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Happiness is USSB, Layla, Tiki, and me !

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posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 11:05 PM
a reply to: 727Sky
Nope, it doesn't work that way !

Food consoles and no money is a good start. There will be those who will do absolutely nothing but tap into the USSB data base and with their new found knowledge create a true heaven on earth. One chipper could do more than many teams of scientist and engineers. One selfless chipped organizer can lead the non-chipped people of earth to a society of peace and cooperation. The key word is 'CAN' for with some of the religious stupidity it will not happen overnight.

I ran a future history program dealing with projections of possible earth history. Wars and murder between non-chipped earthlings will not end and neither will the village corruption and suffering for those who want to go their own way and create their own little empires. From what the theoretical history line (s) indicate it will take another 100 to 250 years (depending on the simulation) to bring earth online as a true USSB world.. Just a drop in the bucket of time..

Layla and I had requested some airtime for a speech to the world. It would be an outside open air speech next to Tiki.

Layla opened our press interview by thanking everyone of earth for their hospitality and for being so gracious a host. How wonderful earth was and blah blah blah !

I did my spiel along the same lines and spoke of worlds and dimensions we were planning on visiting upon our departure. With any luck someday I may see some of my brother and sister earthlings out there in the universe doing exciting and new things that most can only dream of... Blah Blah Blah..

With my final words I gave a smart military Salute and Layla and I walked inside Tiki and never looked back.

USSB would now send ships and facilitators to pick up those who wanted to leave earth. Certain Sentients (not the scary ones for earthlings) who were much better versed at bringing a new world into the USSB Empire than Layla or myself could ever be, (or want to be) would stay behind an complete the work we had started.

It was like 10,000 pounds were lifted off my shoulders when Tiki closed her hatch and we flashed to Europa and then Ganymede, which were places I had always wanted to see for real. Earths solar system has some surprises still left up its' long distance sleeves. What a universe !

Tiki was self contained and if she needed something for her operation she would just grab the mineral or water from a passing asteroid. She could basically cruise forever. Layla was happy as I was as long as we were physically together and not stuck on Earth having to be on high alert for danger all the time.

There were some outlying planets we could do flag waving atmospheric flybys on to help with the locals scientific evolution; which was all part of kick starting some serious thinking and science for those worlds. We would be providing a service which we both liked the idea of, so off we went with just the proverbial shirts on our backs.

Happiness is USSB, Layla, Tiki, and me.

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 11:06 PM
a reply to: 727Sky

Layla was pregnant and I had all kinds of concerns ! Would our offspring be able to reproduce?

Was it a boy or a girl ? How did Layla keep this from me ?

She was 2 months pregnant and I had no idea ! Geez you could have told me anything, before I would have believed she could become pregnant and I would not know !

In a typical Layla calm and totally feminine way she just reassured me all was OK and everything would be as it should be. Her only question for me is she was undecided if we should have a boy or a girl or both ?

“What, you can have twins” ?

She just smiled and let me know she could have a litter if we wanted to !

“Good gosh almighty” !

All my life I have avoided the consequences for a brief moment of pleasure and now I was going to be a Daddy !

Layla told me that there would be a new addition to Tiki. It would consist of a vat of growth fluid and in another 30 days she would place her developing fetus (s) in to the vat and we could watch our child develop and grow.

After I got my breath back and some form of sanity returned to my shocked system I managed to let her know I loved her more than life itself and whatever she wanted would be fine with me... (I hoped ?)

30 days later there were two little blobs of fishy things that almost looked human in the growing vat Tiki had provided. When these blobs were fully developed and able to survive outside the vat there would be a female and a male baby.

“Amazing for I never expected to be a Daddy ! I suppose I am lucky she did not decide to produce a litter of the little buggers err/twins ” !

OK now that was settled we decided to return to a near by USSB base and transfer our children to a more secure environment.

We had been doing flag ops on several different worlds and I must admit it really was allot of fun. The last world had propeller driven aircraft which they used for transportation and war. I basically scared the crap out of some of their bomber and fighter aircraft pilots .. This was a safe world for us to play with for at this level of their technology they could not interfere with Tiki and her ability to maintain flight.

Since becoming an expecting father something changed in me ? I always figured the odds and trusted science and my abilities to get me through “whatever” but now I felt the weight of being a real 'no kidding' daddy and I think I did not know how to handle it. Layla picked up on this immediately and got a firm grip on the tip of my left ear and as she twisted she made me promise to consult the MAIN for the future of our lives and our children. She can be very physically persuasive at times, ouch!

