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Too Late for the Pebbles to Vote (SEC 2014)

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posted on Nov, 11 2014 @ 12:16 AM

Saturday January 1992
Eglin Airforce base

“.. dumb a$$,” the Colonel yelled at his Secretary. “You made me look like S#$%. “ He knocks the papers out of her hand, “You cant afford to dress better. God.. Who did I piss off to get such incompetent help?”

“Lt. Colonel Ray,” The woman was in tears. “You told me to do the paperwork that way.”

“You white trash heifer . Ms. Macer you can afford better clothes. I need my GS to be able to look the part and represent me.” Lt. Colonel Ray shook his head, “Your not getting that promotion. I am giving it to Linda. She does her part.”

“I earned that promotion you said,” Regina Macer was in tears. “You promoted that whore because she F$%^ed you. I am reporting it.”

The Lt. Colonel shoved Regina back. As She trips and falls, “Regina you have lost it. You just touched me without my permission. I am going to have to report this. You will probably fail your psych eval. End up in the psych ward forcing CPS to take that white trash. It also means I get Linda as my..”

A second later the Lt. Colonel is on the ground. Regina is wide shocked when she recognizes the man in the Naval uniform as the Lt. Colonel’s head is bounced off the floor.

“Get up you S#$%bag,” The four star Admiral growls. He slams the Lt. Colonel’s head on the hard floor again.

A four star Air Force General comes out of his office, “Whats is this racket?”

The next thing the General knows is that men dressed in all black throw him over his Secretary’s desk. As he lands wrong he sees other Air Force officers and Enlisted being tossed over desk and kicked. Before he can respond, his head is slammed to the ground by a boot.

“Admiral we have ran the Pirate flag per your orders. The building are belong to us,” The Corporal smiles. “General. You and your boys have F#$%ed up.. So stay down or we will…”

One of the Air Force Major’s tries to make a run for it, the sound of a surpressed rifle discharge as the Major’s knees is blown off. The nameless Major’s head hits the wall with a sickening crunch.

The four Star Admiral Picks up the Lt. Colonel, “Hold this bastard for me boys. Doc!”

A female Naval Captain bends over Ms. Macer, “Hello Regina. Do you remember me?”

Regina is shaking, “Nurse Green. You were my nurse when Alexander..”

“Follow the light with your eyes,” Captain Green took out a light. “I am actually a Doctor Ms. Macer.”

“You.. You were at the hospital when my son was born,” Regina is trying to calm herself. “And you.. You Mother F$%^ing A$$hole. Fourteen years and not a single God D#$% ounce of support. I have been on my own and..”

“Looks fine and sounds fine. She must know you personally Admiral De’Chez. I want to scan her you old goat. She is in shock because you scared her you dumb ass. Get over here and comfort her,” Captain Green calls out to the Admiral.

The Lt. Colonel is barely conscious as he spits out teeth. “Mutiny.. treason.. Your all going down.”

Admiral Phillip De’Chez walks over and gently helps Regina up, “Fancy running into you here. I was hoping we could talk?”

“Talk,” Regina stands up and slaps Admiral De’Chez. “I cant make the damn bills and you are an Admiral.” She launches into a cussword laden series of yelling.

“Ouch,” The corporal is then hit in the back of the head by his Sargent.

The Marine Sargent has to take deep breath, “First man that.. Damn,” The Sargent pauses as Regina is poking the Admiral in the Chest as she lets him have it.

Ten minutes later Regina is still going, “Sarge. She hasn’t repeated herself once.”

“A bulldog with her bone,” The Sargent smiles. “She is up to the point I think that Alexander is four. “

“I couldn’t afford Christmas. “ Regina was in tears as she kept slamming her finger into Phillip De’Chez chest, “You worthless S#$%bag. I had to cry myself to sleep that night. Your son hugged me and promised me everything would be ok mama.“

As she moves to Alexander’s fifth birthday, The marines realize they were going to be there for a little bit of time.

“Corporal put the chairforce in their chairs because it’s gonna be a long day,” the Sargent watches with his men as Regina chews the Admiral’s a#$ off. The Air Force personnel are very quiet.

For the next forty-five minutes Regina, Yells and cusses the Admiral. She pokes his chest pushing him in a circle, around the desk at least twenty times.

The Air force General was being checked out by Captain Green, “I am screwed. His only son’s mother.”
Regina pointed at the General and slapped the Admiral again, blaming him for the actions of the Air force General. She then went back to poking the Admiral and pointed to the Lt. colonel in the stretcher being taken out by medical personnel.

Admiral De’Chez glared at the General..

Slapping him again, “Don’t F$%^ing look at him. I am not done you piece of S$%^.” Regina revved back up and kept going.

“Yeap its official. You got your F#$%ed- itis,” Doctor Green laugh. “Enjoy retirement colonel If you’re lucky.”

The General put his head in his hands as Regina mentioned his name again. He winced every time Regina poked Admiral De’Chez in the chest. He had to take a deep breath as she started pointing to other officers, the whole time Blaming Admiral De’chez for everything.

“Damn Sarge,” the Corporal was watching grimacing. “I think I am in love.”

“By seniority Corporal. “ The Sargent shook his head, “I know Drill instructors that could take lessons from her.”

“Boys.. You obviously know nothing about women,” Captain Green turns around when she hears Regina slaps the Admiral Again.

“And that was for my car breaking down three weeks ago. Your son’s friend got his uncle to get it working again.” She slaps him again, “And I had to borrow a hundred and fifty from Elizabeth Colt to keep our son with running water and electricity.” As Regina went back to yelling and cussing, she poked the Admiral in the chest continuously for another lap around the desk she worked at.


posted on Nov, 11 2014 @ 12:18 AM

“She is winding down Sargent.” Captain Green gets an evil look on her face, “Don’t forget the bounced check Regina from three days ago..”

