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The Human Race?

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posted on Dec, 18 2004 @ 10:48 AM

Originally posted by twitchy
My god that was the funniest book I ever read man. I had never actually had to set a book down to laugh before but the chapter on Money was a RIOT. I highly reccomend the book if you haven't read it.

Oh Hayull Yeah! In fact, I think I may go have to pick up another copy today, as my old one was "borrowed" in college and never returned.

All Praise Harry,
First Born After The Bomb!

posted on Dec, 18 2004 @ 03:56 PM
This is crazy! I was going to post this exact topic a while ago.

I do think that there "could" be a double meaning to the phrase

"Human Race" ... I think i was was watching the amazing race on CBS when i thought about this....

What if we fight wars for other reasons that just profit. What if we were never supposed to come together. What if only 1 Race was supposed to carry the tourch into the future...The winning Race.

Fact is we have fought against each other since day 1 and it has never stopped.

Hitler tried to promote the Arian Race and destroy the Jewish Race.

It is survival of the fittest. and only 1 can win. Selective Evolution of our own species.

I think that JC really had a big part in the world because he preached about love and goodness. The human race includes all of us. America was designed as a melting pot for the world to see if it could work. Too find out if we could all get along. I live in New Jersey and it is the most populated state of different people. I enjoy meeting other people and learning about their history and culture.

I think that the Human Race should be a race to blend us all into 1 people and let that 1 people take the future where it needs to go...and we will call these people Americans.

So go out to the bar tonight and pick up a foreign girl. The future of the human race depends on you.

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