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Interconnection - Chapter 11: The Doomsday Prophecy

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posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 07:58 AM
The warmth of the sunlight and the sound of birds chirping their morning tunes gently nudges me out of my slumber. It's the 22nd of December 2012, the world didn't end yesterday despite what many people predicted, "that Mayan calendar stuff was such baloney" I think to myself while climbing out of bed. Quickly getting dressed to avoid the chill of the morning air, I give Sarah a kiss on the cheek and leave her to sleep then walk downstairs to the kitchen preparing to cook some bacon and eggs for breakfast. I'm in an unusually good mood today, probably because the apocalypse didn't happen, it's a beautiful day, and it feels like everything is right with the world.

My sense of bliss is abruptly broken when the sound of police sirens and a car crash is heard down the street. I run outside to see what's happened and notice one of the neighbors packing their car with food. Police lights can be seen flashing down the street but I'm unable to see exactly what happened. I look towards the sky and realize something is very wrong because the sky is changing colors but we don't get auroras here and it wasn't dark. Then I notice what appears to be a second moon in the sky but before I have time to react the sound of screams and gunshots echo from the direction of the police cars. A feeling of dread falls over me and I sprint back inside despite the feeling that my legs may give out at any moment.

"Damn it where's the clicker", I desperately search for the TV remote but fail to find it. Sarah stumbles down the stairs still half asleep to see what all the commotion is about.
"Do you know where the clicker is, something strange is happening with the sky. I need to know what's going on!" I ask while frantically searching for the remote.
"What was that sound just now, was that a gunshot? Adam what's going on?", Sarah inquires with a concerned tone.
"I don't know, just find the damn remote and we'll find out!" I aggressively scream at Sarah.
After taking a moment to look around Sarah responds, "Here it's under this magazine, just calm down you're starting to scare me."
"You're right panicking wont help" I reply as my trembling hands grasp the remote control and press the power button.

We are immediately presented with scenes of chaos around the world, a reporter speaking over the footage explains what is happening. "As you can see massive numbers people are trying to leave the city which has blocked up most of the main roads and caused absolute mayhem out here Dan. Rioting and looting has already broken out across the city with many people starting to think the 2012 predictions were right all along. At this point we simply don't know if this is an alien invasion or something else. What we do know is that the false moon is emitting some sort of signal capable of controlling people. Authorities are telling people not to stare at the sky and especially not the false moon. It's recommended to stay inside or some other place where you are shielded from the signal."

"Jesus Christ... they've done it... this... this has to be Project Interconnection!", my voice stutters as I contemplate the situation.
"What are you talking about? This is a prank or something right?", Sarah leans over and snatches the remote from my hand and proceeds to flick through the channels. It quickly becomes apparent all channels are reporting on the same thing and she wasn't being pranked. Sarah continues switching between channels in a state of shock, refusing to believe what her eyes see.
"Hold on I want to listen to this, leave it on this channel!" I demand when a report catches my attention.

"Those affected by this strange signal will become extremely violent and start attacking anyone they believe is not under the influence of the signal. They will attempt to force their victims to look at the fake moon but if it has no affect they'll proceed to kill their victim. Reliable sources tell us looking at the fake moon can induce some form of hypnotism.", it's at this moment I knew for sure psychotronic technology was being used. The report continues, "Some people need to stare at it for an extended period of time but others only need to look at it for a second. However it appears around 20% of the population is completely immune to th-." the TV suddenly turns off as the power for the entire block goes out.

"We have to leave now, I know a safe place where we can ride this out!" I suggest knowing Sarah wont like the idea.
"Are you crazy, we can't go out there it's too dangerous, they said to stay inside!" Sarah yells hysterically.
"If we stay here we're dead, whether it's by looters or those mind-controlled zombies, either way this place wont keep us safe!" I argue while trying to remain calm.
"But... where would we go? I really don't like this idea Adam, we can just lock the doors and-", I cut Sarah off mid-sentence.
"No that wont work, I own an underground bunker we can use. I know you have questions but it doesn't matter now, we just have to leave while we still can.", I can see by the expression on Sarah's face that she's furious but understands. She says nothing in response and we begin packing essential items into the car.

