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Happiness is USSB, Layla, Tiki, and me !

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posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 04:37 PM

originally posted by: swanne
a reply to: 727Sky

*tap on the back*

I know the feeling mate.

Now, time to de-cross my eyes.

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 04:41 PM

originally posted by: 727Sky

Man you are quick ! You are one of the few I had hoped would catch the story so thanks for taking the time to read what started out to be a simple process !

Yeah, it's a rather large piece all right.

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 04:43 PM
Humm I think the sight is having problems. I did a quote of your replay and added: You were one of the people I had hoped would catch the story .... thanked you for your time etc etc.. That was totally dropped from my first replay to you ! I think I will go and do something else for a while before I bust a vein or something.. Again thanks

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posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 04:47 PM
a reply to: 727Sky

Sure, everything's cool mate.

I love the story, I am actually impressed by the way you took the time to actually explain the science behind it. Nice job mate!

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 04:58 PM
LOVE what I have read thus far...
The premise is excellent and I can't wait to see where it all will lead.

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 05:11 PM
a reply to: 727Sky

Very Cool story so far!! I got to the point of "I spent the next 4 months...." and did a page reload, and it all dissappeared above and including that!!?? WTF?!?!?
Anyway, I hope there is more to follow?!!! Great job!!!!!!

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 10:44 PM
a reply to: 727Sky

The only thing I had to do to further my education was get the bio-chip embedded (up my nose no less) between the frontal lobes of my brain. I could hear the bones crack/break and everything upon insertion. I figured they could beam the damn thing in there or something but “NO” it is not the way it is done.

So I had an on and off nose bleed for a few days, but that was all there was to it.. Well, OK, a few mild headaches while the chip thing took root and made connections to god knows where in my body !

Something I found out later about the Bio-Chips (and the newborn/hatched/ grown/ children of the USSB) ... The Chips will not be installed until certain ages of the newborn’s are reached for all the different species. They want the offspring to develop independent personalities before being connected. The more they learn emotionally, the more they bring to the collective in a weird feeling sort of way.

I guess you could call being chipped a right of passage from childhood into adulthood ?

“Man I have seen some earth kids that should have been chipped by the age of two... It would have saved everyone allot of trouble if they had, but that is just the way they do things at USSB”. Humans who would travel and work in the Bulk would be chipped at age 20 with a fully operational chip. If the chip's function was only as a tracking device; then any age was OK and the chip could be placed just about any unobtrusive place under the skin of a body.

My fully functional chip was also a tracker chip but it too allowed me to learn and communicate telepathically more efficiently. Once in residence (my brain !) it could also be accessed for information and even spoken languages that I could find useful if the need arose. The whole chip thing worked off my own nervous system's weak electrical impulses.

I must admit this is the only way to learn..

Maybe I am some kind of a drone or an android now but to be honest, I still feel the same as I always have, except I do have better access to knowledge than anyone could imagine back on Earth and I can not only understand the goals and purpose of USSB but I can feel it in my very being.

Living conditions:

Many of the races that make up the USSB live underground.

With their ability to control matter, all they do is pick a world they want a base at and pull up some design parameters and “POOF” there will be rooms and living quarters at any depth and temperature, made to order ! The ships that provide the new habitat are specialty ships with a different type tractor beam array that is coupled with a USSB mass to energy converter. It is a continuous loop system which the more they excavate the more power is available. The entire system is EXTREMELY efficient even though slightly bulky when considering most technical things at USSB..

Big advantages to living underground is the weather. It is always controlled plus when you look up in most places you see a projected daytime sky or the local stars at night if the habitat is on a day/night schedule. Just like a real world of outdoor life and it all looks thoroughly real. Some of the most doggy looking asteroids are beyond description once you get inside. Most of the USSB scientific observation posts are constructed this way. The local natives, if there are any, never know they are being watched and even seeded/altered during research/growing times.

Underground habitats provide all kinds of protection and benefits, especially if you are not the one who has to dig the thing out.

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 10:45 PM
a reply to: 727Sky

Eating is a simple matter of walking over to a food console and thinking about what you would like to eat. If the item is stored in the memory bank of a powered console (or you remember how to make it yourself) your meal will be ready in less than 10 seconds. If you cannot decide what you want to eat the console will make a nutritional meal based on recommendations you body indicates it needs to the Bio-Chip. Left overs and food containers/dishes are placed back into the console and all you do is “think” dispose or throw away and everything just dematerializes.. The food console also works as a clothes depository. Strip down and place your clothes in the unit and think about a new outfit to wear and wallah your old dematerializes and a new materializes.

“I would not recommend placing your hand inside during the process” !

Clothes and styles are usually worn for function and style instead of modesty however, some species might wear only some jewelry and that was just about all. Clothing was really an option except for being species specific and customary to that particular species home world's customs.. I usually wear a two piece metamaterial that can change colors and patterns upon my wants and needs of the day.

Ship board many do not wear some form of footwear while others do; just depends.

Exercise and a fit healthy body:

When you want to sleep your mind shuts down and normal dreams or something you might want to dream about vividly happens. The sleep paralysis, where your mind is disconnected from the motor functions of your body takes on a whole different meaning once chipped !

While you sleep your bio-chip isometrically exercises each and every muscle of your body.. The first couple of sleep cycles were a bitch when I finally woke up. It felt like my body had been beaten with a baseball bat or worse until I learned how to think the pain away.. I suppose it was after about 60 sleep cycles before very dramatic changes in my body became noticeable.. Man oh man I had a six pack that, “momma you should see me now”. I bulked up and slimmed down in all the right areas for a human form such as mine...

“I liked the look, even if I do say so myself“.

