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Discuss your craziest dream(s).

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posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 08:14 AM
A while ago I had a dream that I was sucked into a black hole. It was the weirdest feeling that I've ever experienced. Something involving the LHC was broadcasted on TV, and I was watching it, when something went wrong and all of a sudden a black hole started to form and sucked in the surrounding area. I thought it was just a CGI prank until I felt a strange sensation, kind of like the pressure on my body slowly increasing. It felt like my body was being compressed until I lost my eyesight, and then I woke up a moment later. Very frighting stuff, I still remember that feeling.

posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 06:55 PM
reply to post by ColeYounger

I am not too great at remembering all the various parts of my dreams, however a few nights ago, I believe 3rd into 4th, I dreamed that I was on the run (from what I cannot remember) alongside the pope and some folks caught up with us and I was able to reason with them to an extent to convince them we were ok (I am not catholic btw) but when I turned over my shoulder (I think to say it ok, they understand and are willing to help us escape) the pope was hanging dead from a tree about 30 metres off the ground, I said to these people how did he get so high up and they advised it was Ogres that must have done it.

Beyond that I cannot remember anything, I said to my friend the following day that I dreamed the pope had died in case it came true, the following day Mandella did, it has been playing on my mind a bit since, can you interpret dreams at all? I would add I take sleeping pills most of the time and do not dream unless I oversleep or dont take them.

TBH I have a lot of messed up dreams and prefer the safety of pure unconsciousness these days

posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 08:24 PM
I dunno, I used to have sleep issues after the Army so it's a choice between oddball and disgusting, but I could post hundreds.

The dead people dreams were really bad. I'd be asleep, and it would seem as if I woke up. By nature, I don't open my eyes when I first wake up anyway, just lie there and listen to see if anything's going on before I move. So I'd wake up and lie there with my eyes closed.

And then I'd get the distinct impression that someone was in the bedroom with us. I couldn't tell WHY, though. So I'd listen, and sniff, and try to dig out what bit of info was bothering me. Then I'd start smelling something rank. And that would get stronger and then I'd feel something touch the bed. The bed would twitch just a bit. And again. Then the sheets would move just a bit like something was tugging on them. My adrenaline would go through the roof, and I would still lie there unmoving, trying to figure out exactly where this was happening so I could jump the right way when I came flying out of bed.

Then I'd feel the bed sink down on the old lady's side like something was getting into bed over there. So I'd roll that way and throw the sheets off ready to do battle...and she wasn't in the bed on that side, but a dead person was climbing in. Very dead. Rotten oozy dead. Only I could generally recognize who. And then they'd try to cuddle up to me. I would end up tangled in the sheets or something and not be able to get out of bed, and they'd be lying there face to face with me, all maggots and ooze.

At that point I'd actually wake up and come flying out of bed, and that was pretty much it for the night. After a few times I got the mad exit tamed down enough so that I could get out of the bedroom without waking up my wife but they always left me pretty shaky for an hour or two. I'd have to prowl the house for a while just to convince my subconscious that nothing was there.

posted on Dec, 10 2013 @ 07:17 AM
Cool topic...I`m going, rather than talk about the content of dreams, tell you my observations on dreams. I hope thats ok with you all=) It may even help you to process your own dreams more carefully from now on.

So here we go, the first thing that I noticed was that I`m always in 1st person view and it`s always about me interacting either interacting with others or alone on certain path. It`s never in 3rd person and I cannot see myself. I`m also never an observer of the actual dream. Well at least not that I can remember.

The next thing is that I`m dreaming in different languages. I do speak english although it is not my native language. I also understand a little german and that`s it, beside my native language. Anyway, I recall that I never had a dream where I would use more than one language. I did have some pretty wierd dreams, but no matter what language I was using, I could understand and say everything without any problem. So far no problem, but the thing is that I could understand and say anthing in german and in one particular dream in unknown language that soundend like latin. Pretty wierd...

The plot of dreams is almost always different. I really can`t remeber having the same dream more than once. There are of course exceptions, but even then it was not excatly the same. Some dreams were better than the others, you would probably agree=) The better ones for me were when flying, jumping around like there was low gravity, teleporting, on some quest with good company or just being and having fun with good people. The worse ones were being pursued, tormented, locked somewhere and couldn`t found a way out, or being avoided by all the others for unknown reason or being forced to hang around with people or beings that I really didn`t like.

