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The A70 UFO Abduction Revisited.

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posted on Jan, 22 2019 @ 04:15 AM
When it comes to Car UFO abductions like Stanford / Devereaux / Godfrey etc. then think it's fair to say the A70 case from Scotland in 1992 has got to up there as one of the freakiest of the lot.

First came across it on Michael Aspel's 'Strange But True' TV programme many moons ago and it gives a good intro to the initial UFO sighting, how it affected the two men and the 90 minutes of missing time they experienced.

See 5:37

For members who can't view video here's a written account (also MOD release about case):

The A70 Abduction Case Revisited

In 1992, at around 8pm on a quiet country road on the outskirts of Edinburgh, two ordinary men experienced an extraordinary event that has become enshrined in the annals of Scottish and world UFO mythology. The event, known as the A70 case, was the alleged abduction of the two men by extraterrestrials.

Neither of the two men, Garry Wood and Colin Wright, expected anything out of the ordinary to occur when they set out on the fateful night of the 27th of August 1992. Their journey was from the south of Edinburgh on the A70 to the village of Tarbrax in East Lothian, a drive of some 15 miles.

The journey, which normally takes around 30 minutes, was in connection with a domestic appliance repair. At around 10 pm they drove through the clear summer’s night at about 40 mph chatting about family and other general issues. Rounding a blind corner, in the vicinity of the Harperrig Reservoir, Colin abruptly leaned forward exclaiming, “What the hell’s that?”

Garry peered through the windscreen, there ahead of the car; floating about 20ft above the road was a two-tiered disc-shaped object. He remembers it being about 30 ft wide, wider than the road, smooth, black and shiny with no windows or illumination.

Garry, a motor mechanic by trade, is familiar with mechanical devices and a range of metal finishes, found the appearance and finish of the object unusual.

Wanting to get away as quickly as possible, he floored the accelerator urging their vehicle up to almost 70 mph. In Colin’s words, Garry was “Driving like a bloody madman.” As they passed below the hovering craft a shimmering curtain of light descended on the car, Garry describes it as like looking at a detuned TV set, just flickering lights. Instantly they were enveloped in total, complete darkness.

Later under hypnosis Garry recalled standing (presumably) outside the car, it was still totally and utterly dark, not a hint of light, he could not even see the car; briefly he thought they had crashed and he was dead.

He blacked out for what subjectively felt like a few seconds, then abruptly he was awake and the car was veering all over the road. Garry could hear Colin shouting at him to watch out then thankfully, he was able to bring the car to a stop. They looked at each other in disbelief, what had happened?



Friends’ UFO abduction claim sparked secret military probe

UFO investigators launched a top-level probe into claims two men were abducted by aliens in the Capital.

The legendary story told by Garry Wood and Colin Wright, who said they were examined by extraterrestrials after their van was ambushed by a flying saucer, is being turned into a film starring Billy Boyd.

But rather than being dismissed at the time as 
Hollywood fantasy, the 1992 incident was taken seriously enough to be investigated by the Ministry of Defence.

Garry, then a 33-year-old ambulance technician from Edinburgh, was driving a car to Tarbrax, South Lanarkshire, accompanied by Colin, 25.

The classified documents – released today – state that Garry “was driving along the A70 when the object dropped a curtain of white light in front of the car”.

The report continued: “His friend blacked out for what seemed like 10-15 seconds. He thought he had died. When he woke up the car was facing the other direction on the wrong side of the road. When he checked his watch he had lost about one hour.”

It describes the UFO as being 20 feet high and 30 feet wide, and black with no lights, and tells how the claims were reported to police, a doctor, a psychologist and a university.


Interesting that the witnesses described a 'curtain' of light descending from the UFO as it's not the first time this has been reported (link) - other aspects like 'abdominal pressure', being in 'complete darkness' after driving through the light and feeling physically drained in the days following the incident also have parallels with other cases.

For folks who are still reading below is a pretty comprehensive presentation by the main researcher of the case Malcolm Robinson including the hypnosis footage and what the two men actually recounted seeing inside the UFO.

See 26:00

(Also the last ever interview with Robert Taylor can be found at 18:30)

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posted on Jan, 22 2019 @ 10:49 AM
Another excellent thread Karl,thanks for your effort all these years.Heres some more vids on this

What buffles me is that in most ufo abduction cases abductess under hypnosis show real terror,like real raw emotions.

Movie on said subject,dunno if its out yet

Malcom Robinson on the subject

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posted on Jan, 22 2019 @ 10:09 PM
Great thread, Karl.

