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Happiness is USSB, Layla, Tiki, and me !

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posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 03:13 PM
I have just finished 4 chapters of a story that has occupied some of my time and has been entertaining in a writing sort of way for me.

The opening of the story is laced with a bunch of science that many will find boring, but it is necessary to make the story believable for the more scientifically inclined IMO. If the Science stuff is not you bag then just skip down to " A very Special Invite" or a few paragraphs before that section.

I would like to post the story in one continuous thread all the way through Chapter 4 before the few of you who read short stories at this sight comment.

Feed back is always welcomed and if anyone has any ideas I am all ears. Unfortunately I am not nearly a good enough writer to flesh this story out (to direct and to the point) but I have had fun creating this world and thinking about all its' possibilities. Hopefully you will too.

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 03:15 PM
One of the major problems for our Earthly scientific endeavors is we live and (very basically) understand only our 3 dimensional Universe; the fourth dimension in our world is time. Our science is unable to measure much beyond what we can see or detect with our 3 dimensional instruments erstwhile still debating whether time is actually the 4th dimension. Movement through space effects the passage of time, just as Einstein and relativity predicted, but was time a true dimension ? Since time was not a constant but depended on motion through a dimensional space the subject was hotly debated in some scientific circles even though we were very good at predicting and measuring time and it's effects..

Back in the early 20th century there were strong mathematical suggestions and String theories to explain much of our unseen, yet lived in, or perceived, universal dimension. One of the leading contenders of what became known as String theory finally evolved from 5 theories to became the one “M” theory of string physics. “M” theory (to make the theory work) hypothesized that there were more than 3 dimensions plus the possible time dimension we experience in our everyday lives. 11 extra dimensions theoretically existed , but we could not interact with, measure (with the exception of time), or see any of them. Science theorized and postulated the 11 extra dimension's existence in accordance with the dictates of “M” Theory while searching and working toward scientific proofs that would validate M-theory in a nice complete mathematical endeavor that could yield a formula for the much sought after 'Theory of Everything'.

“Whew, that was a long sentence”!

Our science was basically stuck and unable to see or detect what was inside the fundamental quarks that make up the different atoms of the universe. M-theory postulated that once inside the 6 different known quarks (at the very basic fundamental energy/particle level) there were very small looped energy fields that vibrated at different frequencies. Through these different vibrational frequencies of their particular dimensional geometry all particles that makes up the atoms of the universe were created.

Time has always perplexed and humbled the human race. We’ve tried to define it, measure it, and keep track of it since the emergence of civilization and the first invite to supper was made.. Though the measurement tools for time have greatly improved in their accuracy, the relativity of times' nature is still something most lay people have great consternation understanding. Space and time are not what most would consider absolute. Both are not a fixed background to some cosmic event, they only become a fixed event by the relativity and position of the observer. In other words, space and time both are dynamic dimensions that are shaped by Energy Fields of the universe. Time to us is very real for we can see the moments and times of our lives pass. But time to the universe works more like a huge 'slide rule of time' where the conditions dictate its' presence and even where the slide must be placed for a correct answer.


The first breakthrough came at the large Hadron Collider (CERN).

As the Hadron's power had been cautiously ramped up to a little over 21 and then finally 25 trillion electron volts (25 TEV) things got very interesting for the researchers. Even though it would take another year to analyze and validate the data the whole scientific community at CERN was “a buzz” with questions of “why” ! Everyone knew that even with the current competing theories of dimensional time and space they were seriously lacking the answers to this all important 'action reaction' and the “why” of it all.

Mini Black holes at the 25 TEV energy level were winking into existence like some rapidly firing strobe light and not evaporating (as one theory suggested they would) but winking back out just as they had popped in.

Where were they going and “WHY”?

The short answer was they were returning to a dimension which existed along side our 3-4 dimensional universe.. Some wanted to name this the 5th dimension (one, two, three, four, five,) or like some almost forgotten rock band but this zone was much more than just a dimension of the “M theory” multiverse. It was always 'here/there' but unseen by all 4 dimensional beings and their machines until now. It was the absolute mother of all dimensions where everything sprang from as indicated by the proof which came from CERN's 25 TEV experiments.

