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'Acosmic' solution to Mandela Effect puzzle? A plot against the Anglo-American alliance

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posted on Feb, 24 2020 @ 11:05 AM

I think I somehow just connected the dots & solved (in rough hewn format) the puzzle of the Mandela Effect, though I'm not sure how it happened. I was reading a little on the legends of Orion in Greek mythology, and the idea I'm about to put forth just popped into my mind as I went back & forth in a slight trance. You know how it goes - when I ruminated on the potential meanings of what I was reading, subconsciously allowing my reverie to become unfocused at certain points, reading the same sentence over & over, not really thinking of anything in particular but having various strands of connection rising & falling in my thoughts - most of you know that feeling, that experience. And indeed, our subconscious mind rises most spectacularly to our rescue when we allow that sort of trance to develop. And as explanations go, perhaps my conceptual solution, as outlined below, offers evidence that somewhere in my experiences, my dreams, reading & media consumption over the past five years or so, since becoming aware of the Mandela Effect (& becoming existentially anxiety/panic/fear/terror-stricken by its apparent reality) - somewhere in all of that experience, a magical event took place, and God (however you wish to conceive of God) answered my prayer & delivered me from my fears, providing an explanation which makes sense of the sheer inexplicable magnitude (from the perspective of experiencers) & oddness (from the perspective of non-experiencers) of the Mandela Effect, and some of its unusual but oft-ignored aspects. And who knows - it maybe isn't a perfect explanation, but perhaps it's a partial explanation, or a starting point from which they who know how the world works, can figure out the rest.. Even now, I can conceive of some slightly bizarre adjustments for, or additions to the hypothesis, which might do a better job of explaining it - but I won't include them straight away, I'd like to see if someone else gets the threads tangled in the same way as I have..

I've experienced the Mandela Effect since first becoming aware of the controversy of the BerenstEI/AIn Bears several years ago now. As mentioned, my reaction to the apparent reality, and the apparently cosmic-scale magnitude of 'the Effect', as I will now refer to it, caused me to range from mild disquiet to full-on existential panic/terror, when it was incorporated alongside other thoughts which troubled me, regarding matters & forces at work in our world. The thing which caused the most difficulty was that if I were to presume 'the Effect' to have been some event operating dually at the sub-quantum & cosmic scale (as seemed to be evident by the deeply woven complexity of the supposedly altered features of our world - our physiology, our history, the shape & position of some of the landmasses, issues affecting the size of other planets in the solar system, the stars beyond, the colour & intensity of our Sun seem to have changed, along with its position in the galaxy – it doesn't get much bigger than that) It seems that potentially NONE of what we formerly presumed to be true, is real in any sense now. It was as though one EVENT took place, which forever altered not only all of these facts and more, but seemingly had power over whether these apparent changes were discerned at all.. And this last point, is where we receive one clue to what may have happened..

Out of all the bizarre & seemingly (to experiencers) incontrovertible reality of the changes which they perceived, not all effects were experienced by all people who experienced some effects rather than none. As in, if you perceived some of the Effect's alter-reality 'tromes'. I have generated this new word to describe what happens with the Effect's manifestations - it is a combination of the words 'trope' & 'meme', and is taken to be a shared storytelling device which is spread by the person-to-person growth of awareness that that particular device exists. When the Mandela Effect came into public awareness, the effect of sharing one's own experiences of particular tromes led to the wildfire spread person-to-person that resulted in tens, then hundreds, then thousands, and so on - all people who formerly had no idea that any Effect was present in a given situation - but once they read about it online, or heard a friend talking about it, they had the realisation that they too shared in the Effect's manifestation on that particular Trome. Great example of a Trome would be the “Luke/No, I am your Father” quote from the Star Wars movie.

Does the sharing of a Trome & its subsequent uptake necessarily mean that all of those people had a shared experience on this trome since the originating 'MANDELA EVENT', which would have occurred any time from around 2012 onwards? It seems unlikely. The Mandela EVENT was seemingly an ongoing, 'rolling' event, rather than a 'once only' event, gradually expanding to affect more & more of the world population in the eight years since the inception of the first known EVENT.

Coming back to the Effect, as it affects people in the general sense, rather than the inception, which I will continue to caps-lock as the EVENT, a clarification may be necessary: I believe that the fact of the person-to-person sharing of newly announced tromes is sincerely held by every experiencer to be full canon, gospel Truth with a capital T.. But they – we (myself included) have got this terribly wrong. The explanations which are posited by experiencers for the Mandela Effect writ large, have been seemingly completely arbitrary – they could only really be the best guesses of a confused subset of the world's people, in the face of something remarkably weird, which makes no logical sense.

In my humble opinion, the Effect is NOT down to some sort of 'parallel universe dimensional shift' (which many experiencers seem to have settled upon as the nearest approximation of what they've experienced overall – an apparent slew of thousands of bizarre & sometimes frightening Trome effects which are so specific that the various experiencers rightly suspect that it cannot be faulty memory, being shared by possibly millions of other people, ergo not crazy in the traditional sense.

Remarkably weird, making no logical sense.