Then there˙s after a dream when I wake up. I had experienced many wierd things, from forgeting a dream in a second to the point when I thought I had woken up, but was still dreaming. And it happened repeatedly until I finally woke up totally wet like I had been running all night. I also had sleep paralysis, when my mind woke up, but couldn`t move my body. It`s one of the worst things that can happen to you. But I found out how to deal with it so if it happens to you just don`t struggle and try to force your way out of dreams because you`ll just make it worse. Rather let go and tell yourself to keep sleeping. I also woke up numerous times and not feeling my arms and legs. I had to hit them against wall so that the blood would start circulating through and I could feel them again. I also woke up with stifes on my body, but that could just be me scratching in sleep. Well in most occasions, I believe this to be true, but there are some exceptions that I really have no clue what happened.

There were also certain sensations when I woke up, these intense feelings like feeling of being bitten or shot or hurt in any other way. There was also increased hearth-beat, faster breathing or just he opposite, also feeling cold or warm, full of energy or without any...

So if you wonder what you are experiencing, I would recommend starting a journal. And don`t just write down the content of the dream, but also your sensations about certain things that you remeber how it made you feel. One more thing that you probably already know is that you have to write it down while it`s still fresh. The longer you wait, the more you will forget...

posted on Dec, 11 2013 @ 09:33 PM
Ive had a few intense dreams. As a child I gad an extremely vivid dream of the millenium falcon (from star wars) crashed through thd wall of my bedroom. Storm Troopers crashed in next, out came Luke Skywalker Yoda Han Solo and Chewbaca fighting them. Then I believe Obi Wan tossed me a light saber and iwas fighting with them until Vader shows up, I woke shortly after.

Much later while I was married I had a dream my wifes souls wad somehow stolen by evil spirits or demons or whatever. I had people agree to kill me and revive me after a while. After entering the spirit world I encounter many of these evil spirits. I fight my way through punching and kicking for a while until I can wrap my arms around her, then I am revived and my wife also but I wake up immediately.

Awake now I look over and my wife isnt in bed. After that dream I want to see her so I start looking around and find her in a guest room. Apparently while I was fighting evil spirits to save her in my dream I was hitting her while I slept. Sometimes dreams can be dangerous. lol ....she was fine by the way but had a few bruises.

There was one other freaky dream of me falling far. Right as I am about to hit I wake up and bounce a few feet in the air off of the bed.

posted on Dec, 11 2013 @ 09:43 PM
ok so i dont usually go in for this, but sod it. lets see what you all make of this.

so let me preface this by saying i was in a the deep throws of fever from a flu.
i was napping, trying to sweat out my fever. when i sort of crashed. sleep, passed out no idea.

i began to hear drums and native american singing.
i saw riding across the plains several horses. they rode up to me and stopped. a man on the horse in front, in average native american attire (tan coloured skin pants and vest, no headress or other sterotypical identifying "indian" attire) rode up to me.

he waved at me hello and a voice said. Cochise has kept his promise.
it rung in my head like a bell until i woke up.

my fever was broken.
im very much into japanese culture, but was aware of cochise, and afterwards i was learned that he had led a successful rebellion including seclusion of his people in the mountains for several years. i researched it.

but before i had only heard his name, i was not attached to him or his culture in anyway.

so thats my weirdest dream

posted on Dec, 12 2013 @ 09:14 PM
reply to post by okamitengu

Many people whom believe in reincarnation believe in family reincarnation and with there being so few living native americans and the anger a lot of there souls must still feel toward the horror that was inflicted upon them it is possible that at some distant ancestor you are related, one of the sources of the native American people was over the bearing straits land bridge about 10000 years ago and it is possible that there is an ancestral link there though it would be very distant if you are pure Japanese but most Japanese originated from the Korean peninsular as you know and displaced the Ainu people.

Here are some pages on the ghost dance, one dance was supposedly convened in the black hills with shaman from many tribes whom united to work a dark magic born of anger and desperation to drive the white man from the plains of America and a prophecy spoke of the white men being rolled back by the great spirit and destroyed, not comfortable with that myself.