I do not know why I am so hesitant to bother the MAIN ? Sometimes I am to independent for my own good. I suppose it comes from earth and watching some cashier at a checkout stand who can not figure out how to make change without the cash register telling them the proper amount to give back.

OK. Our little twins will be able to reproduce the old fashioned way when the time comes. The Falongsaid and Earthlings actually come from the same genetic stock and have not diverged or been separated by time to such an extent that interbreeding by copulation is outside of the norm. Little had I known at the beginning of our relationship there was a 100% chance that Layla could become pregnant by me.

I had never liked what pregnancy did to some Earthly females with the stretch marks and their breast reduction which ended up looking more like pancakes or two fried eggs over time. With this method of reproduction Layla looked and felt the same as she always had; which I adored and in truth was thankful for.

At 7 months in the growing vat the twins became more than a bunch of cells just splitting and growing to survive. At 14 months the twins were released from the birthing vat and sent to what most would consider a physical and learning vat. By the age of two they were released and joined us.

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 11:07 PM
a reply to: 727Sky
With Layla and myself being USSB psychics we spent everyday communicating and psychically holding our children. When they were finally released they came running naked across the room and basically smothered both of us with kisses and exclamations of a young persons excited talk ! Their vocabulary was about the level of a 6 or seven year old on earth that was raised the old fashioned way.

My heart almost melted with the bond and love I felt for these two kids. The girl was named Ding and the boy was named Dong..You should have seen Layla's face when I suggested Ding Dong for names; priceless !.. OK Layla would not go with those names so we decided on Sky for the Boy and Fhaa for the girl. They liked their names which was important to both Layla and myself.

As Layla and I were psychically pair bonded our twins became all part of that bonding except they were not psychic (no Chip). We could feel them as far as happiness or sadness and even read their minds plus we could psychically place thoughts in their heads by staring but it was a one way street at this phase of their development. These poor kids would never be able to get one over on mom and dad and knowing Layla it is probably for the best they did not even try !

Other things were going on with USSB while we were trying to provide the best possible outcome for our twins growth.

The mapping Droids from one of the extra dimensions had picked up in frequency and everything at USSB MAIN was indicating their would be a major incursion into our dimension in not to distant a future. The extra-dimensional droids were from the so called Shabock dimension and were coming to our side of this multiverse in the hundreds of thousands. These were not mapping droids but intel droids that were spying on just about everything in our dimension.

It was decided that we needed to do a little more than just send mapping droids to the Shabock dimension. So we to started sending more capable droids to take a 'look see'.

It did not go well!

Out of the first hundred droids we sent, communication was lost shortly after their arrival into the Shabock dimension.

So..... we sent some seriously high tech droids that could cloak their whereabouts or due to their metaphysical structure change and look like any other space rock.. These Droids were able to report on what was actually going on in the Shabock dimension and, it was not pretty.

In the Shabock dimension the creation of artificial self replicating intelligence was the down fall of the creators. Once this intelligence became self aware all biological sentient beings were just in the way of this intelligence and its' expansion. The creators had tried to pull the plug on their creation but it was to late, plus, this A.I. Intelligence figuratively got pissed to the point of considering all Sentients to be a danger to its' very existence. Plug pullers one and all!


Once USSB analyzed our Droids information it was decided to send one ship that was outfitted to protect itself from the weapons the droids had detected the Shabock A.I. Used. This was an unmanned ship (no Sentients aboard) that would be directly controlled by USSB MAIN. The ship was one of our small midsize triangles that was close to 200 feet long. Nothing special except for its' defenses.

I was concerned that USSB might get some nefarious virus from making contact with the Shabock A.I. But I was assured that was an impossibility. I did not like the sound of that but who am I to raise a ruckus ?

The ship departed and was attacked within the first few moments of it's arrival. This A.I. was everywhere in the Shabock dimension. Really not to hard to understand when you consider the exponential growth of such an intelligence which over the millennium had nothing to stand in its' way of reproduction and growth.

We were able to watch the mission via the onboard sensors of our Shabock bound USSB ship and to me it looked like an earthly bleeding Capybara being attacked by a huge swarm of piranha in some Amazonian river. The USSB ship using several of its' tractor beam nodes ripped the first swarm of attack droids to pieces in the blinking of an eye. Then only moments later, three rather large ugly ships appeared and tried using cutter beams on our USSB ship. We had expected this and as their beams touched our force field a huge feed back loop was initiated and these ships blew out their cutter nodes. They then retreated but our USSB ship followed and when they were in the proper position our ship materialized an antimatter torpedo that detonated right in the middle of their loose formation. Needless to say the were vaporized.