What on Earth do we know which happens to share those qualities, which we have only recently learned could possibly affect macro-scale events, certainly at the size of molecules, and potentially even larger (though we're not sure yet)..? QUANTUM PHYSICS.

Taking a short detour, let's think about something which affects all of us, which has the potential for complex operations at the quantum scale. NEUROSCIENCE. I refer you to the excellent work of Sir Roger Penrose, a British mathematician & Professor Stuart Hameroff, a professor of anaesthesiology having a deep & enduring fascination with the world of consciousness studies.


posted on Feb, 24 2020 @ 11:05 AM
Some info on Penrose's awards & honours:

Penrose has been awarded many prizes for his contributions to science. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) in 1972. In 1975, Stephen Hawking and Penrose were jointly awarded the Eddington Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society. In 1985, he was awarded the Royal Society Royal Medal. Along with Stephen Hawking, he was awarded the prestigious Wolf Foundation Prize for Physics in 1988. In 1989 he was awarded the Dirac Medal and Prize of the British Institute of Physics. In 1990 Penrose was awarded the Albert Einstein Medal for outstanding work related to the work of Albert Einstein by the Albert Einstein Society. In 1991, he was awarded the Naylor Prize of the London Mathematical Society. From 1992 to 1995 he served as President of the International Society on General Relativity and Gravitation. In 1994, Penrose was knighted for services to science.[33] In the same year he was also awarded an Honorary Degree (Doctor of Science) by the University of Bath.[34] In 1998, he was elected Foreign Associate of the United States National Academy of Sciences. In 2000 he was appointed to the Order of Merit. In 2004 he was awarded the De Morgan Medal for his wide and original contributions to mathematical physics

Some info on the theories which Penrose & Hameroff have worked on together, which originated with Hameroff early in his career:

At the very beginning of Hameroff's career, while he was at Hahnemann, cancer-related research work piqued his interest in the part played by microtubules in cell division, and led him to speculate that they were controlled by some form of computing. It also suggested to him that part of the solution of the problem of consciousness might lie in understanding the operations of microtubules in brain cells, operations at the molecular and supramolecular level.[1]
The operations of microtubules are remarkably complex and their role pervasive in cellular operations; these facts led to the speculation that computation sufficient for consciousness might somehow be occurring there. These ideas are discussed in Hameroff's first book Ultimate Computing (1987).[2] The main substance of this book dealt with the scope for information processing in biological tissue and especially in microtubules and other parts of the cytoskeleton. Hameroff argued that these subneuronal cytoskeleton components could be the basic units of processing rather than the neurons themselves. The book was primarily concerned with information processing, with consciousness secondary at this stage.
Separately from Hameroff, the English mathematical physicist Roger Penrose had published his first book on consciousness, The Emperor's New Mind, in 1989.[3] On the basis of Gödel's incompleteness theorems, he argued that the brain could perform functions that no computer or system of algorithms could. From this it could follow that consciousness itself might be fundamentally non-algorithmic, and incapable of being modeled as a classical Turing machine type of computer. This ran counter to the belief that it could be explained mechanistically, which was prevalent in the field of artificial Intelligence at that time.
Penrose saw the principles of quantum theory as providing an alternative process through which consciousness could arise. He further argued that this non-algorithmic process in the brain required a new form of the quantum wave reduction, later given the name objective reduction (OR), which could link the brain to the fundamental spacetime geometry. At this stage, he had no precise ideas as to how such a quantum process might be instantiated in the brain. Moreover, Penrose's ideas were widely criticized by neuroscientists, logicians and philosophers, notably Grush and Churchland.[4]
Hameroff was inspired by Penrose's book to contact Penrose regarding his own theories about the mechanism of anesthesia, and how it specifically targets consciousness via action on neural microtubules. The two met in 1992, and Hameroff suggested that the microtubules were a good candidate site for a quantum mechanism in the brain. Penrose was interested in the mathematical features of the microtubule lattice, and over the next two years the two collaborated in formulating the orchestrated objective reduction (Orch-OR) model of consciousness. Following this collaboration, Penrose published his second consciousness book, Shadows of the Mind (1994).[5]
Over the years since 1994, Hameroff has been active in promoting the Orch-OR model of consciousness through his web site and lectures.[6]

I managed to get through Shadows of the Mind a few years ago, and although it severely taxed me in the mathematical sections, I found it to be breathtaking, and have never quite found a book of such magnitude in terms of the attempt to answer the paradox/es raised in consciousness studies.

They posit that consciousness is a function of quantum processes operating within microtubules in the brain. They suggest that consciousness is non-algorithmic, and cannot be modelled using traditional algorithmic understandings of mathematical process. Thus, each of us would seem to have a quantum computational device operational within the wetware of our brains (though somewhat against the grain of Penrose's humanism, I don't believe that's the sum total of what we are..)