“I had forgotten that,” Regina layed into the Admiral who narrowed his eyes. “..Your fault that I am short money..”

“See boys she is just marking her territory and telling him she loves him to ,” Captain Green laughs. “Get ready to head out Sargent.”

“She is not,” The Sargent sees Regina take a deep breath. “You heard the Captain boys. Get them up on their feet.”

The Air force personnel stand up like sheep still quiet as a church mouse.

“I loved you. You abandoned me,” Regina was in tears. “All the years alone with no one to..”

Admiral De’Chez reaches over and Kisses Regina, “I missed you to baby.”

Regina slaps him again, “This does not..”

Admiral De’chez kisses Regina again, “I apologize my love. There have been no other women in my life since those three nights with you. I will pay for everything my love.” Admiral De’Chez reaches down and kisses Regina.

After about a minute, “This..” Regina catches her breath, “This does not get you out of trouble Mister.” Regina grabs him and kisses Philip De’chez. “I am hungry and your buying. You’re also driving me to my favorite restaurant.” Regina walks right passed the Marines, who all are very quickly out of her way.

Two marines open the door for her, “The Admiral's car is right this way Ms. Macer.”

The Admiral takes a deep breath, “That went better then I thought it would.”

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posted on Nov, 11 2014 @ 12:20 AM
Very Expensive Restaurant
Fort Walton Beach, Florida

“Your not kidding,” Regina sat back in the chair. She held out her win glass as a Master chief poured more, “You are that powerful Phillip. I.. “

“Master chief,” Admiral De’ Chez motions.

“Ms. Macer. Every word he told you is true. Admiral Phillip De’Chez, Took SPAWAR independent from the Parasites.” The Master chief smiles, “The old bastard left out something. We .. Mam, you’re the lady from 1977, The one that got away from one of the most powerful man in the world. Its an honor to meet you. Till today no one knew who you were, Well except Captain Green.”

Regina looks around at the Marines and Sailors, “I am famous.”

“Mam. You have been the topic of so much speculation in our commands around the world,” Master Chief takes her hand. “Mam, your more beautiful then I pictured. If this old goat don’t play straight let me know. I am single and I make pretty good money. Hell mam, Most of the fleet officers in our command have joked they would marry you sight unseen. The Admiral only has the best, and your beauty could do that on without your connection to Phillip.”

Regina blushes and giggles, “Master Chief Brown.”

“Regina, before I space the whole goat’s locker,” Phillip looked at the master Chief. “You are going to run into this a lot. I am one of the most powerful men in the world. Our son was never supposed to be found out about by anyone. “

Regina looks at the Admiral, “You. You were never there because your enemies.”

“Alexander Would have been constantly in danger without any hope of a normal life,” Admiral De’Chez looks mournful. “Everything changed in 1983. We detected a minor energy spike on some experimental equipment. In 1985 we were contacted after someone shut down all our systems as a sign of their power. A single message was sent, a name. Alexander Delano Macer.”

Regina’s face had a horrified look on her face, “They knew he was your son. How? I never knew your last name.”

“They are the Revisionist. A group of time travelers that know our whole history,” Phillip De’Chez looks at Regina. “Myself along with the other more powerful groups were forced to sign peace treaties with this group. We cant find them due to their methods of time travel.”

Regina took another drink, “They contacted you with our sons name. Why?”

“Regina. I only found out last December,” Admiral De’Chez hands her a letter. “You might want to take a few minutes to read this. Then, My dear lady.” Admiral De’Chez, “I want to fix What I did wrong. This belonged to my Grandmother when she came from Spain to the US.”

Regina takes the little box and starts shaking when she opens it. Her eyes fill with tears, “Your grandmothers wedding ring.”

The older man goes to one knee and takes the ring out of the Box, “Regina. My limber love, there have been no other women in my bed since 1977. You ruined me for other women, Will you marry me? “

Regina is crying and can barely answer. She kisses Phillip,” I.. I do.” She laughs, “Your still in trouble and way behind in child support mister.”


posted on Nov, 11 2014 @ 12:21 AM
Hours Later
Hotel room

“My god,” Regina has to put the letter aside

“Its true my dear,” Admiral De’Chez took a deep breath. “It looks bad on me but it changed my thinking. I want you to know everything my dear.”

She was wided eyed. “Andros grows up to be a reporter. Have you seen his hand writing..” She looks at Phillip, “I mean other then this you old Goat. Whats is this material over the Franklin Trust? “She looks as her son’s father as she laid next to him.” You better just be glad Alexander had already asked to stay at a Andros’s house.” She pokes the older man in the ribs, “All right Mr. Spaceman. You promised a lady the rest of the story. Start from the Beginning and how you ended up in command of A secret Space base.”

Phillip sits up, I know you don’t like Cigarettes, but I need one. “ He sits up and grabs a tin can from his jacket, “We developed these and they have none of the garbage earth based ones have.” He lights one up as regina sit up, “My dear Let me start with the straw that broke the Camels back.” He closes his eyes, “I was part of the team that took down a thirty year old man. He couldn’t speak verbally.”

“Telepathy,” Regina sees the surprised look on Phillip’s face. “What? Alexander learned to read on tabloids, conspiracy magazines, and well.. Once he learned to read he just kept reading. Like a sponge he absorbed everything he got his hands on. I read some of the same things.”

Phillip takes a puff, “It turns out this man was victim. He did some things that I wont mention.”

“No. Everything or nothing lover boy,” Regina sits indian style and takes the Admirals cigarette. “If this marriage you want is going to work we are full partners. I am pretty sur I can take whatever this man did?”

