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Need Your interpretation Echovox(spirit Sessions)

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posted on Jun, 17 2014 @ 07:12 AM
What I'm about to post is real, or at least honest in my part, I could be a fool and being taken.
I got a Dr. 58 of my own going on. If you don't know what Dr 58 is, you need to read that story on this forum! it's awesome!
My Name is David, I've been a member here for a while, I am open to idea's but I am a skeptic, you can review my history here on this site by looking through my profile and all my reply posts. The story I'm about to tell, I not here to prove anything, I'm hear to come back down to reality because my story is just beginning and it is nowhere near finished, do to I'm not going to stop my research.

I always had a interest in the paranormal, but I have never had a true convincing experience myself.
My Father proclaimed he was a medium/psychic but he died when I was 14, almost 34yrs ago. So I've been searching since.
My mother she was murdered by an intruder in her home this past Sept. and I took over her residence, yes my family resides in her home she was killed at.
I don't have a problem with it, I feel it is a honor, do to my mother loved her home and was very proud of it she would have family parties all the time. My sister and I would not be selling it, My sister could not live in the house it is too much for her but it doesn't bother me or my family, It is a slight upgrade to my home, so I put my home up to rent and moved in. I don't know maybe I'm morbid but living were my mom was happy just doesn't effect me. Now the pain, anguish and anger I have towards her murder that is a different story and i won't be getting into that but I am in favor of the state attorney to go with the death penalty.

In my search, I have nothing to fear, I don't fear demons, I lived through a real human demon that destroyed my family.
My quest is to find if there is something more than this! Is there something more out there. I don't fear do to my anguish and anger. I won't be stopped and I'm going to call BS when I see BS because I don't have time to hunt ghosts, I just want to find one and prove to myself that there is something more than this.

So I found an Android App it's called Echovox
Here is the creator Danny
talking about it, you can also view some of his other video's to get the gist of the app.

I purchased this app over a month ago, after reading some books to prepare myself for what maybe out there, I dove in
Last week at 6/10/14 2:52pm I began. Oh and yes everything I have and do is documented because I am doing research.
I have done 14 sessions so far, I threw out #2 and #4 they were just quick tests and have been deleted. I have right now
12 sessions that range from 4 to 15 minutes. Most I have just cut and paste the highlights. Here is my journey for you to crucify or actually help out, because I could use all the help. I got one goal and it's not to prove to you, it's to prove to me!

Echovox Session #1 highlight
6/10/14 2:52pm
My first session with the echovox app for my samsung S5. I am a skeptic but I thought it was pretty fascinating that the first word I heard was my name. I used an external speaker and recorded it with my Sony Audio Recorder I bought at wal-mart.

Echovox Session #3 highlight
6/10/14 9:23pm
Quick Session #3 on the echovox, I laughed when I heard a reply from me saying I'm a skeptic. "snappy" then "very" LOL

Echovox Session #5 highlights
6/11/14 12:31pm
This is my 5th session highlights using echovox app. I always get some interesting results. Is it real or just coincidence, it interesting none the less. Had a air plane fly over, you can hear I'm from Houston and Rocket, help. interesting

Echovox Session #6 highlights
6/11/14 7:41pm
Session #6 my sessions are always outside, I use the echovox andriod app with an external speaker to record I use a hand held sony digital recorder. My sessions always seem to be interesting specially at the end, they didn't want me to end the session?

Echovox Session #7 highlights
6/12/14 4:20pm
Session7 highlights, good stuff. Even thought I heard my name in my mom's voice near the end. The echovox is always interesting. I'm still skeptic but it is fascinating to research.
PS: the end of the highlight, there is something that says "Is Anna is your daughter late for dinner ? Then says Anna is your ???? I will note Anna is my daughters name. Also Note there is a time where I hear my name, It sounds like my mom's voice exactly, now that's just crazy!

Echovox Session #8 highlights
6/13/14 1:07pm
6/13/14 Friday the 13th! session #8 with the echovox. Ask if spirits like Trees! LOL got some answers! Also note: I'm throwing out Frank and Cole, Those two names have showed up on someone else's session, so it loses validity in my research, but it was at least fun to egg on a pretend Frank!