If we 'Experiencers' are to follow our perceptions, then a billion trillion trillion facts about our reality suddenly shifted, and coalesced into a new configuration in 2012. And since that Mandela EVENT, we've all been sharing our perceptions on this remarkably weird, potentially terrifying new reality. Perhaps Reality has been clicking into new configurations on a daily basis since that original EVENT, perhaps we are simply learning gradually about the changes which instantaneously occurred in one single moment back in 2012. It's impossible to tell, from within the system in which we are extant as living creatures (this inability to fully apprehend the system of which we are a part, is one implication of Godel's incompleteness theorem – interestingly, this theorem was a key contributing source in Penrose's & Hameroff's work on the Orch-OR model of human consciousness..)

Here's where we get to the good stuff: If we accept that the brain possesses a mechanism of any sort which permits for calculations being made according to the use of quantum processes, operating according to principles rooted in the quantum physics principle of super-positional algorithmic computation, then we have a raft of non-binary computational processes operating in chorus within the microtubules within certain brain structures, computing models of possibility which are infinitely complex & infinitely useful for gauging how to cope with a future state change which by definition has not yet occurred, and which is replete with so many incredibly complex interrelated variables, that we couldn't possibly consciously control all of them & yet retain a mind which was useful for original thought & interactions with the world. As I understand it, instead of 'one or zero ; true or false', it is possible that both one & zero, both true & not true, could be in use in ways which substitute for any particular factor which cannot be known & could not algorithmically be computed without running through all numbers to infinity in the generation of a model which performed the intended function..

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posted on Feb, 24 2020 @ 11:06 AM
Running a human body – trillions of cells, trillions upon trillions of processes within each cell, trillions upon trillions of ways that something might go wrong, not to mention being able to carry around a portable 'reality generator' in our skull (dreams are often impossible to tell from waking reality – on a limited scale, we are each capable of generating small realities within our brain each night when we go to sleep..) All of it suggests that a quantum computational skill-set would be most incredibly useful to a functional human being – and indeed, that is apparently exactly what we possess, if we defer to the genius of Professors Hameroff & Penrose in this matter.

So then, what are the implications, in the context of the Mandela Effect?

Put simply, it is my contention that we are not dealing with an infinitely cosmic/ quantum scale Mandela EVENT which somehow transported us all to an eerie parallel universe. Rather, I believe that some group has been working on highly advanced research in several sciences, which all together cumulatively suggested a strategy to fulfil their objectives - very well-funded, very secretive, increasingly powerful over the past sixty or seventy years or so as they infiltrated the target populations of the nations against which they were determined to exert their strategy for overthrow & domination. The research would have involved a joined up strategic plot encompassing neuroscience, quantum physics, mathematics, genetics, sociology, psychology & more. These people would have had no compunction for the wellbeing of their enemy, and firmly believed in their legitimate & supposedly inherent cosmological right to dominate their enemies & control the entire world. They would have had no problems with subjecting innocent humans to the most hateful, diabolical physiological & psychological torture, even if those humans were only children when the despicable actions were initiated & sustained until whenever the tormentors felt that enough was enough. Which was likely to be when the victim/ subject died.

Hmm. Who do we know, from the history of Western civilisation, who not only escaped natural justice in recent historical memory, who took vast stores of illicitly procured wealth & secretly began building their power base up again after they stopped smarting from the beating they endured at the hand of the Anglo-American alliance, and their European/Soviet allies of the time? Which less than masterful bunch of psychopathic, demonic sons of bitches shares those sorts of cosmologically quixotic, amoral, 'black hole heart' views, regarding how one is supposed to treat one's fellow human beings?


Read up any & all books by JP Farrell on the subject of Nazis, 'The Fourth Reich' by Jim Marrs, and many other excellent treatises on how the Nazi threat did not simply evaporate into the night at the end of World War 2, but instead escaped, taking the looted wealth of Europe down to South America, immediately beginning to build up the power that they craved, aiming to subdue the world once more, but this time by stealth, since they probably realised that the world was now watching for their vile sociological beliefs, and they would have to tread softly, if they were to sleep-walk the world into their waiting jaws.

But how did they engineer the Mandela Effect? How is it that the population of the world's peoples which experiences the Mandela Effect to some degree or another is almost entirely Anglo-American (& Canadian, Australian, with some bilingual Europeans too)...? The very nations which bested the Nazis in the forties, and had largely controlled the world since then, are the only ones who have reported significant onset of the Mandela Effect among their populations. There are NONE in the closed nations of China & the Soviet Union, nor in the Far East generally, or in the Middle East, or in Africa, or in South America (unless they are fluent English speakers). This suggests that the brain area which is affected by 'whatever' is causing the Mandela Effect, is in the linguistic processing centre. If we accept that the vector most likely to have been utilised is a stealthy (asymptomatic) virus, then we're obviously looking for a way that a virus could possibly have led to effects in the language centre in the brain. That means we're looking at the human genome – gene splicing – setting up a change in the genome of the target population (which can be targeted also by genetic markers for the predominant race of the target population.

