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Question: If you support "socialist" agendas do you also support a globalized system?

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posted on Feb, 17 2016 @ 08:11 PM
a reply to: wisvol

This is why it must be a democratic global government. Where the people truly have the power and the government serves the people. Not the other way around.

posted on Feb, 17 2016 @ 08:13 PM
a reply to: NateTheAnimator

Yeah, this is something that our great grandchildren can talk about.

posted on Feb, 17 2016 @ 08:27 PM
a reply to: conscientiousobserver

Governments call their self democratic now, and in some instances seem to serve the people in ways that aren't better than nothing. Why go global then?

We have a government system designed by noble concepts, that makes more and more bull# laws enforced by clueless #s.

First administration to fix that gets to draft the global constitution, fair enough?

posted on Feb, 17 2016 @ 08:39 PM

originally posted by: BatheInTheFountain

originally posted by: whatsup86
Wrong; we dont want equality we want less inequality. So ye Im totally for less inequality on a global scale.

Your post is a double oxymoron.

Read it to yourself.

Equality isnt the same as less inequality so i dont think so? Since less inequality can imply that thing are still very inequal, just less than before. So no technically not an oxymoron i think.

Anyway still irrelevant. Dont you want less inequality on a global scale?
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posted on Feb, 17 2016 @ 09:34 PM
a reply to: ExNihiloRed

I am a socialist, of the christian variety and for me I am actually of mixed mind's, I believe socialism and social care can and have to be offered on a nation by nation basis not a global single society as that is too communist for me however no matter which side of the line all sides have there own globalist agenda's, whether for business and corporations on the right side of the bench or for raising the poor of the third world up (which the right seem's to forget creates new consumers) on the left side of the bench.

What I actually believe is that a nation should care for it's own poor, in the first world for instance in the 21st century there should be no hungry, homeless, poorly educated or discriminated against (non criminal) members of a society.

Public services such as fully comprehenive free health care, public amenitys such as free librarys and free public swimming bath's and high quality well policed and maintained social housing should all be provided by the state to the poorest whom can not otherwise afford these thing's as well as a small income sufficiant to pay utility bill's (heating and electricity within reason of course) and supply enough food to ensure they are not hungry and are in good health to seek out job's or simply to survive with there human right's provided for.

Indeed we used to have this in the UK but it was the generation of the Drug addict which destroyed our own public perception of this as a good thing were addict's were simply spending there benefit's on there next fix and going out, stealing, shoplifting and burgling to pay for more.

So instead of fixing the Drug (With far stiffer sentences for the dealers and suppliers making it as it should be equal to murder) and economic migration problem's ? (the social system was only sustainable for our own people as it was paid for from tax revenue raised off of our own economy so of course migrant's coming to claim benefits' overtax it in theory - EXCEPT that in britain this was never the problem that it was claimed to be with the majority of migrant's including economic migrant's actually working and paing income tax after there initial start period in work (when they are not illegal that is) but of course to rant against that propegand for which I fell myself - Don't let that stop the Lunatic Right whom simply want to take it back to the Master Servant style of society that it was in the mid 1800's complete with workhouses for the poor and debters prisons (believe me this is genuinely the Tory pipe dream, Tory's are our ULTRA right wingers whom control the British Conservative party in the UK) and today as a consequence of this very well organised public propeganda campaign on our TV's and in our headlines - AKA the right wing owned and controlled media, it is Actually OUR OWN SICK and OUR OWN POOR whom are now having to seek out charity for stale out of date food handout's and with a staggering ONE in Five 18 to 26 year old homeless as a result of Tory and right wing "new labour" policy's socialism is more or less dead in the UK today.

Also in the UK the Tory's have a way to fiddling the unemployment statistic's, if you are not employed in a very short period of time after signing up for unemployment beneft they take you off the list of unemployed and SANCTION you which mean's they stop your benefit's entirely saying that you are not looking for work, if you are ill they find any excuse to say you can work even if you only have one hand and there are no suitable job's available so they once again STOP those benefit's, under the tory's we have always had an increase in death's among the poor and the vulnerable and this government under David Cameron is heading for a record number of poverty and sanction related deaths' and suicides.

They are even setting up the NHS for a sell off to the private health providers whom have been chasing after it for the past 50+.

So here is the fact, Socialism ( not communism which is far too extreme but Socialism ) is about state providance and wealth redistribution to raise the lowest standard of living up to human right's acceptable level's with a safety net for the poor whom are unemployed or can not work but still free economic's except that subsidies may be provided to support vital industry's and the job's they provide as well as state utility's such as water, gas, electricity and public transport being publicly owned and free high quality state education provided up to university level, it is about taxing those that CAN afford it but not excessively and making that money which would otherwise simply accumulate in foreign bank account's instead work for the country and drive the lower sector's of the economy, it boosts the retail sector as these poor then become limited but dependable consumers as they buy there food and not be forced to beg for it at food bank's and this in turn help's to drive the related industry's which supply the retail sector while it also keep's those poor in good health and job ready if the economy should suddenly buck up with the one caveat that the job's have to pay a FAIR wage and not a slave subsistance level wage as is common in the State's were there has never been a true socialist (Christian - if you have two coats and your brother has non give him the one you are not using - public wealth redistribution of excess earnings) policy.

