up of the United States to ensure a near permanent hold on power.

Yes, cheap labour and big profits for the corporate vampires they collude with etc...all a happy byproduct to them.

But, this is about power.

There is no attempt to even hide or deny it.

So, two questions arise.

1) do you care?

2) if you do, how much, and what will you do to stop it?

Because, we all know, the political classes in most western nations have made their decision - they aren't going to stop, and unless the people move to stop them nobody else will.

The military can't or won't, ditto the police, forget the "opposition" party/parties, and the media won't ever apply pressure...none of those who can act to stop them, or at least hold them to account, are going to.

That only leaves the people.
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