So we already know that the Nazis loved their own racial purity, and so they already had some pretty snazzy understanding of how to 'measure' such purity by the time of the war (largely flawed, but it got them off to a head start). With the time they've had since, they will have very quickly achieved a high degree of skill, and gone down some dark & twisted pathways in their experimentation. The leopard, when living in an ex-pat community of other leopards, does not change his spots, even if Mossad is watching the gates & fences closely - if we look at what the Nazi experimentation in the war years looked like, it cannot be in doubt that they will have continued abusing human subjects in all manner of horrible ways in their hidden laboratories on the plains of deepest Argentina. It is my contention that in the course of their attempts to ensure their own racial purity, they will have investigated the causes of illnesses such as schizophrenia & bipolar disorder, seeking ways to avoid those conditions being passed on as genetic traits in the children who will form the heritage of the master race. In the course of that research, having isolated some or all of the factors which are found to lead to those conditions, and will have realised they have an opportunity to weaponise those conditions, seeking ways to force madness on their enemies, perhaps over generations or perhaps at the push of a button – or both. In the process of investigating these ideas, they will have come across a way to utilise epigenetic gene splicing to achieve the desired effect, perhaps secretly benefiting from something like Crispr CAS-9 technology in the years before it was made public, or maybe an even more sophisticated secret methodology. They will have realised that they can use a virus as the vector, because that's simply good science. Maybe at this point, they will have been ready to prime the target populations with a viral outbreak which wreaks the desired destruction upon the Anglo-American alliance..

But wait – what happens if you have infiltrated the enemy population & your own highly successful corporations now depend on the labour of the target populations? Would it make sense to afflict them all with severe schizophrenia or bipolar disorder? Probably not. Besides which, there will come a point at which an event horizon is reached, and the infiltrated & infiltrator will become effectively the same person, assuming that along with the infiltration, political & social manipulation has occurred which means that now, you've conditioned the target population to believe more or less the same things that you do – at least, in the elite of that society, and probably a good portion of their middle class, eventually. I suppose they could hold the technology in reserve, in the event that a new war did break out. But what can be done, which undercuts the moral & spiritual objection to Naziism?

posted on Feb, 24 2020 @ 11:06 AM
Because that's the greatest enemy of the Nazis in exile. They've already conditioned a near-critical mass of anti Semitism generally, along with politically pro-Islamic/Palestine, anti-Israel responses to the matter of greatest contention in the Middle East (people don't realise that the Nazis were close friends with the Muslim brotherhood during the war – the brotherhood fought the Allies in North Africa – and after the war, many leading Nazis travelled into the Muslim world, where they trained the military-intelligence organisations of Islamic dictators). The War on Terror is a covert war against the Fourth Reich.

Getting back on the point, the most ideal objective of the Fourth Reich will be to undermine & undercut, then supplant the Judeo-Christian world-view, replacing it with their own beliefs, likely some New Age evolution from the neo-paganism of their forefathers. It might look a bit like what's written on the Georgia Guidestones, or what's vomiting its way through some sort of artistic interpretation of the murals Denver International Airport. But how can they possibly hope to completely overwhelm the spiritual sensibilities of the West? How can they replace the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, or Jesus Himself? They can't. But they can introduce a deeply insidious seed of doubt. A seed of doubt which undercuts all of the stability of the spiritual heritage of the Western nations, including Israel in that analysis. If the stable cycles of nature, and the beauty of nature, and the incredible grandiosity of nature in the planets, moons, stars & galaxies beyond – if all of that were apparently destabilised by some cosmic-scale anomaly, with everything we could ever see & understand, having been so apparent for so long, so remarkably vast - being ripped away from our psyche as now being something 'apparently wrong, or looks likely to be wrong', then that destabilises the world-view of a loving, caring God, a God of seasons, of the natural world, of the glory of the Heavens – if you could undercut our beliefs about the universe around us, then you introduce a critically impactful seed of doubt in the mind of people who had always had absolutely no reason for such doubts ever before. Two thousand years of heritage & history, now completely destabilised, all our deepest yearnings for God & Heaven, for peace in our times, in the Jewish, Christian or Renaissance way, suddenly – inexplicably – that seems to be in doubt. And the Nazi version of neo-paganism begins to look more attractive, eventually. And those who might be of a mind to overwhelm & dominate the world, the West via infiltration – they become the victors, their sophisticated & long-thought out philosophy, even though barbaric, seeming the stronger of two pathways, if those two world-views were ever in contest (& of course, they were – and now I suggest, they are once more).

But we still need to think a bit further on the 'how' of the Mandela Effect. We reached the point at which they knew enough about genetics to edit the target genome with the genetic material which would code for the illnesses of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, at least in the next generation if not immediately beneficial. But really, ideally, they want to undermine the spiritual/psychological fitness of the Judeo-Christian worldview, rather than simply start a rampant outbreak of mental illness. How best to achieve that? They need to fake a cosmological event of an astonishingly incredible, miraculous nature, which destabilises belief in a loving & consistent Creator as known through Judeo-Christian spiritual heritage. When to do it? 2012 was brilliant for a couple of reasons, but really it is the nexus of increasingly common internet usage, a time when bored & disaffected youth all over the world, especially in the West, are spending increasing amounts of time on the web, often looking at increasingly bizarre material, including conspiracy theories, where the truth matters, where people investigate until they drop from exhaustion – that's where their pseudo-miracle would gain traction. But again, how, rather than when & 'where' (cyberspace)..?