A minute later Regina runs to the restroom and pukes. She stands up and wipes her mouth, “That is.. You should have just killed him.”

“My dear fiancé,” Phillip hands her paper towels. “Its not that simples. Yes what he did to the FBI agent and his Ex-wife rank up there in history as serial killer material. I was already suspicious.” He takes a drag, “Alcove, who you will meet, was as much a victim as the undercover and his ex-wife. The problem is Regina do you know what telepathy is. Have you really thought about it?”

Regina flushes the toilet and sits on the closed lid. She takes the cigarette, “Remind me not to ask questions to things I do not want the answer to. Those poor girls, He used them like puppets.” She takes a drag, “Ok. I interrupted. Let me see telepathy is two minds communicating.” She pauses as she looks at Phillip, “You said he was mute. Was it pre- birth or post birth. I have heard of blind children having that distinction. It was something about the development of parts of their brain to handle the information of light.”

“Your on the right track,” Phillip looked at his fiancé. “It was post birth development. After the language processing had become more permanent. In fact their was another part. The man had become a psychic vampire. He can drain the life forces from humans at a certain distance.”

“So why is he alive,” Regina looked at her fiancé. “You said you didn’t trust the parasite I think you Master Chief said.”

“Regina the Bastards were experimenting on children,” Phillip sat on the bathroom floor. “I got ahold of the evidence from the experiments. Alcove was five years old when the Air force started experimenting on him. Out of three thousand, two hundred, and four children he was the lone survivor that was not locked up because they went insane. It was an attempt to develop psychic abilities before childhood personalities developed at puberty. He showed no abilities or even having been tested.”

“Wait your telling me that they killed 3203 children to develop psychic soldiers,” Regina was nauseated?

“Yes. I don’t believe in the crap that society is at fault for the choice we make. In this case,” Phillip sighed. “We were. Looking over the files after watching the films it became apparent that this man was a powder keg waiting to blow. The final straw was his ex-wife using their dead daughters urn as a change jar. He snapped and went on a small spree. “

“You said I needed to think about how telepathy would work,” Regina closes her eyes. “Is it like a telephone connection?”

“Yes and No. “ Admiral De’Chez thinks for a moment, “Way to much science in information theory for an easy analogy. When we talk the information is just verbal. The information exchange is different. So much more is communicated then just words. Combined with the MK Ultra studies it provides.. You will have to read them my darling. Suffice it to say telepathy is much simpler then verbal communication.”

“The human brain processes other senses. A telepath , “She pauses. “He is more then a telepath. An energy manipulator.” Seeing Phillip look at her, “Our rug rat my love, and his other two musketeers play Dungeons and Dragons. They spent part of last year trying to develop new ratings of abilities. In their little system the Telepathy would be a side effect of the energy draining ability. “

Phillip stands up and kisses her on the forehead, “My dear. Yes, it was my conclusion as well. Getting back on track, Alcove, used these to devastating effect. He wiped out two special forces teams. One was fed into a wood chipper by a day laborer who thought they were heavy tree limbs. His case was the one grain of rice that tipped the board.”

“You were not in charge of the space command at that point, “Regina looked at he fiancé. “What did you do?”

“That is where I will start,” Phillip De’Chaz responded. “I had finished the footage. I watched the deaths of most of the children as they seemed to lose life force. Their cells were crumbling..”


posted on Nov, 11 2014 @ 12:22 AM
White House
Post Secret conference
October 2nd, 1963

“Vice Admiral De’chez,” Vice President Johnson caught the angry man. “Can we talk a minute?”

“Lyndon,” Phillip De’Chez responds. “That man is a damn prick. Not only did he almost start WWIII by ignoring advice, that bullS#$% he just pulled was the last damn straw with me.”

“Phillip.” LBJ avoided touching the man, “Lets talk for a few minutes.” LBJ opened the door to his office, “No threats. Joe wants to makes sure someone with your skills doesn’t get ideas. I told him a man who at your age completed SEAL Training under a different name, is to valuable to lose over a misunderstanding.”

The vice admiral walked into the room, “Mr. Vice President.”

“Don’t go all official on me Phillip,” LBJ took a deep breath. “Listen I don’t like Jack any better then you do. Another one of his affairs committed suicide when her husband left her.”

“Lyndon.. For a politician you’re a good man,” De’Chez was very pissed off. “That bastard was F#$%ing a Russian spy. She had half our damn agents names. I told him months ago what she was.”

“His affair did not commit suicide,” LBJ was shocked.

“Record said she hung herself Mr. Vice President,” De’Chez responded coldly. “I like you Johnson. You’re honest for politician. You stay bought, never break your word if you give it, and most of all you do not want anyone finding out about your mistress.”

LBJ stopped cold and looked at Vice Admiral De’Chez. “Are threatening me?”
“Lyndon. I just told you that I like you buddy,” Vice Admiral De’Chez looked at the Vice President. “I can do business with and not worry you will break the agreement come hell or high water. You’re not like Joe or that Prescott bastard. Hell I voted for you every time you ran for office.”

LBJ shook his head, “You are a Jack A%^ from the back forty. I can respect that.” LBJ sighs, “She was a Russian spy. How bad was the breach?”

“What breach,” The Vice Admiral looked at the vice President?

LBJ narrows his eyes, ”No breach?”

“Nope. One of my Seaman took care of it. Lets say dirty jobs are his specialty,” Vice Admiral De’Chez cooly answered. “As we speak that little branch of spies are going to speak with Jesus and we will control that flow.”

LBJ laughs, “I told joe you were the man for this job.” LBJ walks over to his desk and takes out a file, “We have problem in texas. Its bad.. Very bad..”

Vice Admiral De’Chez took the file and opened it. After a few minutes of reading, “We did this. A psychic vampire?”

