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what would your custom heros and villains powers be?

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posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 01:56 AM
SO if you could choose 3 super power sets from all of sci-fi, comics and all known stories what would you choose? Each set has to be from different sources. SO you could use Robocop, spider man, and meteor man for example. You cant use spiderman, storm , and professor X since they are all from marvel comics.

-You can use 3 types of powers ,items, or "things" from each universe in one set without mixing them.

-then you can use 2 types of powers ,items, or "things" from each universe in one set without mixing them.

-and finally just one set of powers , an item, or a "thing" from another source /universe.

So here is an example =
-you can have spider mans powers with the carnage symbiote and a green lantern ring as one set using three from the marvel universe.

-then maybe robocops cyborg enhancements with the terminator t1000 enhancements as another set using two from that universe.

-and finally wonder woman's powers for the single set or item from the DC universe.

you have to make a superhero and a villain that would be equal.

You dont have to use just well known comics though. I would like to see one use the gyver suit personally.

mine are as follows:


1- Wolverines attributes including Vibranium fused skeleton with vibranium Muramasa blade claws.

(Wolverine has super healing factor, heightened senses, and super rage making him one man army type unstoppable) (vibranium is an indestructible metal stronger than adamantium that Captain Americas shield is made of) (Muramasa blades are magical and can kill immortals and stop or greatly hinder healing factors)

2- Supermans powers with superboy primes armor designed around blue sun radiation.

(blue sun radiation increases Supermans powers more than a yellow sun like earths. The prime armour constantly feeds this enriching radiation into his body, though the original was for yellow sun radiation)

3- Anakin skywalkers jedi abilities.

(because Jedis are cool and he was the most powerful)


1- Iron man Bleeding Edge Armour made of Vibranium nanobots with the abilities of the Iron Destroyer armour.

(the bleeding edge armour was stored inside the body in the form of nanobots that enhanced the mind and body as well as gave a healing factor to the body and for the armour itself. The armour and AI incorporate directly into the host body like another organ. They can take any form like clothing or complex technology kind of like the t3000 terminator) ( The iron destroyer armour has a coating of Uru which is a magical asgardian metal with natural magical abilities, and this armour also has additional magical enchantments given by Odin )

2- doomsdays powers and attributes but with enhanced physiology by way of kryptonian technology like cyborg Superman.

(doomsday is a super enhanced kryptonian from prehistory that was part of a race that existed long before the race which superman comes from. He is enhanced much like superman is by solar energy and is just about immortal. He has been artificially super evolved to be the ultimate being with near perfect physiology) (cyborg superman was a being that was created by a human consciousness being transformed into AI after cosmic radiation like that which made the fantastic 4 destroyed his body. Using superman's DNA as well as the craft he was brought to earth in, the AI made a near indestructible super machine /superman flesh cyborg body)

3- Spawns power set. cape, chains, and powers.

(Spawn is an undead ultimate warrior with shape shifting cape and chains as well as other crazy ass powers)

here is a ruiner and a little bit of cheating for the sheer impossibility of defeating him. Maybe someone they can both fight.

1- Superman primes powers, knowledge and abilities with all the knowledge and abilities of the superman dynasty which already include 5th dimensional imp powers and knowledge and also in a superboy prime armor designed around blue sun other words GOD-

(superman prime is God...he is God.) (the dynasty was his descendants who developed more powers over time) (5th dimensional imps are damn near Gods too)

2- World war Hulk power with red Hulks powers as well

(world war hulk is the super form of Hulk. He can kill everything. He is God) (red hulk is a different hulk that is more energy-ish).

3- Dark sith lord powers with all knowledge of the dark force.

(because why not, they shoot lightning out of their hands and ass)

I cant believe I sat here for the last hour and a half thinking about this. I used to do this as a kid all the time. I feel like a child...LOL


so in summation.

A wolverine superman jedi VS an Ironman doomsday spawn

and both of them VS a God superman hulk sith lord...

I have problems I know. LOL

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posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 02:39 AM
I'm guessing you're a guy or this setup is an epic fail but this could possibly be the best post to describe whenever some woman asks "What you thinking right now"

Honestly this is the kind of stuff that guys think about in those moments when women ask that question. Completely random and totally creative but otherwise a total waste of energy. I've imagined scenario's where a zombie apocalypse were to outbreak in this area right now what would I do. It's completely pointless but I suppose it's a form of creative thinking and takes the dullness out of a normal average function like walking down the street.

Sorry I didn't really answer your question which was incredibly detailed
and takes a lot of knowledge of those worlds.

Very creative.

posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 03:05 AM
a reply to: mclarenmp4

I completely agree. This type of stuff is what we are thinking about.

"If ninjas were to try to grab me right now I would jump behind that car over there and try to use that pole to stop them long enough to steal that other car getting gas once the driver goes to close the cap"


"If I were to tap on this rock for long enough it would shatter...but in how many thousands of years and after how many taps more or less????"

"how many strawberries have I eaten in m y lifetime?"

"If I were to stack all the pencils I have ever used into a super pencil, how tall would the super pencil be?"


I didnt really expect a response. NO prob. I still cant believe I typed all this out.

Have a good one

hold it down.

Comic books give me a headache. I am actually not that well versed. Everytime I try to wrap my head around something a million little things pop up that I have no idea what the hell its talking about. I end up with a WTF did I just read face every time.

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posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 04:50 AM
The first power I would want is the power to make whoever I am dealing with or talking to intelligent. A "Smartness Beam" that erases ignorance and stupidity would be wonderful.

posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 07:40 AM
Ok i'll bite seeing its a slow night.

The super Turkey slap!

posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 09:29 AM
Thanos / Galactus / Apocalypse.

Team Cosmic Manipulation!!!


Molecular self manipulation
Superhuman physical attributes
Energy manipulation
Psionic powers
Healing factor
Genius-level intellect


Reality alteration
Molecular manipulation
Matter manipulation
Energy alteration
Life-force manipulation
Cosmic awareness


Superhuman strength, stamina, durability, longevity, and intelligence
Energy manipulation

posted on Jun, 9 2014 @ 10:12 AM
3 hero's

Hybrid who wakes up and escapes from a dumb who has off world contact, that guides him on occasion.

Human waking up.

Youth waking up in a tough situation, like inner city.

Villians, the leaders and coporate heads.

Outcome shine your light and make the right choices, frame by frame, like a coloring book. Or Groundhog Day the movie.

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