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The Cash-Landrum suppressed government file

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posted on Dec, 30 2014 @ 04:52 PM
I must applaud all of you for the time spent analyzing the information in the report. I read it a few minutes ago then read through this thread. Thank you for all of the information and view points you have provided.

posted on Dec, 30 2014 @ 05:18 PM
a reply to: CardDown

Hell CardDown or can I call you Curt?

I almost missed this amongst all the excitement around this time of the year and a few other distracting posts about DC 1952, Roswell and etc.

I always remember this case because I was still in junior school . There was a number of odd UFO cases all occurring within that late 1970s - 1980 period from the Valentich disappearance, New Zealand sightings, through the Bob Taylor, Livingston UFO, the Alan Godfrey and Zigmund Adamski cases, Rendlesham and then Cash- Landrum.

I think that time period and it's plethora of interesting cases really got me hooked into the subject.

Keep up the good work on your blog and I am looking forward to listening to the Podcast sometime soon.

Oh and Happy New Year to you and all our ATS friends as well.
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posted on Dec, 8 2016 @ 02:29 PM
I hope it's not against the rules to reanimate an old thread, but my minor news may not rate a new thread.

In the last year, three new people have come forward claiming to have witnessed the 1980 Cash-Landrum case during their youth. Problem is, they can offer no more valuable information than someone who'd just seen the case featured on TV.

I want more. If it really happened, there should still be additional witnesses, perhaps even pilots of the helicopters who might tell us something of substance. Instead of making just an anniversary post about the case, I wrote this article, a call for new witnesses.

Cash-Landrum UFO Case Updates: Witness Reports

posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 05:34 PM
I'm not sure if it's readily available online (at least, I can't find it but tbh can't be bothered to go through all the click bait to find it), but after an attic clear out I found a copy of the 82 page attorney work product for this case.

Happy to scan it all in if I'm able to and post here, unless of course someone knows where it's posted elsewhere. Just let me know, would be happy to help.

posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 08:05 PM
A few thoughts as this case has always intrigued me . Firstly, from all the interviews and various bits and bobs floating around the people involved seemed to be from a pretty typical straight up "god fearing" background. If one follows a "Keelian" line of analysis of anything weird happening this is often a key factor. That being, there is almost a subconscious desire for anything that contradicts your subconscious world view to be "aggressive" in its'' intent. It's always struck me how "biblical" the effects were on the occupants and how, the youngest and therefore the least "deeply programmed" with such a mindset was the least affected . The two female witnesses seemed to react as if attacked by a classical biblical "plague" and maybe, there's a key.

That is, the reverse placebo effect where, an experience is so outside of one's mindset one literally "physically erupts" in response to it. Check the various reactions of those present at Rendlesham , they vary from simple "scientific observation" to the quasi "mystical" and the fall out sic can last decades. Fatima, from full on religious revelations to, it was a silver disc.

Then throw in Schuessler to the mix who, from as far as I can ascertain, comes from the Freidman "nuts and bolts don't talk about weirdsh^^ school of Ufology. His bias is to automatically seek that which exists as tangible evidence, that's what he's trying to prove, these "craft" exist as we understand the term "exist". He's always going to go charging in and say, well this measured this, that measured that so ergo, I think we are dealing with a very "real" experience. Schuessler is desperate for this to be a case where he can turn round and say .."Slam dunk , there you go, physical effects, physical traces etc etc" Ergo ,from the moment he's on the case his whole investigating compass is set to "real world" . Schuessler is viewing the whole incident backwards from the perspective of what he wishes he could prove just as Klass and his merry band of advocates couldn't see a field full of unicorns even if one of them ran them through and skewered them to a fence post.

In other words, this is typical almost wholly wrong headed feud and let's not pretend it's anything else, between two groups who ,simply ignore any evidence which upsets their particularly narrow view of the universe we inhabit.

All we can say, with any certainty at all is that. Something weird happened to the thee witnesses that night and that, the two witnesses with the most ingrained patterns of behaviour, reacted to it in the way something inside of their own minds told them they should? This behaviour was backed up and fed into by the likes of Schuessler and to a large extent, by their experience with the medical professionals they consulted. That is, oh you have symptoms?; let me have a look, well having looked ,surely they must be as a result of xyz?

it's the old "realistic brutalist" approach to something that, is often subtle beyond our ken as yet and all you ever end up with from such an approach, is circular argument akin to arguing over how many angels can balance on the head of a pin. It's wholly moot as , no-one has has actually sat down and just said. "Ok this is a weird one , let's take a more subtle approach to reviewing what real evidence we have".

