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Trillion Dollar Conspiracy... 9/11 Mounting Evidence...

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posted on Feb, 27 2015 @ 05:46 AM
A reply to: cardinalfan0596

I´m glad to hear that you have a solid education.
I have the tendency to not be impressed by authority. It comes with the education, which basically tells you to mistrust everything, until proven true.
Did you try to use a pocket radio in 2001 when you were in the air, in a commercial plane? At cruising altitudes.

I did, and never succeeded.
My Sony pocket-size laptop was equipped with click-on utilities, one was a small radio with antenna.
My Motorola hand-phone also never worked at those altitudes, just after 9-11.
That was one of the things I could check out myself, since all those cell phone calls that were mentioned in the news, from the hijacked planes, made me very suspicious. At the parking ramp with the door still open, my phone still worked, but definitely not after take off.

Btw, are you also a FDR and CVR read-out specialist?
Then you would understand my concerns about those sudden altitude hick ups in that Fl.77 NTSB animation, based on the Fl.77 recovered FDR. That's what the NTSB said.
I am not by far such a FDR specialist, but I have spend at least three years studying and asking pilots and technicians, how to read those 9/11 FDR's. I think I came a long way, perhaps even a lot further than you, if that FDR read-out subject was not a must in your study packet.

PS : Autopilot_AA77_UA93_study.pdf
Autopilot AA77 and UA93 study by the NTSB in 2002
edit on 27/2/15 by LaBTop because: NTSB study link added.

PS2 : (AA77 jet engine parts found in the Pentagon)
edit on 27/2/15 by LaBTop because: Jet engine link added.

posted on Feb, 27 2015 @ 07:50 AM
a reply to: LaBTop

I am not sure why you keep going on about cellphones and hand held radios. The radios on board an airliner are well suited to the task of monitoring ATC frequencies.

As for the FDR, you really shouldn't try to interpret them without knowing the systems. The experts who have examined the data, have none of your concerns...well, discounting the "experts" who proclaim themselves as such on conspiracy sites.

posted on Mar, 2 2015 @ 10:31 AM
A reply to: cardinalfan0596

The onboard radios were far out of range of Reagan Airport senders at the times the hijackers repeatedly manually set the pressure, causing the hick-ups in that NTSB animation.
Can you find the means how the hijackers did collect the fresh, recent pressure at Reagan Airport.? Because these expert FDR decoder personnel could not.

Further on, when you had studied that Autopilot AA77 and UA93 Study paper its pages 3, 6 and 7 about AA77, you would have found a few things :

1. Page 3.
""AAL 77 Autoflight Activity
Figure 1 shows a time history of the various autopilot and autothrottle modes engaged on Flight 77, from takeoff from Dulles airport to the end of the DFDR data at impact with the Pentagon. Also shown in the Figure are the values of speeds, altitudes, headings, and Mach that the airplane flew. The values set in the MCP by the pilots (both the American Airlines pilots and the hijack pilots) had a recording error when recorded on the DFDR, and could not be determined.""

(LT : MCP = ModeControlPanel, see page 2. That's a strange coincidence, that exactly the values that were set as manual pressures, were not recorded in that recovered digital FDR. )

2. Page 3, 4.
""A few minutes after the hijackers took control of the cockpit (at approximately 08:52), the horizontal mode was changed to a heading select and the airplane began a 180-degree turn back towards Washington. After the new heading was selected, and up until the last nine minutes of the flight, the autopilot operated in modes that receive inputs from the MCP
(i.e., target values of altitude, speed, and heading set directly by the operators of the aircraft rather than from the FMC. The autopilot was off for the last eight minutes of the flight.
For the remainder of the flight, the horizontal mode remained in heading select and the vertical mode was operated in altitude hold, altitude, or flight level change mode. Similarly, the autothrottle remained in either airspeed mode or mach mode, except during times of flight level changes.
At about 09:08, after a flight level change was initiated from 25,000 feet, the First Officer’s flight director, the autopilot, and the autothrottle all disengaged. This disengagement was concurrent with a right (First Officer’s) autopilot warning. The autopilot remained off for approximately two minutes, and then re-engaged on the left side (Captain’s side). The autopilot disengaged again, concurrent with an autopilot warning on the left side. After about a half a minute of disengagement, the left autopilot was re-engaged and the autothrottle was re-engaged soon after. Over the next ten minutes, the autothrottle was engaged and disengaged several times, while the aircraft remained at 25,000 feet, until remaining engaged in the flight level change mode during descent from 25,000 feet.
At approximately 9:29, while at an altitude of 7000 feet and approximately 30 nautical miles from Washington Reagan National Airport, the autopilot and autothrottle were disengaged.
These remained off during the 360-degree, descending turn to impact with the Pentagon.""