I also remember this on 'Strange But True?' - which was like a more open-minded version of 'Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World' and responsible for sucking me into the UFO topic when an episode my wife and I were watching about the Belgium triangular UFO flap of 1989-90 suddenly triggered her long-forgotten close-up sighting (with a friend) of the same as a teen. Why she'd forgotten it remains a mystery, but that's another story entirely!

originally posted by: IMSAM
What buffles me is that in most ufo abduction cases abductess under hypnosis show real terror,like real raw emotions.

And then there is the 2005 Devereaux case - covered in my concurrent thread - where the emotions felt by four family members are the complete opposite, combined with a feeling of sadness that the UFO had departed. Very weird

The aforementioned movie about the A47 incident (called "A47") seems to be suffering in development hell, various attempts to launch it failing over the years. However, with the Project Blue Book TV series currently being aired, and the prospect of a major mini-series about Rendlesham Forest around the corner, perhaps it will have some luck being green-lit now. Here's hoping.

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posted on Jan, 23 2019 @ 02:39 AM
a reply to: IMSAM

Thanks for the posts and vids guys - for what it's worth also didn't realise Gary Wood passed a lie detector which was organised by the BBC.

The case of the Mann Family from England in 1978 is also a very strange one and below are the relevant ATS threads for incidents already mentioned.

Stanford case:

Unexplained Cases: The 1976 Stanford, Kentucky Abduction

Devereaux Family:

A Family Affair – the 2005 UK abduction of Rachel Devereaux, Benji, Alex, and grandma Anne

P.C. Alan Godfrey:

UFO Britannia: Part 6 – The 1980s: You Can’t Tell the People

This Police report from a motor rally in Ecuador, 1978 could also be relevant as the two drivers state their car was 'levitated' by a dense, yellowish light - afterwards their odometer showed that they had covered 52 kilometers (when they should have covered 127 kilometers) and the journey, which shouldn't have taken more than 75 minutes, had in fact taken 2 hours and 20 minutes.

..Suddenly the light vanished from the passenger compartment and saw it fading away into the west, like a cone of yellow light, but one that didn’t end in a tip, it was somewhat truncated. I don’t know. It might have measured some five meters at the base and two or three at the cusp, measuring some six or seven meters in height. The base lit the ground, ahtough you really couldn’t see what it was lighting, that is to say, you couldn’t see through the light. A few seconds later, the light…how can I explain it? …retracted itself or drew up like a curtain, from bottom to top, and all that remained in view was an oval, whitish-yellow light that kept heading west until it vanished in the distance,” said Acevedo.

Argentina: Police Report Documents 1978 UFO Teleportation / Main Link

This other 1978 Argentine car levitation incident is also very bizarre and has echoes of the Devereaux case.

..During the night of July 6, 1978, they travelled on board an old Chrysler 1933, in direction of the town of Maipu, when suddenly, to their great astonishment, their vehicle was deviated from its road and lifted in the airs, as if the force of gravitation did not intervene any more. At the same time, the engine of the car stopped inexplicably while the car's radio still functioned. They were thus in full rise, while "being bathed in pleasant feelings", according to their later statements.


posted on Jan, 23 2019 @ 03:31 AM
Good post Karl.. re the dechmont law bob taylor ufo, I was at that site the morning after as a 5yr old on my dads shoulders walking to bangour hospital. This was one of the main drivers for me being interested in ufology / the paranormal and ive seen a few strange things in the Skies of Livingston.

A friend of mines and his wife also encountered a black triangle ufo on the A71 in the 90s when heading back from Edinburgh to Livingston in the early hours. When he told us the story, his brother who was a policeman in Broxburn told us that he and a colleague once got called to investigate something hovering in the skies on the road from East Calder to Forth. He said his colleague advised never to speak about what they saw (it was a black triangle) and not to file a report on it as they would be ridiculed.

If you search under my username I have quite a few posts on the dechmont law ufo and sighting in the west Lothian area. Keep up the good work with the posts.

posted on Jan, 23 2019 @ 03:45 AM
Note to fellow Scottish UFO enthusiasts, these cases and more are covered in a good book called UFO Scotland by Ron Halliday, very interesting read if you're from this neck of the woods

posted on Jan, 23 2019 @ 06:50 AM
a reply to: zeetroyman

Good stuff mate and seems Scotland really is up there when it comes to global UFO hotspots - don't know if you've seen it but below is a very interesting recent daylight disc sighting from Aberdeen investigated by Richard D Hall (lots of other UK Triangle reports as well).

See 51:21

When it comes to Bob Taylor MM's thread also has a lot of great research.

