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It Appears Fiona Barnett has been Pulling the Wool

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posted on Feb, 4 2019 @ 03:43 AM
I really hate doing this my mod friends, but I really dont know where to put this. I apologize beforehand.

So it appears that Someone did a deep dive on Fiona Barnett and its looking like she isn't who she says she is. I have always felt there was something wrong with her picture, and now I feel a bit redeemed. Just from what Ive read so far in the file, I don't see how anyone could still hang on in believing anything she puts forward from here on out. Though Im guessing many will still hang on regardless.

This is a 115 page Document and whoever dug into this really left no stone unturned. While it is 115 pages it is pretty graphic heavy so it isnt a hard read. Depending on the type of reader you are it can be done with 3 or 4 breaks. It is also link heavy with archived proof. Fiona may have a very hard time twisting this back into her favor.

It is a shame in one aspect because she has opened many peoples eyes to the abuse and sex trade, but with all this coming out now it will probably turn into a two step forward and three steps back. It is what it is though and Im pretty sure we are all here for the truth wherever the chip may fall.

While this photo below dosn't look like much now, if you read all the files, you will discover it is a major key factor that the whole foundations of her stories were actually built upon. This is also where it will all fall apart

A snippet from the files themselves for you:


Fiona Barnett claims that Helena Holowczak is her grandmother who sex-trafficked her from the age of 2 up until 13 years old, along with her step-grandfather Peter Holowczak, who she sometimes refers to as Poitre. She states that Peter and Helena often took her to be sexually
abused by members of the Nazi community who had settled in an area south of Sydney, which ran from the Sutherland Shire to Wollongong.

These are allegedly the parents of her alleged father Frank Holowczak, aka Mitek Frank Holowczak, aka Mitek Rylko. Fiona Barnett also alleges she has six siblings and two daughters, Kasia and Sophie.

Who’s names are missing from this headstone? ALL OF THEM. Hundreds of pieces of indisputable evidence, with direct links and screenshots are in this document below. There are multiple bad actors involved with this operation. This is not a single woman behind all of this.

IMPORTANT: The purpose of this evidence is to expose the operation for what it is – destroying victims lives, as well as advocates for children, to create chaos, division, and an army of doers, plus much more. DO NOT attack Fiona’s alleged family members, and most certainly DO NOT attack the real Holowczak family.

Most importantly, it would not be advised to attack the other players involved. INSTEAD, EXPOSE IT ALL.

Here is the Link to the Fiona Barnett file dig

One thing to keep in mind that the poster did was sort of lay things out, but then comes back to them and addresses them one by one later. So what might not make sense in the beginning will become crystal clear later on. You do have to stick with it a bit. Or you can be lazy and skip to page 102 where they start summing things up, though you will miss a lot of meat on the bone by doing so. Up to you, but if you want the real truth and all the proof to back it up it is all there and plenty to dig in.
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posted on Feb, 4 2019 @ 05:37 AM
Sad, but men are like a dirty toilet . They need to be flushed down with their their own #te.

posted on Feb, 4 2019 @ 06:09 AM
a reply to: musicismagic

Please, elucidate.

posted on Feb, 4 2019 @ 06:31 AM

originally posted by: musicismagic
Sad, but men are like a dirty toilet . They need to be flushed down with their their own #te.

I think this is very harsh and not true. The men I know are honourable and care for their wives and children. They don't cheat and look after their families so well and I am very proud of them.

We have to be careful how we judge. The whole world over both men and women are having to continually emancipate themselves from the brute animal we have evolved from. Back in the early ADs even men were marrying what they viewed as young women who were as little as nine years old, especially in times of trouble. As soon as they reached puberty it was marriage time. It still is in some places.

We are evolving steadily out of this pit of depravity. We have allowed a lot of corruption into our lives and have had it forced on us almost as delberate as full faced advertising.

Sexuality is something we all have and it has to be expressed. In men it is a constant irritation. St Paul called it the "thorn in the flesh", as I interpret what he was meaning there. It is not ugly unless violent and inappropriate. It then becomes an evil act that is taking pleasure from another's pain. It becomes a violating act of barbarism and savegery as much as murder.

