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Deformed Skull From Dark Ages Unearthed In France

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posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 08:56 PM
reply to post by AliceBleachWhite


Reads like an absurd amount of hollow blather groping vainly for a shred of proof for one's ridiculously UNSCIENTIFIC perspective. Color me underwhelmed.

But it was a very slightly interesting slipping and sliding avoidance of the main points the conehead side has been making for many posts, now.

IT does NOT MATTER whether cultures practiced cranial deformation in the past or currently.

It is easily documented by merely comparing the conehead skulls to


THERE ARE a sizable number of points of very SERIOUS DISSIMILARITY.

And no amount of pointless, uninformed, absurd blather will change the facts.

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 10:31 PM
reply to post by BO XIAN

5 posts in a row?

Compensating for something?
Like lack of any Legitimacy, or VALID dialogue to support anything your camp is trying to float?

The maturity levels demonstrated in your responses is also appalling; setting an excellent example in illustrating just how low and easily grasped the fruit hangs for such dispositions as you've demonstrated for requirement to reach, and come to such conclusions.
You really should be quite ashamed and embarrassed in flaunting such immaturity.

As to my dialogue;
My points are clear.
My position is supported.
There is no requirement for you to believe or accept.
I've stated my position.
I stand by my position.

If anyone cares to refute that position with legitimate inquisition of the topic, such parties can and will continue to enjoy the company of my own interrogative.
A lack of any additional reply, however, should be sure sign that no forthcoming provocation is worthy of any semblance approaching legitimacy such to merit reply.

Thus, I stand.

Not Aliens.

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posted on Nov, 23 2013 @ 01:12 AM
lol! try to do that now! head binding.
childrens services would be all over you.

who's brilliant idea was it, in the first place?

posted on Nov, 23 2013 @ 05:12 AM
reply to post by AliceBleachWhite

Ahhhhhhhhhhh . . . when your argument or evidence won't reach sufficient criteria to stand . . .

attack the messenger. Typical of your perspective.

Interesting that you didn't even attempt to deal with the solid evidence and points I mentioned.

As to my multiple posts . . . I see you haven't been registered very long. Perhaps you are unaware that it's my style to go through a thread I'm interested in and comment on as many posts as strike my mood to comment on. It might be 4 or 5 or 20. It's one of my recreational activities.

As to maturity . . . cute . . . I'll stack my 66 years up against your whatever any day.

Haughty Religion of Pseudo-Scientism blather doesn't substitute for maturity in my construction on reality--nor in my experience and observations.

Thankfully, some folks realize that

one pint of milk in a vertical column is


to a pint of milk in a same sized column slanted at 30 degrees.

Obviously some are not mature enough to know the difference--still being below Piaget's CONCRETE OPERATIONAL stage.

I'd have thought that example was communicative to folks with a minimum of "scientific" maturity. I guess not.

The FACT remains that a slanted skull volume containing essentially the same cubic centimeters as a non-manipulated, non-slanted skull volume is a tragic evidence of horrific child abuse.

IT does NOT explain skull volumes at least 25% larger to maybe near double or more the non-slanted or slanted human skulls.

None of your blather has explained away that FACT.

None of your blather has explained away several other CONCRETE FACTUAL differences between normal or manipulated HUMAN skulls vs the genetically elongated skulls.

Some more links worth the interest of fair-minded, more mature folks:

= = =

The Conehead Skulls of Peru: Alien, Ape or a Lost Human Species?
Thursday, September 19, 2013

The conehead skulls of Peru have been dismissed as the result of 'binding,' but these are not bound skulls. In fact, they aren't even human skulls. They do not have the right bone structure to be human and they have far larger brain cases. In fact, the native practice of skull binding may have represented an effort to make themselves appear more like these creatures.


Skulls found in Paracas district, in the same state as the Nazcar lines in Peru, have many skeletal differences in comparison to a normal human skull, and this suggests that the elongation in their case could have been a natural phenomenon and not artificially induced. A normal human skull possesses three cranial plates, the frontal plate and two parietal plates, but the Paracus skulls have only two, one frontal and one parietal. The volume of the skull is 25% larger than an average human skull; the nose and eye sockets are larger, and there are two holes suggesting a nerve supply feeding the back of the skull, which is not a typical human feature. The bone of the skull is also much thicker than that of a normal human skull.

So artificial skull elongation as part of an elaborate 'self-enhancement' procedure does not explain the difference in overall volume or the other differential features seen in these cases, including larger jaws and fewer teeth. Even so, anthropologists still remain unconvinced that the skulls are from an extraterrestrial race.

