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Went on my first date on Friday and it went really well

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posted on Jun, 15 2019 @ 12:32 PM

originally posted by: Conspiracyskeptic
Hi all,
On Friday I went on my first date with a girl I matched with on Tinder.

Yeesh. Tinder.

I used that once when I was younger (18-19) to "give it a try" -- I realized after a month that, that app is literally just for "the easiest hook-up" and nothing really meaningful comes from it. Anyone who uses it is untrustworthy IMO, but I don't trust anyone as it is.

I mean really.. An app that shows you the next closest, possible interested user who usually wants nothing more than a physical moment with you?

Being romantic in 1965 - Getting Married
Being romantic in 2019 - Deleting tinder

Get my drift? lol

There are millions of people who keep their accounts active and I have witnessed people even going back to that App after getting in a small fight or disagreement with their "partner", because they can find someone else just 5 minutes down the road with a swipe to the right.

The world we live in. And the tools we allow to be used.

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posted on Jun, 15 2019 @ 12:44 PM
When you get older you will figure out sex is basically rubbing two bits of skin together , A chemical-electrical buzz in your brain you are a JUNKIE

posted on Jun, 15 2019 @ 01:04 PM
a reply to: IrateCanadian

This cynic ** starred you.

posted on Jun, 15 2019 @ 01:46 PM
EVEN if she tells you to be brutally honest, never...EVER...answer with: "Yes...that outfit DOES make you look fat."

posted on Jun, 15 2019 @ 01:47 PM
Is this really a conspiracy? I'm happy for ya. Be careful of girls who make big promises on the 1st date. (where is "thread drift" when you need it?)

posted on Jun, 15 2019 @ 08:42 PM
a reply to: DBCowboy

in australia fanny means vagina lol so ...... funny as

posted on Jun, 15 2019 @ 09:04 PM
a reply to: babalon1971

Or you can address some one as you big fanny
as in idiot

posted on Jun, 15 2019 @ 09:28 PM
dont tell her the government is after you until the 3rd date.
It could scare her away if she knew the government was listening to all your conversations but also rude if you wait too long to let her know everything she says is being recorded.

posted on Jun, 15 2019 @ 09:36 PM
a reply to: Conspiracyskeptic

It is true that some women are like a fine wine and mature nicely with age but it is also true that women turn into their mothers so be sure to get a look at Mummy

posted on Jun, 16 2019 @ 01:44 AM
Jip, the first one that comes past is always best.
Don’t shop around, take it from someone who’s had plenty of girls since I was a young lad.

I’m just kidding, stop being whipped, I know what a new relationship feels like. Excitement, dilated pupils, cardiac rhythms speeding up. The beginning is always fun, then 2 months down the line you both become comfortable enough to start being yourselves around each other.

First wait till you’ve seen the ‘real’ her. And if she’s really that into you start finding the right rubber for you. Those things are expensive.

PS. Saying it out loud just makes it funnier - he went on one tinder date and thinks this is going to end well.

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