Men have to live with this constant annoying urge. Most men control it within socially acceptible limits. The one's who do not are corrupting it when it becomes any act of force that another does not consent to or is not capable mentally and emotionally of making an informed choice about.

At its best sexuality is beautiful when expressed in love. At its worst it is the barbarism of an animal who needs to be caged up to protect people from them. It is all part of the moral protection we have as controllers of our own needs and wants. How do we protect ourselves from ourselves?

Child sexual abuse (well sexual abuse of any kind) is very destructive. It gives victims mental health problems and ruins their lives unless they can deal with it. They must deal with it because as a shadow one is not conscious of it can haunt your whole life and destroy it. The abuser is implanting you with a psychic ghoul when they abuse you.

If you have been a victim just remember that you are the innocent one. Everything good in the world will know that. You owe it to yourself to not let your lives be ruined by the evil of another. You are a victim as is one who has been murdered. They are murdering part of you.

If I could advise any kind of closure it would be that we must in the end forgive if we want rid. It has to be like Jesus forgiving they who crucified Him. "Forgive them Lord for they don't know what they are doing".

If a hellish experience is allowed to pollute our lives, even driving us to extreme ideologies, then the enemy has already won and destroyed us. One thing though, the abuse is particularly cruel because it really messes with our whole psyche, more than physical violence as I see it. It can really sabotage our whole lives and perception is so many nasty little ways. We have to remove like a million fish hooks once we know they are there. It is a learning process.

What a hateful crime, but know this that there are many amazing men out there who know how to behave and value their partners enough never to cheat on them. I know because they are in my own family and the people they hang out with too. They adore their women completely.

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posted on Feb, 4 2019 @ 06:57 AM


posted on Feb, 4 2019 @ 07:55 AM

That this isn't some headstone in the US or another English speaking country?

a reply to: onehuman

Hey mate, just becoz you find a tombstone with the 'same SURname' ...l a surname you will find (IF you even bothered to look that) the name 'originated in the United States and there are over 100 living in the US and Canada alone!'

I'm sure the MSM have done some "deep digging" of their own and you know why they didn't mention this?

Becoz it's a ridiculous attempt at B#ll# of the highest order!

Fiona Rae Holowczak was born October 28, 1969, in Sydney, Australia.
The surname Holowczak belonged to the man her parents believed to be her paternal grandfather. When Fiona was 15 years of age, her true paternal grandfather was located in Jelenia Gora, Poland.

Fiona and her six younger siblings subsequently had new birth certificates issued featuring their actual surname – Rylko.

what kind of crap is this?

Mods, where are you, we need your help deleting this "MIS/DIS/information" asap .... talk about being Misleading!

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posted on Feb, 4 2019 @ 08:01 AM

originally posted by: musicismagic
Sad, but men are like a dirty toilet . They need to be flushed down with their their own #te.

Shame there was a "man" who made the sh#t 'thing' which posted this sexist comment!

I take it you are a "woman" ... y'know, those 'humans' who MAKE men in the first place?

Shame on you and ALL the sh$T YOU make with your wanton lust and depravity!

How else did HALF of the world's population become "sh$t"?

You are saying "god's creation made in his own Likeness is Sh$t!?

Ok, riiiight, thanks for letting us know . . . you are a Bigoted Sexist and to be ignored

posted on Feb, 4 2019 @ 10:14 AM

originally posted by: JohnnyJetson

It appears that the source of this "proof" is located within the ~5mb .pdf at the link in the OP.

Don't be so quick to trash, Johnny. There may indeed be an element of truth in all of this.

a reply to: onehuman

As to the main content of this thread, I have some issues with said .pdf that I will address right now.

You say that

it appears that Someone did a deep dive on Fiona Barnett and its looking like she isn't who she says she is.
do you know who this

is? Are you perhaps able to inform ATS where you, yourself came across this information?

To start off with, the fact that the document seems to have a littany of formatting errors and font changes within single paragraphs raises some concern with me. However, I am willing to concede that these are possibly amateur errors as this is an amatueur, albeit sincere, effort by an individual with some extra time on their hands. Or, of course it could just be the average quality, stock .pdf viewer I used to open it.

down to business.