As an extra added benefit:

The bio-chip was able to manage and quickly increase the length of human cellular telomeres which are the protective caps on the ends of the cellular chromosomes that control aging and many diseases. Theoretically I should be able to function and live at peek performance for hundreds if not thousands of years due to the continuous replacement of my telomeres. From what I understand even if I got my hand or other important pieces of my body cut off in some kind of accident; things would grow back . I think I will wait and just hope that this particular regrowth process is never needed for me ! My Physical body was 45 Earth years old when I received my bio-chip. Since receiving the chip I do not look a day over 30 and I have the energy of a kid and the eyesight of an Earthly Eagle in some ways and in other ways the light spectrum I can detect and see is truly awesome .

“Call me (anything but Spamy) a Methuselah knock-off, I really am, only harder for most to say; No” ?

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 10:47 PM
For some reason a head with its' chicken cut off arose in my mind ? Would the chicken grow a new head or would the head grow a new body ?

Answer: If the chip was in the head an attempt at a new body would be grown but unfortunately there would not be enough cellular matter and regenerative energy (assuming the brains lack of oxygen and death) for the process to proceed. I could go on about growing vats and the speed of the recovery for the head but you probably get the picture.

First Mission:

Hard to keep time around here so you just adjust to your environment. I do whatever I do until I get sleepy and then I just shut down until I wake back up refreshed and ready to do something more. If I had to guess it was sometime after the magic 60 sleep cycles that I was invited to go on one of the supply missions with a tall Nordic (The Falongsaid) crew. I could go with them or another race that looked like a cross between Godzilla and a T.V. Gecko.. Just because I am me, I chose El Geckozilla for my first mission and found out they were referred to as the Dray !

We Phased into the Bulk Zone and jumped to a place where there were millions of asteroids.. We then executed scans of the rocks mineral make-up and cut a few up into manageable chucks with our cutter beams. We then brought the pieces back aboard our cargo ship via a run of the mill, every Star ship has to have one, tractor beam which worked off our auxiliary engine drive. The tractor beam could also be used to pull apart chunks of rock to get to the goodies inside which is something I had never thought of . Split the Focus on one part to retrieve and on another part to push away and as the (3 beams) power is increased you get separation as the object is torn apart. The tractor beam method is slower but much more detailed than the cutter beams and is rarely used except for special occasions.

“Neat” !

The Dray were a no nonsense bunch to be around yet very efficient and not slow at all. Their females were the ones with the super psychic abilities and the males were the brawn, but not psychic dummies either. The males stood on average about 7 feet tall and I swear they could lift at least 650 pounds without a creaking or cracking of any bones in their bodies. Marsipretongsapandess (I thought of him as Marvin) demonstrated this feat to me when we were in the cargo bay and he picked up a chunk of mineral to move to a more desirable place. I did the calculation and and he had picked up 651.9 pounds in normal 1 'G' earth gravity !

While he was watching I tried to just slide the thing a little further left... I could not even budge it.... Call me a wimp ! Furthermore, you should see what the Drays do when they think they are smiling.

The Drays' eating habits were a little different but I suppose having to have something cooked for me and coming out of a food console all brown and toasty was a little extreme for them too.. We were both a species of omnivore. I will forever be grateful that Sispee did not offer to serve me to the rest of the crew as desert and I likewise swore I would not cook and eat one of her first born or make an omelet out of the freshly laid eggs she and the other female seemed to drop on a regular basis...

Guess you had to be there to appreciate the humor of the moment.

This ship was just a 3 mile long cylinder and was considered rather small for this type mission.

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 10:49 PM
a reply to: 727Sky
The crew consisted of four Dray males and two Dray females, plus me. The small nature of our specialty ship was due to us wanting only certain minerals and not much else. Total mission time away from base was ?? not even one sleep cycle..

I never pictured myself as a space miner but it was actually enjoyable and I kind of liked the Drays.

Good lizard looking birds one and all.

Upon return I saw a Nordic (Falongsaid) crew getting ready to ship out for another mining mission. One of the females was so good looking it brought tears to my eyes and a hardness to my soul, or some such thing? Needless to say I leaped at the chance to volunteer my observational skills and once again was, “welcomed aboard” !

You really do have to be careful with the whole 'telepathic thing' but I had already figured out the knack of only transmitting my focused thoughts by staring at someone when I wanted to communicate. Emotions were a bit harder to stop transmitting and that may be one of the reasons Layla smiled a big toothy grin at me when I was volunteering my services..

This ship was a true mid-sized cargo ship that stretched 10 'figure a mile' long (one yowl) and 3 miles high (jute som yowl bone) and with a girth of close to 6 miles (jute hoke yowl sun) wide, so we were able to transport much of everything a true Inter Galactic USSB Empire (Ooops did I say Empire?) would need locally at our home base.

(One yowl is 5437.4 feet in a conversion from feet to yowl.)

I kept figuring we would do some kind of mapping mission but after 1.28 billion years of going pretty much everywhere (as one can imagine) they had some rather detailed maps already that existed in the 'Main'.

Layla and I got along most favorably and all I can say is, you have never had real 100% sex until you are telepathically joined. Feeling what the other person feels as they feel you is everything and even more than it is cracked up to be. She called me her first virgin which 'I was' in this new way of doing things !

“I never want to go back to the old way that is for sure”.

The old way is like washing your feet with your socks on. Yep, the feet get wet but half the tactile sense and 99.99% of the real enjoyment of bonding is lost. I guess you could say lust, love, and procreation are one thing while true bonding is on such a higher level it is not even in the equation.

Speaking of lust ! I was in total lust for the whole trip which thank ?everything? lasted for more than a few hours ! 12 sleep cycles before we returned to base as we traveled to many different locations; but my sleep schedule was some kind of messed up during the whole mission. I really do not know how long we were gone that would mean anything to you without a conversion ?

