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Western Terrorism / Lessons Of 9-11/ Who Are the" Real "Terrorists ?

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posted on Nov, 23 2013 @ 01:11 PM
1 The war on terrorism is over? — Perhaps, anybody who says this clearly wants the terror to continue, as it has been doing, as it is still doing—the terror, in people’s hearts are felt by many in the street, who fear each day—yes, that very terror that has been placed in people since 9-11 is higher than ever before. Terror, is here, and it is not going away, until someone comes along to hasten it, down like a wind, which is spreading around in a most vulgar way. Terror is that which makes people scared to do what they need to do, and it is clear that people are not focusing or concentrating on what they are supposed to do—as they have done. A world that is indeed in the midst of fearing—because rights have been taken away, and just exactly what is that right?

2 The terror that has somehow been placed in the human psyche, is in the uncertainty of individuals who have somehow been led astray—and we have been led astray by a corrupt system whereby we are slowly being terrorized, in our homes, in the work place by a force that has made us feel as if we are unprotected. Therefore, we feel vulnerable and prone to being attacked by a force whereby beforehand we found it easier to go on. The feeling of being lost in a “concrete jungle” is increasing—way too much information on our hands to sift through, and it is natural that the human psyche can only take too much—information overloaded is what it has come to—were we happier before? Yes, we were, or are we better off now? Do we feel better about the week or worse? And do we think about it more?

3 So basically, terrorism is more alive now than what it has ever been before—basically, you don’t need an attack from the East—they have done the duty and was it all meant? Perhaps, the punishment we have felt in the West, had everlasting repercussions—in other words, 9/11, was a reminder that a “holy war” a jihad that now most people feel every day, and it is our duty to try and remind ourselves, perhaps, that the terror we somehow feel is one which has made us part and parcel of that very society we have built up—one based on power, corruption and the biggest lies we have ever told are happening right now—pretending we feel OK and fine, when we are not.

4 The war on terror is one, which is in the workplace—perhaps, in the form of bullying—only one “insignificant” individual, who will, at the worst of times, make the day much worse, or the week, in which we think we are weak enough—not to fight back at the arrows, which hurt our spirits. Perhaps, the terrorists, are already in our neighborhoods—they don’t need a bomb or a machine gun to slaughter the very meaning of what our lives were meant to be? Perhaps, the networks of terrorists remind us that we terrorize our own system, which, as you can see is not exactly working as it should?

5 Maybe, the current system is making us feel as if we are prone to eventually collapse?
As you are able to see we become busier with our lives—making us forget about the pain we are in—and we terrorize ourselves—do what you are supposed to do? And if you do not—then we eventually hurt others, because we feel this guilt that we have not done our best. And, society has taught us that we have to do our best---and if we fail then we are the sorest losers, who then take it out on someone else. Perhaps, we struggle to survive in a system whereby we don’t see ourselves fit enough to ever win a race, which leaves us downright exhausted and tired.

6 Terrorism, in the West is one, which gives us the opportunity to make the capitalist as the one, who makes the most money-and in doing so, you grab the gold medal from your brother, who is supposed to be your fellow human being? Perhaps, we are the one’s who have terrorized him or her—and in so doing, then he or she is next time afraid to even think about going after the opportunity which he or she knows is the right thing for him or her. Once again—survival of the fittest, whereby we exercise our own opinion, one, win which cuts down the view of another, who will only loose his or her own self esteem.

7 Terrorists are we who have made the capitalist the prime figure of the world—and was it not reminded that money was the root of all evil? Clearly, then we have made the United States—a terrorized nation, which is currently feeling the fear of what it has made itself out to be—a land which now gains no opportunity, because of the terrorists in our own society, which live among us—making us feel that we need to get the better of the other, who now feels fear every day of his or her life—one, which now gets worse-and in the process, he or she feels that they must fight for the right in his or her own life, and because of that he or she becomes a terrorist to others.

8 Terrorists remind us that perhaps, we, in the West, fight among ourselves, in the work-place, in the home, one, in which is not a place of agreement—disagreement, within the family, a unit which is now divided, by its own greed—fight with mother, fight with father—for your opinion is better—your way is the Right way—and in the process make the other family member, feel the wrath—so the terror has already begun. Society is in the state of feat—because our own terrorists are here planting the seeds of discord, and quiet clearly we are at war with our own selves, and we, perhaps, are not seeing why the holy warriors of their God see us as imbeciles—we, who are creating our own terror, in a world, which needs to change—perhaps, we need to see that the terrorists are already here in our own corrupt system—---

9 So,9-11 then is merely a reminder that it is we who brought down our own selves, in the twin towers, which have been knocked down by our own terrorists, who already live among us—the East only gave us that emergency call to see that we are the fear-mongers, who currently are fighting amidst the confusion and the terror, which is growing because we have made it that way, because we have created our own system of chaos and confusion, which we feel, and one, in which we have started—and we have ourselves to blame, one, in which we are, perhaps, unable to see—it is we who murder our own kind, it is we who lash out, it is we who, perhaps, shed the blood of our own kind, who are often inhumane—criticize, not praise your own brother—time and time again—leave his soul dry, deserted and in his own wilderness—and then he feels the terror—at 9, in the morning, until 11 in the evening—yes, a whole day of terror, here, in the West—9/11 will continue—and will not ever go away until we see for ourselves what we will ultimately have to do.

Something to think about anyway! all the best!

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posted on Nov, 23 2013 @ 01:15 PM
reply to post by dancer77

Star and flag!


posted on Nov, 23 2013 @ 01:31 PM
Our Governments get us hating on people we know very little about, apart from what we're told in the propaganda. Why do you think that is? Is it to stop us from realising they are the real terrorists, the proper bogeymen?

Of course for many it works. If you question it, you are cast a loony tune and soon people start hating on you. It's a strange world.
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posted on Nov, 24 2013 @ 07:31 AM
I have read this somewhere before and it was not here-you should give credit when you post someones work.

Whoever wrote this knows absolutely nothing about the global condition in the new millennium, jihad, terrorism, Islam, the Middle East or countless other 'problems' mentioned in the rant.

I might suggest that you tell whoever wrote this-besides needing a competent editor-they should read Osama Bin Laden's " Declaration of Jihad against America" it's long and complex however the Sheik spells out his grievances against the west in general and America in particular.

I especially point out that any statement that Americans are creating jihad on themselves everyday by 'bulling' each other in the workplace is not only laughable, it's somewhat insulting, however the obvious malcontent shows the writers self imposed paranoia, has reached a point that the mental capacity of the writer is in a serious, sad state.

"that money was the root of all evil? Clearly, then we have made the United States—a terrorized nation"

The only people who ever say money is the root of all evil are the ones that don't have any.

posted on Nov, 25 2013 @ 04:13 PM

1 The war on terrorism is over? —

Terrorism did not start with 9/11 and Bush the Brave.

In recent memory - before 9/11 - we had Irish terrorism in the UK, which was defeated in that the IRA was forced to renounce violence - a lesson for others methinks. The US had been the target of terrible terrorism e.g. 1983 attacks in Beirut and various attacks through the 1980s and 90s. Terrorism is alive and well as Muslims slug it out for dominance over each other throughout most Muslim countries, notably Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Pakistan, for which the involvement of the US, the UN and NATO has been brief interludes. Just to agitate the anti-Jewish lot who inhabit these Boards, Israel is a daily target for terrorism, although somewhat reduced from a decade ago.

The War on terrorism is never over until all the terrorists are dead or have chosen a path of peace.


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