Echovox Session #9 highlights
6/13/14 8:47pm
2nd session of the day, #9. This was a very odd session. I believed I had nothing to even post. But I thought I may get something who knows? The session was in the evening, it wasn't real dark outside but enough to turn on a solar light on. It slowly changes color. Spirits pick up on this, I didn't even realize they did, I noticed the solar light then I asked questions about it and got some feedback I didn't even know I got any feedback until I reviewed my recorded session. I'm a skeptic but this session kind of blew my mind. I'm still stunned! Also to note: it was pointed out by someone else my full name, after review I hear my Name David Paul

posted on Jun, 17 2014 @ 07:13 AM
(Spirit) Session #11
6/15/14 10:35am
Spirit Session #11 6/15/14, Lots going on, first my wife name Olya(Russian accent) came through, she is Russian, Also had a spirit ask how Nick is doing? I tease my daughter about an actor who I call Nick! I also think I was called a Ghost venture from Earth! The most interesting message was from spirit who told me about a text from my friends wife a couple seconds before it actually came. As I divulge further into the echovox app I never know what going to happen, I ramble, I think the spirits said "Some Stupid Questions" LOL but if I don't talk, I won't get any communication. Just try and ignore my voice sometimes and listen to what is underneath.

Spirit Session #12
6/15/14 9:05pm
2nd session of the Day at Night 6/16/14 I was getting bit up by misquote's so the session wasn't long. Seems like the spirits saw me getting bit. Also they saw my little solar light that changes color and of course they respond to purple. Seems like the Spirit World likes the color purple.

Spirit Session #13
6/16/14 6:14pm
I have not evaluated this session do to I had to do another session #14 with my sister and I'm in the process of going through #14

Spirit Session #14
6/16/14 9:19pm
This is a session with my Sister, It is in Full since I want to tag everything I can, then I will edit all the highlights. My sister came to me distraught and was missing our mother and asked if she could do a spirit session with me. I will say I'm not sure who I am talking to? I don't know if these entities are human spirits or of alien nature. There are parts in this session that is disturbing to me. They said "Your mom's here", I clearly heard in my mom's voice "get out of hear", right after! then I heard in her voice "your full of crap" There is 3 things this could be, 1 it is an entity that is mean and using my mom's voice, 2 it's my mom arguing with the entities, my mom would never say those words now to my sister and I, 3 it's a residual voice from my mom the day she was murdered.

So ATS this is my continuing story, Yes I will do another session today.
Anyone want to help, I'm all for it! Call it what you want, I'm just searching and documenting.
I recommend using a good pair of head phones while listening the communication.
Sometimes I am speaking over the conversation so it may take a couple loops to understand the word/s
If you find anything that may be relevant that I may have missed in the audio file let me know! Thanks
I guess it's a good way to heal and maybe find out something in the process.

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posted on Jun, 17 2014 @ 08:43 AM
the Dr.58 story is an embellished fiction, a member at started that some years back.

..this stuff seems like some kind of new EVP?
the phenom seems real enough, i've heard it for myself, what remains to be seen is who exactly is behind it?

fwiw, i think these spirit-creatures (for lack of a better term) are somehow able to pick up on our own information, thoughts & feelings etc and just mirror 'em back to us, effectively telling us what we want to hear..
i would've expected some kind of large-scale movement to have flourished by now, if any of this was what it seemed?


session #14... this is *exactly* what i'm getting at..

..want to see if there is some kind of "organized" effort on the part of mankind to foster and endorse these kinds of practices?

* watch the 2009 LA "awake & aware" conference (the bob dean section, note who does the introduction)
* watch speilberg's "taken" (which bob dean endorses in his lecture)

..those two small works of "fiction" should give an indication of what's behind all this stuff
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posted on Jun, 17 2014 @ 12:05 PM
Just a warning. I've had things picked up via just using a microphone and audacity.

Things were said like: its a gurl. (paraphrasing this part because I'm not looking for my notes), naming some work for some light group, "don't rescue/help me", "is it working, are we through?" You could hear distinct voices, as in men and women and even older woman with a british accent.

Basically, you don't know what this is.

I had ordered evp equipment and don't use it.

What if something dark could, like in the supernatural episodes where Lucifer is driving Sam, one of the main characters, insane and he is in a psych ward, and he says, you let me in. You chose to let me in an now I'm a finger wiggling in your head.

This is the kind of thing that worries me.

I would want soul rescues of any people trapped there, and in my recording I was asking for Michael and Angels working for the Highest Love and Goodness God, beyond any earth traps or codes, to help and bring these people to places to heal them where they could be safe, assuming that they were in unsafe places, treated like food for darker entities.

