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False Prophets, Your game will be up soon.

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posted on Nov, 21 2013 @ 02:55 PM
reply to post by NaturalDizaster

Questions about reality?

Welllllllllllllll given your awareness of "reality" per Hawking . . .

WHICH reality are you concerned with?

He's essentially saying that

all imaginable realities are really real . . . as well as those we haven't imagined, yet.

I think he's wrong. But at least he blathers on based on some mathematics and theory that make sense to him and some others.

Many hyper-rationalists blather on mostly based on faith . . . oh they pretend it's on "solid" "scientific" "theory." . . . which . . . actually . . . turns out to be about as substantive as a New Age guru's blather or . . . a charlatan [not all are] "faith healer's" blather.

Evidently your biases land you firmly in the came of the religion of scientism.

posted on Nov, 21 2013 @ 04:45 PM
I have been called a " False Prophet" before.....

I came very close to death maybe even flatlined , now writing this I am not so sure. When I was younger tried for years to lucid dream. To recover memories , to see if I went anywhere ....heaven or hell. Instead all I could find was when I first woke up from a coma it felt like I was sleeping a hundred years. Gave a different meaning to rest in peace.

There are some things science can't explain now or maybe ever. Maybe don't go around trying to bash religious or spiritual people and just be content with what you know... Extensively. I have talked to a lot of religious people and they tell me thinks sometimes like they KNOW. The answer or things have already been revealed to them and their is no doubt in their mind.

Maybe don't go punching holes in people's philosophies or lifestyle choices, once you realize to let everything go and become " one" with yourself let aggression and animosity go and just be happy. The religious are usually nicest people too, like " carebears" .

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