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Another Banker Found Dead Under Strange Circumstances "Slits His Own Throat"

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posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 01:12 PM

Sure. Because slitting your own throat is so popular for suicidal people these days.

First no knife and then magically:

" Miller, managing director of Citigroup's environment and social risk management team, was discovered on Tuesday in the bathtub of his upscale Greenwich apartment with his throat slashed. The NYPD told CNBC on Wednesday that the incident was likely a homicide, since a knife was not found.

But sources told Daily News on Thursday that investigators found a knife under the body, which may indicate that Miller cut his own throat and fell on top of the knife in the bathtub. "

I wonder why?

"Miller “was highly regarded at Citi and across the financial services industry as a leader and tireless advocate for environmental and sustainable business practices,”

So, how many this year?

"1 - William Broeksmit, 58-year-old former senior executive at Deutsche Bank AG, was found dead in his home after an apparent suicide in South Kensington in central London, on January 26th.

2 - Karl Slym, 51 year old Tata Motors managing director Karl Slym, was found dead on the fourth floor of the Shangri-La hotel in Bangkok on January 27th.

3 - Gabriel Magee, a 39-year-old JP Morgan employee, died after falling from the roof of the JP Morgan European headquarters in London on January 27th.

4 - Mike Dueker, 50-year-old chief economist of a US investment bank was found dead close to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington State.

5 - Richard Talley, the 57 year old founder of American Title Services in Centennial, Colorado, was found dead earlier this month after apparently shooting himself with a nail gun.

6 - Tim Dickenson, a U.K.-based communications director at Swiss Re AG, also died last month, however the circumstances surrounding his death are still unknown.

7 - Ryan Henry Crane, a 37 year old executive at JP Morgan died in an alleged suicide just a few weeks ago. No details have been released about his death aside from this small obituary announcement at the Stamford Daily Voice.

8 - Li Junjie, 33-year-old banker in Hong Kong jumped from the JP Morgan HQ in Hong Kong this week.

9 - James Stuart Jr, Former National Bank of Commerce CEO, found dead in Scottsdale, Ariz., the morning of Feb. 19. A family spokesman did not say whatcaused the death

10 - Edmund (Eddie) Reilly, 47, a trader at Midtown’s Vertical Group, commited suicide by jumping in front of LIRR train

11 - Kenneth Bellando, 28, a trader at Levy Capital, formerly investment banking analyst at JPMorgan, jumped to his death from his 6th floor East Side apartment.

12 - Jan Peter Schmittmann, 57, the former CEO of Dutch bank ABN Amro found dead at home near Amsterdam with wife and daughter.

13 - Li Jianhua, 49, the director of China's Banking Regulatory Commission died of a sudden heart attack

14 - Lydia _____, 52 - jumped to her suicide from the 14th floor of Bred-Banque Populaire in Paris

15 - Julian Knott, 45 - killed wife and self with a shotgun in Jefferson Township, New Jersey

16 - Thierry Leyne, 48 - jumped from 23rd floor apartment in Tel Aviv."

Honestly? I'll just say it. Bankers are being targeted and killed for what they have done or the secrets they hold.

Suicide? That's like the guy in Texas that killed himself with a dozen or so hammer blows to his head. Ok then.


posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 01:22 PM
That's one hell of a way to off yourself.

Hard to imagine really. I'm guessing it was murder.

posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 01:23 PM
The reason this is happening is because the ones on top will stay on top. They stay on top by knocking off the little guys like these guys. We may not think they're little people, expendable like us but they truly are.

The ones on top are sacrificing the bottom.

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posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 01:24 PM
must be banker season.

posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 01:28 PM
16 bankers in one year. All under 60 during these times! This is part of some agenda. The question is are they paying the price for what they did or what they know?

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posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 01:31 PM
Whatever secrets these people held are lost......Why they were offed may never be known precisely....but the impression I get is that they knew too much and became loose ends.....The big boys operate just like the Mafia....don't ever doubt it.....

posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 01:39 PM

originally posted by: stirling
Whatever secrets these people held are lost......Why they were offed may never be known precisely....but the impression I get is that they knew too much and became loose ends.....The big boys operate just like the Mafia....don't ever doubt it.....