Alien Assault in Dechmont Woods, Scotland? : Revisiting the Bob Taylor UFO Encounter


posted on Jan, 23 2019 @ 07:34 AM
a reply to: Zcustosmorum

Appreciate the recommendation mate - will look out for that one (on free PDF format).

Below is yet another completely bizarre UFO car case involving the Avis family and 'a bank of thick green mist' - Aveley, Essex, October 1974.

The UFO investigator at the time (Andrew Collins) called it 'probably the most important British case ever'.

The Aveley Abduction Case

John Avis, 29, his wife Elaine, 25, and 3 children, were driving home to Aveley, traveling southward along Hacton Lane and the Aveley Road when they saw an oval pale blue light to their left. This light traveled with them, and presently crossed the road in front of them, about 500 yards away.

About a mile further on, they suddenly came upon a bank of thick green mist covering the entire road, 8-9 ft high. At this moment the car radio started crackling and smoking, and John pulled out its wires. The car’s headlights went out, and they entered the mist. In the mist “it was very light,” and they felt very cold; there was a dead silence. After what seemed like a second or two, there was a jolt, and the mist was gone; the car was now half a mile further along the road. Elaine’s first impressions were not until it had traveled another half mile.

One of the children was still awake, and the other two still asleep. When they reached home, they found that the time was not about 2200, as it should have been, but about 0100A. Three hours had somehow been lost..

link 1 / 2

This one from May, 1973 involving Judy Doraty is also extremely strange.

One Of The Strangest Alien Abductions Of All


posted on Jan, 23 2019 @ 07:46 AM
a reply to: karl 12

Yep seen this one. The Pitlochry diamond UFO that had harriers buzzing it was a good sighting as well. Nick Pope had the original photo on his wall at the MOD before it was "removed".. the negatives etc all got sent to the daily record but also disappeared. I tried for many years to get hold of this one but never did.

posted on Jan, 23 2019 @ 08:09 AM
a reply to: zeetroyman

Ha thought you might of mate - when it comes to the Pitlochry incident (which the British MOD broke with all official protocol when investigating) some ATS members also did a really good job in contacting the Daily Record and Nick Pope as well (link) - still haven't seen that photograph though!

Lots more very strange UFO motor vehicle cases in Keith Basterfield's Australian catalogue:

In a typical scenario, the victim is driving along a deserted road late at night, sees a UFO, momentarily blacks out, regains consciousness a "moment" or so later, then discovers that over an hour or two has mysteriously passed away from his life. Later on investigators may ask the witness to undergo hypnotic regression, during which he "remembers" that his car stalled and alien beings took him onboard the UFO. Many UFO abductees say they were given a medical examination, or a message before being returned to their cars with the command to forget what happened. (1)



posted on Jan, 23 2019 @ 10:44 AM
yep tell me about it Karl, I work very closely with guys at the daily record and none of them would even discuss this one.

Ive spoken with Nick a few times about that sighting and he still claims its once of the best photo's ever seen.

Myself, im just a junkie for this kind of stuff
my book collection is huge (including my 1st edition Jim Marrs Alien Agenda), seen almost every documentary out there (looking forward to the new James Fox docu that is due any time now) plus I love a bit of C2C, Jimmy Church radio and spaced out radio just to name a few of the podcasts I listen to.

Been thinking of writing a book on Scottish sightings for a long long time, maybe I will get round to it.

posted on Jan, 24 2019 @ 04:27 AM
a reply to: zeetroyman

Think we're all UFO junkies around here mate (one way or the other) and also look forward to that new doco - he's being interviewed about it here but I suspect you may have already seen it.

As for Nick Pope, I know a few researchers (including Richard D Hall) suspect he's still on the MOD payroll but I don't know how true that is.

Definitely start that book mate - not as if there's a shortage of material and sure you'll get lots of support from folks on these boards.

As for the thread subject and freaky car UFOs, don't know if this Knowles Family one from the Nullarbor Plane in 1988 is a contender but it's certainly very odd .

News Archive

''We were a little bit skeptical at first,'' said Sgt. Jim Furnell of Ceduna Police in the state of South Australia. ''But after investigating, we are treating the reports very seriously.''


“I felt like my brain was being sucked out…” Patrick Knowles told the reporters.

“It felt like something was going into our heads…” Faye Knowles added.