Schuessler, partly from fear of upsetting the witnesses and partly from his own drive to prove the so far unproveable, won't countenance the more subtle approach and this just plays into the hands of the Klass school of, it hasn't happened to me so it can't happen to you, school of rank wholly ego driven blind stupidity.

I suspect something truly "strange" did happen to those three witnesses and they all dealt with it as their perceptions of the world we live in guided them to. How much of any part of their testimony can be taken at face value is really the moot point. All the afters is merely irrelevant static generated by people with agendas they wish the case would divvy up without a single thought or even care for those concerned. On the part of Schuessler, I doubt he meant this, he was just dragged along by his own preconceptions of what he believes he's out there to prove. Klass et al ,are just intellectual lightweights who like to bully those they feel know less than they do and are not seeking evidence at all, they are seeking a confirmation of their own bias every bit as much as Schuessler was/is.

The sad part of all this is that, a couple of witnesses seem to have to some degree, convinced themselves in cahoots with those supposedly "helping them", into a premature grave.
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posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 09:05 PM
a reply to: CardDown

"Oh, move along here folks, nothin' to see...."

I nailed Walt Andrus, the founder and former head of MUFON, once here in Austin after he gave a talk in the mid-1980s. He never mentioned the case in his talk so after the meeting I asked him if the MUFON had ever resolved the case. He brushed me off, saying in a conspirator tone that a a/c carrier in the Gulf of Mexico was involved in a secret project and the object and helicopters had something to do with that. A few years later, in 1985, I sent him a detailed report from an ex-paratrooper of what apparent was one of the first triangle-like craft (two, nose to tail) ever reported. He blew it off.

posted on Dec, 12 2016 @ 10:25 PM

originally posted by: JimOberg
The issue that Klass had raised was that while claims were made about physiological effects on the witnesses, the obvious question of what was their medical condition and treatment history PRIOR to the event was never answered. Their medical records were never disclosed nor was any neutral medical investigator even given permission to read them privately to see if there was anything relevant to the post-incident medical issues.

Amazing what a few minutes work can turn up...

CJC: OK. Prior to this incident, Ms. Landrum, have you been treated for any illness or problems? VL: CJC: No sir. Have you been in the operation... ah, in the hospital for a operation? VL: Well ah, about twenty... three years, 22 years ago, I had hysterectomy. Other than that, I have never had nothing really wrong with me till this.

From Cash Landrum interview

And... CJC: Prior to this occasion on the 29th of December, 1980, had you ever been hospitalized or treated for any uh... ailments or problems? BC: CJC: BC: CJC: BC: Sure, I had heart surgery. OK, and when and where was that? In Birmingham Alabama in Nineteen ... Seventy Six OK, any other treatments? Nothing other than just a hysterectomy... when I was 29. CJC: When you was 29. Now have you been you ever been treated for any ah... medical condition that would have required you to have be exposed to any radioactive materials? BC: CJC: BC: No.

From... Cash Landrum Interview

posted on Dec, 17 2016 @ 11:42 PM
Interesting that the Helicopters came from Grey, especially if you know what's right next door, a nuclear weapons storage area. And where would you store something that you've recovered until you can get it to somewhere like Wright-Patterson or Area 51? A nuclear weapons storage area makes good sense for that, nobody's getting in the Q area who isn't supposed to be there. That little detail alone about where the birds came from speaks volumes.

Anyway, the Weapons Storage areas aren't very well known. Killeen Base/Site Baker was the second of the original three weapons storage areas (Manzano Base/Site Able at Kirtland and Lake Mead Base/Site Charlie at Nellis are the other two of the three original ones, Lake Mead/Nellis Area 3 is the only one officially still operational but there's an awful lot of activity at Manzano for somewhere that's not supposed to be in use, or used for furniture storage or whatever they say they're doing there) and I'm pretty sure that when this happened they still had weapons at the facility.

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