This proof goes on and on about the fact that

Peter and Helena Holowczak have no relation to Fiona Barnett
as though it's the golden goose, but on page 50, this is negated by Fiona's own supposed claiming that

their last name was Holowczak, and was changed to Rylko when she was 15-years-old because they disovered her alleged grandfather was not her grandfather by blood, and their real grandfather's last name is Rylko, and he lived in Poland.
That right there clears it up imo. They are not of the Holowczak family, therefore there is zero reason for mention of them on the gravestones pictured. I admit, I am not a fervent follower of Barnett, so I do not know how vigorously she has stuck to one story or another or how, if and when her timelines have changed.

From there it continues on for pages and pages with a flagrant overuse of "aka" and a horde of screenshots from various social media platforms to attempt to show that all these family members are deceitful and not to be trusted.
It does, however, fail to address (or even notice) that Fiona's sister-in-law - Alina Rylko (who is continuously titled "Alina Rylko, aka Alina Arylko, aka Alina Derevyanko") more than likely possesses Derevyanko as her maiden name and that the erroneous surname "Arylko" of which she uses multiple times to author her articles appears to be nothing more than a portmanteau of sorts of her initial "A" and surname "Rylko", creating a nom-de-plume she may or may not have intended.

In fairness, there are a handful of nuggets presented in this piece that do pique my interest and raise an eyebrow. The fact that A. Rylko has written so many articles about manyof the family members, Fiona herself and Fiona's questionable and very interesting therapist Nerida Saunders is an intriguing one indeed and I do not know quite what to make of it.
Nerida Saunders looks to be a very enigmatic character indeed with links through her company "Brain, Mind & Memory Institute" to Netflix, Boeing and Amazon.
And then there's the Russians. (I mean they've been there since midway in this post (LOL).) It reeks of "muh rushenz", but there may actually be some odd sh#t going on with all of this and the vast web that links all these players.

The whole thing of her initially posting on David Icke's forum under a different name (Kate Gardiner) and then talking about the Gardiner bloodlines within the Illuminati is pretty off though. Especially since a lot of these old posts are since deleted (allegedly).

This messy as post aside, I am not sure where I sit with this subject. It is late and I am on my phone, so am kinda tired and limited in my comfortability when browsing. Also, I have more important and tangible things to worry about in my life.

Peace. Be well.
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posted on Feb, 4 2019 @ 11:39 AM
a reply to: onehuman

Never heard of Fiona Barnett.
Wish this went to RATS.. can see your struggle of where to post this.

For starters..

Fiona Rae Holowczak was born October 28, 1969, in Sydney, Australia. The surname Holowczak belonged to the man her parents believed to be her paternal grandfather. When Fiona was 15 years of age, her true paternal grandfather was located in Jelenia Gora, Poland. Fiona and her six younger siblings subsequently had new birth certificates issued featuring their actual surname – Rylko.

Claims she met with U.S. President Richard Nixon..
Just going through Google searches brings up many drawings of a disgusting nature..
*** Link removed per Me.. Bigburgh ***

((Stepping away and will peak in later to see what more gets dug up))

edit on 4-2-2019 by Bigburgh because: People always ask for links or source, I simply couldn't leave the link. Sorry😐

posted on Feb, 4 2019 @ 02:09 PM
a reply to: KnightErrant

I will be happy to answer your question since it does indeed look like you made an honest effort to read it unlike so many others from other media platforms that didnt even appear to be able to make it past page 2 before they deemed it not worth their time. I guess reading is just to hard for some these days.

As to where I came across it was when I was watching the game and browsing the 8 ch board. It just popped up in a post hidden in among all the planned parenthood drops and the other added assortments we know to be thrown in. It did literally look like it was just plunked down without any fanfare at all. I believe the only thing they really said was I'll just leave this here and that was it. Far as I can tell it was pretty much ignored or over looked. It only got one response.

