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A research about man-man friendship and woman-woman friendship differences

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posted on Nov, 16 2013 @ 05:18 PM
Today by chance I found out and read some articles about the difference between male friendship and female friendship , that is, man - man and woman - woman. But also the different ways in which males and females conceive friendship in general .

Here are the main differences between masculine and feminine friendships :

male friendships

1 ) The males prefer to " do" rather than "talk" , that is, share activities and interests ( phisically )
2 ) The males call a friend to escape from the problems
3 ) The males insult each other for a joke
4 ) The males carry less rancor and more easily return friends with eachother
5) male friends may know very little about their personal lives but consider themselves good friends
6) As adults, friendships decrease, generally remain only friends who have been made during the first 20 years
7 ) Preferring the girl rather than friends is wrong, seen as bad choice


1 ) The female share their emotions and secrets , to say a secret to another friend means the end of ' the friendship
2) When the friendship ends , females have more difficulty trusting of other girls , and the end of a friendship is as dramatic as the end of a love story
3 ) The females prefer the group
4 ) The females call the female friend to discuss the problems
5 ) Counts what you say more than what you do
6) The friendships for females increase after age 40
7) Among the females choosing the boy rather than the other girl friends is considered normal


6 TYPES of friends for males :

1) Friends of convenience : work colleagues and people who live nearby, neighbors, schoolmates
2 ) Friends for common interests
3 ) Historical friends - Those who remain or return later in life
4 ) periodic Friends - Those who know each other during specific periods or rites of passage
5 ) Cross- generational friends : younger friends or older friends ( support, advice, experience)
6) Best friends - Those who know about our private life ( better) than others, those with whom we discuss serious issues

posted on Nov, 16 2013 @ 05:31 PM
reply to post by Zagari

Everything with female friendship-relationship is sexual, too. Much more sexual and sex obsessed than guys.

posted on Nov, 16 2013 @ 07:08 PM

reply to post by Zagari

Everything with female friendship-relationship is sexual, too. Much more sexual and sex obsessed than guys.

Where did you ever get that?

As for the OP, I think it is right for females as a gross generalization. However, I tend to have more guy friends that girl friends. But I am pretty much a loner. I have two close female friends but we may go months with out talking, but they have known me the longest.

posted on Nov, 16 2013 @ 10:00 PM
From the guy's side - the list looks pretty much correct for us.

What I'd like to add on is this:
1. When guys argue with their guy friends, usually the feud ends pretty quickly (I've gotten into several heated arguments with mine, and two days later, it was as if the argument never happened).

2. When females argue with their friends, it seems to drag on (NOTE: I'm writing this from my perspective, so if I'm wrong, then please excuse my ignorance). One of my Ex's pretty much dropped all communication with several of her "friends" because of a simple argument - a couple years later, she still complains about what they did.

I will say though, the number of female friends that I have vs male friends is about 2:1, at least the last time I looked at facebook. Maybe it's a trend that as each (male & female) get's older, the number of friends that they have of the opposite sex also increases?


posted on Nov, 18 2013 @ 04:54 AM
reply to post by Zagari

I think it was Einstein who said "Things should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.".

Although relationship dynamics between different combinations of people are, in no way, as deeply interesting nor as complicated as atomic physics, relativity, or any of the other things that Einstein busied himself with, this simple phrase still applies here, as much as it does anywhere.

The reason I say that, it that this study appears to have made things simpler than they really ought to be. The truth of the matter is, friendship, whether between a male and a male, a male and a female, or a female and a female, is a matter of significant complexity (although not as much as the previously mentioned variations of physics). For a start, the over generalisations make the conclusions of this research somewhat vague in some respects, and utterly inaccurate in others.

For example, there is a great difference between what I would call a friendship, and the sort of casual connections described in the male segment of the conclusion. People I consider friends, are those who have stood by me during difficulty, and by whom I have stood when they have been in times of strife. These are people with whom I would trust my life, and I would hope they would do the same with me. They are family to me. I know as much about those I call friends, as it is possible to know about anyone, without actually being in their heads. We have lived in each others lives, been intrinsic to one anothers mental health, and these are serious, and deep relationships, each with their own wonderful characteristics.

There is love between us, whether we are talking about male and male friendships, or male and female friendships. The love may be of the platonic variety, but love it remains. It is the love between family, between survivors, between comrades, between brothers and sisters, connections forged in strange circumstances, which has its own deeply valuable quality.

To take the conclusions of the research at face value, I feel, is to misunderstand the nature of true friendship. I have seen gaggles of females, and bands of roving males, drinking with the same groups in bars, over the course of many years, and they are operating, in many cases, a massive charade. They present a supposedly character appropriate facade, while keeping their true natures hidden. The Queen Bee, exuding feminine confidence through the application of a skirt of impossible shortness, and a bitchy expression plastered upon her face, to impress her friends, who secretly fears male attention due to an incident that she has never discussed in her past. The male pack leader, who scans the crowd with a wolfish smile, ostensibly hunting prey for his friends, but harbours secret guilt and confusion over his desire to bed the men he drinks with. These are not friendships that these people are operating. They are lies, lies which make the lives of those who tell them, easier to cope with in the short term, while the lies pile up in the corner of their minds, waiting to destroy them later on.

No friendship can be said to exist in such a twisted climate, because a friendship is like any serious relationship. It requires trust, honestly, openness, and the ability to love another human being selflessly, and without condition. Real friends discuss their issues, share their secrets, heal one anothers wounds, both literally and figuratively speaking, and are never vindictive toward one another. Personally speaking, there is not a single person whose name appears in my phone book, for whom I would even hesitate to fight, kill, and die. That is friendship. Anything else is too empty and vacuous to qualify, or waste the time on.

posted on Nov, 20 2013 @ 01:53 PM
Having listened to literally thousands of people have conversations right in front of me, often without them even regarding me being there I feel I may have some insight into relationship dynamics.

2 males together: will discuss virtually anything.

1 male, 1 Female: will discuss virtually anything.

2 Females: Will almost exclusively, and I say "almost" only because there has to be an exception though amazingly I can't think of one, talk about about people and relationships between them. Could be themselves, their friends, family, coworkers, or even famous people. Women only talk about people when they are by themselves. At least in the setting I'm familiar with.

Women also talk way more, in general. The entire pace of conversations is slowed down, most of the time, when a male is involved, however, the range of topics greatly increases.

I know this is going to sound impossible to people, but I'm telling you what I've observed, THOUSANDS of times.

My 2 cents on the opening post.... I agree with most of it.

posted on Nov, 20 2013 @ 01:56 PM

reply to post by Zagari

Everything with female friendship-relationship is sexual, too. Much more sexual and sex obsessed than guys.

I think we need video evidence for your claims

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