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The Biggest Story Not Being Talked About - The Pfizer Whistleblower

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posted on Nov, 27 2021 @ 10:55 PM

originally posted by: Roedeer
a reply to: Xtrozero Elegant? Oh, please. If you call out of control inflammation that often targets the heart muscle from an ill conceived and rushed out, stand alone spiked protein that after it’s initial inflammatory cascade then sticks around and invites other naturally occurring proteins in the body to participate in all kinds of autoimmune attacks…elegant! Nothing screwed up about that, lol.

Talk to me in 10 You should get use to it...

posted on Nov, 27 2021 @ 10:56 PM

originally posted by: OwenTrousers
so in your medial opinion, why would they seal the files for 75 years ?

I don't have an opinion either way...

posted on Nov, 27 2021 @ 11:06 PM

originally posted by: Rich Z

Refresh my memory here. What cell receptor does this artificially generated spike protein, emulating that which is used by the actual virus, target? Is it ACE2?

Both the Virus and mRNA can use the ACE-2 receptor, but the virus is at a massive level compared to the vaccine. So what is your point?

posted on Nov, 29 2021 @ 01:34 PM
No my friend. I am not doing anything other than saying where is the proof this article is real? Do you really think they had access to that kind of information? I sure as hell don't.

posted on Nov, 29 2021 @ 01:43 PM

originally posted by: atlantiswatusi
No my friend. I am not doing anything other than saying where is the proof this article is real? Do you really think they had access to that kind of information? I sure as hell don't.

What article? The BMJ, one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world did their own independent investigation which is linked in my thread.

posted on Nov, 29 2021 @ 03:28 PM

Another judge rules Joe Biden is full of crap, with his covid vaccine mandates.

posted on Dec, 6 2021 @ 04:32 PM
a reply to: ancientlight


Reuters took over 258 news outlets and run by Gottlieb who is one of the elite members Gill Bates and Gavi, etc

The MSM is largely controlled by billionaires thru tax evading foundation companies.

Gates gave 59 million to bbc to bribe them and 400 Million to javid sajid the jabber in UK.

They have absolute power...

posted on Dec, 12 2021 @ 11:26 AM
Then they are weak. Most of the deaths from covid have been the elderly and compromised. The #1 Risk Factor is age, then Obesity. I would like to really see the data on the deaths, the way they actually lived, what they ate, sleeping habits, stress and mental levels. These are all extremely important pieces of information we need yet they hide. I know in my area I have been sceenshoting the local health department since the beginning. We have most of our population vaccinated (200k) and since this began we have had 15 total deaths. From local obituaries and Hospital friends. They were all older or obese with pre-existing conditions. Now in this spike we have had 8 people in hospital and 1 on a vent that died and they were older and unvaxxed. Also I have the charts most of the newly ill are unvaccinated and they are the ones in the local hospital. So although leaking they are keeping the hospital numbers low, which is what the shot was intended to do. Never a cure, just a way to get though this until it had mutated mildly enough so we can get it, process it and move on.

posted on Dec, 14 2021 @ 04:49 AM
The Silent and the Boomers are going to take out as many as they can to try to save themselves. We have the octogenarian overlords biden pelosi mcconnell and hundreds of other geriatrics in Congress so they will wipe out the whole world if need to be get a few more years under their belts - and they lose nothing their stocks soar and their jobs and handouts of jobs and money skyrockets during the lockdowns - it's the oldest alive in the world in power and they will destroy everyone below them to prevent their imminent descent into the fiery pit. "Let them all die, so that we may live !"

posted on Dec, 20 2021 @ 11:49 PM
it's hard to take this comment seriously, the information against the vaccines is a tsunami.

a reply to: atlantiswatusi

posted on Dec, 22 2021 @ 01:56 AM
a reply to: Randyvine2

theres never anything they could do to earn that 'right' . never. anything.

posted on Dec, 22 2021 @ 02:32 AM

originally posted by: Wraiths
No wonder the FDA want's to hide the facts about the vaccines for 55 years.

They don't, the 55 years is how long it would take to release the 10s of millions of pages of data if it were done in batches of 1500 pages through FOIA.