The way to achieve the faking of a miracle by messing with people's brains, is to somehow code for a change in the way in which our brains process TRUTH. We are looking for a mechanism in the brain where a binary choice is selected in the mathematical modelling of potential multi-factor We can perhaps consider that the Mandela Effect, at its most straightforward, seems potentially to affect whether an individual perceives a particular unit of data – a Trome - as either true or false. We can see that in fact, REALITY or DELUSION are being weighed up here. Is there a particular region of the brain which is accountable for the true/false, yes/no, 1/0 variable in the complex non-algorithmic computational modelling in the organism with rational thought processes? It seems likely that yes, that is – at least in part - one of the functional calculations described by processes which might yield their secrets to any further developments to the work of Penrose & Hameroff in their Orch-OR model of consciousness. Any super-positional quantum effects could easily factor such variables, probably according to a distributed system of operations in the microtubules, such that any part of the relevant system is capable of performing many of these quantum modelling predictions according to the 'equation' being modelled & the burden on each part of the system during the process. Somehow, when a trome is recognised by someone afflicted with the pathogen carrying the epigenetic instructions, we witness the manifestation of a quantum trigger being tripped, such that Schrodinger's Cat had been both alive & dead at the same time, and it is in fact only in the moment of observation that the wave function of that particular trome event is collapsed into one or the other - shared, or not shared. It would seem to be a random process, and this is borne out by the way that Mandela Effect victims do not share all of the tromes equally – there is huge variability in the way these are being perceived or not perceived.

So how do we go about ensuring that this 'truth variable' calculation within the microtubule network can be edited (or damaged)..? I can't be sure as I'm not an expert in quantum mechanics, consciousness studies, or the genetics of schizo-affective psychiatric disorders. It is likely to be something which was classified at the highest levels, and probably originated with a cloistered Nazi scientist staring down his microscope and sounding the immortal battle cry famous down the ages of the history of science: “Huh.. that's strange!” I certainly don't think it's any sort of a stretch that such a thing could be discovered – much weirder things have, and still are each & every day.

posted on Feb, 24 2020 @ 11:06 AM
So. They find a way to influence, in genetically susceptible individuals, the truth/delusion variable in humans, probably closely tied to the expression of schizo-affective individuals. As much as it would be desirable for the Nazis to target only the Anglo-American alliance with the epigenetic coding vector, it's impossible, because the Americans are largely similar to the Germans in their genetic heritage. So in truth you would need to have some means to target the Americans without targeting your own people as well. It seems then, that you would be looking to target only English speaking peoples. Meaning your vector would infect all humans, but only those whose brains exhibited factors (patterns) which revealed them to be uniquely English speaking, compared to German speaking, would be targeted. This is a ridiculously difficult concept to start speculating on, as I have very little knowledge of how the brain writ large actually functions when it comes to the linguistic function. I have a strong suspicion based on my reading in various other fields, but I cannot claim to be an expert. My suspicion starts with the 'Tower of Babel incident' from Biblical times, when all the world's peoples apparently spoke a common language - and it wouldn't be unusual for the Nazis to be researching the ancient documented history of the Judeo-Christian religions, perhaps they would even consider an assault on the very language & heritage of the Anglo-Christian-Jewish alliance to be elegantly ironic, I can picture the hubris as the plot developed..

