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The Eye Diamond and Illumination

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posted on Nov, 22 2004 @ 09:00 PM
I don't think I ever referred to myself as dark specifically. Any statement about darkness in my life was meant to refer to the fact that I am classed amongst common grade people, therefore any illumination I have brought into this world is continually removed, just like for most people. The degree of "their" involvement in this process would simply indicate that more work is required to keep me dark, and when less work is required at some point in the future, their involvement will be less.

God is not light in their system of thought, an accurate system upon which religion is based as a disinformation system. God is darkness and Goddess is light. The darkness "makes the statement:" "let there be light!" True Goddess religion is by secret law reserevd for a chosen illuminated class.

Their use of astral vampirism is often highly destructive and antisocial, even to the point where children are rendered trans/bi-sexual and are deprived of basic physical and mental integrity, such as healthy posture. When you study mass media, and the encryptions contained in it, you can see how they make fun of what they do.

One can resist the process, but if the whole network leans in on you, you literally have to be perfect to stay healthy at all. I suspect that so far, only Jesus measured up - maybe, because Jesus was supposedly virginal. Jesus gets to be God in people's minds now, but everyone else subjected to this process gets to be Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Jesus was rather feminine in some people's mind's though). It is important to work all of your life to keep a proper range of human talents alive despite the influence. Once you study into this system, you come to understand that insanity is basically a toxin which is managed in a very dangerous fashion. People really need to learn about insanity and actively keep themselves sane.

posted on Nov, 22 2004 @ 09:06 PM
It's actually a Goddess analogy which "states:" "Let ther be light!" Aries is God in perfect, pre-vibrational darkness. Taurus is the highest initiative which creates vibration from nothing, and Gemini is the functional reality matrix which contains all realities, and which is made of vibration or "light." God as Aries just likes to watch the matrix via Taurus' touch upon his nature. Aries is voyeuristic, and Taurus is sensual, like a cat.

posted on Nov, 22 2004 @ 09:16 PM
scorpio; i think you inadverntly answered my question prosed to you on page four. thank you.

posted on Nov, 22 2004 @ 09:25 PM
It is easy to interpret internet forum statements as preconceptions given the nature of them and the fact that it is difficult to qualify such statements in detail in an internet forum setting. But I despise internet forums anyway and wouldn't waste time communicating ideas here which were not earned over time and verified by myself repeatedly. Anyone on this forum could verify my statements themselves if they did the requisite work (years of work).

My attempts at grasping the "ineffable" are simply my life in progress. Thinking to a high degree of effect is important, and my destiny has led me to find my answers. I suppose I could have did the Fight Club thing and run around in the astral getting into astral fist fights, but thinking is primary in the maintenance of health.

posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 09:14 AM

Originally posted by Ausar
from here: i hear foolishness on the part of your preconceptions;
yet, from there: i comprehend frustrations, when attempting to comprehend the ineffable.

i suppose i have expresed my opinion quite much so can i ask a question to you and the other poster?

what do you think of jesus?

(goes something along these lines)
jesus was a prophet, who was incarnated to fulfill old testament law etc, his powers where the gift of the 100,000 thousands (if not millions)of religious spirits that channelled through and around him, it was not god but power from like mind mid realm spirit collectives, though of course there is a lot of wisdom in there teachings.

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posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 12:08 PM

Originally posted by MysticOfRadiance

Jesus was a prophet, who was incarnated to fulfill old testament law etc, his powers where the gift of the 100,000 thousands (if not millions)of religious spirits that channeled through and around him, it was not god but power from like mind mid realm spirit collectives, though of course there is a lot of wisdom in there teachings.

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Hi MysticOf Radiance,

That is a good appraisal of Jesus of Nazareth. Christianity was started by large groups of angels or basically spiritual people in the Spirit, as with all the traditional religions, and not by The Original Creator -- who has yet to come.

In his day, the more accurate names for Jesus were Issa or Yuz/Jus Asaf. He was indeed an angel prophet who channeled (and came from) a Group Entity that consisted of millions of angels; these granted him his various Gifts of the Spirit. Issa eventually went to India and died there of natural causes at the ripe old age of eighty. Just before his last birthday, he proclaimed in Kashmir that he was the Galilean Messiah.

Issa the Prophet Escaped Crucifixion & Died At Eighty After Proclaiming To Be The Galilean Messiah

Regarding the crop circle issue debated earlier in this thread, I have seen rare video from people that have managed to film Zetan probes creating them at night. The probe flies over the target area and the circles in the field are manifested within seconds, probably through advanced electromagnetic technology. The level of telekinetic energy required to create a crop circle (with the unique EM markings which stunt plant growth) is way beyond that of most Group Entities. As a rule, GEs only produce telekinetic miracles when it serves to further their religion -- in order to get more members and to increase their level of energy and sociological influence. Notice that there is no crop circle religion so it logically fits that the circles are not astrally/telekinetically produced but created through advanced technological means.

