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Waking up really really bites.

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posted on Apr, 1 2017 @ 02:00 PM
Still wish I had never woken up.

It's so depressing. Nothing gets better, just worse. All life seems to be is work for nothing, give money away for things /necessities that really should be rights [health etc] and war, war, war, hate, abuse, murder, lies, egos and narcissism, terrorism, torture, can never trust any government or most people, cops are getting bad, even little old ladies and men can be cruel.

As an empath, this hurts badly. It seems so simple to implement world peace (respect differing opinions, to each their own, we are all human and all cry, wish, hope, fear, laugh, love.....), money and names shouldn't dictate who wins and loses in life, from unemployed to megabillionaires to the highest caste and lowest caste and their untouchables..... anti this, relgious that, do this, do that , ban ban ban ban, fine fine fine fine.

why is life so ridiculous. It's made hard by greed and hate. I help so many people even money wise and I make 8.80 an hour. The relief it gives to them is priceless. And it shows love and giving. Why can't everyone help others isntead of do war and hate? I

I read a few times if there were 3 people left, one would be the ruler and one would go along with it and the third would be the scapegoat.

Wish we were more like animals. They take care of each other, defend only when needed and chill about their own animal business and do their own animal things.

Waking up, I thought i'd have a better go at things. Knowing whats up, being aware.
Well it sucks.
and im exhausted from it all. Has life been like this from day one truly? People say about the good old days. No such thing. How does one keep going when it seems all is for naught????

And now ai is taking jobs, soon people will be hurting from that.
Does it ever get better????
consume, consume, consume. Just be happy with your new mobile or electronic device.
dont mind the rest of the goings-on.
Keep your nose in the tablet and phone.
and dont forget to pay your taxes. All 64303 of them.

posted on Apr, 1 2017 @ 02:26 PM
Well, I guess that explains why so many people refuse to see the complete corruption in the world that surrounds us. They do not accept the pain of that realization. They now are faced with the possibility that their foundation on which they have built their reality needs to be reassessed.

Why is it so hard to accept pain? Does it not teach very important lessons?

I was miserable believing in the brainwashing I was subjected to through the course of modern education. When I started seeking the truth it was painful at first, but now I am free. I will never give up that freedom again.

posted on Apr, 1 2017 @ 02:30 PM
Because waking up his hard to do.

It is hard, but it is easier if you have other interests in life that takes you away from all the doom and gloom.

Just carry on as was before, knowing that the knowledge you have could be very useful later down the line.

posted on Apr, 1 2017 @ 02:32 PM
a reply to: sarra1833

I very much like your thoughtful post. In every way of being there are pluses and minuses. Being an empath is being empathetic is a wonderful thing. You get to experience life with an incredible amount of passion and connectedness.

You need to have another awaking to the idea of having something to balance your empathy. Here are some thoughts I posted previously about psychology of types which may help you find some balance with your empathy overwhelming you with sadness:

It is easy to get lost in the myriad of ideas around religious ways of being. Recently I've been studying Jungian psychology of character types. There is a psychological type called the “Divine Child”. The Divine Child experiences everything with the deepest possible connection. The Divine Child has no sense of boundaries in the world. The Divine Child experiences the world in its totality, innocent, and pure.

What is interesting is understanding the Divine Child in relationship to the other character types. Another type to balance the Divine Child is the "Warrior". The Warrior has well developed powers of discernment. The Warrior knows where all boundaries are located. The Warrior knows exactly how to use just enough force to keep the boundaries defended. The Warrior knows his limitations. But unlike the Divine Child, the Warrior is cut off from his emotions. He chooses or stands alone from being connected with others. This gives the Warrior his power.

The "King" type governs the Divine Child and Warrior. The King keeps the two balanced so one type doesn't become a dominate expression of one’s character. The King decides what is appropriate and what is not appropriate. But not everyone has a strong sense of personal authority. Many people simply do not know what is appropriate and what is not appropriate. Many people have a very weak King character which creates the possibility they will have their boundaries violated. Or, without a strong King they will get lost in other people's ideas.

The "Magician" type is probably the most interesting of all the types I've studied. The Magician is the part of our character who knows the secret knowledge like psychology of types. There's darker side to the Magician type which is important to consider. That is the "Shadow Magician". The Shadow Magician uses the secret knowledge to manipulate other people for the purpose of violating their boundaries or taking advantage of them. The important thing about the Shadow Magician is once confronted about being manipulative, a Shadow Magician will often act innocent about it. In acting innocent the Shadow Magician is just expressing another form of manipulation. Only a well balanced King can sniff out the manipulations of a Shadow Magician.