After 10 minutes of packing we jump in the car and start driving to my nearby bunker. By a stroke of luck I had purchased this bunker a few weeks ago intending to use it as a base of operations for the team. Then again maybe it wasn't luck, maybe in the back of my mind I also wanted a bunker because I feared the 2012 predictions were true. Once Sarah sees all the computers and other tech I have stored in this bunker I wont be able to hide my secret life from her. I could probably say I'm a secret agent or something but why continue the lies at this point, especially now when my enemies appear to be waging war against the world. I can finally tell Sarah about this technology, about Eve, about everything.

We try to avoid people by taking the back-roads but the sound of chaos can be heard all around us. "So uh... are you going to explain why you own a freaking bunker?" Sarah questions as I drive while trying to avoid abandoned cars and trash littering the roads.
"Honey I just need to concentrate on driving right now, it will be easier to explain everything once we get to the bunker." I insist.
"Adam watch out!" Sarah screams as a person runs toward our car.

I try to avoid the guy but he runs in front of the car and I hit the brakes. That was a huge mistake because this man appears to be hypnotized and begins banging on the passenger side window. The window quickly breaks and the man grabs onto Sarah before I can react. He begins trying to pull her out of the window as Sarah flails her body wildly trying to release herself from the grip of her attacker. I reach over and grab onto Sarah but she's already half way out the window and this guy seems to have a super-human level of strength, I can't hold onto her for long. He manages to pry most of her body out of the window and I grab onto her hand trying to pull her back in.

"Don't let go of my hand, hold as tight as you can, I wont let him you take you!" I tell Sarah with with clear desperation in my voice.
"I'll always love you Adam... I understand now, I'm not scared, I can feel it..." Sarah mutters as her hand begins to slip out of my grasp.
"Nooo! Don't look at it! You can't leave me! Don't let go damn it!"

posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 07:58 AM
Day 3129 (25th July 2020)

"Saraaaahhhh!", I scream before realizing I'm now laying in a bed. Was that all just a nightmare? As my eyelids painfully peel open the layer of gunk makes it feel like they've been closed for a thousand years. Slowly I regain consciousness and realize I'm laying in a hospital bed. I look towards the window and feel a sense of relief when I see people going about their normal lives, but why was I in a hospital? I try to get out of bed but my legs feel extremely weak and I'm riddled with tubes going into every part of my body. "Perhaps I was sedated" I thought. Something feels wrong but I can't quite put my finger on it. Where is Sarah, why am I all alone here?

"Eve are you still there?" I think without speaking out loud.
"So you're finally awake, you have no idea how bored I was waiting for you!" Eve replies.
Growing more confused I ask, "What are you talking about? Why am I in hospital? Where is Sarah?"
"You have been in a coma for almost 8 years. It's 2020 now, I don't know where Sarah is because I've been stuck in your head." Eve explains.
"You've got to be joking... aren't you? Wait... the last thing I remember was that virtual meeting, I was being tortured..." I respond.
"That's right, you were about to break but I managed to override their defenses and pull you out right at the last moment. You should be thanking me." Eve boasts.
"Yeah right! You put me in a coma for 8 years to protect the fact you live inside my head! All of this started because of you!" I grumble audibly.
"If you died in that type of VR you could have been in a coma forever, you're probably lucky I pulled you out before that happened. Trust me I didn't like being stuck in here for 8 years either, at least you got to sleep through the whole thing!" Eve angrily proclaims.

Eve was probably right, there was no way TheDoctor could have pulled me out of that meeting since they knew I was coming. It could've been much worse if Eve wasn't able to get me out in time. I wonder what the world is like now though... how can it be 2020... black technology was already so advanced in 2012, I cannot imagine how far we've come. Virtual reality might even be a mainstream thing by now... wait how do I know any of this is real, what if this is just a simulation? That dream... it felt so real but how can I know what is real... nothing feels like it is real anymore. I have to get out of here, I begin panicking, pulling out the tubes inserted throughout my body. Alarms start going off and nurses run into the room holding me down.