“Its all real,” LBJ shook his head. He reaches into his desk and pulls out another Piece of paper, “Admiral De’Chez.”

“You slick bastard,” Phillip De’Chez shook his head. “You knew I couldn’t tell you no.”

“Us Texas boys have to stick together,” LBJ grins. “I told Joe that even though he didn’t like you let me handle it. We can do business with Phillip.” He looks at the newly promoted Admiral as he read the promotion papers, “You’re the only Officer I know of that can handle this.”
“I will do this for you LBJ,” De’Chez coldly responds. “Not Prescott.. You personally and I may have to call in this marker. We understand each other.” Admiral De’Chez sticks his hand out.

“You have a deal. Keep it as quiet as possible,” LBJ shakes the Admiral’s hand. “Don’t worry about Jack. His father will keep him in line especially because of this.”


posted on Nov, 11 2014 @ 12:24 AM
Admiral’s room
Hours Later

“Seaman Icer,” Admiral De’Chez shook his head very angry.

“Admiral..” Icer squeezed J. Edger Hoovers shoulder, “Tell him FBI man. Or we have more unpleasantness. “

“I am the head of the FBI Admiral,” The Director of the FBI growled. “You will regret this. No one does this to me.”

“Let him go Seaman,” Admiral De’Chez coldly speaks. “Untie his hand. He is free to go.”

Hoover stands up confused, “I will destroy you. You are stupid enough to..”

Admiral De’Chez backhands Hoover, “Listen here you damn Fairy. The idiot President almost got you killed. Not to mention your beloved agents.” The Admiral slaps Hoover’s chest with a file, “Read it. Joe cut a deal with the mob and the damn commies. I wanted it to look like your were snatched and worked over if this is investigated.”

Hoover gets a look on his face. He turns back to the same table he was tied up in front of and sits down. It takes him a few minutes to go over the files, “That SOB. They..”

“We operate differently J,” Admiral De’Chez puts both his hands on the table. “I know however that you have had to hold the line against the communist that McCarthy was referring to. He was right because they are everywhere.”

Hoover read the paperwork,” Any other man in DC I would double check. You have a reputation for never lying. When you give your word it is as good as gold.” Hoover looks at Phillip, “ I know that you were only sixteen when you joined the NAVY. You somehow convinced a Lt. Heinlein to sign off on sending you to OCS his last day in the Navy. I know you climbed up through the ranks specializing in fixing problems others had screwed up.” Hoover closes his eyes when he reads the last line, “That SOB. Admiral De’Chez.. Will you send the Seaman to get my Secretary. Tell her to bring file RJ-3456-T- 45C.”

“Got it sir,” Seaman Icer points to his forehead. “ File RJ-3456-T- 45C.. “

“Its not a trap Seaman,” Hoover took a deep breath. “I take it the test subject in texas demonstrated the Abilities..” Hoover was not to happy, “Admiral you have my word that I was told it was shut down. Those German bastards were told to never run those damn Projects on US civilians.”

“J. Edgar.. I believe you,” Admiral De’chez shook his head. “I need to know what I am dealing with. Right now they are following my body double as he tries to access the files I need. Of course, All through semi-official channels.”

Hoover gets up and walks over to the bar,”How bad is it?”

“The limited information I have. Your undercover female agent is his slave. Agent Fresien,” Admiral De’Chez walks over, “Seaman Icer go get the files. “

“Aye Admiral,” Seaman Icer responds.

After he leaves, “I do apologize but I needed to leave you with plausible deniability. The damn Bonesmen do not play nice.”

“You know she is married,” Hoover shakes his head. “One kid.. It’s a damn mess Admiral. The kid.. No he is a man now. Completely blocked out any memory of the testing or the results. How many people are dead?”

“One hundred and Fifty two,” Admiral De’Chez informs hoover. “Mostly Gangsters and ther little thugs. However, They have hid the fact that twelve of them were FBI agants.”

“Tahts impossible. I would,” Hoover breaks the glass. “I am going to deal with Jack one of these days. No, this has his brothers touch..”

“Good things come to those that wait Hoover. “ Phillip De’Chez shakes his head, “My mother always told me patience was a virtue I did not possess. God bless her soul, she was upset because I have yet to settle down. I told her she was the only woman in my life. The truth is I couldn’t find one who would put up with me.” Admiral De’chez watched Hoover’s face change with that comment.

“Your mother sounds like a wise woman,” Hoover took a deep breath. “Do you need help taking this creature down?”

“Only if I fail,” Admiral De’chez looked at Hoover. “I might need some clean up. I don’t want to ask. Mama always said a man should be able to take care of his own business.”

Hoover was nodding his head in agreement. “Admiral when are done here. Get hold of me. Give me a little bit of time because Me and Joe are going to have a talk. I dont buy the stroke mess.”

Admiral De'chez smiles inwardly.
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posted on Nov, 11 2014 @ 12:26 AM
Writers note their is more coming
I am getting to the meat of the story its just that I am tired after two days straight of this story coming alive

I have never really in any of the reboots covered Admiral Phillip De'Chez's history

And yes you will enjoy where this is going

rest time if I dont get caught up with the second half of this short story

posted on Nov, 11 2014 @ 12:43 AM

is where the Title comes from

Kosh's line


Lyndon Baines Johnson (/ˈlɪndən ˈbeɪnz ˈdʒɒnsən/) (August 27, 1908 – January 22, 1973), often referred to as LBJ, was the 36th President of the United States (1963–1969), a position he assumed after his service as the 37th Vice President (1961–1963). Johnson, a Democrat from Texas, served as a United States Representative from 1937 to 1949 and as a United States Senator from 1949 to 1961, including six years as Senate Majority Leader, two as Senate Minority Leader and two as Senate Majority Whip. He campaigned unsuccessfully for the Democratic nomination in 1960, but ran as Vice President with John F. Kennedy heading the ticket for the 1960 presidential election. After their election, Johnson succeeded Kennedy following the latter's assassination on November 22, 1963; he completed Kennedy's term and was elected President in his own right in the 1964 election, winning by a large margin over Barry Goldwater. He is one of four people[1] who served in both offices of the executive branch as well as both houses of Congress.[2]

Lt. Heinlein

Heinlein also served aboard the destroyer USS Roper in 1933 and 1934, reaching the rank of lieutenant.