I find people who are really into the ideas about religion are sometimes weaker in the expression of the other character types. If you are interested in reading more on psychology of types here’s one of several good books on the subject: arrior%2C+lover

RE: "Wish we were more like animals. They take care of each other, "

I heard a really amazing and profound fact you might enjoy. Human beings are the only animal on the planet that will help other members of the species give birth. That's a really cool and amazing fact.

In terms of happiness in life what I have found what works best for me is playing games of chance with friends. There's something about being with a group of people playing games for no other purpose than just having fun. It makes me happy in spite of everything else I think about that makes me suffer with sadness.

Oh yeah, one more thing I would like to add. People only take away from you what you let them. Don't let people or anything make you sad! You must take charge of your own emotions.

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posted on Apr, 1 2017 @ 02:36 PM
Great post and insight sarra1833.

I come into contact with a lot of miserable people just through the course of an ordinary day. I started to study these people and I discovered a common theme among them.

Then I started to study the content and happy that I come into contact with. There also appears to be a common theme with this group as well.

I wonder if studying the miserable and the content will allow a person to discover the path? Or maybe discover some of the rules of this reality.

posted on Apr, 1 2017 @ 02:37 PM
a reply to: sarra1833

It kind of makes you wonder what our purpose in life really is. The world is controlled by a power driven minority, yet the majority continues to accept business as usual. I blame ourselves for putting these leaders into power who refuse to put us on a course of world peace, and continue to ignore the needs of its people.

posted on Apr, 1 2017 @ 02:45 PM

originally posted by: WeRpeons
a reply to: sarra1833

It kind of makes you wonder what our purpose in life really is. The world is controlled by a power driven minority, yet the majority continues to accept business as usual. I blame ourselves for putting these leaders into power who refuse to put us on a course of world peace, and continue to ignore the needs of its people.

At any moment in history there is an equal amount of evidence supporting the conclusion life is good and sacred. As well as an equal amount of evidence life is bad, profane, and mundane. I think we choose how we experience the world to some extent. I remember growing up in the 70s and things were not exactly peachy. Today is not much different. I think it's all good.

posted on Apr, 1 2017 @ 03:08 PM
a reply to: sarra1833 sounds like your allowing external factors to dictate your emotional state...

I know how hard it is as an empath...and how crushing the deluge of emotions from your heightened level of compassion...

I know...because I too am an empath...I used to shake my fist at the heavens and shout why to the sky...
Why do I have to care so damned much...why does caring about everything have to cause so damned much pain...

I finally learned to use meditation to center myself...
Now I look out at each moment and see how wonderful this connection to all things is...I had to realize that I couldn't change the I changed myself...I wrote about my thoughts...about my fears...and about the amazement of each second and of each day I was able to wake and draw that first breath of the marvel at that breath puzzle once again at the why's and the how's...

Writing was a major part of my my attempts to discern the human condition...I found that connectivity...
Forever a part of...never apart from...

In the midst of the knowledge of the reality of life...I find peace in every day...I seek the wonder that lies at the heart of each moment...the awe that floods through my soul...the compassion that I never left behind...
Caring for even those who seem to seek destruction...because all have value in my my heart...

These are how I learned to cope...this is how I approach every sunrise knowing that by choice...I could either succumb to the hurt...or transform it into the understanding that this is how the world is...and even that can be good...

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posted on Apr, 1 2017 @ 03:16 PM
a reply to: YouSir

Beautiful. I can almost see your soul glowing from here.

The human spirit - priceless.

posted on Apr, 1 2017 @ 03:26 PM
a reply to: sarra1833
So you are depressed because, you now understand how the human world is, was, and always will be?? FYI, until the perfection of electronic screens to distract and pacify human brains was thoroughly proliferated , most human citizens of the world already had this realization.

You can always just take the blue pill if human reality since the beginning of civilization bothers you though. It is quite simple. Just ignore all news, stick to entertainment, and spend your free time drinking with friends and enjoying the natural wonders of the world.

Or you can channel your empathy into action , do things to achieve success, and channel your wealth and resources into the causes you believe in like so many others do today.

In any case, try not to cry too much, its just the human world. its been the same since we were created from carbon man eons ago.

posted on Apr, 1 2017 @ 04:56 PM
a reply to: sarra1833

Dont sweat the petty stuff. Dont worry about things out of your control. Float like a leaf down the river of life. Come whatever may.