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 11:08 PM
This should be a published book! WOW! Very impressive! Keep going!

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 11:08 PM
a reply to: 727Sky
It got rather peaceful after that.

USSB MAIN knew where the old home star cluster for this Shabock intelligence originated but as indicated before this A.I. was everywhere. We needed to communicate with one of its' droids but up to this point they had all been dead set on destroying our ship. We could have just captured one of their droids in our dimension but we needed to insure our very own droid intel was correct about their weapons and the response to our arrival into their Shabock dimensional universe.

Once the 3 big uglies had been destroyed our ship returned to pick up some of the bits and pieces of the attack droids. These pieces were scanned and analyzed for possible self destruct mechanisms and communication relays and when we found what we were looking for the pieces were tractor beamed aboard.

The little Grays onboard the USSB ship were busy beavers going through the junk and assembling this and that until they created what they needed. This new creation was then released back into the Shabock dimension as our USSB ship phased back into our own dimension.

This entire operation lasted less than two hours of earthly time.

Within the next few sleep cycles all the Shabock droids in our dimension either became inert or returned to the Shabock dimension.

Now that is the way to fight a war !

My whole concern about USSB getting some virus from the Shabock A.I. was misdirected and wrong. Upon completion of a new droid from the pieces of the dismembered Shabock attack droids, USSB had simply transferred our own version of a virus with some of the rules that govern USSB A.I. Our newly made Shabock droid had dutifully then gone about its' business transmitting and infecting all A.I. In the Shabock dimension.

It was to late to save the billions of sentient life forms this A.I. had destroyed but at least it would not be starting the same process in our own dimensional back yard. On a more positive note the entire Shabock dimension was a place USSB could expand into and seed sentient life forms with even the help and assets of the once evil A.I. that had previously ruled. Approximately 500 billion Galaxies with trillions of stars with planets for us to seed with sentient life was now available if we could muster the assets to send there.

Same old me, “I like happy endings”.

Also I got to thinking about Layla and family going into the Shabock and doing some of the seeding ourselves. Hummm ?

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 11:10 PM
a reply to: 727Sky

The twins were growing and maturing at a rate that would have been impossible on Earth. They were now only 4.5 years old yet they looked like they were closer to an earthly age of 12 or 13 . Fhaa already had small breast and Sky was also in puberty ! They both spent most of their days with a USSB learning cap on their heads exploring the universe of USSB as part of their education. The learning experience placed them into all kinds of life situations where they had to figure out how to solve a problem by using their own accumulated smarts. The arrival at a situation for a proper outcome was all on their young shoulders.

At this developmental stage Sky was interested in action type scenarios where he had to fight and prove his physical abilities in many of his learning situations. He was also very interested in USSB history and the history of many Sentients in our universe. He loved swords, spears and primitive weapons because he thought it was a more fair way to settle differences... He was only young and he would learn; so give the kid a break....

Fhaa was actually more athletic with finer motor skills and limberness than Sky so she could best him in many things with only a natural 75% of his strength. The learning caps actually provided scenarios where they had to work together to solve certain problems which I really did like. At no time did I ever see them want to get into a 'knock down drag out fight' like some earthly brothers and sisters I have observed. Other times Fhaa went off and did more female learning scenarios. Her normal interest at this stage seemed to be Genetics, chemistry, and healing.

I did show both of them some of the aircraft from my home world I had flown (or wanted to fly) and they both became interested in flying low tech aerial vehicles. They both became very good at flying this type equipment from a time not their own.. There were a couple of times we all wore the caps and went flying together. It finally evolved into WW2 fighter aircraft trying to shoot each other down (my fault for I thought it would add some excitement). It was a blast at first because I always won but it did not take long for the twins to learn team work and wax my butt which was great for them on many different levels ! Layla did come with us a few times and we all had fun shooting each other down.

You can take one arrow and snap it easily but as you add more arrows the snapping becomes impossible. A good team is hard to beat just as many arrows in your quiver is nice to have.

Education with the children using the learning cap was carried out in their minds as a vivid dream state but at a much increased rate.

Something I had not mentioned before, but when we were back on Earth both Layla and I had to wait for what seemed like an eternity for people to ask their questions or say something. We already knew they were going to ask a certain question and had the answer before they could even utter the words. We were able to preform on earth only because we were very patient and could carry on a full psychic conversation with each other as the earthlings got their thoughts and speech organized enough to make sounds with their mouths !