Possible other witness:

Despite all the research, scientific analysis and hypotheses, only a small number of facts can definitely be established about the Nullarbor incident. The Knowles family's car blew a tyre, and the road surface at the scene bore skidmarks indicative of heavy braking. The family and their dogs were left in a state of high distress by some kind of incident. Graham Henley, the truck driver, spotted the same anomalous object as the Knowles' did. Two more truckers saw the Knowles' and their car at the roadside, on two separate occasions around the time of the incident. Apart from these established facts, the rest is unprovable conjecture.

posted on Jan, 24 2019 @ 06:00 AM
Another highly unusual car UFO case 2 days before Westhall incident - Ron Sullivan's beams from his car's headlights pull towards a UFO 'as though they were magnetised' - authorities investigated case but no records exist in official files.

See 6:30

Initially, as he approached Sullivan saw a white phosphorous type of light on the ground that appeared to be about 15 feet in diameter. "It opened up and there was another white oval on top of it, about 30 feet (in height, coming down making the shape of a cone (with a) 15 feet bottom diameter and 20 feet to diameter - and in that cone were tubes of coloured lights - all the lights as you see as you look through the spectrum ("all the colours of the rainbow") ... red, blue, indigo and purple ... travelling up and down ... or they seem to be... from the small oval to the bigger oval at the top. They were going up and down in shafts. Then gradually the top seemed to come to meet the bottom ... They seemed to close in ... making a transition of one light oval -- similar to first view -- everything then just disappeared." The last thing Sullivan saw of the light display was "just a spot on the ground -- a light spot, become smaller and smaller, to nothing." Meanwhile, as he was driving, he observed that his car headlight beams suddenly appeared to be pointing in a direction off to the right in the direction of the strange light display and also seemed to be, bending back on an axis with the object in the paddock. As he got closer, the angle of bending of his car's headlight beams became more acute. He thought his car must have been heading off the road to the right, and immediately compensated by turning it to the left. He found he was now heading directly towards a tree on the left hand side of the road. Sullivan turned the car to the right to regain the direction of travel along the straight section of road, thoroughly confused and leaving behind the display in the paddock.


August 27th, 1979 - Police Officer Val Johnson witnesses UFO descend on his car causing him lose consciousness - sheriff's eyes were affected as if he had suffered "mild welder's burns" and patrol car clock and officer's wristwatch both lost 14 minutes.

August 27, 1979-Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson of Marshall County was on duty that night, driving not far from the North Dakota border, when at around 1:40 a.m. he saw a light through his side window. It was obviously not on a road and looked too glaring to be a car headlight.
He first thought it might be a small plane on or very near the ground. He turned left on another road to try to get closer to the light to identify it. Suddenly, the light moved toward him, travelling so fast that it almost instantaneously was upon his car (covering an estimated mile and a half).

Johnson was blinded by the brilliance of the light and heard glass breaking, then lost consciousness.


posted on Jan, 24 2019 @ 12:32 PM
A delicious thread, growing nicely! Needs more flags - put "Trump" in the thread title?

a reply to: karl 12

... the calf was rapidly and systematically dissected and its body was dropped backed to the ground with a thud.

For 1973, despite cattle mutilations having begun (or begun being reported) six years earlier, this is quite a jaw-dropping detail.

Or rather calf-dropping. I instinctively have no reason to disbelieve it, because it's TOO out there to have been falsely concocted. It naturally puts me in mind of Skinwalker Ranch's alleged 'speed mutilations' that occurred within half an hour or less.

Oh, and I'd be first in the queue to buy zeetroyman's book if he does get one off the ground.

If he gets a calf off the ground, doubly so.

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posted on Jan, 24 2019 @ 12:47 PM
a reply to: ConfusedBrit

Ha good call about that calf mate - also thought that was 'pertinent' - seems the more you look the more strange cases you find when it comes to this UFO Car malarkey.

Example from Great Orme, Wales in 1997 - possibly involving those cheeky MIB.

A well researched case of alien abduction comes from Wales, and well-known researcher Margaret Fry. The case involves missing time and lost memories, a typical scenario for abduction. Multiple sightings of UFOs over the Great Orme, a legendary and mysterious mountainous region in North Wales, preceded the events of November 10, 1997 by several days. One family would have their entire lives changed within a short period of time by encountering a strange UFO.

The family was motoring on the Bodfair-Landemog highway, when without a warning, their car was overwhelmed by a purple flying object which seemed to attach itself to their car. This brief moment of terror would be followed by another in which the UFO was gone. They were again driving their car down the road, but now they were trying to understand what had happened. The had not a clue.

Margaret Fry's Statement:

"But they could not account for considerable hours of time lost," said Fry.
"The male was having trouble afterwards with a top molar tooth and he had to go to the dentist's... and a black unknown object fell out while he was at the dentist's-but he had no fillings," she said.