Drink alot and go fishing. Turn that frown upside down. Chin up

posted on Apr, 1 2017 @ 09:33 PM
a reply to: sarra1833

With both you, OP and sarra, I had to walk away for a while before I could post. Both hit me and I could not read it all at once. Think this must happen to others who see the deepest part of themselves in the writing of others.

posted on Apr, 2 2017 @ 01:55 AM
a reply to: liveandlearn

Bless you LaL.
Very sensitive reply, as with DudeFromNJ, to Sarra's plight.

The sadness emotion of awakening can indeed be overwhelming.

If one can parallel this with a spiritual awakening: then perhaps one is able to sit in a different "this that is" space, and
and feel a separation from the sadness. You "see and feel" the sadness, yet it is somehow secondary now, to another point-of-view.

To put it another way: One could possibly reduce the pain, of discovering how rotten the organized-world is, by having a simultaneous spiritual awakening, and learning to accept this current socio-cultural reality, as only one of multiple possible world-scenarios, or through many similar realizations.

It's just the way it is, and nobody is to blame. So find peace within.

Sarra: do you really need to know anymore? Maybe you already know too much?

Find peace within.

posted on Apr, 2 2017 @ 03:45 AM
It's easy to be overwhelmed by life when we think and feel things so deeply. As much as we long to change the world and everything that is wrong within it, we know we can't. I suppose we have to learn to accept it is the way it is, change the things we can change and not focus on the things we can't. Hold on to the people that you love and bring you joy. Find diversions like wonderful books where you can lose yourself within the pages and take you away to a different time and place. Watch a movie that can touch you deeply. Take one day at a time and try to make the best of it.

You are not alone. Spend time out in nature surrounded by beauty and peace. Throw yourself into a hobby you enjoy and be creative. Find like minded people who can relate and awaken to a new day filled with hope for a better future for yourself.

posted on Apr, 2 2017 @ 02:53 PM
Wow!!! If I was able to gather all my thoughts and organize them in great, well written thread, it would resemble your post!!!
As a fellow empath, I share your pain and concern.
All we can do is persevere.

posted on Apr, 2 2017 @ 02:54 PM
a reply to: Night Star
Oh one person can still change the world , but it starts at home! In our communities. Every time we volunteer to clean up the trash at a nice park/lake, or be a mentor to a child, or participate in a fundraiser or help feed those who are not as privileged, we are changing the world one person at time. That is how individuals change the world.

And the more we work towards success for ourselves, the more we can contribute those resources and our time to many more individuals and communities! There is still lots of satisfaction in working as a team with like minded individuals to lay down sand bars to prevent estuary erosion, to clean up a city park, or even go to a senior home and just spend time with our forgotten elders, they have much to teach us if we listen.

The best way to combat the stress of the reality of our human civilization is to make n impact in our own community. And heck, if someone wins the lottery or makes a billion dollar idea/business, then it just means that much more potential to help the world beyond the borders of our community.

The first step though, is we have to try. Try anything positive it don't matter. But try at least. Even something as simple as volunteering at the local animal shelter can build bridges and mend relationships for the community we would not even know about, but for a lack of effort.

My pops had to explain it to me a few years after high school, after I got over it I started volunteering with local non-profits for things like environmental restoration projects, walking dogs, and spending time with the elders in homes. It really helped clear up some things for me and understand no matter how large the problems of the world are, we can always make a difference at home.

posted on Apr, 2 2017 @ 03:08 PM
Carrying all of that... quite the burden, not alone. Might feel like it but you are not by far alone in carrying such... so shrug drop it take a breather... no one needs to be atlas or the world tortoise by themselves and they aren't feels like it though... don't let it get so far that it drags you down into this point eh? It's a tad extreme shrug take a breather pick it back up rinse repeat.

Eventually it gets easier and easier the longer and longer before needing to shrug... like a dog may not notice one flea but thousands yeah... greed and the fanning of ignorance into hate to keep that going, work on that when you get back... see how reduction and pointing to what solves that instead of trying to carry it for everyone in thousands of different concepts chopped up makes it difficult. Greed is greed tackle greed, hate is hate, tackle hate, delusion is delusion tackle that... those things have already turned into the myriad of things don't tackle the myriad of things.

It'll drain and burn you out... the enlightened body is one body, thousands of arms, thousands of heads, thousands of eyes shrug and don't feel bad about it. Just consciously resolve I need to set this down for awhile... it's already known, and it's ok.

posted on Apr, 2 2017 @ 11:23 PM
Maybe you need to watch the commercials featuring kids who wake up to the horror of every bone acheing because of disease. Or maybe look in a mirror and be grateful you have teeth. All your limbs, and so on. The fact that you can ambulate. Or see and hear clearly. A lot of persons have not these gifts.