By being a USSB psychic the communication with non-psychics was rather tedious and frustratingly slow. It was the same with Sky and Fhaa because we knew what they were going to say before they even got their thoughts organized. However, unlike our earthly encounters we could answer them or place symbols and thoughts into their minds by just looking at them as their thoughts formed.

They were very impressed with their Mom and Dad.

Around here when someone says Mom and Dad can read my mind they are not kidding.

Layla told me that Fhaa would grow to a natural height of 5'8' and Sky would end up at 6'4' or two inches taller than me ! I asked her how she knew this and she just said because she had thought these were good heights for their form..

“You mean you can control the height they will grow to”?

“Of course I can, I am their mother”.. !

The girl never ceases to amaze me.

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posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 11:12 PM
a reply to: 727Sky
I thought about some of my earthly friends who had been classified as dummies when I was growing up and attending school. They were dummies because they were not interested in the school curriculum and some were ruined for life because they too believed they were outcast and dummies. Whereby in the USSB system, the learning cap knew what made your “boat float” with auto feedback from your nervous system and your mind. The closest thing we had back on earth was some high tech video game that some kids got hooked on but ….. that does not do this learning experience justice for you are in the scenario the cap provides you with; total feelings and environmental elements (hot, cold, pain, pleasure etc etc) and all.

Sky was already learning how to woo the ladies and Fhaa was learning how to act like her version of a lady in mixed company. The socialization of the kids was provided through interaction with other races that made up USSB as part of their education process. These were real kids just like them that had their education (thinking) caps on. Even the young Grays were part of some of the learning scenarios the kids were faced with.

What a great way to be introduced to other USSB Sentients.

Layla told me they would both be having virtual sex in the next few months which shocked me much more than maybe it should have. It appears that for every month they have been alive they actually grow and physically mature at a little over three months real time. That would put them both at 13.5 earth years which was middle of the road for sexual development for much of our species.
The growth spurt would stop when their biological clocks brought them to a physical genetic age of 20.

I got to thinking about all the young kids who ended up pregnant back on earth. Kids raising kids and screwing up the generations to follow was not a good system that could provide any bright prospects for these babies future. I won't even mention the poor girls married off before they even reach puberty and then raped because their sick society says it is OK. Since I am not that far removed from my primitive back ground I sometimes have the urge to take Tiki back to earth and do some serious ?? I totally understand how USSB floundered around with other Sentient species once long ago. It is hard to not interfere when you witness cruelty and stupidity..

In the beginning I would occasionally tap into the kids minds (like a secret pair of floating eyeballs) to see what they were learning and how their education was going. The whole process was so amazing I went back to school myself.

You would think having access to all the knowledge the USSB chip could provide, schooling would be the last thing anyone needed and you might be right for some people. However, you can not think or even ask the right question if you are unaware such knowledge exist at all. The Que helped in many ways but.....

Many days I would just think, “teach me” and cap would take me to places and thought realms I had no idea existed.


posted on Mar, 6 2015 @ 12:07 AM
a reply to: 727Sky

I see the video in the original post is no longer working (sigh)

I will post the video again even though it was working before

I have a big golf tournament this weekend so I doubt I will have the time or desire to work on the story. For those who took the time to read and comment thank you.

posted on Mar, 6 2015 @ 12:29 AM
What a great story!!

posted on Mar, 6 2015 @ 12:31 AM
a reply to: 727Sky

Hmmm...Video says it's blocked in my Country.

posted on Mar, 6 2015 @ 04:22 AM

originally posted by: Night Star
a reply to: 727Sky

Hmmm...Video says it's blocked in my Country.

Welcome to net neutrality or net censorship, whatever.. Funny around here many of the News Papers out of the U.K. are blocked and can not be accessed ... That was one of the better shorter (good graphics) videos dealing with the Branes.. Again thank you for hanging in their and finishing the unfinished story. hahaha

posted on Mar, 25 2015 @ 08:35 AM
“Where has all the time gone”?

It seems like only a few short months ago Fhaa and Sky were floating around in the growth fluid that Tiki had provided. Now they both have grown into young people any parent would be proud of..