The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR), based in San Diego, is an Echelon II organization within the United States Navy and Navy’s technical authority and acquisition command for C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance), business information technology and space systems. Echelon II means that the organization reports to someone who, in turn, reports directly to the Chief of Naval Operations. SPAWAR reports to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (RDA).

SPAWAR supports over 150 programs managed by the Program Executive Office for Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (PEO C4I), as well as the programs of PEO for Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS) and PEO Space Systems. PEO EIS and PEO Space Systems are located in the greater Washington, D.C. area. SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic, an Echelon III organization, is located in Charleston, SC, and also includes facilities in Norfolk, VA, New Orleans and Stuttgart, Germany. SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific is located in San Diego, and includes facilities in Japan, Guam and Hawaii.

Joe Kennedy Sr

Joseph Patrick "Joe" Kennedy, Sr. (September 6, 1888 – November 18, 1969) was an American businessman, investor, and government official. Kennedy was the husband of Rose Kennedy. Their children included President John F. Kennedy (1917–1963), Attorney General and Senator Robert F. Kennedy (1925–1968), and longtime Senator Ted Kennedy (1932–2009). He was a leading member of the Democratic Party and of the Irish Catholic community. He was the inaugural Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), appointed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and later directed the Maritime Commission. Kennedy served as the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 1938 until late 1940, including the early part of World War II.

posted on Nov, 11 2014 @ 01:44 PM
This was a two parter

This story got other inspiration

How would you construct a space Program- ATS thread by crazyewok

it reminded me along with an ATS live show of this old awesome thread
(you really should take the three hours to listen on saturday nights-- tons of source material for writing)

Navy Space Command Uncovered- ATS thread by Zorgon
Gets credit as inspiring my use on the old man

to Zorgon and all the space nuts on ATS
The second half will either be a homerun or a grandslam

Either way.. More space is coming
more space tech

I hope you enjoy

posted on Nov, 12 2014 @ 12:12 AM
Hotel room
Sunday afternoon
January 1992

“Regina,” Phillip was in his bathrobe.

Regina was in the big bathtub with headphones on. She was singing off key with Alabama,” Song, song of the south.. Sweet potato pie and I shut my mouth.. Gone, gone with the wind.. There ain't nobody looking back again..” Regina bobs her head as she sings..

“Regina,” Admiral Phillips tries to get her attention..

“My dearest man I heard you,” Regina took off the headphones and wiggled her toes in the water. She giggles for a few seconds, “My love There is no issue. Mama’s on vacation,” The nude Regina Macer sits up and grabs her wine glass, “Sexy man would you please pass me the wine bottle.”

Phillip has to take a deep breath, “You are not fighting fair young lady.” He hands her the wine bottle.

She whispers in his ears causing him to go wide eyed. When she sits back in the tub, “Now do you want Mama to end her vacation. Or..” Regina splashes bubbles on the admiral, “Alexander has two parents. Tag your it.”

“He doesn’t even know me,” Phillip responds.

“Honey we are both from the south. So you are quiet familiar with the concept of being tossed in and learning to swim. Arent you an expert swimmer Mr. SEAL admiral. And no.. I have had the watch for the last fourteen years, Mama is on vacation. Senior chief.. Old Girl you still there, I heard the snicker.”

“Yes mam,” The Female Senior chief responds over Speaker.
“Good. Would you be so kind as to invite Ms. Colt to join us for a girls night at the hotel. Full spa and the works.You said Ms. McGreggor and Mei’Ling Colt are also there?” Regina pours herself a refill and hands the bottle back to the Admiral. She sinks back to the second seat in the tub.

“Yes mam.” The Female senior Chief is very respectful.

“Good. Invite them and it includes you Senior Chief. Phillip my love, both of the other hooligans fathers are connected to the military. They can meet you there. Tell Andros’s stepmother she can join us so Little Andros’s father doesn’t put the work on her.” Regina sips the wine and looks at Phillip, “What my love. Us ladies have been doing yalls damn job. You said it was a fight over a woman. Its sounds like something My daddy would have had a talk with his nephew over. Not mama. It’s a man thing.”

“Yes my dear,” Phillip laughs and shakes his head. “Sounds like what my Mama told my father.”

“You have fourteen years of spoiling me to make up for. I am going to finish this wine glass then go down to the spa and get a mud bath. “ Tell the girls to meet me downstairs. She downs the glass and reaches for Phillip's hand. “A word of advice my love. He is YOUR son. He gets his love and respect towards authority from you. Grounding him always fails, He is not one of your sailors.” She kisses him, “Also.. If it was over a woman..”

“Sandra Tolliver,” Senior chief answers.

Regina shakes her head, “That girl who is seventeen he has a major crush on. No I am on vacation. You need to investigate this yourself my love. The other issue is this my love. You son has no skills when it comes to women. What if.. You know..” Regina mouths ‘more letters’ to her fiancé.

“I see my dear. “He kisses Regina, “Senior Chief do as my darling fiancé has recommended.”

“Now old goat,” Regina grins. “I have to get dressed to go down stairs. Hurry back,” She whispers in his ears and his eyes go wide. “What my love.. Be back by ten and,”She whispers in the Admirals ear again.