Finally experimental evidence that Sting/M theory was basically correct about the existence of the Branes and even gave the location of where the so called 'Dark Matter and Dark Energy' leaked into our Universe..

They could have called it the God Dimension because this zone regulated everything in time and space for all the Multiverse Dimensions.
Bottom line was, with all the power generated by the Hadron Collider, there was a brief glimpse of what later became known as the "BULK".. The Bulk was the space between the “Branes” of the multidimensional universe where gravity sprang from. Yes, gravity exist everywhere; even if it is the so called micro gravity. People in science could show proof and postulate gravity and its' effects were due to theorized Gravitons or some other unseen lines of a 'gravity wave force' due to the bending of space time and the mass of an object . 

Gravitons were postulated but there was no way to see these gravity particles because they were so weak and small, plus they did not exist as particles but as a universal frequency wave form which originated in the Bulk Zone. The leakage of gravity from the Bulk came from an area between the Banes and was everywhere and no where in any given direction .

For once Physicist got the name of something correct with a good understanding of its' function. The Bulk was named “Bulk” because that is where the bulk of gravity exist and leaks through to our dimension as mostly Dark Matter mass/Gravity. Dark Energy is 72% of our universe and Dark Matter which bends light due to its' mass is 23% ….so you can figure just 5% of our universe is visible and mostly known by our science.

Dark Energy is what causes the universe to expand/inflate at an ever increasing rate; it is a repulsive energy. You would think it would be a major power house in this universe but it is actually a decimal point followed by 122 zeros and a 1. Any stronger force and the galaxies, planets, and suns could not exist and neither could we.

Sir Isaac Newton's universal theory of gravity started from the hypothesis that the gravitational attraction between two masses is directly proportional to the product of the masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them etc etc. I am trying not to bore you but, Newton was so good with a mathematical tool 'he invented' called 'Calculus' that he was able to figure out that the orbit of a planet or moon was an ellipse in relation to the mass of an object at the then called foci. I bring this up simply because there are certain constants in all dimensions. The amount of gravity leakage form the Bulk is one of those constants. It is all predicated on our dimensional objects mass which is tied to the Bulk; unless the Branes touch, which if they do, it then causes all of what we consider creation; “the much heralded BIG BANG” .

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 03:17 PM
a reply to: 727Sky
The Big Bang theory, up until this point, was never able to explain what banged, why it banged, and what was going on, to cause the bang. The theory looked right if you ran the expanding universe in reverse so that all matter was scrunched into a small theoretical point; but try that sometime and see how far you get. The Big Bang looked like the real deal on a theorist chalk board or computer simulation but what were the conditions for the bang and what caused the “BANG” had never been answered.


You could think of Branes as some sort of energy string that has been stretched and flattened into a huge sheet of energy that can have several dimensions connected to its' X-Y-Z (Plus “T” for time) dimensional surface.

No one knows how many Branes there are, only that at least one strong and one weaker Brane has been theorized and now found to exist .

The total extra-dimensional universe, or everything that is, could be like a package of Brane printer paper as far as anyone knows, only the sheets almost never touch. If and when they do touch due to a postulated imbalance of the Dark Matter/Energy gravity wave fields, you get “BOOM” an a new universe is born much like the place we see all around us. In other words this prior hidden dimension where all gravity leaks through into the multiverse has so much energy present on the surface of just one of the Branes it is almost incalculable ; even though there are those who try even to this day on Earth.

“Trust me; when two Branes touch all mathematical hell breaks loose”!

One old earth theory guesstimated the Branes would touch every trillion years or so and are then be repelled back apart to start the whole unending cycle over again.

“O.K. You asleep yet” ?

If not and still interested watch this old partly true video that was produced before CERN reached the threshold of 25 TEV.

O.K. The last Bit about Gravity and Branes:

Gravity is what holds the Branes of the multiverse close together and Dark energy is what keeps them separated and is where our 4 dimension’s weak gravity and space time are joined.

Most who compute gravity for our satellite orbits would say gravity is self generating due to the mass of an object, which is true. The difference is all gravity is connected to the Bulk Zone which is the space between the Branes indicated by “M” theory.