Having looked into the origins & secrets of the Hebrew language, and the Biblical record, I believe that the Tower of Babel incident actually happened. Many researchers believe the same – JP Farrell for one. In the hypothesis, all of Mankind spoke a common language, who knows what it could have been, we can never know (this side of the pearly gates). The Hebrew language seems to be a special case, as the complexity & encoding which is written into every single part of every single character & how they all fit together – it's a vast & enduring mystery, which opens the door to many other mysteries. The medieval alchemists were very fond of the Hebrew language for this very reason. The kingdoms of Mankind had apparently devolved into a state in which they were in possession of very dangerous knowledge, something which would likely bring on some sort of apocalypse if they were to continue on the path they had chosen. And so the Elohim came down, assessed the reality on the ground, and in a grand sweeping gesture of the miraculous, they somehow amended the way that humans know, perceive & communicate with signs written into the earth/ papyrus, etc. The very geometric shapes which comprise the skeleton of each & every language on Earth are programmed into the regions of our infinitely complex brain which deal with language processing – the left hemisphere dominates, the right hemisphere is where the visual symbols are held up for analysis. It inevitably far more complex than that – several areas work in concert to process the understanding & expression of language, and many conditions when assessed using fMRI scans of the brain activity will demonstrate a lack of function in certain areas known to be useful in language processing, such as Broca's area for dyslexics, or Wernicke's area for epileptics, and so on. The brain uses distributed networking of its sub-quantum non-algorithmic computations, and so if one area is damaged, such as the left hemisphere, then linguistic abilities will begin to be handled by the right hemisphere, and so on. So we know that language processing in the brain is complex & distributed, thus one would imagine hard to control, if one were a Nazi scientist trying to find ways to induce vulnerabilities in the neurophysiology of their enemies. If these scientists, with their advanced research facilities, immense funding pot, and a steady stream of 'disposable' 'undesirables' to experiment ruthlessly with, it could very well be feasible that they stumbled upon the control mechanism which enables the spontaneous generation of alternate language forms when stimulated in electrical, chemical or mechanical ways. It is unlikely that they could gain control over this region, not completely – but perhaps experimentation revealed a mechanism which is universal, where the geometry of language is processed & linked to the formation of true/false, yes/no, one/zero analysis in other parts of the brain. It would be the discovery of a lifetime, because it would give the Nazis a variety of ways to interfere with the linguistic processing capabilities of their enemies. Indeed, they could thereafter follow a straightforward path to delivering an epigenetic pathogen leading to a subtle but potentially devastating abnormality in the minds of those who were targeted. They could force a state of delusional uncertainty upon their enemies, making them incapable of properly conducting themselves, incapable of carrying out their critical functions – especially valuable in times of war. If they were to deliver the pathogen in a universal manner – perhaps alongside atmospheric spraying which is being conducted for a number of reasons, all of which are firmly denied by the powers that be, then every person under the sun would eventually have this pathogen 'living' in a dormant state in vivo, in the brains of potential victims. There would likely be an activation process, I will not speculate on what that process might be – but once activated, the pathogen would quietly wake up, producing no symptoms – except for a particular form of damage in the language processing sites in the brain. The element of uncertainty, of incapacity to be certain on the reality perceived, would be an existential threat along the lines of a deja vu, amplified by a thousandfold, causing people to perceive all manner of quirks of Reality which seem different, like they should have been extant in some other way, some other configuration. What is real takes on the seeming uncertainty of rampant delusion, though its activity would be subtle, and over time the various Tromes which are noted by the persons who were unfortunate enough to be susceptible to the pathogen, to the point that a new folklore began to develop, undercurrents of madness just beneath the surface of respectable society. People still go to work, they still go out with friends – but they have moments of existential doubt, uncertainty, even panic & fear, terror-stricken over the fact that Reality seems to be broken. This would probably cause a mass falling away from spiritual & philosophical reflection in the hearts & minds of those affected, as they cannot bring themselves to the brink of the abyss by the analysis of facts which seem to be non-facts, a Reality which doesn't add up. And that, might just be the edge these Nazi villains need, to tip the scales in their favour, to engineer a world order which suits them, having done away with the now weakened victims of their plague.

posted on Feb, 24 2020 @ 11:07 AM
I know it's 'out there', but it adds up in a more matter-of-fact way than a rift in time & space, a slide into parallel universes, or some sort of mega-event causing the death of everything at once sometime around 2012, just as the Mayans predicted. Neurochemistry, gene splicing, epigenetic tampering, linguistic haplogroup targeting – it's more real than those other ideas. It could legitimately happen/ have happened, if you can see the shades of the Nazi International behind every aspect of the conquest by stealth of the USA. I know it's not over yet, and I'm convinced that good men & women will stand up & fight against the fifth column in their midst – but we, the guys & girls who investigate the shadows, should be thinking this one through, seeing if we can dial down the scale of the fear which the Effect has caused to so many people worldwide. I know that there may be holes in the theory, but I stand by it as potentially a good explanation for the strangest Event that Humanity has ever witnessed.


posted on Feb, 24 2020 @ 11:22 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Great mix of ideas, I enjoyed reading your comments even if I skimmed some of it.

Yeah, that Berenst* business bothers me as well. For one thing, I know how phonetic E European languages are, and that extends to surnames as well. So that "ain" ending makes little sense ... it is just too much work to phonetically sound that out vice a simple "ein" ending.

No idea if this doings of the Nazis or not ... but they were not a group to be underestimated even if they got up to bizarre notions.

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posted on Feb, 24 2020 @ 12:02 PM
One thought on your idea of linguistic function being "subverted".

The way the brain processes languages varies by the language.

In German, the verb is placed at the end of the sentence. This seemingly small change triggers quite different ways of thinking. Not that I mean one way is better than the other ... but if someone figured out how to target the linguistic function of the speakers of a particular language ... that approach might have less or no effect on speakers of other languages.


posted on Feb, 24 2020 @ 12:46 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

honestly the solution is that eyes and memory are the first to go the older you get. Through meditation though, however, I can not say that the thought current behind this isn't complete useless, but hey, I'm not here to teach the musings of eternal life.
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posted on Feb, 24 2020 @ 01:00 PM
The Mandela effect is a perfect example of people in western society refusing to take responsibiliiy for being incorrect. Rather than admit to being wrong these folks make up this incredible universal conspiracy about alternate worlds and timelines to "explain" that they screwed up. I get a kick out of these people who "know for a fact!" that the Berenstain Bears used to be Berenstein. Complete and utter nonsense.
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posted on Feb, 24 2020 @ 03:45 PM
I still have a lot of doubts about the Mandela Effect. The only one I recall is 'Luke, I am your Father'. It was popular among us kids those days to say that sentence, so if one got it wrong, we all did. The only strange thing about it seems that the man who actually spoke that specific line in the movie also recalls it as being 'Luke'. If I remember that information correct, atleast.