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October 13th, 1963
Dallas Texas

Lightning bolts seemed to strike the man in the center of the Warehouse as what looks like red energy comes from him.

The snipers fire more darts into the man at the center of the room from a distance. De’chez’s voice comes over a speaker, “Listen to me. You are going to drain yourself Alcove. The snipers have hundreds of darts. I want to talk about what happened to you.”

The red energy ribbons that seem to be coming from Alcove, reach out to the Tesla Spheres. They start cracking as the blue light seems to drain from them.

“I know you cant speak. Stop what you are doing and we can talk, “Admiral De’Chez responds as one of the Spheres cracks and stops working.

The drugs in the darts start to slow the man in the center. The red ribbons start to become indistinct. After a few more seconds the man in the center falls to his knees.

“Listen to me.. I need to know what you remember,” Admiral De’Chez’s voice is clear. “Damn it Alcove. Don’t make me kill you. We have both women and they cant fight your programming. What happens to your ex-wife and the poor agent. I know you’re a monste. I also know the Government screwed you. I need to know something. Only you can answer.”

The electricity cuts off and the weakened Alcove tries to stand. The drugs in his system are taking affect.

The door Opens as an older Asian woman leads in a man with chains.

“Feed first. I lost interest in fighting you and then destroying you when I read the files. You were only child. “ Admiral De’Chez takes a deep breath, “I am gambling you wont hurt the old lay. She is the daughter of a Buddhist monk. She is here of her own free will to help you learn to control the emotional noise you have to hear. The man I brought you to feed on is a serial pedophile who has killed hundreds of children.”

The man in chains is led by a stick attached to his neck by the old lady. He tries to struggle but Alcove jumps up and grabs his head. He screams soundlessly..

“Feed slowly,” The older woman speaks. She sits down in a meditative state, “I am blessed to witness such a miracle. Focus on mind as your feed. Keep them separate. Do not follow him into..”

Her eyes seem to turn a little orange.

The Prisoner falls as his life force leaves his cells. In less then a minute the chemicals come out of Alcoves skin as he feeds.

“I am an old lady young man,” her eyes glow. “Yes the Admiral is very serious. I am favor he called in and it was not cheap. I see my path is now here to help you young man. Sit and learn to control your self.”

The red ribbons flow to her but stop. They then disappear. Alcove comes and sits exactly like The Asian lady.

“No.. You must learn by doing young man. Discipline your self first and all flows from this. The two women are safe with the Admiral’s men. He is worried because of,” Her eyes go wide as she feels Alcove in her mind. “Admiral,He requires more food. As much as it disgust me send in the other two. Your attempts have damaged his body.. This is amazing,” She takes a deep breath. “Yes feed my dear man and then we talk. Admiral..”

Marines walk in two more prisoners who scream and fight when they see the man on the ground still in chains, turned to a husk with the air having the Aroma of burnt flesh.

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Thirty minutes later

The Asian lady looks in the little mirror, “You shouldn’t have done that. My youth partially restored.”

Alcove sits like the Asian Lady had taught him. His eyes glow red as he points to the Admiral.

“What is he saying,” the admiral sat in a chair.

The now younger Asian lady put the mirror down. Her eyes glow a lite orange, “He says you do not know the half of it. JFK is fully aware of the project. He performed oversight during WWII for his father.”

“Thank you for not trying to control me Alcove,” Admiral De’Chez takes a deep breath.

“Alcove says that he can tell your honest. You had no clue and this mess got dropped on you.” The Asian lady looks at Alcove, “Ask first.”

Alcove stood and walked over to the Admiral who did not blink.

“He is saying this would hurt but he can show you everything from his mind,” She responds. “I am willing to help Alcove. My path is reopened to me. You are now a reason for me to go on.” She walks over to the Admiral, “I will act as a fuse in the link.”

“What does he want to show me,” Admiral De’Chez looks at Alcove.

“The memories of the men he put in the wood chipper. You might recognize the faces of who gave they orders,” She responds to the Admiral.

“I need to see this,” The Admiral looks at Alcove. “I know this is second hand but it is confirmation.”

Ten minutes later

“You have used you abilities a lot today Alcove,” The Asian lady responds. She blushes, “That is not appropriate young man. You have to make things right with the Federal agent and your Ex-wife. I am old enough to be your mother. Admiral De’chez I think you brushed off a little too much on Alcove.”

Admiral De’chez looks in the little mirror, “Its ok Mindy. I feel twenty years younger and look like it too. Alcove?”

Mindy’s eyes glow Orange,”those are real dirty thoughts Alcove. Yes Admiral, he will gladly help you. “ she shakes her head, “I advise against this because of the pain it will cause. I will go with him.” She looks at Alcove, “No. I will not discuss this. You can force my mind but you want me to be truthful. I am going to insure you do not rage out and kill the innocent. I can not stop you from executing those that are guilty. I will not stand for the innocent being harmed.”

“Woman problems. “ Admiral De’chez looks at his hands, “Twenty extra years. That is plenty of time. When this is done you agree to stay at the monastery with the monks and learn to control yourself. You also agree not to display your abilities in public. Listen to mindy, she is wise beyond her years. The monks are the only people I can think of who can help you and will not try to gain an advantage over you.”

Alcove sticks out his hand. The Admiral shakes it.

“Again I voice my objection, buy I will tell no one. This makes me a part of this, but the children they harmed must find peace. Just keep in mind alcove. Violence only begets violence.” Mindy sighs, “I feel ashamed over the fact I voted for that man. This is as much my challenge of my beliefs as it is of yours.”

“I had no clue he was that bad,” De’Chez took a deep breath. “Those bastards are using the Space command to keep running the Experiment. Save The Naval Admiral for me. I reserve the right to kill him myself. “

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November 19th, 1963
Secret launch Facility

The Marines had the Scientist and technicians separated from Military Personnel.

