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The Great Sign And Rare Eclipse Mark End Of Times 9-23-17

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posted on Sep, 23 2017 @ 12:31 PM

originally posted by: Tristran
ATS needs a new RULE where a member who speculates TEOTWAWKI and nothing happens, suffers a 99.99% reduction in stars.

Watch how quickly ATS goes silent on Doom Porn.

No! Doom porn is one of the more fun aspects of ATS for all kinds of reasons.

What do you want it to be? All Trump all the time?

posted on Sep, 23 2017 @ 12:33 PM

originally posted by: Tristran

originally posted by: eriktheawful
No thanks.

Without the doom porn, and other rather way out there threads, all that would be left is politics.

But the doom porn creates fear for the stupid demons to feed off.


Who's afraid? The only people who are afraid of it are the ones who needed help for more reasons than just thinking they need to be afraid of the world ending.

And let's be blunt; the world is doomed no matter what. Even if we have to wait until the sun goes red giant and swallows it, the world is doomed.

posted on Sep, 27 2017 @ 10:12 PM
This is the best explanation of the Dragon sign from Rev 12 i`ve seen yet, its still in play after the child was born on the 23rd.

The REAL Dragon Sign | Revelation 12 Signs - Atonement through Tabernacles! 23 mins duration

Kudos to the guy that made the video, he was aware of this since 2013. For some reason the vid won`t embed here?
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posted on Sep, 28 2017 @ 01:27 AM
a reply to: gps777

I'm looking for the dragon to show up in Jerusalem.

I can see the stars giving the sign to watch out, but we know the dragon is coming in our dimension.

posted on Oct, 1 2017 @ 02:12 PM
Well the last official date for the Rapture was yesterday (30-Sept-2017), as it was the final Yom Kippur Trumpet day.

Christians (Gentiles) are waiting for Christ that will come on a day not known.
The Jews seek a sign in the skies. So Revelation 12 was set for them. Now they need to get ready for either celebration or Tribulation.

Even though God is now going to judge Israel, I am sure their tendrils (banksters) will spread the Tribulation world-wide.

The next possible Jubilee day is in another 50 years. So who is up for another 50 years of ATS doom porn ?

With all that popcorn, watching MSM doom & gloom we will look like giant popcorns.

There is a 40 Day trial period from the Solar Eclipse on Aug 21 2017. This means that USA and World has had 40 days trial to turn back to God.

As it has not, then the 7 Year Tribulation could start soon.
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posted on Oct, 2 2017 @ 02:45 PM

originally posted by: Tristran
There is a 40 Day trial period from the Solar Eclipse on Aug 21 2017. This means that USA and World has had 40 days trial to turn back to God.

As it has not, then the 7 Year Tribulation could start soon.

Looks like God has finally let the devil off its chains because sinners still have not turned back to Him.

The only way for the ignorant to learn now is the hard way. Events like Las Vegas are just the beginning. The devil will use his little ISIS goons to do his bidding.

The Church will still stay silent on all main issues so events are now going to spiral out of control until America is bought to its knees.

posted on Oct, 2 2017 @ 02:54 PM
what's wrong with you eclipses are going to be happening all over the world in the next few decades, as they have already done....and....devastating hurricanes also happen every year.....because it's not in your friggin' backyard, doesn't mean it's not happening is your friend, get your head out of your, and join the 21st century

posted on Oct, 2 2017 @ 03:42 PM

originally posted by: jimmyx
science is your friend, get your head out of your, and join the 21st century

You say those exact same words to the guy who injects the Mark of the Beast into your right hand or injects nanites into your bloodstream.

They will look at you and laugh saying, 'oh how the ignorant think they know everything'.

Ask for the RFID chip to be put into your left hand. It will not work there because the left hand is already the devil hand.

Hell, even the Romans understood the truth millenniums ago because they called left handed people, sinistrous (sinister). Right handed is Dextrous.

