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Emerging Nations Plan Their Own World Bank, IMF

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posted on Jul, 15 2014 @ 06:41 AM

Fed up with U.S. dominance of the global financial system, five emerging market powers this week will launch their own versions of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa —the so-called BRICS countries — are seeking "alternatives to the existing world order," said Harold Trinkunas, director of the Latin America Initiative at the Brookings Institution.


Emphasis mine.

I found the wording used quite interesting as 'world order' is such a common archetype for the shadow government; i have a hard time believing it was coincidental.

The article goes on to say:

Now, says Thomas Wright, a fellow at Brookings' Project on International Order and Strategy, "they want a safety net if they fall out with the West."

This certainly cannot be good news for the petro-dollar.


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posted on Jul, 15 2014 @ 07:00 AM
dae think this initiative was deliberately timed to follow up chinese/japanese tensions and the ukrainian debacle? like, even if the petrodollar finally croaks it, we're all supposed to hitch a big sigh of relief, because economic competition is better than a conflict that'll end in nukes?

oh wait, don't say "competition", tho.

"All initiatives that seek to strengthen the network of multilateral lending institutions and increase the available financing for development and infrastructure are welcome," said IMF spokeswoman Conny Lotze. "What is important is that any new institutions complement the existing ones."

does the appropriation of client states via the new lending institution count as "complementing" western interests lol?

posted on Jul, 15 2014 @ 07:19 AM
a reply to: soulshn

This has been ongoing for some time now.

A stable financial system benefits everyone, including the US, even if it is someone else's.

posted on Jul, 15 2014 @ 07:48 AM
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posted on Jul, 15 2014 @ 07:58 AM
This is just camouflage for the masses, you will have the Euro, Brics and finally the Amero. All of these will be ruled by the elite. Think about it. look at the geography, of each. Of course this just my opinion.
Do you really believe the elites will allow the decline of their dollar without having a plan to implement the new currency. The Fed reserve goes bye bye. The World economy collapse, these will then be implemented to form a new and improved version.

posted on Jul, 15 2014 @ 09:05 AM
all depend on the chinese.

once they let go of US currency , it will be an avalanche so fast that in just one day american economy will be gone, and it's military destroyed because theres no money to pay for it.. Dollar will be valueless..

and guess who will rise as the world's new economic power?

It's US's old friend the EU..

Now EU can say "F_CK USA" and laugh at the destruction of US economy.

posted on Jul, 15 2014 @ 11:06 AM
I think its what all people should do.

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