They aren't allowed to keep this information secret at all, the court ordered them to release it. But granted them protection from malicious requests designed to subvert the system.

posted on Jan, 31 2022 @ 11:26 PM

originally posted by: Wraiths
No wonder the FDA want's to hide the facts about the vaccines for 55 years.

I could not believe it when I read where the FDA stated that they wanted to wait 55 yrs to release the data.
Like, seriously?????

If everything was done on the up and up, and there is nothing to hide, why delay releasing the info?

Simply because those involved would either be dead or too old to prosecute.
So no one would be held accountable for whatever long term health issues may occur, thanks to the forced va$$ine mandates. Even forced upon young children, being as they are making a requirement just to attend school

In the meantime, the drug companies, Fauci & Company and others with investments, will make BILLIONS of dollars
While us hard working people are threatened with loss of job if we do not "comply" to the forced mandate.

All the while, the kids and young adults have no guarantee that there will be no future health issues as they get older

If that in of itself does not make people question the FDA and their part in this covid mess, then they will never wake up!

Thank you OP for sharing the links, very informative!!

posted on Feb, 1 2022 @ 06:01 PM

originally posted by: v1rtu0s0
Out of any single story that’s emerged within the last few months regarding the mRNA vaccines , including all the published studies showing the adverse effects, the government/big tech censorship of thousands of doctors and scientists, the criminal attempt to withhold ivermectin (which has ended covid in Japan and Uttar Pradesh), the blatant disregard of natural immunity while pushing vaccines on 5-11 years whose odds of death from covid are 1 in a million--out of any story, this one is more important. That's because it's the literal foundation on which the mRNA vaccine argument is based on. The actual efficacy data was already questionable, but if this already questionable data was manipulated to make it seem more palitable, it's an earth shaking admission.

But first, let's rewind the clock 12 years. In 2009 Pfizer paid the largest criminal fine in history for paying off doctors, and faking trial results, among other things:

So naturally, they were a great choice and the company we should trust for creating the most important drug in the history of mankind and bring to the market in record time, no less.


So when Pfizer completed their expedited phase III clinical trial, skipping animal model studies, and doing so within a 6-month window, for something that would normally take 5-10 years, we all waited in anticipation for the miracle cure.

Of course the original promise was that this miraculous vaccine with no serious side effects reported, would be to end the pandemic in record time. Some claimed a 100% efficacy. Some claimed "only" 95%. In any case, here was our savior.

Since then, things have played out quite a bit differently. Countries like Gibraltar that are 100% vaccinated are experiencing their largest covid waves yet, with a 275% increase. Needless to say, the definition of the word vaccine needed to be changed to accommodate the fact that this one does not prevent infection, or transmission. And it's even been changing on the fly from preventing hospitalization, to preventing severe hospitalization, to preventing a certain percentage of severe hospitalizations.

And all the while, the media has continued to beat the drum to get vaccinated, and now getting a booster, as well as vaccinating 5-11 years who have virtually zero risk from covid. The facts here don't really matter, it's more about constant brainwashing in the name of profit and power. For most people who aren't trolls or paid disinfo agents, it's very clear as to what's going on. For the rest, it’s going to take a bombshell, something along the lines of the story I'm talking about.

Robert Barnes, a high powered and well known lawyer explains his case with the whistle blower here:

Fast forward to 2 hours 9 minutes and 40 seconds. (&t=2h9m40s)

Not only does the whistle blower have screenshots, pictures, documents, and other witness testimony, the BMJ, which is one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world, did its own independent investigation and discovered the same thing.

BMJ Report on Pfizer Whistle Blower

When the whistle blower reported all of these issues to the FDA, the FDA immediately contacted their employer, Ventavia, who then subsequently fired them. This makes it pretty clear about what's going on.

The implications from this trial are pretty incredible. If the data we are using to justify handing out these vaccines and boosters to billions of people was faked and manipulated much like the 2009 lawsuit illustrated, then the entire world is going to be very, very upset. And it would explain the record number of adverse effects we are seeing from across the world, even with only the small fraction that get reported in vaers, there are still over 1.7 million adverse effects reported:

Vaers data

Here is a more detailed explanation:

U.S. Senator Ben Ray Lujan

Received Dangerous Covid-19 Vaccine in December:

Suffers Severe Stroke in January:

Somebody forgot to tell him why Pelosi/Schumer exempted Congress from the vaccines.

That's too bad.

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