Conservatism and of course the ultra right Tory idiology is about wealth belonging to the elite minority, about them having the right to unsustainably mine the economy stripping the wealth off into there bank account's and paying next to no tax, if you can not afford to live then you fall into the catagorie of EXCESS POPULATION and Tory idiology is that you should be allowed to DIE OFF in order to remove that excess population (NAZI's EH), they do not believe in state providance of anything except the defence needed to keep them in there own position's or state welfare and believe it should be scrapped and should never have been implemented in the first place and they believe if you don't earn enough or can not work then TOUGH LUCK you are a useless slave so should be removed from there slave populaton because they OWN you and you are theres to do with as they shall.

Notably in the late 20th century all the country's with the leading quality of life also had socialist welfare systems in place.

For me I support Localised social system's while a globalised system smacks of too much control over nation's, great if it is honest and fair but it never would be regardless of whether it was right capitalist which is iherantly unfair or socialist which would be semi communist if it got that big and overstep the mark into curtailing individual freedom's.
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posted on Feb, 17 2016 @ 11:45 PM

originally posted by: Benevolent Heretic
a reply to: ExNihiloRed

I believe in taking care of our own first. When we have a more equitable society in the US, a society where people are not starving and going without healthcare and medicine, then we can talk. I'm a bit of an isolationist.

I second Benevolent Heretic stance.
Let's get our own country in order first for all American's before even attempting to talk about other nations.
As it is now, our system is a failure where our infrastructure is crumbling, we have more people on the streets and living in tents than in the past and a massive amount of people in prison for victimless crimes not to mention, we have the most corrupt people in DC ruling over it all.

There is no way in H*ll I would want to see this spread around the world

We also need a greater division of power in this country unlike it is now where it is concentrated among Politicians, Bankers and Corporate Heads.

There should never be a Global Government because that would be the end of this human experience for everyone, because once enough sociopathic power hungry people take those reins of power, there will be no other powers to rescue us from them.

posted on Feb, 18 2016 @ 12:00 AM
I do, but more like Iceland has done... not this capitalize on war machine of perpetual nonsense, nor this go to sleep little honey badger, while we take care of it "democratically" our population here in the US on the whole sides not withstanding is completely and utterly tired of it... people just want to live and work and have peace and happiness not this repeated nonsense of slavery over and over and over again until they hatch from some EGG nonsense over and over to be consumed until nothing is left with debt on every generations back to come as slave children to be shot repeatedly out of cannons

Humanity is why globalist end of story because it can't be refuted we have human form though we act like the very animals most religions deny us being so we are the aliens here trying to adapt over and over again when energy takes this form; we had no choice of color, nor nationality... and have had ideology after ideology beaten and forced down our throats as a purpose and reason for being; making our vast human culture into the very fuel to rape it from the top down and strip mine the entire planet in the process instead of celebrating life it has become many death and separatist cults wishing to destroy it... the end? Doesn't have to be, and it will never be the end of life in the multiverse no matter what species falls, life rise and begin anew but not as we know it... it's much better to be alive and see it. But that takes all of our co-operation, as one global family working to put an end to this madness people accept as normal... that normal is a gift I do not wish to accept and neither should you.

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posted on Feb, 18 2016 @ 04:50 AM
a reply to: ExNihiloRed
Power only attracts a certain type of people. What kind of people do you think would be attracted to controlling a whole PLANET, let alone a country?

posted on Feb, 18 2016 @ 06:03 AM
a reply to: SargonThrall

I know this is aimed at the OP, but Sociopathic narcissists that cannot empathize with anyone's struggle but their own... and thing thing is? Some of them haven't had much struggle; if you said you know Dave? He lost his arm yesterday... they'd be like I cut my fingernail into the quick once I'll never make that mistake again... where's Dave in that? Can't empathize with Dave except to say yeah pain had some but lets talk about mine instead though less significant because hey you're in MY world when talking about me... and like all ego bubbles it will pop some on death... but that's ok to them because they are god of that world and well they don't die everyone else does.

Grew up with a friend like this, and self described as a sociopath in his late teens... by his own admittance. I said why are you studying psych? He said to better blend in and control people.

Hopefully, he's come around to something better and if he has? Like all people in one's past, it's wise to see if they have changed... because judging a phoenix by it's ashes fails another chance at redemption, for having wronged you. I have a 3 strikes policy in personal life but will ignore someone, if they come at me the same... obviously, still belligerent and disrespectful? Not yet... grasshopper. In business? One chance and one chance only.

posted on Feb, 18 2016 @ 07:52 AM
Not the "agenda's" but social democracy. In regard to having a higher body of government that ensures that all countries operate ethically, with equality, freedoms, health care, dental, houses and food for all people, and that world police (not bombing squads) would walk into any country that was not free, be it a fascist, communist or theocracy, and divide people in those wanting rescue and those who need to live under a dome, but without reproducing or having offspring. I wouldn't kill them. We have classified advanced weapons that can drop crowds without killing.