“I could have just said that in the beginning but I figured there might be a few who would want to know a little more background. So those who have read and 'hung in there this far' I bestow a degree in general physics upon you without all the mathematics or a math certificate.

“It is a print your own kinda deal but sign my name anyway”.

It is so hard to figure this out for some people, but that is just the way it is in the BULK ZONE.

At only 1% penetration, the Bulk Zone has ten to the sixteenth power of gravity when compared to Earth's gravity field. This realization once again came later, but just knowing something exist, gave our science a direction to probe, search, and measure.

Black budget and Cutout operations were going at 'full speed ahead' once it was found that the Bulk Zone existed and there might be a possible way to tap into this dimensional zone. Some thought it might be the answer to Zero Point Energy that some charlatans proposed they could tap into if you just sent them money for their latest theoretical gizmo.

When the breakthrough actually happened and the first of several successful unmanned probes left and returned with pictures from the star (4.3 light years or 25 trillion miles away) Proxima Centauri , it was determined it was time for a manned mission.

Distance really means nothing in the Bulk Zone. The further you penetrate into the Bulk the closer everything is in time and space. The 25 trillion miles at less than 1% penetration of the Bulk Zone was reduced to about 25 earthly miles. “Yes, you read that correctly and yes it is hard to believe”!

No warp bubbles, no faster than the speed of light stuff. Just pop into the Bulk Zone and even at 25 miles per hour you will arrive at Proxima Centauri in just about an hour !

Just a hint, but, think about relativistic speeds in the Bulk Zone of 80 million billion times faster than the speed of light being attainable and that ain't pushing it; but I am getting ahead of myself.

Going from Galaxy to Galaxy was now a possibility and the desire for Mankind's seed to be spread was strong. 

Our unmanned probes had been mapping a very small infinitesimal portion of the Bulk Zone so we were able to overlay the Gravity lines of force (or what scientist like to call magnetic anomalies) in the Bulk with our normal star maps we had been generating since the days before Galileo. Once the orientation of entry was established it was actually easier than many thought possible due to what later became known as, “black budget table top accelerators” (later called TTA) and the gravity vectors established by our mapping probes.

My launch day came on the first of January to celebrate the new year and a new future for us Homo Sapiens.

The route was pre-programed so I was relegated to basically be a token 'human' systems monitor; or just along for the ride, as some of the big boys liked to point out by calling me “Spam in a Can”.

I did not like being called, “Spam in a Can” or “Spamy” for short, but hey it was a job so I just smiled while thinking how satisfying a knuckle sandwich from me to them would really be my pleasure..

“Better to give than receive; that sort of thing”.

The count down was initiated and when the launch clock said "0" (for those who were watching), my ship just disappeared or winked out of their 3rd dimensional eye sight. I experience no discomfort as "FLASH" I popped out of the Bulk Zone to find Proxima Centauri dead ahead in all its' glory.

"Houston we have a problem" !

I hit the emergency return button; but alas, it was to late.

As those who worked in the program know; I returned a little ahead of schedule trying to stay 'covert' but it was to no avail. On my dimensional tail were 3 carriers (some call them mother ships) so as I returned, they returned with me..

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posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 03:18 PM
a reply to: 727Sky

Everyone now knows that we have been invited to join the Universal Space-faring Sentient Beings of the (Yhai Mock) the universal word for BULK...

People of Earth just say “USSB” when referring to this special invite.

Almost all governing agencies have accepted the invite as they wish to present a united front to the USSB. The few holdouts were the ones who kept a tight noose on their populations through some form of religious dogma. These less than enlightened one's had no science to speak of, for they were to busy doing their version of “God's will” and killing each other, so, “no big deal” as far as I was concerned.

For once the representatives of the United Nations had tried to earn their pay checks, which really did not matter; we would join USSB or no more Bulk traveling for us as a species...

Good news is, “We get an Earth made patch for our USSB uniforms and everything upon joining”!

Think of our new membership as kind of like a junior member joining anything. There is a time when newbies are prone to screwing something up, so, you as the authority figure ride herd, school, and direct the Newbies and try to keep them out of trouble. USSB was the absolute authority for Bulk travel in our universe.

