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Lets talk true scary/weird stories

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posted on Sep, 23 2016 @ 02:53 PM
Ok well this story takes place when I was approximately 6 7 years old my house had burned down by this point and we were staying in a trailer located in the middle of flipping nowhere on a large tract of land.

First I must preface what a pile of crap this trailer was shortly after we moved in half the trailer lost power and no amount of electricians we brought in could find the problem . this is a story of a night terror I experienced while living there.

It was a normal summer day i remember exploring our new property I stumbled onto a rather large pet cemetery about 2 3 acres from the trailer intact with both wood and stone headstones that I thought were a little odd but it was clearly animals buried there with names like fluffy, whiskers and roscoe on the head stones. Otherwise it was a normal day I was put to bed around 8 as that was my bed time it was still light out I fell asleep without trouble the dream I had still haunts me to this day. In the dream I was outside it was as dark as I had ever seen it I had a strange sense that something was watching me stalking me and I took off running not to the barn or the trailer but out into the open fields of our land always with this feeling that whatever it was, was gaining on me I could hear what sounded like a bicycle chain clanking behind me but I couldn't see anything so I kept running until I tripped on something sticking out of the ground I looked up to see a headstone in front of me with my name etched into it. I woke up immediately or so I thought but I could still hear the clanking of the chain as I played in my bed frozen in fear staring at the doorway leading out from my room that's when I saw it coming down the hall backlit from the living room lamp that was left on for me to help light my powerless room, a larger than life trycicyle contraption piloted by the most angry evil clown I had ever saw in my life the hall streched to accommodate the girth of the tricycle as it slowly peddled down the hall the clown started to laugh a slow gurguled laugh that made my skin crawl unable to move or breath I tried to scream but nothing escaped my lungs that's when I heated my dads truck pull into the driveway I saw the clown turn its head towards the sound and grimace as if his plans were for not now and slowly fade from a distance and I. That moment I could breath I could cry and move again.

After that night I never slept worth a damn there just typing this out gave me the shivers as I can still hear the gargled laugh and see the face of that fing clown clear as day.

I should also note as of this point in my life I had not seen either killer clown movie it or killer clowns from outer space I was much older when I finally saw them on an attempt to conquer my fear of clowns.....did not help at all ha ha

posted on Sep, 24 2016 @ 10:48 PM
a reply to: crimsongod21

crimson, I just wanted to let you know I read your last post and it was horrifing. I feel so sad for the little kid you

I'm glad you found ways to deal with the terrors and take back the power.

posted on Sep, 24 2016 @ 11:39 PM
a reply to: zosimov

I appreciate your comments, more than I can really explain. It was a rough time going through the night terrors, my parents were ill equipped to understand what I was dealing with and chalked it up to bad dreams and that was that. While they still come and go they are nowhere near as frequent as they used to be. The honest truth is I used to pray to God every night to keep the bad dreams away and it worked as long as I remembered to pray.

I call them night terrors as that is the only real rational explanation for what I went through

posted on Sep, 25 2016 @ 12:39 AM
Well to keep the ball rolling....

While I had many more night terrors in my time at the dump of a trailer non of them scared me to the point that I can recall them now, I think that is a good thing.

After leaving that dump behind we moved into a nice little house in a mostly retired community with lake front property this is where life became so much more bizzar for me and the night terrors and now reccuring dreams went full throttle. While this was not the first night terror I ever had in this house it was the most unsettling, unnerving and mind fing one I had up to that point