“You the brains will be spared,” Miny’s eyes glow orange. “Observe the guilty personnel.”

Alcove tossed the now empty bodies on the ground. He picked up A rear Admiral and drained his life force from him.

“That’s amazing,” the lead scientist spoke. “Unable to speak, the energy manipulation.. His body must operate like.. And inducer or transformer. The red ribbons like structures indicate.. My god.. May I take notes.. this is.”

As he starts talking with the other scientist, “NO.” Mindy growls as her eyes glow orange, “We stick to the plan. Alcove my dear the Scientist.. Ok. “

“Please. In the name of science. “ The lead scientist shakes his head, “I will make a deal. You let us make notes on paper and.. We agree to go along with little coup. You have our word.” Several of the scientist grumble, “Shut up. Do you know what this means. That man is proof of the underlying substructure of the universe. There is no other way this is possible. If his boss will let us pursue this line of research, we will have Zero Gravity to experiment with.”

“Your full cooperation and no attempts to contact earth till we say ok.” The Marine corps Colonel looks at Alcove, “It gives you time. Doctor I will keep this man from killing you if you all agree to give us your full assistance. The Admiral takes care of his allies. Not to mention he has some other technology you will be able to play with.”

“We have a time table for this launch,” Mindy’s eyes glow orange.

Alcove tosses the dead officer on the ground.

“Deal if the Admiral agrees to allow us to continue our experiments,” the lead scientist responds.

“Actually the Admiral was talking about expanding the facility. To allow more scientist in space,” the Marine Colonel smiles. “The problem is if you can turn this into artificial Gravity. If you can well.. A lot more scientist would love the chance to come work for the admirals new director of science.” The colonel winks at Alcove as he grabs the Intelligence officer.

Alcove walks over to the command console and types in commands.

“We are ready to leave for Lunar One,” Mindy takes a deep breath. “Colonel..”

Alcove sticks his hand out to the Colonel.

“Alcove is respecting your disgust of him. He wants to wish you god speed on holding the facility.” Mindy watches as the Colonel sticks out his hand.

“Break some legs Alcove,” The Colonel grips his arm. “You have no space legs. Remember that. Let my Marines clear the best they can then deploy. Bring my boys back.”

“Colonel,” Mindy smiles. “He said keep your head down and take no unnecessary risk. Retreat and don’t be a stubborn Marine. The facility can be rebuilt. You cant.”

“He really said that,” the colonel Steps back. “Carry on soldier,” the Colonel salutes.

Alcove returns the salute.

Lunar One
Hidden moon base
November 21st 1963

The dead littered the Bridge as Alcove held a man slowly draining his life force. The Admiral was terrified, “You cant do this we are a Federal Government installation.”

The Marines in space suits pushed Mindy forward.

“Admiral Surrender the Facility to Admiral De’Chez,” She winces as Alcove grabs another spaceman and starts draining life forces. “Or Alcove will feed on everyone here.”

The Admiral looks at Alcove, “The monster returns to haunt me. You should have been put down when you were a child.” He pauses,”What are the Admiral’s terms?”

Alcove leaps over to the Admiral..

The marines tense.
“Alcove,” Mindy moves slowly trying not to fall. “Listen to my Voice Phillip has requested he deal with this man personally. Stick to the plan. If you do this it accomplishes nothing.”

“Yes.. Dog put me down. “ The Admiral is very cocky, “You cant operate this station.. “The Admiral Freezes..

Alcove laughs and tosses the Admiral to the Marines.

“We have the command codes and access.” Mindy kicks the Admiral as he is being held by the Marines, “Yes we know you tried to enter the self destruct codes. We know everything even the link to your heart. You will notice you cant activate the suicide tooth. You are the monster.”

“Do you think they will let you get away with this,” The Admiral responds. “Admiral De’Chez cant hold this facility or the necessary ground support.”

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November 22nd 1963
Love field

“Seaman Icer,” President Kennedy was very pissed. “You tell that SOB that he is going down. When I get back to DC my brother is going to bring down the whole operation. I am getting rid of LBJ and Hoover.”

“Admiral De’Chez is just informing you of the change in power.” Seaman Icer Grabbed the Presidents finger, “You touch me again you scum bag and I will kill you.”

The Secret Service freezes when Icer puts a gun in the Presidents gut.

“You just made the biggest Mistake in your life Seaman Icer,” Kennedy looks Icer in the eye. “Relax boys I want him with the Admiral when he goes down. You see by this time tomorrow SPAWAR will be back under our command. I will have you and the Admiral executed. “

“I take it that you refuse the Admiral’s offer,” Seaman Icer lets go of the Presidents finger and puts the gun back. “You are a big disappointment sir. I always thought you were a good man but those were kids sir.”

“Tell the Admiral to kiss his family goodby,” JFK laughs as he walks away. “That’s right no one loves him. Let the old goat know I said that.”

“I will sir,” Seaman Icer eyes the Secret Service. “Try me boys. I am not in the mood.”

“Shut up Jackie. I do not care,” JFK spoke as the door closed. “Just shut up and look pretty.”

“Really disappointed,” Icer shook his head. “Should have accepted.”

School Book Depository
A little Later

Admiral De’Chez turns looks down the scope, “History is gonna remember you as one hell of a shot Agent Oswald.”

The tied up Oswald looked at the Admiral, “This is treason most foul.”

“No.. What they have been doing that’s treason,” Admiral De’Chez smiles. “Relax. Your job to protect the President will make the other members of the damn little groups he is a part of think you snapped.” De’Chez snorts, “Ten bucks says you don’t make it to Christmas.”
“Why do this,” Oswald tried to get free? “You always struck me as a Loyal American.”