Checked Conversion:

You see my sleep cycles now average once every 36 Earth hours. I am up and productive for 32 to 33 hours and then I start to get sleepy unless I am doing something quite 'interesting'. . I usually sleep for 3 to 4 hours depending on what I was doing and how strenuous my activities were during my awake state. During one time period with Layla's crew I was awake for 67 straight hours and when I finally did go to sleep it was for a solid 9 hours! I begrudged the time asleep but my body/mind really needed it! To say being with Layla is 'interesting' is obviously a super understatement!

I am glad I checked the conversion, for I had not realized what kind of sleep habits I now had or how far I could stretch the cycles if the need/desire arouse.. hahahah Layla slept for 10 hours like a brick, “I win, I win”!

After our return I found that Layla and I were joined telepathically in some sort of a mutual way so that I could always call her name and she would answer even if separated by galactic distances; all without the obvious staring. Trust me better than a darn cell phone. Our feelings and sights could be sent no matter where we were or what we were doing. They called it pair bonding.. I just called it good.

With psychic abilities you can skip all the preliminary B.S. of an earthly relationship that we have to go through and truly find what most on earth would call your soul mate. All because of the ability to psychically connect. Pair bonding between (however many souls) last a life time and is not as easy to come by as my lucky happy experience. Layla had never pair bonded with anyone either so we were both virgins in the Pair Bonding Department.

If the Bio-Chips brought us together, or a natural mutual psychic attraction, you gotta figure; something made me have the all consuming hots for her. WHATEVER THE CAUSE, THANKS!

Auto Probes and Droids:

Where things in the Multiverse might be of scientific interest or a hazard to navigation in a given area, the auto Probes updated the data based maps with constant feed back and the current dimensional happenings in real time which is transmitted through the Bulk via relay Droids to the MAIN. If you were looking for something in particular, all you had to do was think it and the chip in your brain would tell you everything you wanted to know, with directions, and even pictures; all with the latest information just as if you were there and watching in person if you so desired . In-depth overviews or the real nitty gritty with the math and everything could be pulled up, or just the basic overview, depending on how much detail you wanted to know..

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 10:50 PM
a reply to: 727Sky
Myself, I like the real time pictures more than the details or the math !

SETI of earth was a big waste of money because only the most primitive non-telepathic species would ever use radio signals to communicate outside the Bulk. A waste unless you wanted to wait years or centuries to receive an answer..

Just for fun and a learning experience I started looking at some of the worlds that had a life form that we on earth would call dinosaurs. I came to the realization there were more worlds with that type of higher life form than any other, and yes they acted more like birds than lizards .

“No reason for a Jurassic Park ride when the real thing is everywhere”.

There are certain forms and functions that are universal for higher life forms. Two eyes etc etc that sort of thing, and the multitude of Dino species carried on with that theme on countless worlds. The major differences in their form and function was due to the planets gravity, star, and oxygen content more than anything else. Another thing of interest I found about Dino planets and their life forms are all the colors the Dinos come in and display. They are more like birds of paradise with their color schemes than I had ever imagined. Pretty in a Peacock/Turkey Gobbler sort of way for many of the males.

USSB at times, if the conditions were right, would send a few rocks 'the Dino planets way' and start the seeding of a higher species, however, that was usually left up to the Drays who more than anyone knew about such things as Dino worlds. I guess you could call it an inter-species courtesy even though we all can access the latest info on any subject. A destruction or a seeding of a planet is usually carried out by a genetically like species. If Earth is ever 'reset' again it will be the Falongsaid who will manage the whole thing..

“To be honest I am kinda surprised we Earthlings did not all end up as Earth Geckos or some such knock off of the Drays.

From what I gather about Earth's Dino population; even after the last hundred million years of their existence there was still no spark or potential for a sentient Dino species ever reaching Bulk travel. Therefore, a rock from space was sent to do a planet wide earth reset.

The age old question for your consideration might be, “Who's you daddy now; or, you wanna meet uncle Dray”?

Reset and seed with spliced DNA. It is a very old story if the host planets DNA is corrupted with stupidity and no statistical chance of becoming a USSB sentient; there are plenty of other DNA's to choose from to give sentient biology a kick start.

USSB tried to maintain some sense of balance with the sentient beings if it was a fresh planet reset and seeding .. I supposed you could look at it as an immigration policy that has existed for over 1.28 billion years ?

USSB and Them:

The USSB now controls Bulk travel in 333 Billion Galaxies; maybe that is not the right word for it.. They have operations in those Galaxies with bases and life forms they are watching or working with on billions and billions and billions of planets. 23.384 trillion according to the bio-chip's data if including planetoids, moons, and asteroids .

“Think about that for a moment” !

“Mind boggling isn't it” !

How did the USSB Empire get such a head start on other life forms ?

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 10:52 PM
a reply to: 727Sky
THE VAST MAJORITY of stars in our own little Milky Way galaxy have lifetimes longer than our yellow ”G2” type Sun. G-stars like our Sun make up only about 8 % of all stars in the Milky Way .

Red M-stars like Gliese 667 or Proxima Centauri make up 76.45% of all stars in our galaxy and are so long lived in their main sequence that it was once theorized K and M stars would have lifetimes so great they would still be shining in their main sequence near the end of our theoretical universe .

Throw in Orange K-stars like 54 Piscium or Sigma Draconis for another 12.1% of the stars in our galaxy (leaving out exotics) and that will give you a small part of the big picture with regards to the possibility of long lived stars and their attendant planets providing room for sentient life to take root everywhere in the past, present, and future .

Our sister Galaxy M-87 (Andromeda which should be thought of as a big brother, not a little sister) presently has over one trillion lighted stars in various stages of their main sequence. Almost all of these stars have several planets orbiting them as Andromeda's 220 light year (s) diameter 'pin wheels' throughout this dimensional universe in our general direction . IC 1101, a very distant galaxy from the Milky Way is 613 light years across. Just for a reference, the Milky Way Galaxy is only 109 light years across.