A few people have been hung up on the gravestone, but what they dont realize is the gravestone is actually the key foundation as to where her story actually began and falls apart because of said gravestone.

Fiona is very obnoxious on twitter and heaven forbid you ask a simple question. If you arent with the program you are promptly kicked off the playground. Plus she has a nasty habit of going after anyone that is just trying to make some sort of living while she herself is crying the Im so poor but you dont see me asking for money. I would guess not if I just sold a house a couple years ago for a cool $800,000.00.
A lot of things just haven't added up with her for me over time.
So I was pretty interested in finding out what was in this PDF. Yep lots of Russian connections!

I think honestly what I did appreciate about the dig was it was consistent in backing itself up with archived proof for every statement made. One of the finer digs I have read in awhile and Ive read many, where all the bases where covered pretty well.

If anyone wants to see the original post and are familiar with 8 chan the bread# is 6409 and the post# was 9539 Main board qresearch
Peace and be well yourself

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posted on Feb, 6 2019 @ 10:49 PM
Fiona Barnett had responded to this junk document here.

The headstone answer included.

I'm sure Fiona Barnett is telling the truth.
When I read her stuff, it triggered me badly....

It fit too much with some of my own families stuff.
Answered a lot of questions and also links to other families and high profile crimes in Australia.

If you read the McMurray Report and watch his videos, you'll see that he is the researcher that showed Fiona was telling the truth.

He took her childhood memories and dug, and found the names and locations, he's still at it.

His website and FB account were taken down, but the info still exists on her website.

He made a computer program that followed the institutions and people, it was fascinating.

Many were linked to the Canadian mkultra program. There was a video on this.

He's a solid researcher, feet on the ground.

And Fiona Barnett is still being depgrogrammed and remembering the most vile stuff.

And coping with the findings of the researcher, triggering more memories.

Fiona Barnett and Steve McMurray have broken open MKUKTRA in Australia, big time.

Look at the real research.

posted on Feb, 6 2019 @ 11:13 PM
The premise of this document is that Fiona is not related to the pedo family, because she is not on the headstone and she gives a street address as number 14 for the pedo grand parents.

A Voat user had a dig and showed that the pedo fake grandfather first lived at number 30, then moved to 14, we're they lived for twenty years. The address Fiona gave as we're she was abused.

He also says that she was born at St George hospital, which is too far from Budgiewoi (were Fiona grew up). That proof of exactly nothing, but anyway....

Well, I grew up in the Hawksbury region, but I was delivered in Capetown, Sydney. About two hours away.

The document has a long list of Fiona's abuses, but doesn't seem to refute them.

In the end, I couldn't be bothered reading the rest of it. It's main claim to proof has already been proven bull#.

Here is the Voat link that shows research on addresses.

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posted on Feb, 7 2019 @ 01:14 AM
a reply to: onehuman

There could be many reasons why her name is missing off the head stone. A bit of knowledge of families and the things that go on within them, why and when are all fertile grounds for further inquiry?

Fiona Barnett's life has been threatened a number of times, I for one do not believe she would place her own life at risk nor that of her family, just to perpetrate a lie.

Did the person or persons who did this research ask Fiona herself why her name is not on the stone?

Whats in it for her to do that.

How can anyone be certain this research has not not been commissioned by somebody with an axe to grind. After all, there are plenty of people out there who I imagine would want her silenced.

One only has to read the Gumshoe News surveys of protective parents to get eye opening insight into whats going on in the Family Court regarding child abuse, child slave trade and related matters.

Only Half of what Fiona Barnett says has to be true to know that there is a lot very powerful people who are good, honest, upstanding citizens during the day but become monsters when night falls.

Recommend readers watch the video on Gumshoe News by the son the bloke who killed the 3 Beaumont children in Adelaide in the 1960's

posted on Feb, 7 2019 @ 03:49 PM
Fiona states, in her rebutal that I posted a link to, that her father was cut out off Peters? will.

He took it to court, got a share, but was still ripped off.

Her father was not included in the funeral arrangements or the headstone by his brothers.

Spite or because he was not Peters son?

My take on this document is that it's been put together by Peters family.