And not even trying to be creative about it either.

Suicide by slitting your own throat?

Not even going to entertain that.


posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 01:40 PM
Dead men tell no tales.

posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 01:41 PM
When we get to 33 banker suicides (given that the numbers stop there), than I'd be curious...

posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 01:42 PM
I think it's a good reason to pay attention to someone fleeing to a country and telling all . Far too often a whistle blower will give us information that sounds so spectacular and then the shills will move in to discredit it . We should all know by now that murder is not uncommon with the Bankers at the top . The latest bubble they got going on right now is auto's . I get flyers in the mail on a daily basses offering me 0% interest and as long as I want to pay it back , or not .

posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 02:08 PM
Interesting that just for myself, I googled cause of death for two ramdomly on the list.
James Stuart JR. Nothing popped up as to the cause, which you would think they would know by now.

Ryan Henry Crane Still no release of a toxicology report on the why of his death?

I guess I'm just curious as to why these are being allowed to be left with no info. No balls by any reporters anymore?

posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 02:20 PM
Lots of balls just no real reporters......

posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 02:53 PM
Very interesting indeed. Out of the 16 you have listed, 4 were connected in some way to JP Morgan Chase, hmm 25%.

posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 02:55 PM
Here's an old thread about Steve Quayle theorizing about forty microbiologist deaths, which was discussed quite a bit in the past in multiple threads.

Not to de-rail thread in any way...but what if there was some connection? Could all powerful banks be involved in financing Ebola or other diseases to infect the multitudes? THAT would be a hell of a conspiracy!

Just a weird thought that went through my mind.

I suppose banking is a high risk job and it's probably easy to get used to the perks of the lifestyle when ripping people off are going well. So, when it all comes crashing down and someone loses everything and has to realize what they had to do to get where they were...who knows how successful these people were but they all seem to have high ranking titles etc. The violent manner of deaths and strange circumstances or crime scenes are creepy.

posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 03:08 PM
Its a sign of desperation by the cabal to stop whistleblowers from dropping the bomb we all know is coming.

The ponzi scheme known as the Federal Reserve has reached its natural end and the scumbags pulling the strings have no Plan B.

Payoffs, intimidation and murder have worked for three centuries. Why stop now? Just ratchet up the killings.

It will get really interesting when Treasury executives start getting suicided. Of course they're next.

posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 03:15 PM
To this "common passerby" it reads more like 'sacrifices' more of a deep fly ball to the warning track as opposed to 'laying one down' and making either the 1st or 3rd baseman field it. Sure, one is more dramatic than the other but just as long as the 'runner' gets moved 'up'...

Only 97 days to Spring Training...


posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 03:16 PM

"Miller “was highly regarded at Citi and across the financial services industry as a leader and tireless advocate for environmental and sustainable business practices,”

Well there's your problem.

You don't get to the top by being highly regarded amongst your peers. Unless those peers are corrupt.

You don't get to the top by caring about the environment.

You don't get to significantly increase profits with sustainable business practices. (rarely)

There were probably many more like him that were being groomed, let in slowly and only found out after they knew too much that it wouldn't work out. Some people still have a conscious and heart.

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posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 03:17 PM
Wikileaks should start a bankers insurance section, then perhaps these "suicides" wouldn't go to waste.

Now that would be fun...

posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 03:23 PM
Separation of wheat from chaff. In this case sort of the inverse - getting rid of the wheat so that the chaff remains. Kill off the people with decent natures so that nobody will ring the alarm bells to warn people of the coming world financial crisis - which will be entirely manufactured to create the global despair required to allow a one world leadership to emerge - thus fulfilling the works set out by Jon Dee, Francis Bacon, Ben Franklin, et all.

Slaves can revolt. Starving slaves will see any food bearing hand as salvation and not as their new master.

posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 03:31 PM
This guy was just a face man for CITI.

Social and human rights issues are often emotive, and they are sometimes very hard to explain, unlike some environmental issues, such as emissions standards, where you can say "I have decreased greenhouse gas emissions X percent". If I have managed a social or community risk issue, it's hard to explain what I did, A to Z, to get to those points.

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