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Grey aliens are TULPA beings - vessels for the spirits of Nephilim (Crowley/ Jack Parsons)

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posted on Oct, 26 2021 @ 07:00 PM
Aleister Crowley - the 'most evil man in the world' according to his own lights. Heavily into arcane and often demonic rituals for decades, in the USA as well as in the UK, where he came from originally. Tried to join the British secret service during the second world war, and was fobbed off after they found out about his demonic hobbies & his incidental bisexuality. He was incredibly open about all of this, and for a time was remarkably successful in social/ magical terms, joining/leading the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the UK, then eventually falling out with them, writing a load of books of questionable quality, and, I believe, he died in obscurity, after a life of bizarre & often downright evil adventuring & proselytising for the dark side. Crowley tried to promote the religion of Thelema, set up by Helena Blavatsky, but he included many of his own 'teachings', the most famous being the (lack of a) standard for moral living - "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law". Even to type that out makes me cringe, as it's plainly abominable, but he lived & died by that kind of bull#.

Jack Parsons - Genius rocket scientist who worked at various times and in various ways on the USA space mission, in particular founded the company JPL, which completes contract work for NASA & other powerful interests. He died in an explosion in his laboratory - but not before he had spent time chumming along with Aleister Crowley (as you do), primarily because Jack was also a mad demonologist in terms of hobbies, and he thought (as did Crowley) that it would be awesome to carry out a powerful ritual in the Nevada desert to usher in the Age of Horus, and to invoke/ summon/ unleash Tulpa entities on the world which would help in terms of achieving the transition into the Age of Horus. They carried out said ritual, and it seems to have worked - remarkably well in fact, because soon after the wave of UFO activity began in the USA, principally around the Nevada area, as everyone on this site will know.

It is my theory, and I do contend, that the 'Babalon working' which Jack & Aleister carried out in the high desert in the 40s was directly responsible for opening a portal, and providing the degree of control over tangible material, which was required for spiritual beings, once trapped in a hellscape from which it was near impossible to exit, now given freedom to command material forms & objects in a materially tangible manner. These beings are demons - without the thought form energetic/material bodies & tools provided by the Babalon working, they would not have been able to access our world or to interact with sleeping humans the world over. I believe that those demonic spirits utilising the magickally materialised objects & tools, as well as physical forms, may in fact be the Nephilim spirits in a form with which they can deceive modern, advanced humans, into thinking that they are beings from a distant planet, that they come in peace, that if they had wanted to destroy us they would have done it by now, yada, yada..

But they are not here to physically destroy us - they are here to generate a new mythology, a narrative which gels with the advanced science which Crowley & Parsons knew above all others was just around the corner for the human race. They are here to deceive, to muddy the waters of paranormal & supernatural experiences, to create endless looping conspiracies which don't really lead anywhere, and to generally be a drain on the psychic wellbeing of the human race.

These beings are not our friends. Because friends don't abduct you in the night, probe you, artificially inseminate you, abort pregnancies, implant devices which seem to harm/track you, demonstrably lie to you.

It is my contention that 'Lam' - the entity which Aleister Crowley psychically linked up with during an earlier ritual, who narrated 'the Book of the Law' (of Thelema), was one of these Nephilim spirits, appearing to him psychically in a form which is uncannily similar to the stereotypical 'grey alien'. I believe that he took all of that information which he learned in the various preparatory rituals (over the course of decades) & then took it upon himself (along with true blue believer Jack Parsons) to perform the most powerful ritual conceived by the mind of men, to unleash the Nephilim on a sleeping world, so they could extend their malign influence deep into our culture, creating a state of paranoia in the military industrial complex, and a state of fear in those who were being manipulated, and a state of sheer confusion of skepticism in all other members of the public. It has been, overall, a chaotic & destructive influence on our civilisation, to have these malignant, deceptive entities inserting themselves into our business, #ing up various aspects of our societies. We must immediately shut down any contact or communications with these entities, because as Jacques Vallee concluded (rightly so, after exhaustive analysis over many decades, looking at the interdimensional theories, fairy lore, alternate realities, etc, as well as 'aliens' & UFOs) - they are at their core, utterly deceptive. They are not what they claim to be (they are not space travellers) - they have an unknown agenda, but despite our lack of crystal clear knowledge regarding their motives, there is enough evidence against their claims that we can strongly conclude that the agenda is certainly malign - they are not benevolent.

