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Norway releases all previously confidential IOC manuals online

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posted on Feb, 26 2014 @ 11:58 AM

Norway releases all previously confidential IOC manuals online.

Norway releases all previously confidential IOC manuals online

The International Olympic Committee's requirements to a hosting nation has previously been confidential, until now.

Download the manuals from this Norwegian Page under "Manualer fra IOC"

posted on Feb, 26 2014 @ 12:21 PM
reply to post by MerkabaMeditation

The sites not in English, any chance you can give us some bullet points from the article?

posted on Feb, 26 2014 @ 12:25 PM
reply to post by flammadraco

No but if you click on the links they ARE in english and there's a LOT of reading

posted on Feb, 26 2014 @ 01:36 PM
This is the translation for the links

Council case 1/14 (09.01.2014)
Quality assurance of applications for government guarantees and subsidies (20.12.2013)
Concept Study KVU (per 14.06.2013)
Council Decision (05/06/2013)
Council case 68/13 (25/04/2013)
Feasibility venues (13.04.2012)

Manuals by IOC
Technical Manual on Accommodation
Technical Manual on Arrivals and Departures
Technical Manual on Brand, Identity and Look of the Games
Technical Manual on Ceremonies
Technical Manual on City Activities
Technical Manual on Communications
Technical Manual on Design Standards for Competition Venues
Technical Manual on Digital Media
Technical Manual on Finance
Technical Manual on Food and Beverage Services
Technical Manual on Management Games
Technical Manual on Information and Knowledge Management
Technical Manual on Media - Part 1 - Press
Technical Manual on Media - Part 2 - Broadcasting
Technical Manual on Medical Services
Technical Manual on NOC Services
Technical Manual on Olympic Games Impact
Technical Manual on Olympic Hospitality Center
Technical Manual on Olympic Torch Relay
Technical Manual on Olympic Village
Technical Manual on Organising IOC Session and Related Meetings
Technical Manual on Paralympic Games
Technical Manual on Protocol and IOC Protocol Guide
Technical Manual on Signage
Technical Manual on Sport
Technical Manual on Ticketing
Technical Manual on Transport
Technical Manual on Venues
Technical Manual on Workforce

Attachment to KVU
Annex 01a Documentation of design assumptions June 2013
Appendix 01b Overview of design assumptions June 2013
Annex 02a documentation exercise program March 1, 2013
Appendix 02b Exercise Program Olympics March 1, 2013
Annex 03a Description of concept for Paralympics 1 March 2013
Appendix 03b Exercise Program PL 1 March 2013
Appendix 04 demand driven needs
Appendix 05 Stakeholder and player analysis
Appendix 06 Program June 2013
Appendix 18 Top Memo Mountain Villages and mountains exercises June 2013
Appendix 19 Top Note Haller June 2013
Annex 20a Top Memo O & M costs in June 2013
Appendix 20b MOM indoor rinks June 2013
Appendix 21 Top Note Ceremonies June 2013
Appendix 22 Alpine Lev2 Norefjell
Appendix 23 Alpine Lev2 White-Hafj
Appendix 24 Nordic disciplines Lev2
Appendix 25 Bob ropes course Lev2
Appendix 26 Bob Norefjell Lev2
Appendix 27 Freestyle_Snowboard Wyller Lev2
Appendix 28 Freestyle_Snowboard combination Wyller Grefsenkollen Lev2
Appendix 29 Soccer Fossum Lev2
Appendix 30 Soccer Grønmo Lev2
Appendix 31 Soccer Linderud Lev2
Appendix 32 Figure Skating - Telenor Arena
Appendix 33 Hockey1 - Sognsvann_Stubberud
Appendix 34 Hockey2 - Filipstad
Appendix 35 Hockey2 - Jordal
Annex 36 Training Hall - generic
Appendix 37 Speed ​​Skating - Valle Hovin
Appendix 38 Curling - Jordal ~ 1
Appendix 39 Curling - Loerenskog
Appendix 40 MMC and landsbyer_Økern
Appendix 41 MMC and landsbyer_Kjelsrud
Appendix 42 MMC and landsbyer_Breivoll
Appendix 43 MMC and mountain villages Hafjell Lillehammer incl 3.1
Appendix 44 MMC and mountain villages Norefjell 01.03
Annex 45a Process Description
Appendix 45b Process Description - chart
Annex 46a Opening and Closing Ceremony Ullevål
Appendix 46b Opening and Closing Ceremony Bjerke
Annex 46c Opening and Closing Ceremony Generic
Annex 46d Medal Ceremony Bjørvika
Appendix 46e Medal Ceremony Hall Square
Appendix 46F Medal Ceremony Stortorget Lillehammer
Appendix 48 Transport
Appendix 49 Media Operations
Appendix 50 Accommodation
Appendix 51 Technology
Annex 52 Security
Appendix 53 medical and doping control
Appendix 55 Meteorology particular localities Oslo 2022
Appendix 56 Report OGI study Oslo 2022
Appendix 57 Strategic environmental impact assessment Norefjell South Gudbrandsdal
Appendix 58A M-Rap-001Strategisk environmental impact assessment
Appendix 58B M-Rap-002-Strategic environmental impact assessment Snøarenaer_Rev2
Appendix 58C M-Rap-003-Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment - Participant, media and seremonier_Rev1
Appendix 58D M-Rap-004-Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment - Hallidrett_Rev1
Appendix 58E M-Rap-005-Air Pollution Situation two of concept for the Olympic Village and Media Village to Oslo in 2022
Annex 59 Evaluation of Value Added Tax VAT regime Deloitte
Annex 60 Evaluation of Value Added Tax VAT regime Ernst & Young
Appendix 61 Expropriation Note by Deloitte
Appendix 62 Expropriation note by Ernst & Young
Appendix 63 Immigration and other legal matters
Appendix 64 Tax tax benefits and immigration
Appendix 65 Volunteering
Appendix 66 Legal Aspects (I) Note Deloitte
Appendix 67 Legal aspects (II) Note Deloitte
Appendix 68 Temporary importation Note Deloitte
Appendix 69 Prediction Means Note Deloitte
Appendix 70 Trademark Application for Oslo 2022 Note Deloitte
Appendix 71 Norwegian tax rules relevant to the Olympics Note Deloitte
Appendix 72 Importation of goods under OL_utkast the letter
Annex 73 Evaluation of possible Olympic development on Furuset May 2013
Appendix 77 Economic analysis Oslo 2022
Appendix 79 Notes on state aid strategy in June 2013
Appendix 80 Soccer Huken

posted on Feb, 26 2014 @ 01:40 PM
reply to post by Tindalos2013

Thank you Tindalos

posted on Feb, 26 2014 @ 02:58 PM
reply to post by flammadraco

Here is the webpage translated to English.

Note: you must use the link in the original post to download the IOC documents as the links does not work correctly in the translated article.
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posted on Jul, 20 2015 @ 11:42 PM
Hi: I am trying to find the all of the manuals in English but all of the links seem to have expired. Anyone have any ideas?

posted on Jul, 21 2015 @ 03:15 AM

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