(LT : all this on and off of the autopilot/throttle indicates a manual pressure setting, again and again. WHY ? That is very abnormal behavior, normally this has to be done only two times per flight duration, when coming up, and down again through the 18,000 feet altitude)


3. Read Page 6 and 7.
""The magnetic heading of 120 degrees selected in the autopilot MCP was the correct heading for flying to Washington. However, even though the EFIS was in the MAP mode at the time, it was in the 80 nautical mile range setting, and so would not have shown DCA on the display; consequently, it is unlikely that the hijackers used the map display on the EHSI to deduce the correct heading for Washington. It follows that the hijackers had some other means of obtaining this heading.""

(LT : Which means? And what other means to determine pressure at DCA (Reagan Int. ), if on board nor hand held radios didn't provide DCA pressure. And there were no manual pressure set activities anymore before they got in 80 miles range of DCA. So, why could they know so early on already, the perfect pressure setting at DCA.? )

My reason for all this? I expect the same tampering with the last minutes or seconds of Flight 77 its FDR, as can be found in combining 93 its FDR with the by eyewitnesses observed Fl.93-altitudes in Lambertsville.
That shows definite tampering with the last 3 minutes. When you work back from 10:06 instead of the NIST incorrect crash time of 10:03, all altitudes fit like a glove. They tampered with those last 3 minutes, NIST or NTSB or whoever, erased 3 minutes.
The seismic record, radar records and the FAA flight controllers all definitely define the Fl.93 crash time as 10:06...!

edit on 2/3/15 by LaBTop because: There were major mis alignments in the text.

posted on Mar, 2 2015 @ 11:30 AM
a reply to: LaBTop. You really are clueless about the subject are you not? You dont seem t understand the comm systems, you dont seem to understand navigation aids, you dont seem to understand how easy it is to get the necessary information. I mean, you bold print the statement about them having to have a way to get the information, and do not seem to realize that it isn't that hard to do using the onboard compass and the FAA books that would be in the cockpit.

posted on Mar, 3 2015 @ 07:05 AM
Heading. That's not my main subject. You play the dumb card? If you had read the autopilot paper, you knew that I knew it can be done by using several VOR readings, from VOR stations on a 90 degree angle to the flight path.

OR, by a remote system, handled from a command post on the ground, near the Pentagon, probably in sight of its West wall.

Everybody understands it's the pressure setting subject, you change it to heading? Old trick. Doesn't work here.
I wasted 100+ posts on the FDR, read them, and the answers, then you know I do know what the culprit is in that pressure set problem. It's you who type, but do not explain.

Tell us how you think those pilots got the right air pressure at DCA. To be able to shave the grass of that Pentagon lawn, and fly the last 1000 meters or more, inside the ground effect danger zone.

And while you're at it, explain the far too fast steering column movements in those last 5 seconds of FDR flight.
Why did you not address that diagram, instead of insulting members who know enough to teach you a lesson or two.

posted on Mar, 3 2015 @ 11:08 AM
Tell us how you think those pilots got the right air pressure at DCA. To be able to shave the grass of that Pentagon lawn, and fly the last 1000 meters or more, inside the ground effect danger zone.
To insert in their cockpit systems. To be able to use pressure altitude readings on those last few hundred meters.

WITHOUT any autopilot or auto throttle set. They flew already the last 9 minutes MANUALLY, according to the FDR.
Try that on that last 500 meter trajectory, within ground effect danger zone. You will either be launched upwards, or into the soil. Only an autopilot computer can react its wing and tail ailerons fast enough. And it will be a very bumpy ride.
Not that straight trajectory evidence of the spiraling horizontal smoke column in the still-pictures, seen in two of those Pentagon security gate cams.

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