And so, in this premise, was attempting a soul retrieval or to free the ghosts and have them healed. I do believe that this attitude or Love Stance, is protective overall, but it also occurred to me that something dark from lower realms could piggy back up into our world and/or could hook into you and be that wiggling finger in your mind.

I now choose to pray for them, ask for intercessions for all who need rescuing without giving anyone permission to hook into me, I don't want it. I denounce that form of permission, they have no permission.

I'm not sure that you want to give them the microphone.

From a strictly scientific or occult para pyschologist type of research position to build a body of evidence that would support some proof or likelihood of life after death, NDE's and upgrade our level of understanding of life, I imagine there is an immunity, a right protocol and that would override the dark sides ideas of rules and permissions.

But just out of curiosity, just too risky for me.
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posted on Jun, 17 2014 @ 01:39 PM
Oh I agree with the fabrication of Doctor 58
I just want to clarify, I didn't think Doctor 58 was legit, just an amazing story my quote on another thread.

originally posted by: mysteryskeptic

What an interesting read, There is no damn way you can communicate in that much detail through a ouiji board. Plus if this crazy event was real you list all participants you document the times and dates ect.. do to the complexity of the story. None the less I got to hand it to the author, he definitely had me interested with his unique story. It so unique that he should refine it for a movie script. I think the author has a tremendous imagination.

I also agree with you if there is something out there, It has got to be reading my thoughts, some of the information they brought up was never discussed in my conversations with them. They shouldn't have known certain things.

Thanks for the warning,
Just to let everyone know my set up.
I am using my Samsung Galaxy 5s with the Echovox App,
I plug an external speaker into my phone and then record the session with my Sony Digital Recorder.
I then edit my session with audacity, but if I want to really check out a part, I will go to a higher end Sound Forge program

I am also concerned, I don't want a finger wiggling around in my head, So I always am a skeptic, I will never give 100 belief in what I am doing and I'm doing it. But that keeps me safe.

I will say right now, I'm not sure I'm talking with dead spirits, nothing they have mentioned tells me they were once living humans.
Only my mom's voice is what I recognize, and I always have to keep in my mind that could be something deceiving me.

any questions, any thoughts keep them coming.

posted on Jun, 17 2014 @ 06:54 PM
I finished Reviewing
Spirit Session #13
6/16/14 6:14pm
Spirit Session #13, I ask about Ouija board, who ever responded is not fond of them. I'll mark the spots what I find relevant, Sometimes I miss things and sometimes I skip over them because it has nothing to do with the conversation. Even though I get a lot of responses, I'm not going to get on a evidence bandwagon! Nobody has evidence, something strange, maybe coincidence of some nature, who knows. I will never call what I'm doing right now as evidence, It is more like a ride, a weird ride, a very weird ride more like it.

Spirit Session #15 clip
6/17/14 6:14pm

posted on Jun, 17 2014 @ 06:58 PM
Spirit Session #15 clip
6/17/14 6:14pm

posted on Jun, 17 2014 @ 07:01 PM
WOW it will not let me post my clip, what the heck!

Here is a sound clip from today's session #15 6/17/14
I ask what is beautiful to you? Response "Heaven is Beautiful Place". I'm stunned, I mean what can I say? take a listen

posted on Jun, 17 2014 @ 09:18 PM
I'll gladly add my experiences because I probably am that demon in your family. At least I used to be, that's for sure! Don't really have to take a closer look at your clip and I really dont want to, no offense. You do realize what powerful forces you are dealing with here man? I've seen it ALL. Trust me... From crazy looking djinns, yellow skin, mustache, beard and one evil grin and laughter often projecting himself through my computer screen. Getting goosebumps while just writing about this. Other things on my list : Friendly spirits walking by in the middle of the night, often or spot on 3:00am. Shadow people (Tall hat man, short star wars looking things (cloaked) with red eyes that slapped my face. It even turned red once. I got this fat hand print left on my cheek! Shadow blobs/smoke darker than the darkest dark brushing by my face or body both awake and alert or woken up by. Most of the times they hung around for 15 minutes or even more
I'd say the most tripped out time was for a few months ago. Spent the day talking about spirits and all with some friends and as soon as they left my apartment all hell broke loose. The djinn popped up again on my screen this time taking out his anger on me even worse. Tried to flee my place asap but things just kept on getting worse and worse. 20-30 shadows were spinning around my body with what seemed like lightning speed. All these other ghosts popped up as well. The place was over crowded! So I hung tight, put on a baseball cap and picked up a lighter and tried to orientate my self as well as possible. It took me around 30 mins or more to be able to find my wallet and keys. Ran outside. I don't know if this was some kind hallucination or not, I'm 50/50 on this subject. And as soon as I got to another location things calmed down pretty fast. So take it easy with the ghost hunting and all. I often get these owl or reptilian looking eyes staring at my face in broad daylight. Not fun at all. I've had it with that stuff while not even searching for it life out! I hope this can put some perspective on your search for knowledge? It is a thrill for sure. But one gets enough after seeing all this in a year or two...