I admire these people but remember they were merely normal people whom suffered the theft of there lands, the rape and murder of there woman and children and even slavery, many US presidents believed it was gods will that they should destroy the natives using the old testament inheritance of the land of Canaan and gods command to the Israelites to justify there unholy and blasphemous actions.

Some of custers men and other cavalry wore the dried fallopian and womb with the ovaries still attached in place of there tassels on there hats, indian skin wallets, boots and bone handled bowie knives were some of there inventions but then in England we had the stuffed exhibit of an entire Australian aboriginal family on display in the natural history museum.

Some were along the line we lost our way the cost is still being felt in the human soul for we are all family.

posted on Dec, 12 2013 @ 09:46 PM
reply to post by ColeYounger

The two weirdest dreams I've had... Both of these were a few years ago, but they are still very vivid.

The first begins hazy but ends with very clear imagery that I remember very well. I was looking for something; moving through many landscapes and cities. I was even wandering through people's houses searching... Some ignore me like I am a ghost, others see me and seem a bit puzzled or vaguely concerned. I come to a strange desert on the edge of a city. It is like a dried out lake bed, the earth parched and cracked in those crazy patterns. I look to the west where the sun has just hidden behind a mountain range that is jet black and seems to rim this desert. The sun has left a blood red rim above that mountain range that fades quickly to black. I know that what I am searching for is out there, and I begin to run. I do not run far (the city is still in sight) when I find an old rusted out car. Like a 1920's or 30's model, on its rims, no glass, seats tattered. The air is still, and hot and thick, and it seems as if the sun has not moved; that strange red skim is there bouncing off the ground in such a way that the earth itself seems to have an ambient light. I check the trunk of the car and I find bones. I know that is what I am looking for. I begin to lay them out on the ground anatomically as I find them, binding them with bits of wire and cloth from the car. I rummage through the car looking for all of the pieces. Crawling over the seats, reaching under them, checking the engine. Most of the bones are in the trunk, but some are missing, and scattered, and I am desperate to find them before...? I don't know. I am still frantically searching and putting him back together when I wake up.

The second dream was very short. I was standing in a black void, and suddenly I see a lion headed man. He is dressed I don't know... Not a toga exactly, but something like that that clasps on his right shoulder. He is beautiful, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, but he is looking down at me very sternly. I realize I am on my knees for some reason. I am a little puzzled but detached and not frightened. I hear someone screaming in the distance; a guttural animal shriek in repetitive bursts. There is rhythm to it and it is relentless. The screaming is getting louder and louder, and suddenly I realize that I am the one screaming. As soon as I realize this I wake up; my husband is shaking me and saying my name. I had been uttering those screams out loud in my sleep. He was really spooked, and so was I.

posted on Dec, 15 2013 @ 08:02 AM
Thanks everyone! I'm reading your replies and they're quite interesting. I had a dream the other night that wasn't 'weird', but super-intense. It was like a clip from an action movie. Someone was chasing me down a stairwell of a high-rise building. (The type of stairwell where the steps descend to the lower floor, then you turn a sharp right to proceed down to the next floor.)

I was running full speed, almost flying. I grabbed the hand rail a couple times to maintain my balance. I'd leap half way down the flight of stairs, hit the bottom, and then fly around the corner and repeat the motion. It went on for what was probably about 7 or 8 flights of stairs.
I could actually feel the leaping motion and the impact when I'd land at the bottom of the steps.
I could hear my pursuer running right behind me.
When I arrived at the ground floor, there was a large metal door. I had to turn the knob several times to get the door open. I opened the door just as my pursuer arrived. I was able to lock the door from the outside (which of course was opposite from the usual door configuration) and escape!

posted on Dec, 15 2013 @ 05:37 PM
I had a strange dream several years ago. In it, I was part of the crew of a military plane, secretly transporting a thermonuclear device from one place to another. 2 other crew members & I were in the cargo area, the bomb lying on the floor near us.

Suddenly, the plane hit air turbulence, & a cargo door in the side of the plane's fuselage blew out! The 3 of us stood holding onto a pole mounted vertically between the floor & ceiling of the cargo bay (probably memories of the NYC subway system there). The plane was decompressing, but one guy had an oxygen mask, & we passed it around as the pilot brought the plane down for an emergency landing. I remember telling myself not to panic, that we would live through this.