Why else is the devils path always known as the "left handed path" .....

posted on Oct, 12 2017 @ 02:18 PM
a reply to: Tristran

Well the last official date for the Rapture was yesterday (30-Sept-2017), as it was the final Yom Kippur Trumpet day.

The Feast of the Eighth Day (Shemini Atzeret) is a special day and essentially an eighth but part of the seventh. Of the Fall Feasts, it would be the last possible trumpet. Look what Jesus says on this day in John 7. We know earlier that it was the Feast of Tabernacles and that he went secretly without his brothers to observe it.

With Shemini Atzeret coming on October 12 or 13, this would come exactly seven solar years before the Day of Atonement on October 12 or 13, 2024, depending on the correct calendar. Either way it is seven solar years on the nose. Another interesting item is that on October 13, 2017, Jupiter crosses the legs of Virgo. Does this also mark the point of delivery?


posted on Oct, 12 2017 @ 04:15 PM
a reply to: davido

you post concerning Oct 12th 2017 (& the 7 year anniversary of Oct 12th 2024)...

what needs to be taken into account is the Second Sign that accompanies the Woman birthing a child on 23 Sept with all the other factors in place (12 star crown/Sun/Moon, footstool)

the 2nd half of the Wonder-in-Heaven is :

...And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.

Rev 12:4
And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

Rev 12:5
And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.

Rev 12:6
And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days

from the birth (between 9-&-23 September 2017) to her escape to a wilderness...from the Dragon who is identified as the End-Time Dragon...
the Woman escapes persecution/starvation for the First 3 1/2 years (plus an undertermined span of days) in which the Sorrows & Troubles on Earth continue to escalate--->
before the actual appearance of the AC-FP-Dragon(aka the 3 frogs) and the 2 Witnesses which also appear in the 'mid-week' which separates the Final 3 1/2 years of The-Great-Tribulation from the earlier 3 1/2 year period where many Christians are Martyred, Earthquakes, Tsunami's & Volcano's changes the borders & landscapes of the increasing violent Earth

of course, the post tribulation Rapture would then occur in the final 3 1/2 years when the 3 Frogs (Dragon/AC/FP) control All of Humanity, the 2 witnesses are killed on their 1,260th day of their mission, their bodies lay in the streets for 3 days, the Rapture takes place...followed instantly by the Day of the Lords Wrath
as the Son of Man begins the Millennial Kingdom....

I think your 30 Sept snatching-up date is ~error~

posted on Oct, 12 2017 @ 04:56 PM

I think your 30 Sept snatching-up date is ~error~

a reply to: St Udio

The 9/30 date was Tristan's. I replied to Tristan as he said the last trump day had passed, but the 8th day is a Trump day.

The author of the site I referenced is speculating about tomorrow, if it is to be a pre-trib event. But; as things are materializing, the farther we go into 2017, the more inclined I am to agree with you about post trib.

That is of course if Revelations is interpreted with carnal eyes.

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In conclusion, it should be obvious that both the main stream media and main stream Christianity thrive on fear and bad news. After all, bad news sells so much better than good news and it gets higher ratings that result in more revenue… if you know what I mean. We are not the bearers of fear and bad news but rather of faith and Good News. So go have a blessed, fearless, peaceful day! It’s all good! PS – If you enjoyed this article, please share it with others.

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posted on Oct, 27 2017 @ 03:02 PM
a reply to: St Udio


the Prophecy of the woman-in-labor / Sign in the Heavens which was Virgo from the period 9 Sept-23 Sept 2017, AKA: Revelation 12 prophecy

I tried explaining many times that 23 sept was a 'shoe-horned' date as that day was also the Feast of Tabernacles ~ which made the date even more attention getting ~

the first birthing of Jupiter (king planet) transpired on 9 Sept 2017 according to astronomical charts
(solarian ?)

Well here's a factoid about the non-awe-inspiring day of 9-9-2017

A/2017 U1, size ~400 meter interstellar asteroid from 'deep space'...