The USSB was formed long ago (over 1.28 billion years of earth time) and their only current rule about intentional interaction with other species was “they didn't, they don't, it ain't happening” until BULK phasing/traveling is discovered by the newbies own endeavors.

Now having said that. USSB would show the flag every now and then as in 'zooming by' in what we on Earth call UFOs just to get the “Black Budget Boys” to thinking and pondering. Those were USSB motivational Flag flights and served to push a certain planet's science one step further in a possible direction by realizing there were other scientific possibilities . Earth was not fast at catching on to the possibilities but at least it finally happened at a USSB projected date, 40 Earth years behind schedule..

The earthly "Big Boys" have taken over and I have basically been shuttled to the edge of T.V. Land since my epic return.... but for mankind,  it was worth it.

Not easy to be humble for our species (me included) but for once the human race realized, we were the junior bird men in 'these here parts'. So, for the first time in all of mankind's history, we were mostly all united in a common goal of, who could suck up more to the USSB.

The phone rings and I answer.

I guess this “Spam in a Can” had an expiration date after all?

It would seem that they want me as an exchange officer with USSB (more like a student IMO) and I will be shipping out next week !

“There were those who initially wished I had died on the first BULK mission and now look at them; they are offering me a position I would have crawled through some very bad stuff to get a chance at” !

Happy days are here again !!

Exchange Student Notes:

You might think the USSB wanted us as a small security detail because we are very good at hating and killing without remorse; if we get our proverbial 'HATE' built up enough. We could be the new junior enforcers on the Cosmic Block and yes we would even get a patch for that too. But you would be wrong, as I will explain later.

If a planet has Bulk travel and they decide they want no part of the USSB, thereby rejecting the offer of membership, they will be warned to stay out of the Bulk. If they disregard and make another jump they will be followed, as I was, and warned once again. If they still insist on making jumps and refuse the offer of joining USSB then a couple of USSB ships will orbit in the outer reaches of their solar system and hurl/guide a few choice asteroids and or comets in their home planets direction.. If they still do not concede to staying out of the BULK, or understand the benefits of joining USSB after climbing out of the debris of their once proud cities, then the inhabitants are basically stoned back into the dirt age !

Survivors of the heavenly bombardment (if there are any) will get a 'do-over' for the consideration of joining USSB if they ever achieve Bulk travel once again. Otherwise, a new race of sentient beings will be seeded from the original DNA of the inhabitants (if possible). A little mix and match of DNA an you would be very surprised at the outcome of these new sprouts once they take root .

Yes there are races which might live in a binary star system (where both stars are less than .8 light years apart; like one place I have actually been to) that have explored the neighboring planets and what could be considered their local star group without BULK travel. “Talk about a long hard way of doing things”! Thinking of Star Trek without warp drive comes to my mind...

A very simple basic promise:

Any membership has bi-laws and rules of conduct. Abide by these laws and rules or be thrown out; which is pretty much a black and white rule the universe over when dealing with 'whomever has a social contract' . There are no exceptions when it comes to 'new' sentient travelers in the BULK or USSB members making intentional contact before these beings achieve BULK travel............ period...end of story when this subject is broached. There are absolutely no exceptions.

I figured I would have to study my butt off to learn how to be a productive member of this new society/federation/Empire/ but it does not work that way . Many of the sentient species are already telepathic and in a flash, if you are receptive, they can transfer a lifetime of sights and sounds to your synapses and bio-Chip. Much quicker than a Vulcan mind meld plus no finger touching to you noggin is required!

“They do stare at you though”.

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 03:20 PM


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posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 04:22 PM
a reply to: 727Sky

Well that got totally messed up ! When bringing the remainder of the story over ATS with it character limitations dropped about 3 full pages of the story.... so I will have to try and do the whole thing over again.. I am so sorry for the false start. I will post Happiness is USSB, Layla, Tiki, and Me.. 2 when I have time to re-do this effort.. again very sorry..what a pain !

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posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 04:23 PM
a reply to: 727Sky

*tap on the back*

I know the feeling mate.

Now, time to de-cross my eyes.

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