There are easy ways to make money if you have a good sense for niche markets and arbitrage. You are using money as a distraction from being thankful about anything that hasn't gone wrong-and there is a lot that can go wrong, which I hope you do not discover the hard way.

# 739

posted on Apr, 5 2017 @ 01:47 PM
a reply to: sarra1833

Sorry it took me so long to read and reply, I've been busy. I know exactly how you feel. You said exactly what I've felt all my life actually. I grew up very, very frustrated that things were not improving. Ignorance and hate was always winning and I did not see why. I would stand for truth and justice, but the teachers were against it, the students were. They asserted that they were right because they were them, they were bullies, they had loud mouths, whatever. I tried so hard to get through to them that reality wasn't multiple choice, that there really is right and wrong and that it is not determined by who 'wins.' We were ALL taught right from wrong, and basic common sense, healthy social conduct, and various info in various subjects to enlighten us on some level (don't get me wrong, I hated school as it felt like a lot of busy work in a prison setting which was beneath me, but I always learned through wisdom handed down and by observation and thoughtfulness.)

For this I was hated on and became a target in a big way. This was a small town and they considered me the worst kind of scum for thinking I was better than they were and for having the gall to try to enlighten them in any way. They sought out to break me down. When I finally toughened up enough that no group of bullies would mess with me they still kept at hurting my good name with endless, viscous rumours and by hounding me constantly in many different ways, frightening most people away from socializing with me. Many people respected me silently, you might say, but I could never exaggerate the level of hate, of embarrassment, of endless agony I suffered through. There were bullies, rapists and accused child molesters among them, yet I--for caring and choosing to TRY to make the world a better place--was somehow the deplorable one, according to them anyway. They got to have lots of friends, go to parties, date girls (and the hateful girls could date guys.) I had either no or a small handful of friends growing up, and avoided the hateful-jerk-infested parties. No one would dare date me and by then I was too messed up with depression and social anxiety to be date-worthy anyway. They all grew in confidence and social reward while I slowly fell apart inside.

Ignorance rewards ignorance. It's a big club. If you refuse to go along then you think you're better than them (which you should thank your lucky stars that you are) and they will hate you for it until the end of time. At least that was my experience. I stood out too much though. I always had a big personality, carried my heart on my sleeve, and that's not always a good thing. I have suffered the tortures of the damned in this life, from the treatment of peers and co-workers to many bizarre circumstances. I have often wondered if God hated me, or if it was the devil or some force of evil, or if something inside my own being hates me and dooms me to this life.

I am feeling better these days. I am soul searching, trying to find a way to be selfishly happy in a world so messed up. My passionate, sensitive, curious nature has learned to keep my head down, mind my own business unless asked, keep to a low-paying job where people are nice, and to just not care. Of course, I am still a caring soul and not being able to make some kind of meaningful effort for hopeful change is killing me inside I think. This was without even mentioning the horrors of being a sensivie, of feeling the hateful and unhealthy energies of those around me and how long it took me to build a mental block to such energies. It's been a very cruel experience for me.

Sorry if this is too depressing, it's just the honest truth. I've been taking it easy lately, trying to focus on silly movies and YouTube videos, or reading a positive book. It's been very hard for me to find motivation lately, since my spirit was finally broken a while back through a series of abusive events. I struggle each day to simplify my world view down to simple little enjoyments and to be happy somehow, but I can't really change my soul, who I fundamentally am. I will always care and I like that about myself. But I will always hurt because of it.

This still seems depressing lol I am okay and I hope that you are. We are strong spirirts or we would not be here.

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posted on Apr, 5 2017 @ 01:59 PM

originally posted by: dfnj2015

originally posted by: WeRpeons
a reply to: sarra1833

It kind of makes you wonder what our purpose in life really is. The world is controlled by a power driven minority, yet the majority continues to accept business as usual. I blame ourselves for putting these leaders into power who refuse to put us on a course of world peace, and continue to ignore the needs of its people.

At any moment in history there is an equal amount of evidence supporting the conclusion life is good and sacred. As well as an equal amount of evidence life is bad, profane, and mundane. I think we choose how we experience the world to some extent. I remember growing up in the 70s and things were not exactly peachy. Today is not much different. I think it's all good.

That to me was always the most frustrating thing. Life IS spiritual and sacred, but no one sees that. I mean, very few do. To many people life is about what you can get from it, for your ego's sake, and that is literally it. It is this ignorance attitude alone that ruins this sacred world.

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