I would not do this by putting on the board or panel or having representation with those who enslave or dominate others such as ME, countries in Africa and various regions of the world. Only legal countries.

Would abolish banks, money, debt, and homelessness. Venus Project. Clean free energy and all positive classified things brought out for the benefit of all.

However, under this world, we can't meet in the middle with illegal, abusing their citizens, governments, non free, punitive ones.

There is no meeting in the middle with opposite ideologies.

It's ideologies/beliefs/ISMS, that are the problems here on earth, NOT race!
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posted on Feb, 18 2016 @ 10:51 AM
It is good that the window of discourse is going toward the extreme on both ends, but ultimately the role of the government has to be redefined.

Like it or not a global economy is here to stay. We have a tourniquet on a gaping bleeding wound trying to stimulate local economies and it seems no one has any foresight on how to evolve civilization to cope with this. It's an impossible problem. Every one of these politicians on both sides all over the world are playing a game with seven plus billion peoples lives. When that eventual "straw the broke the camels back" happens is any ones guess, but I think if we can glean anything from this election season it that we are hurtling closer.

Is Trump's route of playing hardball and forcing the world to bend to the USA economic might going to make our lives here the United States better? Ostensibly, yes it would stem some bleeding but at what cost to everyone collectively?

Is Sanders robin hood approach of taking from the people that have conquered this global economy and propping up everyone else going to make our lives better here in the United States better?

Is the status quo the answer? It seems a majority think it is not.

Take a look at where socialist policy works and thrives. Small geographical size and small population.

In my opinion until the resurgence of community and the feeling that it takes a village to raise a child comes back we are all doomed. Community is what brings people happiness. Community brings immediate security. Just knowing that you have people that are there for you. Depending on where you are in this wide world means you are going to have a completely different set of problems and that is why local leaders were so important throughout history. It also why people also seem to be escaping to the next frontier when civilization, big government, religion and any other form of tyranny catches up. It seems there may be no where else to run on this planet though.

posted on Feb, 18 2016 @ 11:10 AM
a reply to: Unity_99

Ideology leads to extremes bad for politics especially, belief is a dead end street until proven to everyone as factual to our over all experience, and ism's challenge the other two in mediation that they are not absolutes but impermanent variables.

All isms an individual right... that can remove individuality, oppress, control etc. leading to a life no one would want to live unless they set it up themselves and everyone else had to abide by it; heaven to them, hell to everyone else... so the ism is a necessary evil until the other two are rectified... of course many isms if believed as the only truth or ideology only perpetuate instead of refute extremes and belief.

That's the nature of the world all these various energies, any attempt to control another aside from oneself is an attack on ones autonomy or freedom. So good idea to sort oneself as ones own worst critic looking at the minds contents objectively instead of their own and resolve known and unknown with absolute certainty; before running around willy nilly like something can be known other than the suffering that comes from doing such.

We could live together fine with all of them; but we have to have the openness to know that not one single thing defines us... unless we grab it and cling to it as permanent when most of this we cling too is conditioned and impermanent, find the unconditioned and it clings to you wholly opposite of the way the world works and whatever matter forms is not ones own experience so what is expected, assumed, believed etc. is an illusion of experience experience yes, but a very tiny fragment not worth what it seems to be.

Wish I could snap my fingers and all of this understood not rotely, not by experience of similar concepts that could make sense of it... but IT itself, all I can do is point by how phenomena manifests around this corporeal form and it fits that time and that space for whatever arises.

But greed, hate, and delusion are strong forces that keep ignorance spinning it's wheels within each and every person until free of the entire thing except energy and the many many waves it surfs on.

posted on Feb, 18 2016 @ 05:11 PM
Ultimately yes.

posted on Feb, 19 2016 @ 02:13 AM

originally posted by: Benevolent Heretic
a reply to: ExNihiloRed

I believe in taking care of our own first. When we have a more equitable society in the US, a society where people are not starving and going without healthcare and medicine, then we can talk. I'm a bit of an isolationist.

I believe if people in other countries want America to take care of them they should become part of America. Otherwise people can do whatever charitable thing they want with their money.

posted on Feb, 22 2016 @ 08:56 PM

originally posted by: jacobe001

originally posted by: Benevolent Heretic
a reply

There should never be a Global Government because that would be the end of this human experience for everyone, because once enough sociopathic power hungry people take those reins of power, there will be no other powers to rescue us from them.

This is why the power should be in the hands of the people. I think government officials should come up with the laws then have the people vote on these laws

posted on Feb, 23 2016 @ 02:01 AM
a reply to: conscientiousobserver

shouldnt be such a head slapper... but this is exactly what a democracy is supposed to do... but since population and communication was difficult we got a republic and electoral college in the US that has gone rogue due to money, power and influence. corrupting absolutely the very fabric or constitution it was founded on leaving we the people out of it unless weve bit the turd burger smile at the person next to us wit a sh:t eating grin going... yeah its great aka patriotism

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