I believe I was about 8 or 9 when this dream took place, I don't recall any information really about the day that lead up to this dream other than it was winter and there was snow on the ground. I shared a room with my younger brother at the time this dream occurred. I attempted to go to sleep that night but tossed and turned for what seemed like hours before falling to sleep when it felt as if some one had sat down on my bed I opened my eyes to a red tint filling the room with a wafting sickly sweet smoke emanating from the foot of my bed I started to panic fearing another house fire, when I heard a man in a smooth but booming voice say "don't be alarmed it will be gone in but a moments time" and that is she. I noticed him the man I some how missed at the end of my bed sitting there cross legged just staring at me with a hint of a smile that just barely showed his teeth. I panicked I froze it felt as if the very air in my lungs had turned to iron. His gaze crawled from my feet to my head and he smiled just a bit more at this point my brother began to stir, the man frowned stating "this will not do" he lefties his hand and strings of black murky nothing wafted from his fingers in slowly arching streams unroll the enveloped my brother in pure black. The man smiled ounce again and looked back upon me. "Do you know who I am" he asked me, to scared to move or breath I sat there frozen like stone, he didn't wait for a reply. "I have had many names" he stated with a laugh "but most just call me Satan or Lucifer now" my heart stopped, I thought I was dead or going to die, I didn't want to die but I had no control. "Don't worry I'm not here for your soul or your life, I just wanted to check in and see how you are doing." he turned his head as if looking at some one whom I could not see, then he turned back to me eyes glowing a sickly yellow color and I truly saw the man before me not as a man but as a demon, the demon, the devil. Black short hair, small spike horns jutting from his forehead, skin tight and a color that is hard to explain not black or white or red or yellow but all of these colors at once and yet none of them at all. "Like no said I just came to check in on you, and see if there is anything I could do for you to help you in any way shape or form. I'm really not all that bad I promise I will ask of nothing in return, I'm just here to help." at once the pressure released from my chest I could breath and I shocked my self I didn't scream I didn't cry I looked him dead in the eye and whispered leave now please. He looked taken aback almost as if I had slapped him "have I not been kind to you thus far have I not asked for anything why would you want me to go?" I didn't respond at first just staring into those yellow eyes, thinking trying to figure out why this was happening and how to make it stop, I raised my head and just said I want to sleep, just please let me sleep now. I heard a pop and he was gone the room was black as normal and I drifted back to sleep but as soon as I fell asleep I woke up again as if I had been asleep the whole time.

posted on Sep, 25 2016 @ 04:21 AM
Hey Guys....

I hope its ok to hop in uninvited.

My experience is not ghostly... but... mind boggling.

I like the light on. Radio and tv off. Just the silence and stillness of home.
One day (22) I was doing nothing. I was just sitting with the light on and the tv off.
I began to drift into thought. Halfway there... I noticed the part of the room... a foot away from me was inexplicably brighter than usual. I stared at it for a brief moment. I noticed it was a huge 3 foot circle. I was amazed. I saw it all. The circle's parameter was shining in a way that does not radiate light. But... rather a visual calm electric look. The inside of the circle was really bright. I saw in it the portion of my room it ensnared. Then... it happened. I blinked. When I came to.... what I saw was so strange and gut wrenching I lost my mind.
It was two hot pink illuminescent beings in single file. They weren't shining or glowing.
The one in front was cringing. He was sooooo scared to take a simple step forward. While the second, behind, was also cringing... clinging for dear life to his partner. They were humanoid.
Arms, legs, torso, and a head. But... no ears, eyes, nose, feet and toes, hands and fingers, etc.... they were squarely figures without the features we all possess. Yet... they lived in terror. I came to realize that in retrospect. At first glance my eyes devoured the whole scene. It was awesome.
When it dawned on me what I was seeing.... my heart sunk soooo low... I lost my breath. Just as soon as it sunk... it started to thump. HARD! After the second thump.... it became more bizarre. The second being from behind reacted to the vibration. He/She felt it. He suddenly let go of his partner... crouched as if only a small viewing lot was there. He stared right at me. That scared the bejesus out of so me so bad! He was about to reach out to me... and then the circle closed. They disappeared. I never saw them again. Ever. I was shocked, awed, scared, and weary. But I lingered in disbelief for hours that day until I fell asleep. At first I cared little for what I was witnessing and thought only of what I saw. I came to my senses and felt so sorry for them. It was pure dread for them. They were steps away from my closet... and I now know that is where they wanted to be. I wished I could have helped them. They were energy beings. Made of pure energy. But... it didnt end that night. Fast forward to the next day.... I was again in the light of the room with appliances off. I was thinking of them... when suddenly.... from my toes came this inexplicable current of energy. It got my attention. It started rising in a coiling manner. Penetrating my body. It entered me... and exited me... and worked its way all the way up to my neck. As it entered... my flesh and skin began to jerk like convulsions. But at the same time it felt soothing. I just surrendered to it. I let it flow through me. When it got to my neck... head of the current... while the tail was still at my thighs... it just turned off. I was/am so baffled by it. When it ended... I noticed I was losing my mind. Then... it happened. The closet door jerk. It was noisy. It startled me. Took my attention away from everything. Thats when my dog got up and started doing circles of glee. His tail wagging. His attention towards the closet. I got scared again.
Thats the story. My first and last amazing. I thought about it so much that I soon began to piece it all together. I thought I could find something on the web about energy beings. But nope. However... I did find some ass#'s picture of what our reality is. A picture of frequencies so out of control and so abundant that its chaotic. Billions of cell phone frequencies. Its clumped together around us. It shocking. Then... I thought... that is what energy beings fear. The carried off sensation in unto chaos. The world has dimensions... and we are destroying their's with our pathetic life hacks. My dog ended that second day by crying tears when I turned off the light to sleep. I found him whining. I picked him up and found tears dude. Tears. I told my ex wife the pot head this story and she said I was hallucinating. After that reaction.... I never told anyone. If you happen to see one/them.... dont be afraid. Muster your strength and help.