...On September 2, the small body crossed under the ecliptic just inside of Mercury’s orbit and then made its closest approach to the Sun on September 9.

Pulled by the Sun’s gravity, the object made a hairpin turn under our solar system, passing below Earth’s orbit on October 14 at a distance of about 15 million miles (24 million kilometers)—about 60 times the distance to the Moon.

It has now shot back up above the plane of the planets and, travelling at 27 miles per second (44 kilometers per second) with respect to the Sun, the object is speeding toward the constellation Pegasus....

judge for yourselves.... does the appearance of a 400 meter asteroid, the first confirmed deep space object to be recorded in Earth history... entering then escaping from the inner solar system on exactly 9 September have any connection with the end-times prophecy connected with the Signs in Virgo that were predicted 2,000 + years ago ?

I think so

the symbolism is that on 9 sept - 23 sept 2017 the omen/sign of a rogue interstellar asteroid, from the heavens came then left our vicinity... ergo the start of the beginning-of-sorrows followed by the opening period of-the-end-times
because the Apocalypse 4 horsemen already started their ride of impending terror... from April 2014-Sept 2015, in the events we know of as the 4 Blood Moon Tetrad

thank youse for reading, however few there are here at ATS


those of us in-the-know, should dub the object that looped past the Sun , ID'd as A/2017 U1 by science.... we should call that object the Sign of the Son-of-Man... which It became as it 'birthed' on the 9-9-17, Virgo dance with Jupiter as prophecied in Rev 12

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posted on Oct, 27 2017 @ 06:07 PM
Revelation is deep into astrology. It reveals that the birth of Jesus was foretold by the stars. It is not about a rapture that was popularized in 1830's by John Darby and spread by Billy Graham. A false doctrine that uses fear to promote Christianity.

Fear drives the ego. Which stops us from attaining spirituality. So in promoting fear we promote Satan (empowering our ego).

"August/September 3BC & December 2 BC - On these two occasions, Jupiter was located directly in the womb area of the constellation of Virgo the virgin. Jupiter's Hebrew name is "Sedeq" which throughout the period of Jesus and the first apostles was a term used for the Messiah."


posted on Oct, 27 2017 @ 08:17 PM
~a minute or so of speculation, if i may~

Wouldn't it be Unexplicable or even Supernatural if the 'outer-space' object, which looped around the Sun and gained some 13miles-per-second in speed as it raced Sunward and is now heading away from the Sun & Solar System towards the area of space we recognize as the Constellation Pegasus....

was to apparently return from the direction of Pegasus, back into our inner Solar System and specifically to the Earth...

could we connect the dots that the Biblical Prophecy of a Triumphant & Conquering Jesus riding a White Horse (Pegasus) was in actuality an Alien being sent to establish a Millennial Kingdom on Earth & the Sign of his 'return' was the 9 September course-correction of trajectory caused by our Sun on the object=[A/2017 U1] dubbed by me as the 'sign-of-Son-of-Man....

This Asteroid/Star (poetic lingo) which returns would be seen as an inter-stellar-vehicle, perhaps sighted around our calendar year 2020...and brings behind it an off-world invasion force of Angels, etc.
thus is played out in our region of space, the great battle of good-vs-evil as foretold by the seers, mystics, prophets of yore

posted on Oct, 27 2017 @ 08:40 PM
a reply to: St Udio

Ha yes, we were visited.....

good post there old man.......ya see, it took a mindbending hairpin turn outta there......

posted on Oct, 27 2017 @ 08:59 PM

originally posted by: GBP/JPY
a reply to: St Udio

Ha yes, we were visited.....

good post there old man.......ya see, it took a mindbending hairpin turn outta there......

I suggest that that hair-pin change of direction and increased velocity had to do with that hyper-speed object getting re-Aimed at 'Pegasus' the flying white horse of Myth & Pagan Pantheons of gods & scriptural prophecy

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