The plane landed in a grassy field next to a forest, & we were relieved until one of the guys noticed that the bomb had gone live. "We need to get it out of here, now!", he screamed. We picked it up & tossed it out through the missing cargo hatch. It landed in the field next to the plane, & I remember wondering why we were bothering. We then all stretched out on our stomachs in the cargo bay, feet toward the bomb, our heads covered protectively with our arms.

I remember thinking that this was absurd, that there was no way to escape the blast radius even if we immediately started running. I thought, "Well, I guess we're hard-wired to survive, & will do whatever we can, even if it's futile."
I decided that there couldn't be any pain to it, it would be over quickly, & tried not to think anymore, just waiting...
I woke up still in that frame of mind for a few seconds, until I realized that I'd been dreaming. It still took me a while to laugh about it, though.

I grew up during the height of the Cold War, with the constant threat of atomic war between the US & the USSR hanging over everything, so maybe that's where this one came from.

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 10:04 PM
It may not have been the craziest dream, but the most recent and vivid one. Last night I dreamt that I looked out my front door and the sky was filled with spaceships, all sizes and shapes, and I can barely speak. I want to say "look - the sky is filled with spacecraft" but I can barely get the words out.

I am pointing and telling my son to look (or trying to tell him). I am drawn, compelled to look, and scared to look, at the same time. The spacecraft are so low in the sky. I crane my neck to look up, and see extremely large motherships cloaking and uncloaking. This really gets me nervous.

I think, "this is is. This is really it. There's no hope."

I see a huge triangular shape uncloaking, with three lights appearing, then more. Suddenly, the entire triangle is clear, and filled with these white lights, that look like half globes stuck all over the triangle ships' surface, bright cold light, easily a hundred of them on the surface of this craft.

That's when I really get panicky. We run upstairs, and look out the window -- and I see a craft that looks like one of ours coming closer to us, and I see the "people" ??? inside looking straight at us. I scream, they are watching us, they're coming, they're looking in - quick, get down, they'll see us."

I have had several dreams that are similar to this throughout my life. The majority take place when I am "young" in my dream, just a kid (which is when these dreams started). In those dreams, I am looking out the window of my upstairs bedroom, in the twilight/sunset timeframe in summer, and see the sky filled as far as the eye can see with ufos, spaceships, saucers, and all manner of "alien" craft. The feeling is always, "they've arrived...they're here" and that we are sort of doomed. I feel panic and some type of "knowing" that this was coming. I always found it difficult to speak in my dream, and hard to look away from the awesome spectacle.

The feeling is that there's no escape, that the future I knew was coming, had come, and that soon there would be beings on the ground coming for us, not just in the sky.

Anyone dream of spacecraft filling the skies?

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 10:16 PM
I dreamed for two nights in a row of doing complex equations and working on a machine that i apparently knew what it was in my dream,Now for the record i am clueless when it comes to math, so doing complex equations in my dream and knowing what they mean is a mystery to me

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 10:30 PM
reply to post by ColeYounger

I had a dream once where i was reading a newspaper through someone else' eyes. Could've sworn it was real. Strange

posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 02:49 PM
I'm a vivid dreamer. I'm also a sleepwalker. So, it's not uncommon for me to have epic dreams. Here's one that always stuck with me since 1984.

Here's the set-up: My granddad was diagnosed with colon cancer. He came to live at my parents house, along with me and my three older brothers. He was a quite man and we hardly ever talked. He seemed normal for a couple months, but then he started hallucinating and stuff like that. It was really hard on my mom. Finally, he was taken to the hospital and a little over a week later, he died. Some serious paranormal things went down at our house the night he died, but I'll save that for a thread. About two weeks after his death, I had this vivid dream:

The dream: (the look of this dream sorta reminds me of the Don Henley video - The Boys Of Summer)

The dream is in black and white and very fast-paced. A cold wind is blowing and there aren't any leaves on the trees. The sky is grey and cloudy. I'm standing in the middle of a street in a city that I do not recognize. There are no people or cars. It feels very lonely and quite here. I take off going really fast, like going in fast forward, rushing down the streets. It seems like I am floating just an inch or so above the road, but I always stay in the center. I go down the streets erratically , -turning left onto a street, then turning right onto another. Everything is just going by really fast. I just keep noticing that there is no color. After a while of this, finally, I turn onto a long alley and start speeding down it. I see a black dot at the very end of it, but it's so far away, but I can see that it is a dead-end. Then, I come up on the black dot very fast and stop right behind it -- a man in a black trench coat. He turns around quickly, and it is my granddad. He has a grin on his face and the wind is blowing his hair a little.