So there you go. Here's a bit of information about TULPAs (magical thought form entities which can be created by ritual & meditations & they can be controlled in certain ways. The Babalon ritual was special, I believe - bearing in mind that Crowley was an exceptional occultist, and Parsons wasn't too shabby eithr - but Babalon was on a whole other level when compared to the typical Tulpas generated by say, practising Buddhist monks. Monks are taught to pretty much disregard them, as an incidental distraction, rather than a spiritually valid exercise. Babalon, under the control of Crowley & Parsons, was EPIC, and it was designed to generate Tulpas which could be sustained independently by the Nephilim spirits which controlled/possessed those Tulpas. The Tulpas were not left to be independent, thinking through their own little menial tasks with their minimal (liminal) consciousness - no, they were used as vessels for more complex intelligences to utilise for their own purposes, in essence, Nephilim spirits possessed the Tulpas & have been utilising those powerfully constructed & easily sustained thought forms to conduct their affairs ever since.

Nobody here will really need an introduction to the Nephilim, but here's the excellent work 'The Genesis 6 Conspiracy', which goes into great detail regarding that whole thing (it's an epic, to say the least).

I believe this theory jives especially with Vallee's conclusions regarding the phenomenon. It provides motive, means & opportunity, both human & 'alien', Crowley & Parsons were motivated to bring in the age of Horus, and they knew this method (means/opportunity) was valid re: motive for deconstructing traditional boundaries & layers of rational societal order. The UFO phenomenon has massively boosted us towards the muddy waters 'post truth era', when nobody knows what the hell to believe.

posted on Oct, 26 2021 @ 07:30 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

I would say the sudden massive influx of UFO activity in the late 30's and early 40's has more to do with the USA's splitting of the Atom and nuclear testing , than it does with Aleister Crowley summoning demons .

but who knows maybe I'm wrong .

And also people constantly attribute Aliens to being Angels , and I truly believe down to my core that this is a simple matter of religious fear . Religious people cannot explain UFO's and Aliens so...they just call them fallen Angels .

It's likely that everything we think we know about God and Angels is really just Ancient man trying to make sense of there Alien overlords from the heavens .

posted on Oct, 26 2021 @ 07:46 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

I think you give Crowley too much credit. Nikola Tesla, who lived at the same time, said he got his ideas and inventions from aliens from Venus, and didn't credit "evil" or conjuring rituals for his extraterrestrial communications.

posted on Oct, 26 2021 @ 07:58 PM
The current Neo-Thelemites are hard at work tearing down our current institutions, because for them, time is running out. The year 2024 marks the 120th anniversary of the Inauguration of the Aeon of Horus, followed by the Aeon of Maat. Most who are onboard with the current plan, have denounced Crowley as an individual and refuse to be associated with his "outdated" representation of Thelema. Their plan went into overdrive on March 20th, 2021 and must be fully realized by March 19th, 2024, both dates being vernal equinoxes. It is literally dictating everything that you see happening around the world.

"Like the phoenix, socialism is reborn from every pile of ashes left day in, day out, by burnt-out human dreams and charred hopes." - Zygmunt Bauman

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posted on Oct, 26 2021 @ 08:18 PM
…..” Perhaps the oddest thing about Parsons’ untimely death is its role in effectively erasing him from JPL history. The most NASA mentions of the self-taught engineer is a generally vague sentence about amateur engineers working alongside CalTech researchers. Better known to history as a fanatic, the most space industry clout Parsons ever posthumously received was having a small crater on the Moon named after him. It’s on the far side of the moon; the one we rarely get to see.”…..

Chaos magic. Aleister Crowley. Rocket science.



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posted on Oct, 26 2021 @ 09:58 PM
Very interesting stuff. Will take a while to read. I am loving the new roots of ATS right here. Again thanks.

posted on Oct, 26 2021 @ 10:18 PM
Ok so on different side of things. Could they all be charlatans of their time? Where did Crowley get all these supposed teachings and spells and demonic surf & turf from, even Helena Blavatsky stuff also? I realize there was a great occult crescendo back then. With Rasputin and all. Was it all made up or was it just "hey let's do something abhorrently evil and see if it sticks"?

The same kinda charades exist right now in our modern times. Well we got OzzY, he even pulls stunts; like eating a bat head. OzzY goes on and even makes a song about Crowley also.

