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Help Needed: Analysis of Report Detailing 2010 Louisiana Sighting

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posted on Feb, 26 2020 @ 12:43 PM
While browsing various threads in the Aliens and UFOs forum I happened upon a sighting report that I find inexplicably disturbing. So much so, in fact, that I've finally decided to ask if someone - ANYONE - here would be so kind as to properly... well, debunk the damned report.
For context, I find the entire subject of UFO's and related phenomenon extremely interesting and tho I have consumed much information over the years I do not consider myself an actual researcher let alone an investigator.
I am very cynical on the subject in general and now in my early fifties have settled on the opinion that the vast majority of reported sightings are either misidentifications of the mundane or black military projects. A part of me is actually saddened by this thought, by the addition of one more corpse to a trail of dead mysteries stretching back to childhood. The child still hoped - that is, until the recent reading of a report referenced by Scramjet76 in a thread entitled ATS Giant UFOs Scaling Project!
For reasons I can't begin to fathom, from my first reading of this report late last week to the moment of this writing, I have had such a core-deep sense of foreboding, of unfocused dread, that the daily routines of life are now being adversely affected.
This bizarre sense began as an almost imperceptible pinch (lacking better words) upon reading this sentence: "Then as the object moved out of alignment with the sun’s angle, the light abruptly went out." And from that point in the report on that disturbing little pinch grew to become a terrible - certainty - sense of impending doom. Why, I do not know. Nor do I have even the vaguest of hints as to what the anticipation is attached.
Using what details were afforded by the witness, I undertook my own research hoping to discover some scientific constant or accepted fact that would completely discredit the report in its entirety. Sure, this would still leave me with an apparent irrational fear with which to cope but the possibility of some undiagnosed mental unravelling seems somehow preferable to... well, I don't know what the alternative is, honestly.
Needless to say, my own attempts at debunking failed or you wouldn't be reading this now. I've lurked about ATS for a few years, both as a member and anonymously, but until encountering this report, my presence here was as little more than an enthusiast. Over the course of these visits I've witnessed more than a few truly gifted intellects. I've seen minds of vast learning and boundless knowledge - scholars by any definition - as well as true creative geniuses and thinkers on par with great philosophers of antiquity. It is these minds particularly that I now beseech - please help me. For if, in fact, my mind is deserting me then I need to know if this damned report was merely an otherwise harmlessly random trigger that, by chance now thrown, began the fraying of mental edges.
Or if, instead, this be an indication of some other dark unknown in the depths of a troubled soul.

posted on Feb, 26 2020 @ 12:57 PM
a reply to: ChayOphan

Heh, I recall being disturbed after reading "The Threat" by David Jacobs.

Simon & Schuster

I'll take a look at the URL you mentioned. Thanks for the pointer.


posted on Feb, 26 2020 @ 01:03 PM
I'm not exactly sure what your request is. You want to desperately DEBUNK this case whilst on the other hand you say it saddens you that most UFO stories have proven to be mis-identified objects or Black projects?

Why this particular case would be a 'trigger' for such anxiety, I have no idea. Only you can answer that.

PS: Looking on the bright side, your style of writing has the potential to be the next H.P. Lovecraft in its rhythm and developing narrative.

Do you write suspense fiction? If not, you should.

posted on Feb, 26 2020 @ 01:10 PM
I wonder as well why you so wish to "debunk" this report.

Consider; whatever that observer saw ... it has been ten years since the report, and crescent-shaped ships are not tearing through the sky over our heads.

IMO, the notion of unknown others able to move around our world at will and completely evade our military forces is somewhat unnerving. But the other side of the coin is that, for all the weirdness, nothing very dramatic seems to happen ... for decades on end.

The phenomenon is whatever it is. However much we choose to believe or not believe ... we still have to get up and go to work. Until that changes as a result of UFO activity, I would say the effect of UFOs on our lives is minimal.


posted on Feb, 26 2020 @ 04:11 PM
a reply to: ChayOphan

Are you the witness to this event and are here looking for answers?