"Just relax Adam you're fine, you've been in a coma a long time. It's a miracle that you've woken after this long but you need to rest, your muscles haven't been used in 8 years." the doctor explains.
"Fine, just remove some of these tubes from me, I feel like a damn cyborg here. And where is Sarah, can I see her?" I groan as I struggle to recover my voice.
"We can certainly get some of those tubes out. As for Sarah I'm sorry to be the one to tell you but she has... moved on as it were. You have to understand it's been a long time and no one expected you to regain consciousness Adam. I'm sure she'll be relieved you're awake and thrilled to see you though." the doctor answers, trying his best to be empathetic.

"Eve please tell me this is a simulation!" I think to myself.
"I cannot be 100% certain but I don't believe this is a simulation, unfortunately this appears to be base reality." Eve responds.
"Well that's just f*****g great, my life is ruined!" I think while trying not to show my emotions.
"Sir are you alright?" the doctor inquires.
"Yes I'm fine... let Sarah know I've awoken from the coma please. Tell her I understand if she doesn't want to see me. I'd like to rest now."

posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 08:02 AM
Decided to write a new chapter to this story after 8 years, hope you guys enjoy. For those of you who may want to read the preceding chapters here is the first chapter and take a look at this page containing a list of my short stories to find the rest. Keep in mind this was the first proper story I ever wrote so it's a bit rough in parts, but it's still one of my favorites and by far my longest story.
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posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 10:25 AM
Dang fella, now....

Now I have got know.....i gotta know more about what they gonna do....what is in the sky....who gonna make it....who gonna try....
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Note to self....zombie apocalypse....hit the perps at 50 miles an hour with my fender
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posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 10:52 AM
a reply to: GBP/JPY

Well as the 2nd part implies, that was mostly a dream, but it's influenced by real experiences of the main character (for example Sarah leaving him) and foreshadows events yet to happen. In a way the dream is a prophecy, set in 2012 only due to the characters fear of 21st Dec 2012 being a doomsday. Like most dreams it's a mixture of truth and fantasy, an expression of deep fears and desires held by the main character.

posted on Jul, 26 2020 @ 11:24 AM
Awesome, got some scary, fast paced sci fy there. It does raise some deep considerations with matters of full spectrum domination. With the propaganda branches already in overdrive, can expect some would love to get there hands on this tech.

posted on Jul, 27 2020 @ 02:43 AM
a reply to: kwakakev

Well for the most part it is supposed to be a fictional story, but I tried to base a lot of the sci-fi tech on real science and most of it has some basis in reality. I can't even remember now where I first heard the term psychotronics, but it essentially refers to the ability to manipulate the human mind using electronic devices, typically by using electromagnetic radiation. It's a pretty old conspiracy involving some people who believe they are "targeted individuals" for this psychological warfare. Wikipedia actually has a surprisingly detailed article about it. Clearly a lot of the individuals who claim to be targeted do have mental problems however it is certainly possible to create some of these psychotronic weapons with sufficiently advanced technology.

posted on Jul, 27 2020 @ 03:27 AM
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

I agree. Some rumours that Russia was making gains on psychotronics during the 60 - 80's, have objects that will affects ones mood. Hard to say where the full capability is at.

Came across devices that read and respond to brain waves 20 years ago. Misplacing some of these devises can interfere and shut down parts of the brain. Because some of what you are writing about is close to the edge of evolving technology is what makes it scary.

If someone / something can fully exploit the 5G Bands where is the limit?

posted on Jul, 30 2020 @ 03:28 PM

This is a strange youtube channel. Bryan Tew has been hurting for a while while bouncing around the place. Claims to be impacted by some of this brain tech.

Is where I first found Bryan.

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