Then We also have other bands in modern history such as KISS, Alice Cooper, Marlyn Masion, Gwar, Mötley Crüe, and others doing the same ritualistic routines.

It's all just a show looking for a audience. Or will people realize there is people on this rock that are pure evil?

posted on Oct, 26 2021 @ 10:59 PM
All in the Family…..Babalon


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posted on Oct, 27 2021 @ 12:15 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Crowley tried to promote the religion of Thelema, set up by Helena Blavatsky

That is untrue and inaccurate. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky helped to found the esoteric system of modern Theosophy, not Thelema. Blavatsky died in 1891, more than a decade before Crowley began to formulate his system of Thelema.

In fact, Crowley regularly criticized and attacked Theosophy and Blavatsky.

Blavatsky and Theosophy are not related to Thelema.

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posted on Oct, 27 2021 @ 12:21 AM
a reply to: [post=26182255]asabuvsobelow[/post I think is essentially correct - the wave had everything to do with nuclear detonation and the impact on extinction potential and evidently, other dimensions. The demon haunted world hypothesis is not reality , imo, not as envisioned by the author of this thread

nor as dismissive as carl Sagan once wrote. conscious thought has a range of intention, some of which could be considered demonic. The question is why would a species and conscious life want to induce fear on a lower or equal but completely different life form from itself?

Interdimensionality is a a part of the phenomena, as is portal travel. I suspect there is an aspect of the Law of One as to discern physical and astral/energetic consciousness but it is not demonic in the sense that Crowley and Parsons awoke the beast.

The phenomena has been here throughout recorded and unrecorded Hx. What I think is possible is parsons was shown things recovered from ET crash sites or archeological items and told LR Hubbard who decided the world was going to need a new religion to deal with the wide range of superior species with unknown and a wide range of intentions , some horrific and some very benevolent.

I also think it is possible Parsons and AC has a contact with ET. One can not dismiss that possibility . They were in the right spot at the right time. You forgot the Hitler angle in your hypothesis, as well - another practitioner in the occult . He and his minions were demonic in intent but we know his 3rd or 4th Reich dream was to return to the Aryian home originally from Mars with the help of the Viril - and there lies a deeply hidden history denied to humanity. Another enigma.

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posted on Oct, 27 2021 @ 12:25 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

The UFO phenomenon has massively boosted us towards the muddy waters 'post truth era', when nobody knows what the hell to believe.

It didn't. To lie, to abuse others, to cheat, to trick, to betray, to kill, are all human-specific traits. No need to blame the Nephilim. Most people today do not know what is true and what is false not because of the Nephilim, aliens, or two-horned little red-eyed dwarfs. They do not know whom to believe because those supposed to never lie (scientists, philosophers, doctors. priests, and so on) did lie. They do not know what to believe anymore because corruption has finally reached any and all echelons of societal structure.

Cynicism and nihilism are the consequence of a belief system that has been rotten by corruption. No Nephilim required.

posted on Oct, 27 2021 @ 12:47 AM
a reply to: Direne
We , ourselves, are ultimately to blame but i would not dismiss “other” influences, including any programmed genetics either beneficial to support collective evolution or detrimental. And then there are those other ideas of interaction, as well.

Personally, and after some privileged analysis, I think our clock is ticking and think others have competing interests on what happens next.

posted on Oct, 27 2021 @ 12:51 AM
Neither Parson or Crowley were demonologist. They were practicing occultists known to practice in sacrificing humans. Crowley tried to deny this and sued a lady in U.K. courts and lost his case.

The book Genesis Conspiracy is a fictional sci-fi book.

a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

posted on Oct, 27 2021 @ 12:54 AM

originally posted by: DeathSlayer
Neither Parson or Crowley were demonologist. They were practicing occultists known to practice in sacrificing humans. Crowley tried to deny this and sued a lady in U.K. courts and lost his case.