Sky liked primitive weapons and had actually designed and fabricated a sword and a dagger that just blew me away with their form and function. The dagger was about 12 inches long and the sword was close to 36 inches. But that is where the commonality of earthly swords and daggers stop. On the dagger the cross hilt had two cutter bean cancellation emitters that looked like two Rubies that would allow their focal point to be adjusted by a thumb wheel set in the hilt. At the very tip of the blade was the red cutter transmitter so small it was almost undetectable. He designed the dagger so that it had a range of nothing “0” except the blade length out to 12 normal walking steps. The thumb wheel distance calibrator had six detent positions so as it was rotated for each detent you got about two steps distance for the cutter beams range..

The Sword using the same principle of focal length had a total cutting length of “0” to a max range of about a 100 steps. Each detent gave you about 10 steps for range for the cutter beam.

Sky made a set for all of us and he presented them the day before he and Fhaa were both to receive their chips. It was time, for they were both a little over 6 years old with the body and mind of a USSB 20 year old .

To say I was impressed would be an understatement.

To celebrate we all went on a little simulated safari to a a Dino world and finally to a primitive planet that reminded me of earth when there were war lords and primitive weapons. We were totally awesome and got very good at judging which weapon to use and quickly judging distance control with both weapons.

I am glad it was all a simulation for we absolutely ruled where ever we went.

A Star Wars light saber these were not; (said with a Yoda voice).. There would be no clashing of light beams if the cutter beams crossed paths for the cutter beam would continue for the distance set by the thumb wheel.
I did insist that Sky add a feature that only our family could get the things to work which he did by adding a biometric detector next to the thumb wheel on the hilt.

I could just see us on some primitive world getting separated from the sword or dagger and having a primitive get their hands on one ! They were so simple to use if they did not kill themselves trying them out they would become a force to recon with.

Which brings me up to a few things I have learned over these last few years.

With Earthly eyes and sentiments you might not like what I am about to tell you.

The seeding projects of USSB have a noble purpose, I think we could all agree, however there is a dark side to this process. It was found, long long ago that the hybrids of a planet that USSB created could control and direct a population in a direction that showed promise for them gaining basic scientific principles and hopefully Bulk travel. Even on a much simpler level of laying down basic societal rules for the barbarians to follow, the greater intellect of the hybrids was always an asset or a destructive force as they were active on countless worlds. The hybrids usually do not know they are hybrids to begin with, but have been developed with a predetermined disposition towards certain intelligence and then implanted into some breeder of the host world. Unfortunately, progress in science is many times motivated by fear and war for our species and many others in the universe.

To create a Hybrid you had to have the genetics of the world you wanted to create Hybrids for. The genetics of the host world are used to degrade the basic genetic material or otherwise USSB could just make a sentient and impregnate a host breeder which could be made bigger, smarter, and certainly more standoutish which is exactly something that is not wanted; usually. DNA needs to look like a home grown variety.

USSB used the little Gray's and the Tom Ngan (Big Buggy Grays) for the collection process. Either type of these Grays were so telepathic that they could put most primitives to sleep with just a look and a thought, or totally freeze them in their tracks.

Many of the stories about eggs and sperm taken from earthlings actually have much basis in fact. Easy to dismiss and ridicule those who have had the experience however unfortunately for the majority of those who have undergone this harvesting; it is not something they enjoyed.

The Grays bedside manner lacked allot of the niceties our species would like to have.

If it ever happens to you, wish and pray for a Falongsaid to be part of the harvesting crew.

It is a necessary process to get some sentient species headed in a more USSB desirable direction.

We had an old saying in Texas, “You have to sacrifice a few Peaches to make a Peach cobbler” and please do not think I am totally in favor of this process.. You kinda have to look at this as, the needs of the many definitely out weigh the needs of the few especially when you are talking about an entire species.

Fhaa and Sky did not like the method of getting their chips but for once they could communicate with mom and dad on a more equal level and were thoroughly happy about this right of passage. Layla and I both were so proud of these two and their abilities that love and devotion are such an inadequate starting point of discussion it hurts.

Fhaa had grown into a beautiful woman with poise and class ( she must have gotten that from her mother) and had continued in her studies of healing, genetics and chemistry where Sky was more interested in making things and dreaming up new and improved methods of doing stuff. He would have been an awesome engineer back on Earth.

We as a family had visited Tiki several times (Layla thought I was emotionally attached) so the kids could see where they got their start in life.

Regardless of what Layla said, Tiki was glad to see us ! OK call me a sentimental sap but Tiki was my first ship and I did feel an attachment to her !

posted on Mar, 25 2015 @ 10:10 AM
Glad you are continuing the story!

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