Best wishes from Sweden
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posted on Jun, 17 2014 @ 10:03 PM

Thanks for your feedback, I really take what you say seriously, unfortunately for me the real demon was a human I don't like calling people who murder, human, those are monsters. It is good to know that you feel there is demons, if what you say is true and have seen the most scary evil sh@t out there, to me, that is good to know because once this guy gets the needle I will feel good that he will have to deal with the company that terrorized you.
One thing I know what trumps fear, Anguish and Anger, also Love and that is my motivation, is not a thrill. I am not seeking ghosts or demons for any sort of amusement. I am not a ghost hunter, paranormal investigator, or some one wanting attention. Most of my sessions are done in the day.
I really don't get why people have to turn off the lights or wait until midnight on a blood moon? That just provokes ones own imagination.

My thoughts are with you, I hope you reed yourself of those demons you see, and in time I know my anguish and anger will subside and all I be left with is love. But I still have to sit and relive Sept 8 in a trial and that's not for another 2 to 3 years from now.
Thanks again

posted on Jun, 17 2014 @ 11:15 PM
I never lie about serious stuff! And tough up bro, you're in for a ride!
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posted on Jun, 18 2014 @ 12:03 AM
Never thought you lied, but understand me
I'm not worried about a ride from spirits, your still alive buddy, and I got family dead all around me.
So let's just knod to one another and let it be.

As a matter of fact after reviewing my actual #15 session, which you can too.
I realized I found what I was searching for.
I was in search of something more than this.
so when I asked whom ever it was, what they though was beautiful, they answered Heaven is Beautiful Place that was enough to hang my shoes on. This isn't made up, something said it, it sure in the hell wasn't me and it's on tape

So I'm done, I wasn't out to prove anything to anyone but myself and now I feel I can ride on, just bought me a camera on Amazon and taking the family to Orlando. I got to start living and know Heaven is Beautiful

I hope things get better for you,
I think we were ment to meet for a brief moment

peace out to everyone.
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posted on Jun, 18 2014 @ 01:37 AM
I do too

posted on Jun, 18 2014 @ 02:36 AM
I just downloaded Echovox and used it for the first time just a few minutes ago...

All I can say is wow,, that's some strange stuff right there.

I just got a (what I consider to be) a very direct answer to my question. If this thread is still alive I would like to upload it for your opinions. One of my standard questions in a EVP session is to give out three numbers in a row and ask what the next number is..... somebody told me tonight....

BTW I do consider my self very well schooled in EVP,, I have literally 100's of hours under my belt recording them. I was skeptical, but now I have to experiment more with this thing. Good find!!! I also have a PS-7 Spirit box as well...I have never gotten anything as clear as what I did in the first 3 minutes of using this program.
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posted on Jun, 18 2014 @ 06:45 AM
Im interested in using this sounds really good but i just worry about bad spirits, my medium i see told me i am a spirit magnet and i have had her do readings and speak to my grandfather she said its safe for me to use a spirit box but this would obviously be the same thing? Not like a ouiji board? Which i know just bring bad spirits mostly and horrible events too occur.

posted on Jun, 18 2014 @ 07:20 AM
Shana: I'm not so sure it makes such a difference. Once you open up that portal it's very hard to close

posted on Jun, 19 2014 @ 12:18 PM
a reply to: threepwood

You are right about that, and the passage of time alone will not close it. Almost 40 years ago I opened myself up to something that has tormented me since. I thought I was safe because all I was doing was seeking knowledge and I didn't believe anything bad could take advantage of the situation. A finger wiggling in the head... good way to put it.