Good things come in small packages ?

The Dwarf stars in our own Milky way galaxy have 83.9 billion planets orbiting in what is referred to as their 'Goldilocks Zone' with another 18.6 billion planets orbiting Earth G type stars in the same preferred zone .

The first Bulk travelers came from a small cluster of Red M-type Dwarf stars that were born before Earth's arm of the Milky Way was even formed. There were many regrettable mistakes made during that early time because there were those who initially wanted to direct and control the less developed beings and make all of them in their own image, values, and science . Even though it was STUPID in my opinion it is understandable when tribal or family values are considered. Those type of values are a survival mechanism for primitives . The first Bulk travelers floundered around in a very bad system for almost three thousand years before USSB was formed by adding the Bio-Chip.

Just because some entity achieves Bulk travel does not mean they have the right to seed planets with their own biology, especially if the seeding requires the destruction of other higher sentient life forms .

New races of sentient beings bring to USSB different and sometimes amazing ways of doing surprisingly different things. It has just been proven to be better to leave them alone and monitor their science and progress until they achieve Bulk Zone Travel . Then make them an offer they really can not refuse if they want to travel the universe.

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 10:53 PM
a reply to: 727Sky
Our home Milky Way Galaxy is slightly smaller than the average 4 armed bar galaxy as far as bar Galaxies go, so you can double and usually quadruple X 10 the average numbers for Goldilocks planets in a statistical representation of the Galaxies for our dimensional universe.

The bad news is, just because a planet is in the Goldilocks zone, it does not mean it is fit for higher life much less sentient life. However the odds are much better if the planet is not to large or small, has a rocky surface and a magnetic field, not to hot or cold due to the chemical make-up of its' atmosphere and has liquid WATER! Otherwise simple forms of bacteria and fungus rule almost everywhere in the universe if numbers and the weight of these simple life forms are even slightly considered.

Another hard rule/fact that has never been disproved is: You never find just one of something in a galaxy. Rare yes, just one , no way.

No Dwarf K stars (up to this date and time) have ever been found to produce different sentient type beings other than what is commonly referred to as the Big Grays; with the large black eyes, grayish skin, and mostly everything the Gray's entail. If there is sentient life at all in a K system you can bet it will be a Buggy Gray .

“An earthly mind really has a problem with such scale and numbers in just the two mentioned Galaxies; now imagine over 450 Billion Galaxies in this (what we call our) dimensional universe . You really can't do it except in some broad anemic general mind game term”.

Again I can't say it enough; USSB is on such a grand scale it creates havoc of the mind with any concept of what makes an Empire of this size. USSB and its' existence, makes any effort to imagine such a thing just a simple exercise in a very limited primitive childhood fantasy.

USSB has remotely mapped and briefly explored another 100 BILLION Galaxies and is currently waiting on many of their Sentients to achieve Bulk travel.

Having Sentients for the huge personnel requirements for USSB would make any head of an H.R. Department go mad with needing beings (people) for all kinds of duties and stuff !

Probes and Droids are one thing but nothing replaces whatever a Sentient uses for seeing and moving over the ground of some far flung planet.

All Probe and Droid info is relayed to a general data base called the MAIN. However, if a USSB sentient saw or discovered something truly 'amazing and new' it went into a hierarchical Que plus the general MAIN data base that all us chippers could view at our leisure. My chip Que presently has 117 things of interest .. Talk about a email overload ! The good news is when I open this Que I know everything that has been sent in a fraction of a second. I routinely open my Que several times a sleep cycle and mentally thank USSB for the bio-chip. There is no way any one being could assimilate all the knowledge that is part of USSB and be able to recall anything and everything with just a thought without the chip. It also helps when you want to think about something to know it exist. Otherwise it is like a veil of stupidity hiding unknown knowledge.

Hey.... now you might get a glimmer of understanding why they let little old Earthlings into the USSB; they need sentient life forms of all shapes and sizes. If your species is smart enough to tap the Bulk you will have a shot at entry into this 'not quite so exclusive' club. Education and the way things work is provided by the bio-chip implant for the good of all USSB species and gives us all an understanding of, 'we were all in this dimension/universe together for a common purpose'.

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 10:54 PM
a reply to: 727Sky
Our main purpose is to seed the universe with sentient life forms in all their shapes and sizes. I guess you could say, “It is how the universe learns about itself as if the multitude of Species are the synapses of the universal brain”.

Our secondary purpose is to provide scientific proof and answers to anything a USSB species could imagine. My little special bundle of DNA made me an explorer with a desire “to boldly go where no one has gone before” !

“Haha Even in USSB there was a place for someone like me; in-spite of the Droids”.

In truth there is a place for every sentient being in USSB. Just because today I want to go 'boldly', there is nothing stopping me in the future from doing something else of interest. This is not a caste system where you are locked into doing something forever due to some made up social status. USSB is a system where each individual is free to choose and seek their own fulfillment for the betterment of all USSB sentient life.

Knowledge could be considered a USSB religion; not some dogma by a people or government wanting to control the thoughts and actions of their species by some invisible omnipotent sky god entity. In all the travels of USSB they have not met a true God; just some species that if turned loose on a primitive culture the natives would darn sure think they were gods.

“The Asuramâya comes to mind right off the bat; they used to put on quite a show for primitives or new seedlings”. They are consummate actors, incredible psychic healers of primitives, and amazing showmen with or without a script.

So, yes it used to happen but things have been tightened up after watching where these brief intentional contacts led the local primitive species. More often than not these contacts ended in a promising species destroying itself and its' whole planet, negating any possible future Sentient Seedlings.

