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Tucker threatened by Podesta lawyer to stop reporting on connections to Manafort

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posted on Nov, 1 2017 @ 05:08 PM

originally posted by: 1337Kph

originally posted by: dukeofjive696969
Oh look someone dosent get it again, yea cnn sucks, tucker sucks, oh and fox news sucks, hope thats easy enough for you to get.

LOL I've seen better deflections coming from 4 year olds.

Who are COMPANY A and COMPANY B? Don't look here if you don't want to get upset.


B-b-but Tony Podesta is the brother of Clinton's campaign manager, not him. The campaign is not in the cross hairs. The Podesta Group has many foreign clients which, as far as we know, were properly declared, making them legal. Nice spin job, though.

posted on Nov, 1 2017 @ 06:20 PM
I'd like to know why Tony Podesta said to his brother John via email and with a smiley that he was "still in the torture chamber" and why he has "art" in his home depicting dead children floating face up in a swamp among other abominable things deemed as "art".

I'm also curious why John Podesta has never been asked, directly and pointedly, about the meaning and context of some of the content of his emails without him being able to shift the conversation onto Alex Jones and a gunman in a pizza parlor?

Lastly, it is true that the Podesta brothers were both visiting with "Clem" Fraud or staying in his villa in Portugal while he was away, at the same time that Madeleine Beth McCann went missing?

These dudes need to be surveilled and investigated up the yin yang. Do they have properties anywhere where any sort of major renovations or earthwork construction has been done?

Investigators need to pay them a visit and ask some very tough questions and note the reactions and responses they get from these two.

John Podesta is terrified! Why?

Trump's right that if these two go down, down the drain goes the whole swamp and who knows what might come out of it, maybe even enough to fell a satanic system running from Washington to LA and New York and Chicago..

John and his brother Tony are two of the creepiest people in Washington. Why are they so influential still to this day? What the hell is going on?!

posted on Nov, 1 2017 @ 09:44 PM

originally posted by: AnkhMorpork

John and his brother Tony are two of the creepiest people in Washington. Why are they so influential still to this day? What the hell is going on?!

Because they are the keepers of Washington's very, very, dirty secrets. It's not that they are influential. They have leverage from what they know about who they know about.

posted on Nov, 2 2017 @ 02:27 PM

originally posted by: JBurns
a reply to: GuidedKill

Precisely. Unlike the leftist echo chambers out there, differing opinions are welcome in conservative circles (as long as they don't prostitute that opinion as fact).

Carlson, Waters, Hannity & O'Reiley are my favorite personalities. Rush Limbaugh is another, Alex Jones - all are American patriots and heroes of the highest order. They are on the front lines of the massive information warfare taking place every day, which is why it is vitally important we continue to deconstruct the leftists' narrative. They are so close to being entirely without political power, and our agenda can be fully enacted without any meaningful opposition (besides protests and activism - which we all know matter soooo much
). The two party system is dead.

In 2018/2020, we should see some very minor wins for the myriad of the minor parties (green, democrat, libertarian, etc) along mostly coastal areas and inner-city type areas. Beyond that, I predict the sea of red shown in the 2016 county vs county map will grow.

Check the above posted image, it is pretty clear who is running the show in this country. I'll give you a hint, it isn't the screeching DINOs.
Hannity was a total little shill for Bush Jr, especially regarding the illegal and dishonest Iraq War and torture...
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posted on Nov, 2 2017 @ 02:36 PM
a reply to: AnkhMorpork

Wow. The return of #pizzagate. Are things that desperate in Trumpville?

posted on Nov, 2 2017 @ 03:43 PM
a reply to: DJW001

I'm just a very astute observer, but as a Canadian citizen, I don't have a chip in the game.

But yeah, it certainly appears that the Podesta brothers have been involved in "satanics" for a long time and ought to be surveilled and investigated and questioned.

The "pizzagate" deflection doesn't pass muster, sorry.

That's like using the term conspiracy theory as if to prove that there are no conspiracies.

posted on Nov, 6 2017 @ 11:57 PM
a reply to: stosh64

To do anything to hi legally, they would have to prove his reports were false.

I'd love to see them try!!

posted on Nov, 7 2017 @ 05:19 AM
a reply to: AnkhMorpork

Thank goodness you are Canadian; I would hate to think that a citizen of the United States would advocate unconstitutional domestic spying based upon an idiotic internet hoax.

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