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posted on Jul, 20 2019 @ 06:10 AM

originally posted by: Diaspar
a reply to: Hypntick

As an information security professional I can see a ton of ways in which this can be exploited and it's an absolutely terrifying prospect.

Like when Skynet wants to take over. All it has to do is send wireless instructions for humans to turn upon each other and we'll all be wiped out leaving the machines to rule the world!

Totally. The media is failing and social media has been realised for what it is, time to roll out the big guns... let's give the proles some more "convenience"

posted on Jul, 20 2019 @ 06:15 AM

originally posted by: MisterSpock
I think there needs to be a "cool" down point. Just because we CAN doesn't mean we SHOULD.

And i'm not speaking from some cave man religious type position. The pace at which we are moving has been exponential. When it seems that we should be on a more linear path. Rapid expansion can often be uncontrollable and lead to an explosion(or termination of the path of progress).

Maybe that's why prior advanced civilizations failed and we seem to have started from "scratch" a time or two(count is debatable).

There needs to be cooler heads and a bit more "fear" as we tread into unknown territories. Less we become just another fabled part of human history as our ancestors toil around in the dirt with no knowledge of the advanced civilization that predated them.

For me the development of civilisation is similar to the development of a person from child to adult, as they get older they become more aware and less prone to danger... again also in my opinion society/civilisation seems like it's lost a bit of that awareness since our dependence on technology has increased.

posted on Jul, 20 2019 @ 06:24 AM

originally posted by: TEOTWAWKIAIFF

Honestly, this guy is a user and an idiot. He gets people hyped behind “his” ideas but he is just the salesman. Er, salesperson (sorry to force identify a gender but I am old school!)

This is hyperbole! Stop believing in it like Tinker Bell and maybe it will die and go away.

This is an idea. And a sales pitch. Nothing more. Not news. He said the same years ago and we have no proof that it actually works.

Oh, “Space X”... welp, there is a crap load of explosions to go along with that. And Tesla ain’t making home battery packs. And the solar panels are all but dead. The cars keep being scaled down in features and anybody who has watched a restaurant go from sesame buns to white bread knows the end is near.

I expect a battery announcement to sink his dreams on his cars. And if hydrogen production goes anywhere soon then Elon’s “stupid gas” will sink him. He knows it. So the used car salesman show continues.

Without government subsidies he is doomed as is his car/battery/solar panel business.


What you are spouting is #stupidgas. I read your entire post and wasn't sure if you were being serious?

posted on Jul, 20 2019 @ 06:26 AM

originally posted by: gallop

originally posted by: Hypntick
I can see that interpretation of suffering, kind of why I would love the singularity, you get to constantly strive in another medium to determine the eventual outcome of things. Or someone drops a table somewhere and that erases everything you ever were, the suspense might be a means of suffering in of itself. You would hope that a backup exists somewhere, but is that backup truly a backup or its own independent stream of consciousness?

I'd think we'd be more in control of our own DB's than someone dropping a table to corrupt a database, but then... as we are right now, if someone drops a table on our head, we're likely to lose everything also.

Or at least develop a Scottish accent.

I remember when the family photo album was all the backup we had, too. some of the pictures only meant things to us by what those who remembered them, told us. the thread never growing longer, always growing shorter.

I'd willingly accept the chance to live for eternity. You can always add less, if the recipe becomes too rancid.

Philosophically, would life be as precious if it was forever? Those memories are valuable because you believe there is only one chance, are they as valuable if you can repeat them forever?

posted on Jul, 20 2019 @ 06:43 AM
Elon Musk must have been indulging in the weed when he came up with that idea.

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