Still, your theory could make for a good book and an income increase.

posted on Feb, 24 2020 @ 03:47 PM

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honestly the solution is that eyes and memory are the first to go the older you get. Through meditation though, however, I can not say that the thought current behind this isn't complete useless, but hey, I'm not here to teach the musings of eternal life.

It's not just about getting old. Anyone can have false or conflated memories.

Memories that are thought to be real can be inserted into your brain through things like dreams. So something that occurred in a dream several years ago (or even more recently) could be something that today you swear was a real thing that happened to you.

Our brains (even in the prime of life) also try to make connections to familiar things, so it may try to match one memory up with an older one, even though those memories may not actually be connected. For example, we are all familiar with the common "-stein" ending for names, so when we think about or see the name of the writer of those books about that bear family, our brains conflate the unfamiliar and not-at-all-common "-stain" with the more familiar "-stein."

Plus, the input of the world around us is not unfiltered and immediate. Our brains take about 0.15 seconds to process images our eyes see, sounds our eyes hear, etc., and present that information to our conscious selves. During that time, the brain is filtering that information and maybe even changing it slightly based on past experiences. So what we think see and hear (and ultimately remember) may not exactly be what our eyes and ears physically took in.

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So are you saying corona virus is a virus develop yet again by Nazi's but, its back firing because America isn't that effected and China is getting screwed from it which will make Americans even more dominant. Also Iran has corona virus too. The Nazi's are dumb asses that is why they lose every single war against America.
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posted on Feb, 24 2020 @ 09:27 PM
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Good stuff!!

Part of learning is that “defocusing” as the brain will start to make sense (if new info). Some think that is why we sleep/dream!

It is more in-line with what you wrote/asked. Here is an article from quanta magazine saying scientists have watched neurons in mice fire in brain waves when decision making!

Add the fact that real light flashes in your brain and electrons can be entangled, then we might have multiple structures in our brain doing different functions!!
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posted on Feb, 24 2020 @ 09:50 PM

Of course we have different regions doing different functions!

I mean, we have a long term storage that involves stuff like RNA/DNA and amino acids; a “quantum entangled” section that deals well with the quantum world we live in; a “cause-effect” where we can gauge if we can jump to the next tree or over the creek (or pull out into traffic); and parts that don’t need our attention unless we are really in trouble (breathing, hearing, heartbeat, blood circulation, etc).

And it is coordinated through brain waves to work together!! And it is open ended! It will take any signal and try to make sense of it...

Even if it contradicts the experienced past! Some can ignore it while some cannot.

Add in somebody with a “quantum toy” to joke around and change a spelling here or there and we might be onto the ME.

Or so it seems.

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posted on Feb, 25 2020 @ 05:18 PM

originally posted by: schuyler
The Mandela effect is a perfect example of people in western society refusing to take responsibiliiy for being incorrect. Rather than admit to being wrong these folks make up this incredible universal conspiracy about alternate worlds and timelines to "explain" that they screwed up. I get a kick out of these people who "know for a fact!" that the Berenstain Bears used to be Berenstein. Complete and utter nonsense.

I'm just curious what other surnames follow the '-stain' pattern, because i've yet to see another one before or since. My girlfriend never seen the books until she was 20 volunteering at an elementary school library back in 2006 or so and remembers a lot more recently and clearly them being spelled with and 'e'. That and honestly I learned to read and spell phonetically and even as a child I wasn't stupid enough to pronounce 'ain' with a long e sound yet that's how i've always read and pronounced their name since I first read the books as small child.
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posted on Feb, 27 2020 @ 04:43 PM

originally posted by: Soylent Green Is People
It's not just about getting old. Anyone can have false or conflated memories.
That's true.
A study was done with college students. They wrote down their experiences involving seeing the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

Then years later, they were asked to recall those experiences. Some of them gave completely different descriptions of where they were and what they were doing when they saw it or found out, than they did years earlier.

Here's the disturbing part. There was no correlation between confidence of their memory, and accuracy of the memory. The people who were sure their memory was good were just as likely to be wrong.

It's hard to argue it was a different universe because in an alternate universe if their experiences were different, they would have written down those different experiences.

So, we should all give up the idea that even memories we are confident about are infallible. Time takes its toll not so much due to age but even college students after a few years who are still young have altered memories. If you want the best chance of getting accuracy in a witness story, you must interview the witness as soon as possible after the event, before memories have a chance to get altered. There are still plenty of opportunities for misperception, but at least memories will be as recent as possible right after the event, which can minimize alterations to it. Also Elizabeth Loftus has done some interesting research on the topic of memory and how memories get altered over time.