Planet wide 'petri dish' experiments are still carried out but are much more refined than in the olden days. In times past you might have what would be considered a rogue element in today's USSB time line, basically doing their own thing and screwing up a species so badly that it would take centuries (or never) to straighten out the well intentioned messes they caused by their presence and contact .

USSB had to learn what worked, and what didn't, for the betterment of all species; for nothing is born knowing everything, not even USSB.

Back to speaking of Dimensions; the USSB had mapped ten other parallel Dimensions on a limited basis. But due to personnel shortages (other than mapping probes) that was about as far as they have gone in that direction. All of the ten have galaxies and planets just like our dimensional universe. The universe in our Dimension is huge and provides all that any of the many species could ask for yet, the quest for knowledge and to see what is 'over yonder hill' is strong in all USSB Sentient Being societies.

I plan on going to one of the 10 extra dimensions and doing a little exploratory rock kicking once certain obligations are fulfilled back on earth. There is a slight problem in all ten of the parallel dimensions for they too have bulk travel and as we; they are mapping our dimension.. So far it has been a droid look and see kind of arrangement. But it is fast approaching the time to reach out and touch someone/thing/ whatever, over there.

On one of their far flung mapping missions in our Earthly Dimension ('long long ago'; I like the way that sounds) the USSB came across another consortium of Bulk travelers that basically had the same system as the USSB. There were meetings and agreements made between the two societies which opened a dialog with three other Bulk traveling 'federations' (for lack of a better word).. Billions of Galaxies with room for all was the general consensus. All these Federations became USSB members with the exception of one.

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 10:56 PM
a reply to: 727Sky
The Darpa consortium:

The Darpa Federation or consortium was the last group we made contact with. They are not as free and technically advanced nor as noble as the USSB (in my opinion). In the worlds under their purview they tended to seed and make sentient life forms in their own image. They were a small psychic group that worked barely half of one Galaxy and did not use a bio-chip for their beings. They seemed to have structural problems in their dominion which ever so often caused the occasional blood bath of their leadership and much destruction of their seeded lifeforms.

“It was usually their new seedlings that caused all the problems... Go figure”. USSB agreed to concede that galaxy to the Darpa with a warning, “If they started that crap in a USSB galaxy they would lose all they thought they had gained”.

The Darpa were tall buggy Grays with buggy eyes that thought they were the top of the evolutionary ladder. We have many different tall Grays too, which were possibly from some long ago (first 6 million year seeding efforts) but our Grays seemed to be more of the live and let live type without all the attitude. We called several of our gray species Tom Ngan because of their psychic abilities.

“I liked our Buggy Grays but the Darpa got on my psychic nerves”.

The tall Grays are not to be confused with the little Grays which most on earth are familiar hearing about. The little Grays are not quite biological sentient beings. They are truly controlled by the MAIN A.I. hive mind of USSB or, any sentient telepathic being they are assigned to for special operations. The little Grays are truly the worker Bees of USSB and are made for that purpose. They all look the same and are impossible to become buds with. There is nothing (emotions/feelings except for a low level of self preservation) inside their large heads; just programed wet/ware, action reaction abilities, that reminded me of some really smart ant colony that never existed on Earth.

The Little Gray's psychic abilities reinforced by the A.I. MAIN hive mind could at times remind you of the “Force” from the Star Wars movie series, as in the latest (58) “The force is all”. I always like those movies and they have shown no sign of slowing down or stopping the production of the films. There were rumors before I left earth that the next film in the series would have the title of, “USSB and the Force”! No doubt they will screw it up, but it should be fun to watch !

“Sorry back on topic”.

The tall Grays were all a cold bunch and rather standoffish in their attitudes at times, but they were very smart even without the chip. Their telepathic abilities were superior to just about all known species; and they knew it.

There was, once upon a time long ago, when our Buggy Grays the Tom Ngan made a power play to take over the entire USSB. They had wanted to destroy a slightly sentient race on a back water world (old grudge with that type of species) and seed it with their own form of Grays. That was something that USSB in their rule book said was a big NO NO; USSB did not destroy (for the most part) but enabled all sentient life forms. Yet because of being superior telepaths these Grays thought they could run a covert operation behind everyone’s back and have it their own devious way. To say they got their telepathic pee pee knocked in some very hard dirt would be an understatement.

Remember the Chip we all have in our bodies..

The bio-chip can be an on and off switch too. The first group of Big Grays that removed the chips had no one to talk to after the chips removal. During the chip removal process a chemical was released and they lost all telepathic abilities. The trouble makers were all rounded up and given a stern talking to (meeting of the minds for they don't talk via sound waves) where they all mostly swore allegiance once again to the USSB.. The few hold outs (superiors in their bug brained minds) were shipped off to a planet where they could all live their wildest fantasies without Bulk travel and the many amenities of being USSB lifeforms.

There were rumors that the leadership of the Buggy Grays were dropped off on a Dino planet.. Now that would have been fun to watch ! Call me a racist (which takes on a whole different meaning around here) but talking to something that looks like a 5 or 6 foot tall earthly Preying Mantis (without all the legs) takes a bit of getting used to and besides, “They always look and act like they want to bite a chunk out of you, I swear”.

You might could say I was becoming very partial to USSB, even patriotic. The life style in this universe they have created is something this “spam in a Can” could never have dreamed of as a possibility, much less be allowed to be part of and live in the actual heaven that is USSB .

“The worlds and the life styles of different sentient beings in the trillions of worlds and Billions of Galaxies that USSB has helped to create is something I wish all could see; for there really is a 'big picture' after all”.

Exchange officer:

My time at USSB was almost up and I was dreading going back to Earth. I guess you could say, “I had gone native”.

I did everything I could to delay my return but it was finally decided I would go back and shake some hands and make a few speeches and then I could Physically return to USSB.