It was such a shock when he turned around that I jumped up out of bed when I awoke and my heart was pounding! It was a very powerful dream. I have no idea what it means.

posted on Jan, 23 2014 @ 02:13 PM
I have been a fan of saw films.
In my dream I find myself in a house that is booby trapped, so me and the group I'm with go into the garden also booby trapped.
There is a device that shoots inch long nails into my body, arms, legs and torso. I try to escape over the fences but there are people both sides that keep me in.
As punishment for trying to escape the other people in my group have to stab me, they do and I sit there crying looking at these open wounds while picking out inch long nails from my flesh, the flesh is mushy and red, the nails hurt me while pulling them out...

I seem to remember having this dream before.

Another one I had in recent months involved me getting incinerated by some kind of explosive. I felt my body just disintegrating from feet to head.
I woke (still in dream) in a place where there is two of everything and there is a strange blue colour to everything.
I a completely trapped in a place that just keeps looping, only when I realise I'm trapped I actually woke up.

I have also been shot in the head in a dream, I didn't wake up until everything went black and I heard myself hit the ground.

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posted on Jan, 23 2014 @ 02:30 PM
I had a dream once that my brother told me that he got a pet hamster. When he showed it to me, it turned out to be a blue sponge with a cartoon face drawn on it and toothpicks sticking out of it for legs and black rubber balls for feet. He kept trying to convince me that it was a real hamster.

Another crazy dream that I had was this:

I was on an upper floor of an office building watching some sort of sporting event in a stadium down below when a big transparent flying saucer landed on the field. The flying saucer was lit up like a Christmas tree inside. I said to someone that was standing next me, "Things are about to change."

When it landed robot arms came out of the flying saucer and started dis-assembling the stadium and the people inside as well and used the material to construct a sculpture made out of giant blue and white letters. When it was done, the flying saucer took off and the giant letters read in all caps, "EVERYONE LEAVE BY JULY 29, 2131".
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posted on Jan, 23 2014 @ 02:44 PM
Too many strange dreams to count.

A more recent on that I had was where I was supposedly on vacation at an island resort. All the people there who had been exposed to this particular t.v. commercial would turn in these "creatures" at a certain time of the day. When I say creatures, they were still semi-human but their faces would look like cheaply molded plastic with huge creepy grins plastered on their face. They became frenzied consumers reminiscent of black friday and would kill anyone who got in their way. You had to take refuge in the resort when ever this would happen. The view from the resort was the most breathtaking I had ever seen so it was perfectly ok.

posted on Jan, 24 2014 @ 09:34 PM
Had another weird one earlier
I was back at school, it's over tens years since i left.

There was some kind of experiment happening with students.
A teacher (it was Derren Brown but later changed) led me and another to a few places to determine our reactions and actions.
Then led us to the end, (now he was my primary school headmaster) he said I lost and stuck a security tag in my leg.
I pulled it out a went to the cafeteria where I knew he'd be, I was going to hurt him.
I was on a higher ledge just looking for him when some wierd kid in an armoured pig outfit appeared and wanted to hurt me. I chased him away and then woke up.
I stopped smoking green and cigs recently. I know this is affecting my dreams, but damn. What the hell can I do about this?
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posted on Jan, 24 2014 @ 09:44 PM
Cool thread idea, S& F

My son dreamed last night that the moon exploded.
His words from his fb page:
"Juat had dream that the moon exploded... wtf" He goes into a little detail later saying, " The moon kinda changed shape like jello a few times before exploding and there were like a huge group of people chanting as it was happening. It was really surreal."
One of his friend jokingly said, "The moon really ? Cheese bites everywhere ?"
He answered "Nope armageddon chaos."

He's 21 and this is probably the third dream in his life he's shared.

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