It causes you great dread because of what you experienced that day?

posted on Feb, 27 2020 @ 06:29 PM
a reply to: ConfusedBrit

I suppose my request is, in simplest terms, that someone find within this one report reasonable proof of either misidentification or dishonesty on the part of the witness. A trifling request, by appearance, I know. But, there is something within the content of this account that still deeply affects me. It has something, I feel, to do with both the incident itself as well as the manner in which the witness was personally affected. Maybe, if the report is upended and the account rendered mere fantasy, then I can better confront other... issues that have subsequently arose.
Words, just words... I must quit using them as cover.
The crux of my struggle lies with the sense of foreboding described by the witness both during, and for days after, his encounter. While his reaction does draw comparison to my own disquiet, this similarity is superficial and fails when plumbed for deeper meaning. I do not feel any sort of meaningful connection to his plight. No mutual trauma, no true empathy even. This is, quite frankly, not how I am wired. This is not... this is uncomfortable for me, this soul baring. Did not consider this aspect when I conceived this approach to... self-mending. Words again. I apologize. I have always sought refuge in words. And, at the moment, every cell in my being wants nothing more than to build a textual mountain and burrow to its core.
I beg your patience, I will push on.
The most troubling aspect of that foreboding experienced by myself and witness alike, is that... words... words... I DO NOT want this... whatever THIS even is... don't think, write. MOVE DAMN IT!
By mere virtue of affliction a hole has been torn through layers of armor exposing a much deeper, much darker process at work within me. With that first cold twinge of fear came - anticipation... fester... surgery... armor-piercing scalpel - an ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that the witness would experience the awful disquiet described later in his account. For clarity - I anticipated the visceral reaction felt by the witness even though I had yet to read his description. Put differently: I KNEW that the approach of those two - abominations... hatred... manipulative - objects would induce precisely what he would later describe. Why did I not... I am NOT some naive... words... I'm so sorry. To say I did not expect such pushback, such internal strife would be... well, I'll spare your intelligence. To those still here... please...? Thank you. I must increase pace here to inhibit thought so writing may become jumbled or veer incoherent from grammatical rails.
On foreknowledge of witness's emotional reaction: in that moment of horror's re-birth, the moment in which "...the light abruptly went out." from this passage onward I KNEW that what approached in the darkness above was, in a word, evil. I do not use that word lightly as it oozes with connotations that I fervently avoid. But, in this instance, the word serves well in every sense.
As I read the report, I envisioned - No. Wrong. Nope. I remembered that those horrid things radiate evil in thick, choking waves, permeating the senses of any living thing so equipped. They are NOT craft, NOT ships, NOT vessels of any form or function save one: they are ALIVE. I am... relieved?... afraid. This is futile, shameful, serves no worthwhile purpose. And yet.... I skim the prior sentences and want so much to edit... delete... forget. So very tired.

And no, I am not the witness who filed the report though I understand how one might reach this conclusion. In fact, never have I, in clear memory, experienced anything even remotely comparable. "Clear memory" being the operative words. Current disintegration thus properly acknowledged. This is... not.. not according to plan. Ignorance is NOT bliss if it can see its reflection. I do not remember having experienced anything that I could not fit firmly into the framework of reality. Better. And yet, remember I do. Is this even feasible? Words... can one remember an event that simply did not occur? How.... explain... Can someone please...? Why - unfair... ashamed... thief... home... insist...MOVE! - Can someone REMEMBER something that they KNOW did not occur? NO! OF COURSE NOT! Proof: there are indeed stupid questions, Dr. Chancey! You were incorrect!

This... post was an exercise of staggering measure. The time spent alone was... ridiculous. And then, finally, I return for proofreading to discover... evidence of a mind desperately flailing about in its own waste.
Naturally, editing was in order. Mop and bucket work for sure. But, a thought gave pause. And, moments pass, a decision is made. I chose to submit the above wreckage unvarnished, in full chaotic form. I believe that, presented thusly, this broken mess could possibly generate more informed, helpful responses. Or, perhaps the only byproduct will be mockery, derision. Or, worse, pity. Regardless, the heap remains. Unkempt, and incomplete. I believe this is the correct choice but, could not for life itself, say why that might be.
To those who've slogged through this far I offer my apologies for the mess I made in your forum. It would seem I've discovered uncharted territory in my mind's darkest recesses and like the warnings on ancient maps: Here There Be Monsters.
A wondrously complex thing, the human mind. So fragile...

posted on Feb, 27 2020 @ 06:59 PM
Well, even for an experienced pilot, judging size and distance is only going to be a rough guess, at best. Also, any time you're dealing with stuff in the sky either right before sunrise or right after sunset, reflections are going to be difficult to gauge depending on a number of factors including what angle the "object" is tilted to begin with.

Otherwise, there are a number of upper atmosphere phenomena that could briefly look like something much more solid than they are, including high ice clouds. They didn't seem to do anything spectacularly "alien." So it could have been any number of things.

As for the "feeling of dread," however, that's real. If we actually do get huge alien vessels zooming around in the sky someday, it will essentially be the end of mankind as we know it. "Doom," I suppose. Another reality lost forever.

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