At least the haunting is over for me, that only lasted for a few years. Now I pretty much stay intoxicated to quiet the noise in my brain...

posted on Jun, 19 2014 @ 06:06 PM
its late over this end so i will listen to your recordings tomoro. but i just had to write a few lines. first off, im sorry to hear about your mother.

that Echovox is something else! i have always steered well clear of paranormal apps but for some reason i got Echovox, i was starting to think that it is just like the 'evp maker' i won't get anything out of it, until i heard a man i used to get on my ghost box say 'piss off' he mostly says that, sometimes a few other swear words but not to me he argues with the others. so, yes, they do argue with other spirits. and i have also heard a lady say 'its beautiful here' when i asked if they could describe what its like where they are. this Echovox is the real deal.

to anyone else out there, you will get bad spirits, i had one that done its best to hurt me and told me it would kill me so you need to make sure you don't do this alone, it did say its name was satan but i know it was just a bully. also be careful that you don't get addicted to contacting the dead cus it can be. i definately have spirits wondering in and out my home and they know who i am, i had one man the other night say 'they sent me to you,this place,escape from'.

im no expert on the paranormal but have had paranormal experiences since i was 13 and have been doing evp for years, but just thought i would write a few lines. i don't think i will be going back to my 2 ghost boxes.
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posted on Jun, 19 2014 @ 06:19 PM
a reply to: Shana91aus

ouija board, evp all works the same way, you get whoever is passing through at the time. i had a friend who has done the ouija for nearly 40 years and he said when he gets something bad he uses the Lord's Prayer over and over till its gone and its always worked for him.

posted on Jun, 19 2014 @ 10:59 PM
If you listen to my recordings, best to use head phones and go over where I have markings.

If you truly want to use this app.
I would recommend using the Android version, whom ever told me what devices I should use said, Android and the real actual person who recommended it to me said use the android version over the apple version.
I also used a Samsung Galaxy 5s, I think using a Android phone will increase the power do to the cell phone. There has been topics on the Dead calling, so this may be an extra beacon. I don't know, it's only a guess.

Hook your android device to a external speaker and record it with a audio recorder, who ever is out there may use the energy from the batteries. Just someone else's theory, not mine. But my success increased with me using an external speaker and audio recorder.

Also whatever this is, to me feeds off of your feelings, so go outside, go to a park, go where ever you feel relaxed. I re-frame from inside your house. And stay the heck away from haunted places. These things will come where ever you are, day or night, morning, at lunch. So there is absolutely no reason to go anywhere uncomfortable.
No need to turn off the lights, that is just stupid.

Do no more than 15 min sessions, do to you will have to sift through the whole recording many times to pick up everything. I uploaded my sessions to my computer and used Audacity sound program to listen and edit, it's free and pretty good

And just talk to it, ask if they see what you are looking at, ask them if they think what you see it's beautiful. Ask for your spirit guides, any family who is passed to speak, I hope the sessions will amaze you like it did me.

There is no need to tell them any names of anyone, eventually they will say names, I only had names come forth of my close living family, no deceased family names where ever said.

and yes, I believe what others have said, so always be careful,
I look back, and yes, I didn't have fear, but now that I am at peace, I look back as I'm glad I wasn't asking for trouble, I was only asking for beauty and love and asked questions about life itself.

if you abuse it, things may turn bad, this web of conscience or whatever is out there changes to your tone and your environment. Session 14 is proof, I was uptight, my sister was distraught, and I was protective of her, and it showed with the responses.

Today my sister text me a protection prayer, because I thought we were interrupted by a spirit over the phone, last night.

It is a prayer my sister and my mom learned at the church they used to go to,

The light of God Surrounds you,
The love of God enfolds you,
The power of God protects you,
To the beautiful place we call heaven.

After I read it, I told my sister, who ever answered my question to what is beautiful to them, their answer, Heaven is Beautiful Place. Sounds pretty simular.

I sort of connected the dots, My mom could have been speaking to me, and only my sister knew that prayer
I told my sister what if you have a piece of the puzzle and I had a piece and together as a whole we may have connected the dots that it was my mom who said Heaven is a beautiful place to me?
I'm just speculating, but who really knows.

PS I just googled Protection Prayer
Prayer for Protection

The Light of God surrounds us.
The Love of God enfolds us.
The Power of God protects us.
The Presence of God watches over us.
Wherever we are, God is, and all is well
and we are grateful.

Its a little different from what she text me, so I will ask her if she miss quoted, or confirm that is what actually their church spoke.

For me, like I said I'm done, I got my own answer. I'm not really into the paranormal ghost hunting, but I had a true desire to know if there was something other than this. I found what I was looking for, and have the strength to stop and live in peace now. Even my anguish and anger have subsided.

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