Get the h@!! out. Crowley actually killed some people? Never knew that.

posted on Oct, 27 2021 @ 01:27 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Nephilim is a misunderstood concept, which has then been further confused, by it being connected with various archeological evidence, that isn't directly connected to

There are cases of bones being found of unusually large people. But it has nothing to do with Nephilim

Nephilim means Nepotism. Hence “Giants” and “Cause to fall


"favoritism shown to relatives, especially in appointment to high office,"



"one who is appointed" (i.e., overseer)

The Brown-Driver-Briggs
Lexicon (1908) gives the meaning of nephilim as "giants", and holds that proposed etymologies of the word are "all very precarious".[5]

Many suggested interpretations are based on the assumption that the word is a derivative of Hebrew verbal root n-p-l (נ־פ־ל) "fall". Robert Baker Girdlestone [6] argued in 1871 the word comes from the hif'il causative stem, implying that the nephilim are to be perceived as "those that cause others to fall down"

IE: "One who is shown preference to/over another"

Ronald Hendel states that it is a passive form: "ones who have fallen", grammatically analogous to paqid "one who is appointed" (i.e., overseer), asir "one who is bound" (i.e., prisoner), etc.[7]

When they refer to the Nephilim as Giants it means Giant in the same context and sense as the word Elite. Not a literal or actual Giant

What was referred to as Nephilim, we today refer to as The 1%
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posted on Oct, 27 2021 @ 02:07 AM

I could explain to you exactly what grey aliens are ...

But you'd need a high-degree of understanding of "complex nonlinear dynamics"

You need to understand the cyclical mechanics of time. Relative, but not limited to, how it is perceived linearly

If not, you wouldn't believe it, even if I could explain it to you so you could understand

It is easier just to say, they are extra-dimensional manifestations of the physical containers of soul and "self", within this world

They are people. Just not in the forms that you would know them in this world

And not in a form that those people would be aware exist, or could be said responsible for

The best way to describe it, that nobody will likely understand, is that they are a type of "Birth(ing) trauma"

The manifestations are not what you think they are

They are not nefarious. They are incidental

Similarly, many people believe that places like "Area 51" are places for holding of particular technology, or things to do with aliens. But this is not the case

Area 51 is what it is, because of (the focus point of) where it is located. Relative to past, and future cycles

It is to do with creating a cyclic constant and precedence, for retrospective acuity, in perpetuity

Think of it like this:

Imagine in the future, you create a type of technology that allows you to send things backwards across time. Or communicate across time

Where would you send this, to ensure that it was received by the people you want it to be received by?

How can you be sure that it wouldn't end up reappearing somewhere, where it would be stuck inside a tree, or a cliff, or a building of a past civilisation?

You create a place for perpetuity, under very strict guidelines, away from any possible impediments, past or future, secure and secluded

If you were to do this correctly, with the aim of your future self, assisting your past selves?

Then technically, all you would need to do is create the past point. And wait for your future selves to make contact

You have created something that will be a certainty into the long-distant future. That will be a project priority for many years to come with all the future technology

Mathematically, it would mean that if such advances ever come to be possible, you would be the point of reference and contact for such things

"51" means portal or gateway

Pine Gap in Australia is another version

They are very specifically chosen because of their location

There is a big problem with this theory though. A reason why it will never work

They are discounting something called "The Mutual Imperative"

"The Mutual Imperative" means, that if you are to create such a project based on complex nonlinear dynamics, in a linear perspective, you need to also be certain of inclusion of the imperative

This means those who would be capable to creating such technology

If you don't have the right people included in the project, it will never work

It is far more divergent than even this though

If the project is done in such a way that it is exclusive of the common imperative, then you are far more likely to propagate exclusion in the imperative, than you are to aggregate it in precipitation

Meaning, that if the person who would understand and develop such technologies "first" before everyone else, doesn't know about the program, isn't involved with the program, or simply doesn't trust those like the U.S.A Government and Military?

The project will never work

They would know by now if the project has failed or not, simply by the level of contact and interaction with them, from those attending focus points like Area 51

If they are simply "Observing" them. Coming though and having a look at them, with little-to-no contact?

Then the project has failed. Someone else is in control of the technology in future. Someone who does not trust them

The funny part is, that they are doing it to themselves through the secrecy attached to such understandings

If they were open and transparent with what it was they doing, with the public, it would encourage generations of people from all across the world, to want to come and work on the project

By keeping it secret, they are ensuring they cut off the very thing they need to make it work

The very process they employ to ensure they succeed, is/will be the very process that will/is ensure/ensuring they will/have/are fail/failed/failing

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posted on Oct, 27 2021 @ 02:15 AM

originally posted by: Compendium
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

When they refer to the Nephilim as Giants it means Giant in the same context and sense as the word Elite. Not a literal or actual Giant.