With the bio-chip I was always part of USSB but it just isn't the same as actually being and experiencing stuff for a hands on guy like myself. I guess you could say if scientific knowledge was all we were after, then USSB would have built a bigger fleet of probes, not Bulk Ships. Exploration is about seeing things with your own sight and the elation of new discoveries that only a sentient being can experience after wanting to know,”what's over there”?. The little Grays are a classic example of Droid like drones who can not feel excitement or even appreciate what they are holding for beauty's sake. If you told them to pick up a turd, they would, but they would not even search for the clean or harder end; that's for sure ! Emotions and responses to stimuli are actually cherished at USSB and are so noted. Maybe one day a new model of the Little Grays will be produced with a bit more emphatic reasoning but at this stage there really is no reason. Everything works just fine the way it is as far as I am concerned.

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 10:57 PM
a reply to: 727Sky
Earthlings were once afraid of artificial Intelligence (A.I.) with good reason after watching some of the old Terminator films. However I must say the USSB proves that does not have to be the case. USSB hierarchical architecture is the pinnacle of A.I. It protects, teaches, and gathers information to be distributed to all USSB sentient life forms via the bio-chip. Each of us is but a node of learning for the whole of the USSB while exercising our own free will. The little Grays are something like the fingers of the A.I. that is USSB.

Who knows even I may find something that is Que worthy as a small offering of thanks one day. There is a whole Multiverse to explore; but for me, the little wet speck of dirt and rock called Earth is just plain, boring .

Layla had decided she would go with me to hold my hand through all my future earth tribulations..

Hell man, with her by my side this “Spam in a Can” would feel like the best prime rib money could buy! (humm.... money is not something I have thought of for a long time.... what an archaic way of social interaction for primitives)

Another added benefit (to many benefits to count) of Layla going back with me is, by her very presence she is a walking recruitment poster for USSB .

“Golly Gee Whiz, I love my life; Just not to fond of going back to Earth”.

Chapter Two:

We arrived back on Earth in one of our scout ships which was once referred to as the “Sport Model” by someone of earth who had seen the likes of this ship before.

The time and place had all been arranged and right on cue we appeared a couple of hundred feet above the ground and settled into a nice landing, even if I do say so myself. We could have done a few visible flybys and really put on a show, but this was not a flag waving mission. Upon our exit of the Sport Model I sent it back to orbit earth's moon. Out of touch, out of sight, from earthly sticky fingers was my thinking and at least, that way, it would remain in one piece. Besides, Layla or myself could call it back in a moments notice if we wanted to.. The ship is just like the little Grays in someways; it was assigned to us and would remain with us until we or USSB turned it loose to do something else.

The United Nations Delegates were present along with many of the world's leadership . Layla and I were escorted between two long lines of dignitaries and leaders which folded inwards to follow our procession as we preceded to the podium in the general assembly building.

The feelings I got from the minds I touched seemed to all be in Awe of Layla's beauty and the transformation in appearance that I had gone through since my absence.

All the guidelines for this shindig had been laid out before our arrival in-spite of some of the Military and governments of the worlds concerns; Stupid concerns IMO for IF we (USSB) wanted to do “Whatever” there was nothing earth could do to stop it..Seriously !

Ahead of us at about 140 feet was a heavy set man that was waiting on us to get closer so he could detonate his suicide vest by pushing a battery charged switch he had in his right trouser pocket. As soon as I detected his thought process and emotions I turned to my right to shake hands with a Russian delegate. While looking over the Russian's short stature shoulder I set a strong mental picture of the fat man's intent to one of the security service guys by the name of Stark who was just one of many behind the dignitaries. Agent Stark was wired for sound so upon telling the other security guards down the reception line (which stood behind the heavy set man) of the threat; the guard closest dropped the man in his tracks with what appeared to be a stun gun to the base of his neck.

The security guards were very professional as they surrounded the fat man who was not fat at all just heavily looking with all the explosives on his body. They disarmed his vest and carried him away. The radio chatter by the security guys and wanting to know how Agent Stark detected the threat was interesting. I had placed a mental image of the bad guy's location in Stark's mind, vest and all, so now Stark was a Hero and the Fat skinny Man was headed to a place he would regret the day he ever saw.

Agent Stark now thought he might be a bit psychic...

So much for diplomatic immunity getting past security for the fat man, No ?

It happened so quickly that even those in close proximity thought this misguided religious nut case had just passed out or had a heart attack. I spoke to the Russian in a very proper Russian language, accent and all, while all this was going on. Small talk with the customary, “glad you could make it” sort of thing.

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 10:58 PM
a reply to: 727Sky
Later it would be hinted that I favored the Russians over others.. Just political nonsense... It was nice though that the situation had been revealed and stopped before it blew into an international brew ha ha or worse yet people were injured.

Once I got to the Speaking Podium I told everyone what actually happened except the part of me placing an image of the fat man in Stark's mind. I just said Layla had been psychically alerted to the man's intentions and told me about the danger so I thought it would be a good idea to pause so security could deal with the threat. It was lucky for everyone in attendance that even before I could tell someone about the threat Agent Stark noticed something odd about the man and took action.

Pretty good extemporaneous story especially since it was believed.

If the vest bomb had been detonated the kill zone form 65 degrees either side of the vest and was estimated to have been 70 feet with injuries much further out.

My first speech at the U.N. And I lied ! I should have felt right at home with all the other members present, No?

The speech was what I had experienced while away at USSB. I introduced Layla as my pair bonded mate and stepped away from the microphone while she explained about her people and some of the other races that all made up the USSB. I closed for us with placing thoughts and words to the effect that there were many other sentient life forms through out the USSB universe who lived and worked together for knowledge and peace. With Earth's decision to join the USSB these opportunities and knowledge would be available for all just for the asking.