You Have No Idea What Happened

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posted on Jun, 2 2020 @ 01:01 PM
a reply to: schuyler

I see this argument very often regarding the Mandela Effect (ME). If it were true that people say they experience the ME because they want to delude themselves that they can't be wrong then why don't they use it as a mental framework for everything so they can delude themselves they can never be wrong about anything ever again? In any Mandela Effect forum or thread I've seen there hasn't been a single person who doesn't acknowledge they have misremembered before and will misremember or get things wrong again.

If they were intent about not being wrong or avoiding responsibility for being wrong then why not do this for more topics or every topic? Why is it relatively trivial things they believe to have changed like logos, spellings or quotes from books and movies etc?

To me your email explanation doesn't hold any water . I've experienced several Mandela Effect changes that have also been reported by others too. I am happy to admit I've misremembered before and after discovering the ME and I'm even open to what I have experienced being due to memory, so how am I not taking responsibility or unable to admit I could be wrong about something? I'm not deluded enough to think I'm special or am unable to be wrong about things but I still believe I have experienced the ME and so much of it doesn't make sense

posted on Jun, 2 2020 @ 02:47 PM
a reply to: radiusnode

Nice post. I wanted to say something similar but don't need to now. You said all I wanted to say and much more eloquently.


posted on Nov, 5 2020 @ 07:55 AM
We have to realize that this kind of thing is perfect to deeply disturb people and their preconceptions of the world. When someone thinks the world makes sense, they're usually wrong, basically deluding themselves. They protect their fragile psyche by imagining all kinds of 'sensible things' that are not borne out by the facts at all, and they deny the 'fantastic', so they can seem 'rational' and 'sensible', and sleep at night knowing that existence makes sense.

It's not easy for these people to admit something 'fantastic' to be true, as it would open too big and unfomfortable can of worms that their psyche might not be able to handle.

It's easier to just dismiss 'disturbing' things with the first and easiest explanation they can think of, so their world 'makes sense' again and they can sleep in peace.

This is why they are so furious and intense when they want to deny something that might disturb their carefully crafted worldview that doesn't allow even one dust speck of doubt or a tiny hole that would let the light of 'fantastic' in their dark box they've sealed their minds in.

First they have a basis for a worldview that does not allow 'fantastic A' or 'fantastic B' to be real.

Then they have a belief system that explains this basis 'satisfactorily' to them, and everything is fine.

Now if you come and look at a fact that can only exist if 'fantastic A' is possible, they can't reconcile their worldview with that basis, if you claim things that would essentially collapse this basis, and thus destroy their worldview, and therefore, these people's artificial identity, which might actually snap their mind.

They have to defend their construction, no matter HOW sharply against facts and reality it is. Mandela effect is a simple memory problem. Phew, problem avoided, nice and neat. All these people are just remembering wrong, and that's the only explanation. Next!

If they started thinking logically, actually looking at facts and reality with open mind, and starting to really think and process about this, it would go so powerfully against their belief system, basis and worldview, that their psyche might really collapse.

It's a relief to all 'rational people', and those that are VICTIMS of the Mandela Effect (yes, it's a calamity that people are victims of, it's NOT a theory, it's not something people claim just for fun, it's not something people have concluded, it's not like those (insert insult here) flat Earth-'theorists' - it's something that just HAPPENS to you, and you can't explain it with anything 'rational'), just have to swallow these flimsy 'explanations'.

What's funny about these easy explanations is that these psyche-protectors always act as if the victims of Mandela Effect NEVER thought of this before! "How stupid you must be, to not even realize it's a MEMORY problem! Well, aren't you glad _I_ am here to tell you what reality is!".

The way these people pat themselves on the back is quite sickening.

I don't want to 'believe' in any 'fantastic' thing any more than the most hardened denier on this planet does, but I can't explain Mandela Effect - it happened to me, and it shocked me to the core.

It's easy to laugh and deny when you're not a victim. I actually half-laughed with the deniers a bit, I thought the Mandela Effect-people go a bit far, and are kind of funny, but I had empathy and compassion towards them, and the effect genuinely interested me as something to study. I had no ill will towards these people, but I kind of shook my head a bit, laughing kindly at their claims a little bit.

It was this attitude that guided me towards reading more about it and to look at a map, and it was like someone hit me in the face with a hammer, when I looked at the map of Australia, and found out Dolly has no braces.

There are some that I might just let go, ok, maybe I completely misremember New Zealand's location and Australia's shape and location and how far away from other land it is, but there's just no way Dolly had no braces. I can't honestly imagine any rational explanation to the whole thing, even with time travel. Going back in time to move continents around? I can't accept that..

Our solar system being in a completely different place in the Milky Way is also quite a huge mindcoitus for me. How the heck??

All the 'residue' is also interesting, because instead of it being 'random', it MATCHES my memory perfectly. So I have faulty memory that just happens to match the 'residue's faulty memory perfectly. Don't get me started on the human anatomy..

My 'solution' to Mandela Effect is to just forget the whole thing and just try to live my life anyway. But I keep bumping into residue and such, which I am collecting.

In any case, it's best if we remember that these people just CAN'T admit 'fantastic' to be true, because it would lead to a chain reaction that would possibly destroy their psyche.

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