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posted on Jan, 22 2022 @ 08:00 AM
GOOD'DAY ALL I am UNCLE JOHN , and FIONA RAE BARNETT is the first born daughter to my older half brother the barstard MITEK FRANK HOLOWCZAK. therefore that means that Fiona is my niece. Fiona was the first child of Mitek Frank Holowczak and Dawn Lorraine Holowczak, formerly know as Mitchell before her marriage. they ended up with 6 children from what I observe, on a 2 year cycle. another interesting observation ,,,, the boys dont look like Frank,

i believe that Frank and Dawn were separated , and the last born child is Emma . ok first born is FIONA , then came DALE FRANCES, then came ANDREW , then came PETER, then came JOESEPH then along came MICHEAL and finally EMMA. Fiona and Dale carried the surname Holowczak then they all decided to change their surname to RYLKO, except for Dawn and Frank. Dawn discovered that her beloved was born out of wedlock at the end of world war 2 to a Russian soldier named RYLKO now as Helena described him , a drunkard rapist , confirmed Mitek Frank was born in Bonn Germany and somehow got an Australian birth certificate ,and took my fathers surname HOLOWCZAK and has never gone under his rapist fathers name of RYLKO . Frank and Dawn as Understand the time line were separated for 16 year so the question is how many children did he father to Dawn the figures don't add up MITEK got busted in 2007 for growing marijauna in a 2 store bunker under the family residence at 215 MaCauleys rd TERRANORRA, BUT THE FAMILY DID NOT LIVE THERE MMMMM more mystery ,,,,where did they live ???? Well MITEK spent about 9 months in the can, see he is a clever barstard, he knew that until he was processed that time served would help his final sentence, that #en dopey judge let him go, no loss of property for proceeds of crime etc etc, he has to get out , Dawn's gunna seize hi half share tenants in common , if he doesnt live there for 12 months she claims it as i believe . when they bought the farm thats what I call it because he farmed the marajuana for , must have been 20 years, he was the king of crime at Tubulgum sports club, he didn't change the property ownership details for 14 years , as yourself this, why, so he can dodge the law. Believe that Fiona was exposed to the Hakka and toxins from the lead battery die when they lived in Budgewoi . Is Mitek a clever dick yes and no, he told you only what he wanted you to know , kept others in the dark, the story goes, , he had connections to a bloke called Brown from down Wagga wagga way and described as the cook and also to the bikies ,,,,, the ex press o ,,,, ahh is that Little still doing a lot of time, so why do these guys get to spend time in the can and Miteks as free as a bird, BOW WOW BOW WOW, Miteks a flarflucterant haunt , a #ing DOG , DOGGED ON ALL TO BE FREE ........ Fiona married some goose , Jon Barnett , would you marry the prostitute to all those who she said #ed her all i know is she's #ed in the head , now fr the CANDY GIRKL YOUTUBE videos if they are still up, her dopey brainwashed daughter KASIA the inventor of the plastic gizmo you suck on to stimulate the mind m ohh this story is lenghty y Fiona's psychiatrist who declares her as sane , and her sister in law ALINA RYLKO the journalist who promoted the FIONA BARNETT FANTASIES , MAN , SHE WAS EXPOSED FOR WHAT SHE IS, NOW A PRACTICING LAWER ,,,,,, # DO THEY REARCH THE BACKGROUND ON WHO THEY EMPLOY THESE DAYS ,,,,,,LOOK PLEASE CONTACT ME ,,,, THE BLOODHOUND WHO PUBLISHED THE 115 PAGE REPORT , that person did an excellent job on the research but there are parts that are incorrect,,, and the summary look FIONA BARNETT IS REAL ,,,,, IN HIDING ,,,,, AND THE WEAKEST LINKS WILL BE HER SIBLINGS UNCLE JOHN IS WATCHING ALWAYS WATCHING , AND THE DRAFT ON HOW MY FAMILY CAME TO AUSTRALIA IS IN DRAFT FORM BUT THERES ALWAYS NEW FACTS BEING UNCOVERED MY DOOR IS OPEN IF YOU WANT THE WHOLE STORY.

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