I suppose it went over well for we got a standing ovation which was mostly sincere.

Funny in a sick sort of way how some earthlings are always looking for an advantage so they, and only they, can climb the power broker tree. They will learn, 'it don't work that way at USSB'.

There was a dinner after the U.N. assembly and so much hand shaking that I finally made a speech declaring that the Falongsaid did not shake hands for it was not their custom; so at least I saved Layla from being molested or a sore hand by some of the more enthralled men and women at the dinner.

Finally all the meet and greet was over and we were allowed to retire to a special suite that had been set aside just for us..

The place was bugged !

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 10:59 PM
a reply to: 727Sky
Hahah they got nothing because we usually communicated telepathically. We did make a point of verbally communicating about how nice the delegates and the dinner was and hoped Agent Stark would get a promotion. Just small talk which would make the eavesdroppers feel like they heard normal everyday conversation between two people in love and happy.

The reality of our conversations was how barbaric and disgusting the act of killing so many was just to get to us. I did tell her that throughout Earth's history it always seemed that those who preached peace and brotherhood seemed to get nailed to some wood or shot/chopped/dismembered for their kindness and inspirational words..

She was not impressed with many of the Earthlings (you would not be either if you could see and read their innermost thoughts) or earth's governmental structures in general (to put it mildly) but she did not blame me for the sins of my fathers because she was me as I was her in a very real sense; just different bodies...

There was a time, here it comes again, long, long, ago when the Falongsaid or her ancestors wiped their planet clean of another race of Sentients. They were once a true warrior race who held long grudges that were even mufti-generational; it was, 'kill on sight, for the losing Sentients'. It did not stop all the wars but it did give them a reason to just kill each other on a more limited basis.. I sometimes wonder if war is not the main cause of scientific progress, for it darn sure seems that way during different stages of development for a sentient culture.

Earth has actually done the same thing with tribes and peoples of different continents since the stronger first started moving on to greener pastures and riches.

It seems like the aggressive ability of a sentient to survive is oftentimes carried over in raw aggression to others so much so that in my opinion it is a wonder sentient beings last long enough to ever achieve Bulk travel.

We were assigned two female aids that insured we stayed on schedule for each days activities and a detail of security that could be considered top notch for Earth.

Some of our activities required us to fly to different locations which even though I grew up flying my own stuff I really was dead set against going on any of earth's aircraft. Just to easy to plant a bomb or contaminate the fuel or oil causing a crash and killing everyone. I finally got my way by just telling the schedulers to let us know where and when; and we would arrive in our Sport Model.. That was a great decision and made for better P.R. Anyway.

At first the military wanted to escort us in their finest fighter aircraft and we just smiled and said if you can keep up, it was fine with us. Our first overseas destination was Beijing, China and we were to be there at 12 noon. We left N.Y. City in the sport model at 10 A.M. Because I wanted to take Layla on a little sight seeing tour, otherwise I could have left at 11:41 and the Sport Model would have gotten us there on time on schedule with wasted minutes maneuvering and screwing around landing at the designated landing spot.

As mentioned before the Sport Model (for that matter all ships of the USSB) were not quite sentient beings in their own right. They were like the little Grays without physical arms and hands and were assigned to different Sentients depending on the needs and mission requirements . As with the Little Grays you can't be buds with a ship like some well written fictional story (The Ship Who Sang by Anne McCaffrey) from earth but Layla and I both really liked this ship. At first we would board and tell the ship where we wanted to go and it would let us know the trip at normal speed from take off to touch down would be so many earthly minutes. Very direct with a drone like computer personality.

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 11:01 PM
a reply to: 727Sky
Layla worked on the ship's personality telepathically and I was quite pleased with the results for the ship started acting like it liked us on a personal level. Nothing earth shattering just little things as in the warmth of feelings the ship used when we approached or were onboard. Instead of how many minutes from point A to B the Ship started asking if we wanted to sight see something it had picked out for us of interest during the flight or even if we wanted to put on a show for our arrival at some destination.

We did start to put on a flying show at almost every destination.

With the Sport Model's new personality and demeanor I decided she needed a name (quaint earth custom ?) so, Tiki was born and christened.. No reason for the name it just fit her. Since Layla's rework of Tiki's personality I wondered why all the little Grays and all the ships did not get the same treatment ?

Tiki said she liked her new name. Hummm O.K. !

Layla informed me it was a personal touch that she and many other Sentients did when assigned a ship or one of the little Grays. Tiki would never forget us and she would always remember how to act around us. Now that I was part of USSB every ship I was in command of would have Tiki's personality until or unless Layla or myself changed the personality.


The fighter pilots in their state of the art AIR-craft were fun to play with and we ended up making friends with several of them once we landed at various places. I even gave tours of the inside of Tiki the Sport Model to certain dignitaries and Pilots; which kinda pissed the dignitaries off (can't have hired hands in here with us big boys). Everyone was amazed there were no visible controls and especially impressed when we had Tiki communicate with individuals directly via a stereo speaker I had asked her to create for such an occasion. One time a group of dignitaries and a few pilots whom had tried to escort us were onboard and wanted to know how we see out of the ship ? The ship went transparent anyplace Layla or I looked and for the grand finality the whole sport model became transparent with a 360 degree view ! Tiki could do that but in reality when we were onboard she was our eyes so everything she detected we could see in our mind's eye.

Oohs and Auh’s were the response from those who saw the demonstration. It became a standard procedure to show-off some of Tiki's capabilities but at no time did I show any weapon capabilities.. We did not really carry dedicated weapons, only our normal tractor beam and cutter beams. I could have told Tiki to 'split tractor beam' any aircraft and rip its' wings off, or used the cutter beam to dismember anything or anyone. No reason to talk about such things, however, on one occasion, Tiki was on normal alert at a function in the outskirts of Bangkok when a young kid who had climbed to the top of a pole to get a better view, fell. The kid just wanted to get a better view and see what was going on during our brief in country meet and greet.