In 2011, however, Renato Davila Riquelme of the Privado Ritos Andinos museum in Cuzco, Peru, found two small mummies in the village of Andahuaylillas, a settlement which used to be part of the Inca empire. The new remains had huge skulls which were almost the same size as their 20inch bodies. A fontanelle, or small hole, was noted in the skulls, suggesting that these were the bodies of children, but this theory was confused by the fact that the skulls contained fully developed adult molars.. Hydrocephaly has been mooted as a possible cause for the misshapen heads, but medical professionals who have since examined the skulls stated that this explanation was not consistent with the deformity observed.

. . .

Read the original source:

= = =

Is this an alien skull? Mystery of giant-headed mummy found in Peru

Skull has soft spot, found in infants, yet also two large molars, found in older humans

Three anthropologists agree: 'It is not a human being'


UPDATED: 14:59 EST, 24 November 2011

A mummified elongated skull found in Peru could finally prove the existence of aliens.
The strangely shaped head - almost as big as its 50cm (20in) body - has baffled anthropologists.
It was one of two sets of remains found in the city of Andahuaylillas in the southern province of Quispicanchi.

The skeletal sets were discovered by Renato Davila Riquelme, who works for the Privado Ritos Andinos museum in Cusco in south-eastern Peru.
He said that that the eye cavities are far larger than normally seen in humans.

= = =

Brien Foerster reveals exclusive details about elongated skulls from Peru

. . .

I sent, and will send more molar teeth to him, which are perfect for testing, since the DNA is safely protected in the pulp in the interior of each tooth.

. . .

Foerster: Simply put, to be blown away, and to throw their preconceived notions, and any history books in the garbage. We have a lot of proof that some of the most famous stone megalithic buildings in Peru and Bolivia are as much as 15,000 years old, and were not made by the Inca, but more ancient and auburn elongated skull people, some of whom were called the Viracochan. Recent tours I have done have included British and American engineers who can clearly state that the bronze chisels and stone hammers of the Inca, found in archaeological digs could not have made these structures, whose immense scale defy belief, and who are fitted together without mortar; in some cases a human hair can't fit between these massive stones, some weighing more than 100 tons.

. . .

Foerster: There is no chance that the fetal skull was compressed after death. All of the elongated skull people were of noble royal blood, and were very carefully buried.

Examiner: Do you believe these skulls are the remains of aliens from another planet?

Foerster: There is a possibility that these are in fact human/alien hybrids, but only DNA testing can prove that. If there are DNA strands from them that don't match the international human genome data base, which they will be compared against, then we have real "smoking gun" data showing that aliens once may have visited this planet, and mixed with humans, or protohumans.
. . .

NOTE: I realize that Foerster is not part of some folks little fat-headed club of high priests of the religion of Scientism and therefore is only to be derided by such folks as beyond the pale of "sane" or "rational" fair-minded consideration as a source of anything mature or worthy of interest or attention.


posted on Nov, 23 2013 @ 05:35 AM
reply to post by BO XIAN


my expectation is that this sort of disclosure will continue to incrementally escalate . . . until the fallen angel/ET critters leap full bore onto the world stage in concert and in league with the globalist oligarchy toward OVERT establishment of the long predicted and long in-the-works global tyrannical government.

So, regardless of whatever initial factors some see as dubious about the Peru skull investigations, I expect them to stand the test of time and to become even more . . . 'out there' than they are currently.

I realize that folks addicted to worshiping at the altar of the religion of scientism will not be convinced until a UFO or whatever such symbolically 'lands in their laps and castrates them.'

Nothing new on that score.

= = =

AT least the ARCHEOLOGY NEWS NETWORK is somewhat facing the question with perhaps a shred of fair-mindedness:

= = =

The first pics at the following link show some interesting comparisons. The first one shows an elongated skull that appears to have about double the brain capacity of normal or manipulated human skulls:

= = =

Here's a link with more pics of the recent discoveries:

. . . with some cheeky commentary . . . LOL.

= = =

IT DOCUMENTS a LIST of features, factors CONCRETELY DIFFERENT between the 'other' elongated skulls vs the manipulate or normal human skulls.

1. Brain volume
2. Weight
3. Symmetry
4. Sutures
5. The Eyes
6. The Ears
7. The Sinuses
8. The Foramen Magnum
9. The Necks
10. The Chewing Muscles

Of course, I DO realize that even a LIST of SOLID tangible FACTS don't stand a chance against the fat-headed, immature dogma of the religion of Scientism and their haughty high priests, priestesses and acolytes.

= = =

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