Thank You...
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posted on Sep, 25 2016 @ 04:46 AM
By the time I was six... my grandmother was 78 and completely blind. Withered look. However.... she would walk about the apartment without help from my family. She would slow and cautious... but without having to feel with her hands the paths. Then one day... I asked how long she's been living with us. She said three years. I, naturally, thought thats enough time for her to know the apartment. But... she's blind. One day.... she sat me down and told me to relax. I was hyperactive that day. Thats when she got up and walked right to the bathroom. I noticed how strange it was for an old blind woman to do so. I heard her say... "ok... I'm done"
Thats when I realized she was being guided by something.... something that talks to her. I never f#ed with that old woman again. Granmas are amazing. But its a secret. I dont tell my family that story. They'll believe me. And... unlike grandma.... my family are godless heathens. The worst kind.... americans.
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posted on Sep, 25 2016 @ 10:31 AM
a reply to: Pinocchio

Interesting stories, I don't know if you are attempting to troll with your comment about godless heathens and Americans. Or if you honestly feel that all Americans are godless heathens. Either way I think it was a needless addition to your post and lessened any credibility to your stories. Maybe I'm off base on that and I'm sure if I am some one will call me on it.

posted on Oct, 3 2016 @ 06:57 PM
While living in the new house an interesting thing started to happen, reoccurring dreams started to plague me, as if stand alone night terrors were not enough now the night terrors would come back and expand if you will the story that was being laid out to me, what follows is about a reoccurring dream I had while living there I had this dream multiple times over multiple years.

The dream starts I am on a school field trip at a bird sanctuary, everything seems normal we get on the bus to head back to school, I notice we are taking an unusual path and merge onto old highway 40 where we make an abrupt stop at a church located in the middle of nowhere, the church is modern looking and very beautiful on the inside. As we are all taking in this church, no one asking why we are there as we were a local school and not a religious school, a voice comes over a radio talking about an escaped convict who was last seen in the Lawrence is area. The report goes onto talk about his crimes ranfmfing from murder to cannibalism and other dark things, I wake up. That is how the first dream ended.

After some time I had the dream again but only this time I didn't wake up when the radio ended. The radio cuts off we are all panicking the bus driver runs to the door and shoves a coat rack through the handles baring any one from getting inside for some reason the bus driver is the only adult around we all start to panic that's when I see a man standing outside the church in about knee high grass just staring at the church with a smirk, he appeared to be laughing. I wake up

I didn't have the dream again for quite some time at least 2 to 3 years when it came again, every detail the same except the age of myself and the classmates had been updated to fit my actual age. I see the man outside a sense of dread over comes me as I point him out to the bus driver when the driver comes to the door to look out the man is right up next to it just staring in at us with that wicked smirk on his face. He was tall about 6 5 with dark hair and a clean cut face a small scar under his right eye I wake up.

About a year later the dream comes back everything the same as before, but this time I don't call the bus driver over, in a moment of recklessness I grab a candle stick and open the door I was going to kill this F'ker that's all I could thing I was strangely aware that I had been having this dream a lot and I was done with it. I stepped outside and called to the man who started voicing something I couldn't make out to me and I woke up.

About a year later I was well into high school now I had the dream again everything the same as last time. I try and ignore what the man is saying as I sprint towards him with the candle stick as I get close his words start to form in my head, the killers inside he has your classmates, I stop and turn to see the door lock behind me and the bus driver pull a sucking looking knife from behind his back. I wake up

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