4 Royal Thai Airforce fighter aircraft had done a very loud low level pass as a salute and part of the entertainment for this event. The kid must have looked up and the noise scared him enough so that he lost his grip and was going to fall about 30 feet onto some machinery and rubble from a building project. Tiki grabbed the kid with her tractor beam and actually brought him over to the side of the ship at our location.. By the size of the kids eyes he could have been confused with a little, slightly brown Asian Gray.. Needless to say cameras caught the whole thing and an all world wide news carried the story for weeks !

After that Tiki would, upon request, pick me or Layla up and we would do what we called our angel act. This one act did more to impress the individual natives than just about anything . I actually had the thought of dawning a Superman outfit and doing a run and jump and then for Tiki to take me airborne.. No, I did not do it but I did think about it ! hahahha

“The Asuramâya we were not but this whole perceived 'omnipotent flying around thing' certainly had its' effect on the locals”.

USSB could have written a script that we had to follow but to my knowledge all our actions were our own.. We were just a happy couple of Universe traveling Beings with god like abilities because of USSB technology who acted just like the locals with smiles and everything.

I had to control myself and not come across as a babbling idiot with how great my stay had been off planet at some of the USSB outpost. I did all I could to reach out both verbally and telepathically to give warm and fuzzy feelings to everyone about USSB's mission and structure. Other than the normal “Mark of the Beast” or infidel idiocy crap everything went pretty darn well. Out of the 8 billion Earthlings 3.8 billion had volunteered to go off planet or become members of USSB. There would be more very soon but those were not bad numbers after our first 3 months of doing P.R. work and being stuck back on earth.

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 11:03 PM
a reply to: 727Sky
The only other bad incident to occur was an individual who tried to make a name for himself by stabbing Layla. We knew of his presence and his intent but Layla said she would handle it. He approached during a meet and greet ceremony and as he pulled his version of a high technology non metal knife, he just froze. Layla had telepathically scrambled his motor inputs from his brain and spinal column. He could not move a muscle until the 'ever ready' security (moments to late and a dollar short in this case) tackled the guy.

There really are some sick puppies on Earth and I absolutely want to get us out of here. Every blasted special (special for who) room we stayed in had audio bugs and even video cameras hidden the first week we were on Earth. I finally told our international host that if the invasion of privacy did not stop we would be staying inside Tiki and off world. You should have seen some of the bastards back pedal claiming they knew nothing about the cameras and bugs.. One nice thing about being psychic you can read them like a book written on the “Lying Dung Beatles of Earth” which they are. Their whole Black Ops World seemed to exist to roll # around or stir crap up and cause circumstances where they could use the results to threaten, slander, or blackmail someone at a later date.

There were a few so corrupt and just plain mean in an incredibly sick way I really wanted to implant some serious bad dreams in their heads. O.K. I ain't perfect and I did give a couple of guys vivid dreams of being chased and eaten by some rather small fast Dino’s. Every time they feel asleep the were being chased and or eaten.. Trust me, I could have done allot worse.. Layla does not like evil and if she would have had it her own way she would have popped a few veins in these sicko's heads. Problem solved for mankind etc etc.

She probably is correct about the vein thing and we might go ahead anyway just to cleanse the gene pool.

I dunno I am kind of new at this stuff.

I did not try a direct link with USSB to ask for guidance; I ain't a momma's boy or a whiner but as Layla said, “USSB Main does not think of its' Sentients like that, and because there is ultimate knowledge to be tapped at USSB, I should use it”

With her gentile (?) encouragement (since this is my world and my mission) I did establish a link to the Main where I provided all the info on on the meeting of these characters and all their spying that we knew about. There were only three of them that were the bad of the bad. USSB evidently tapped into every tidbit of information about these guys and out of the three, two were following orders and hated their job..... but one liked to think up all kinds of sick stuff. His name was James Allen and he worked for a Black Ops group embedded in the CIA. This guy was bad news as were two of his Bosses. They were all trying to figure out how to sabotage the efforts of all earthlings who wanted to become part of USSB with some scary slander program they had not even thought up yet; thus the fishing expedition on Layla and myself. I pulled the proverbial trigger and all died that night of an aneurism. Good riddance and no regrets on my part. The other two who were just following orders were given a few dreams which changed their minds about, “Just following orders”.

“Ask and yea shall receive” comes to mind for in my opinion they deserved what they received.

I certainly remember how it was before I became chipped with USSB. It was like a veil covered my metaphysical eyes; I felt or thought there was knowledge just beyond the veil but it was not attainable no matter how hard I tried to see, search, and penetrate; the USSB chip removed the veil and gave me access to the knowledge of the USSB universe...

Everyone I once worked with, after seeing me, and spending a little quality time with Layla and her accented speech were anxious to get off world and be part of USSB. Layla did not have to have an accent but we thought it was a good idea and besides, it just made her more endearing. Even without her psychic abilities the girl could hypnotize just about anyone with her beautiful mannerisms and (music to most ears) voice.

Love and happiness are such inadequate words to use when thinking of our relationship and because of us being 'all-star recruiters' I figured when we finally did leave earth, there were a few places I wanted to go see with Layla and Tiki.

This killing and lying I have had to do on earth is wearing on my ?? This is an unclean place with unclean thoughts and actions by so many of the power brokers. I do not want to square them away or show them the light; some are to far gone to make the effort in my humble opinion. I guess you could say I have had my fill of this operation and look forward to Layla and myself returning to a place where like minded Sentients reside and we are both happier.

“OK, maybe I am a Whiner after all” !

You might think that with all the earthlings wanting to leave their home world the economies would collapse and their would become total mayhem with riots and death.

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