“I am. To the constitution and the people. “ Seeing the motorcade,” Her government however is another story. Wave you bloody moron.”

“God no,” Oswald winces when he hears the rifle fire what seems like an eternity later.

The pandemonium comes from outside as Admiral De’Chez grins.” Look on the bright side. The Marine Corps will get the credit for one hell of a shot,” Admiral De’Chez grins. He tosses a knife to Oswald as he walks out, “You might want to hurry. “

“Why,” Oswald was upset?

Deciding to be evil, “Joe called in the hit himself. I am just doing my job.” Admiral De’Chez laughs as Oswald cuts himself free.


White House
That night
Oval Office

“You son of a b$%^*,” Lyndon Baines Johnson yelled into the phone.

“Just so you know,” Admiral De’Chez laughs. “I can see your upset. I just wanted to let you know I am calling in that marker. I am Taking Lunar One and all her support facilities independent. Your gonna Authorize it.”

“You SOB.. I will not,” LBJ was very pissed. “You just had the President of The United States Shot because he..”

“I did not have him shot Lyndon. “ Admiral De’Chez laughs, “It appears that magically Agent Oswald is taking the fall for that.”

“You shot the President yourself, “ LBJ froze when one of the Secret Service Agents fell over dead.

“That would be Seaman Icer,” Admiral De’Chez laughs. “We Texas boys handle certain busness ourselves. You see Lyndon, Icer is waiting to decide what he should do. It seems Joe thinks you had his son killed. Prescott and I talked a few minutes ago and made me an offer. Seems everyone knows you have a huge marker out.”

Lyndon sits back, “What are the damn terms Admiral De’Chez.”

“You stay out of my business,” Admiral De’chez takes a deep breath. “Keep Hoover because your gonna need him to cover your rear. And I will feed you information from time to time. And We get a certain percentage of the Federal Budget every Year and our pick of the litter from the Navy and Marine Corps.”

“This is blackmail,” LBJ watches as Seaman Icer sits down.

“No.. Lyndon I am done because they were still experimenting on children. “Admiral De’chez shakes his head and you can hear it,” I am sick of these damn little groups trying to claim power. The moon is mine. I decide who gets to visit her. Don’t worry about the Russians and we will talk about the US Space Program.”

“So you are shaking down their government as well,” LBJ shakes his head.

“Yeah I am,” De’chez laughs. “We will talk later on details. That’s the deal. You go along on this and I promise to protect earth and America. “

“This is not the end of this Admiral,” LBJ was very unhappy. “Now call off your attack dog. We have a deal for now.”

Seaman Icer walks over and takes the Phone, “Admiral. I have more work to do if You and LBJ have struck a deal.”

“Seaman Icer, remind Johnson you can get him anytime you want.” Admiral De’Chez adds, “Make sure J. Edgar is fine first then complete your mission.”

“Aye Sir,” Seaman Icer Hangs up the Phone. “Sit Mr. President. I was really hoping to kill you. For now I have to protect you. My night has just started.”

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That was part two

I have one last part to add to be finished and then I return to the main story

I hope your enjoying this

posted on Nov, 28 2014 @ 04:58 PM

Renovated barn
January 1992

A January wind blew through air as the noise of nature filled the air. The old Admiral had narrowed his eyes as he heard the music coming from below him.

"Station," Andros grins as he sips his drink. "Go for it friend. The streets are paved with gold."

"His mother is going to kill you and me," Admiral De'Chez shakes his head as he pours himself some scotch. He sits down and leans back in the chair, "I also assume you do not give two fig over it."

"Station," Andros raises his glass to Admiral De'Chez and then downs it. Andros jams to the music as it plays, "Your son is happy. Gretchen and Helos have an issue or two to work out but that ball is in play." Andros takes another sip, "How bad am I outnumbered?"

"Right to the point," Admiral De'Chez speaks.. "You have been stupid and exposed yourself. We need to compare histories so we can see what has been changed." The Admiral pauses when he hears a certain noise and shakes his head, "She is gonna skin you. "

"Actually I do have a few questions I have wanted to ask you Admiral," Andros took another sip as he feels the breeze. "I understand why you shot Kennedy.. Experimenting on children.. Alcove.."

"You know all of this," Admiral De'Chez takes a deep breath?

"Public knowledge in the future.. S#$% some people wanted to give you a medal," Andros laughs.. "I am more curious on why you Killed MLK.. I cant see it."

"That son is none of your business.." The Admiral took a drink, "It was personal and over a friends daughter."

Andros laughs and cant stop.. After a minute of laughing, "He grows up to be every ounce your son allright."

"You are Andros.. I need proof because son this is a very dangerous time," Admiral De'Chez looked at him.

"F#$% you," Andros smiles when he hears the click from the Admirals chair. "Listen.. Tell your sniper That neither he nor you will survive without me deactivating the explosives. As for proof admiral.. I can offer none. I am your sons friend have been for a very long time. I am not going to let any thing happen to him. "

The Admiral is frozen in his spot as his ear piece reports in..

"Tell him that if anything happens to me Helos will be hunting him down. And we both know how that will go for him," Andros pauses for a second. "This talk is a briefing only. You try any back room S#$% with me and it wont be pleasant.. Lets talk old bastard to old bastard."

The Admiral is still in the same position, "This is not a way to make friends.."

"Make friends.. I do not need friends like you, " Andros coldly sipped his drink. "My friends.. He is in bed with the one who got away. The other friends is going through his peoples mating rituals. You are a man who abandoned his son. You made him the man he was in a way.. The future does not consider you a great man. His mother is considered that.. So I really am not hurt if we are friends or not. My friends I am helping out.. So tell me about 1983.. "


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