Men in Black:

After the trip to the dentist's office, the husband made a report of the family's strange encounter on the highway to local authorities. Shortly thereafter, he was visited on two separate occasions by plain-clothed men identifying themselves as Air Force personnel. He was warned to never talk about his family's incident. The men looked like the legendary American "men in black."

link 1 / 2

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posted on Jan, 24 2019 @ 01:00 PM
Professor John Salter and son, March 20th, 1988 - travelling across the U.S. in car - missing time for an hour - claims of alien abduction.

See 33:52

posted on Jan, 24 2019 @ 01:06 PM
a reply to: karl 12

Yet another fascinating tale.

Somehow, the idea of the Men In Black stalking the Welsh valleys makes me giggle inside, especially for such a relatively recent case.

On the second link, the attached 'Comments' section is quite illuminating, too...

A strange coloured object I can only describe as the tip of a Bic pen about 300-500 feet above my head. It looked like it was attached to another object that I could not see, there was no sound or wind turbulence. It appeared to accelerate in land at a speed I can only guess it to be 2000 mph. I am a rational person, honest.

I wonder how many of these have simply gone unreported.

PS: Re the latest video above, it was a bit disconcerting to have James Earl (Darth Vader/Barney Hill) Jones narrating! I was reminded of the Devereaux case in terms of the abductees feeling an inexplicable feeling of 'longing'.

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posted on Jan, 24 2019 @ 10:24 PM

originally posted by: ConfusedBrit

Somehow, the idea of the Men In Black stalking the Welsh valleys makes me giggle inside, especially for such a relatively recent case.

They certainly get around.

originally posted by: ConfusedBrit

I wonder how many of these have simply gone unreported.

PS: Re the latest video above, it was a bit disconcerting to have James Earl (Darth Vader/Barney Hill) Jones narrating! I was reminded of the Devereaux case in terms of the abductees feeling an inexplicable feeling of 'longing'.

I suspect a lot go unreported mate and if I had a CE3 then I'm not sure I'd tell anyone either.

Interesting that the Salters also reported a feeling of loss or longing (or other folks report being bathed in pleasant feelings) - could be on completely the wrong track but
this chap seems to be of the opinion that directed microwaves can induce human emotions - when it comes to the A70 case I think both men were pretty justified in feeling terrified though.

Another freaky one below involving Police Officer Herbert Schirmer driving his patrol car, witnessing a UFO and experiencing missing time.

The 1967 Abduction of Herbert Schirmer

Ordinarily, when someone reports being abducted by aliens, officials dismiss such claims as the work of hoaxers. But what happens if the Abductee IS an official.

This was the case on a cold December night in 1967 in Ashland, Nebraska. At 2 AM Patrolman Herbert Schirmer was making his usual rounds when he noticed what appeared to be lights mounted on a large truck. He drove closer and stopped with his headlights shining on the object. According to the Schirmer, the object was certainly not a truck. The red lights he had seen earlier were shining through the portholes of a metalic oval-shaped object hovering around 10 feet above ground.

The UFO had what looked like a polished aluminum surface, and some kind of structure underneath like landing gear.

As Schrimir stared, the saucer rose into the air, moved directly over his car and then shot out of sight. When he got a good look at the object he could see flames coming from the bottom of it.

The policeman quickly returned to base. When he arrived he was surprised to find that it was 3 AM. When he had seen the UFO, his clock had said it was 2AM, and he felt sure that it had only been ten minutes since then.

At the station, he made this entry into his logbook:

"Saw a flying saucer at the junction of highways 6 and 63. Believe it or not!"


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posted on Jan, 24 2019 @ 10:50 PM
a reply to: karl 12

Thanks again.

You know, the further back abduction cases go, the more fascinating they become - especially the 1960s ones that follow the Hills' 1961 incident. Cases seem rare before 1961 when 'contactee' rather than 'abductee' was the buzzword, and nordic blond(es) approached South American farmers and eccentrics like Adamski. Then again, Travis Walton's 1975 case involved blond humanoids as well as wee hairless fellas - interesting to see the gradual 'evolution' of our alleged visitors over time. Since the late-80s, of course, the 'Strieber Grays' remain the current alien trademark for New Mexico coffee shops, mugs and T-shirts (although IIRC the first known account of them dates back to 1967 before 'Communion' opened the floodgates 20 years later).

Which is why the 2005 Devereaux case's 'light beings' were such a refreshing change.

Also, I seem to see a trend in the missing-time periods - is 'about an hour' the average, do you think? I know Walton's was FIVE DAYS but recent reinterpretations of that case by Walton himself suggest he was 'rescued from death' rather than typically abducted. Not sure what to make that that, though.

Food for thought, anyway.

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