I could agree with that…….

An analogy would be….. for example…..Howard Hughs was a “Giant” in the field of Aeronautics. No physical size intended….

Hmmmm ……Nephilim as physical Giants…….Debunked? It was never to be taken literally, in the Hebrew Bible.


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posted on Oct, 27 2021 @ 02:56 AM
a reply to: play4keeps

programmed genetics either beneficial to support collective evolution or detrimental

Are you perchance suggesting there is a possibility to use gene therapy to suppress evil from a life form? Some sort of genetic magic that would turn a deranged talib into a Samaritan, and a Hitler into a candid nun? If that were the case you would end up with a society of good souls, at the cost of removing free will.

To be or not to be evil is an individual choice, and the ones choosing to do evil do choose it freely. Recall that your Lord in His omnipotence didn't even try such a solution to remove wannabe Lucifers. He rightly chose to allow free will, despite the many evildoers around.

Any paradise eventually decays and turns into hell. Yet, fear not: any hell does eventually decay, too, and turns into a paradise.

posted on Oct, 27 2021 @ 03:11 AM
a reply to: Sahabi

My apologies - I wrote the whole OP from memory, there were bound to be a couple of errors in there with hindsight. I should have double checked the sources, I am in agreement that it's poor form in terms of general writing standards. I will be sure not to let it happen again.

posted on Oct, 27 2021 @ 03:32 AM
a reply to: Compendium

That was the most interesting response & theory regarding the whole shebang that I have ever read.

A few people in this thread have trashed my understanding of occultism - that's fair, I'm not a specialist. But if you look at what these people were doing, they were not good people. And Thelema is an abomination. Crowley was known for human sacrifice. Should anyone respect him, or idolise him? Or Parsons? Or Hubbard? Or Hitler? No, of course not. So my frustration with the responses in this thread is that people are arguing about the specifics of doctrine, without acknowledging the blatant EVIL which underlies all of the systems involved. NB - Compendium, I'm not referring to your reply with respect to this little rant.

However, Compendium, there is one thing I have to pull you up on, despite my great interest in your theory - you kind of patronise, by saying 'you would never understand'. Well just to burst your bubble a little, I completely understood your post, and I know about non-linear dynamics. You probably think I'm an anti-science creationsit simply because I refer to Nephilim as demon spirits. However, I'm perfectly comfortable with high concept physics discussions, so please, continue to expand. You didn't do a good job of defining the imperatives you mentioned - the theory seems to hang on those points, so please would you expand on your definitions of said imperatives, so I get a better sense of the pivot points of your otherwise fascinating theory.

This thread boils down to one thing - I'm willing to be wrong. However, the whole nuclear weapons thing seems to me to be an irrelevance when we're talking about those entities which abduct & abuse unsuspecting humans. I'm willing to believe in time travelling entities/technologies, but I'm not willing to believe that these same high concept future human interactions would require anything to do with abducting & probing/abusing/ manipulating random unsuspecting humans. That kind of behaviour strikes me as utterly nefarious. Therefore, I am more inclined to believe that there is more than one group involved in the behaviour we commonly attribute to 'grey aliens' and one of the groups may indeed be using the concept of a grey alien time traveller to hide their true nature & perpetrate abuse of humanity on a vast scale, as noted by Vallee the bulk of the experiences are nefarious, malign, deceptive entities. Sure, there may be a group of time travelling humans - but there also seems to be a group of manipulative, abusive demons involved.

What this all boils down to is 'the things which are unknown'. Perhaps it's impossible to formulate a theory which covers all the bases, simply because there is a huge intelligence/counterintelligence game underway, and we peons will never have the access to all the information required to solve the engma. But yes, we need to be willing to be wrong, we need to be willing to reassess our opinions in the light of new information. The answers in this thread have challenged my conceptions - original thought & coordinated improvement of knowledge by discussion is unfolding. I therefore am glad I wrote the OP, even though I got a few things completely wrong (my own fault for writing from an imperfect memory of former research). Thanks to all who have responded. My WiFi connection is awful where I am, and my personal hotspot keeps crashing, so I've included all my replies in this one post, therefore please forgive me if I haven't responded in person to your comments, obviously you can pick out my responses here to see what my thoughts are.



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