Crop circles are discreetly and intentionally made by Zetan-aliens to see how we will react to them. It's kind of like throwing something strange and unusual into a gorilla's cage at the zoo to see how it will react.

A Zetan classroom illustration...

"Notice class how the intellectually challenged Terran Homo sapiens react to our latest geometric crop circle formations and how many of them come up with elaborate rationalizations in order to convince themselves and others that they are not produced by a more technically advanced civilization."

posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 01:17 PM
Okay... I really do not wish to offend anyone here, and I'm the last person on Earth to condemn anyone for their beliefs. Religion in general fascinates me, but what really fascinates me is good philosophy, logic, and reason.

Now, I'm seeing a lot of arguements on here along the lines of "A is B..." and "C is actually a host of D". But I'm not seeing the other end of the equation. In other words, where is the proof that A=B?

A good way to put it is like this: I can say that "Everyone has 42 souls, each inhabiting a different plane of existance, but the only plane one is affected by is the plane in which they are currently conscious." It sounds reasonable, and convincing, but where is the proof? Where are the book references that discuss this? The ancient text passages from which one can deduct the conclusion? Any statement so bold as to claim to -know- some esoteric spiritual truth should, at the very least, have some religious texts to cross-reference and support the claim. Or perhaps even physical evidence.

If personal experience is the only proof, then the only one it will convince is the one with the experience, or those willing to believe what they are told to believe. I can believe, with all my might, that I have personally experienced a conversation where all 13 Gods of the 42 Universes sat down, had tea with me, and explained that the Multiverse was actually banana shaped, and I could describe it in detail all night long, for weeks on end, but without something tangible, some shred of evidence to support this, what would be the point, aside from trying to claim some fame or recognition?

Again, I mean no offense, but I'd like to see some references before reading anything into this.

posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 05:44 PM
thelibra, the occult exists and the spiritual system that is above it exists, so i would say there is alot of info posted in this thread from all the posters to answer your question. though your questioning is valid also.

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posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 07:17 PM
If the "Illuminated" are indeed more intelegent yet still perform acts that are by your definition, violent even if on an astral level, then how Illuminated are they?

Being of the less intelegent sub species, I fail to see how this differs from actions that are taken in a material world. What I mean is, if we have roaming this world so called illuminated ones who abuse power and quest for it on a malevolent spiritual quest how does that make them any different than a common thief or power hungry oligarch?

True illumination would revolve around peace and service to humanity. Their souls are still troubled if not evil with their melevolent intent.

If your belief that faith is a waste of time I would counter it is necessary to bring justice for the common person in the spiritual realm.

And lastly: what is the point of all the symbolism? They know whom is illuminated and who is not correct? Why bother with all this symbolism that is going to be marketed to the little peons. Seems like a waste of effort to me. Why give someone the chance to figure out there little codes. There is no chance they are going to become elevated into their world is there.

Or is this just bragging with out really letting the herd know whats going on? Either way Illumination sounds like elitism to me and needs to be countered by us know nothings.

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posted on Nov, 24 2004 @ 07:46 PM
i have experienced illumination for a brief period in my life;

it wasnt too difficult, all i had to do,
is not have any desire for about two weeks.

in reference to "factual evidence" how can one prove something to another unless they have both experienced that same situation?

ex. if we both agreed that gravity "falls" at 9.8 meters per second: then we first must have experienced some form of "gravity" to even conduct our observations. yet, being that reality is realitive to ones personal existence or soul/consciousness: the "fall" of gravity will have effected both observers differently; who is to say who's subjective reality is the absolute truth?

about jesus: i really mentioned the great, because you scorpio, seem to be missing the most important "piece" in your expression; the necessary stone that is required for all great works.

about crop circles: they basically explain "hyperdimensional physics" along the line of the parameters "we" have created.

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posted on Nov, 25 2004 @ 07:38 PM
The major concentration of crop circles is centered in Southern England. This indicates a concentration of influence which mirrors that of the manifestations (cultural concentration). Lights have been filmed in the area of specific manifestations, which would of course indicate the presence of intense influence being brought to bear on the site, influence strong enough to create visible illumination, creating a microwave-style concentration of etheric energy (the new Ford Mustang commercial one can see in the movie theaters symbolizes the methods used to create crop circles - "vehicular methods").

People don't seem to understand that what I refer to is not common grade astral-etheric group influence. This influence is particularly intense because it derives power from all people on an increasingly global scale - via astra-etheric vampirism. To the people who actually make the "reality maps" out in the fields, malevolence and darkness are natural, and can be mapped out in the mind as primordial archetypes. They use these violent methods to keep illumination concentrated on themselves as a class, until the catalytic momentum which keeps illumination around builds up for them and diminishes for us. It is simple understanding that they possess - power. There is no power in belief, but there is hope, if only because belief on a primordial level promises power-in-understanding - knowledge.

References are available all around, in mass media and nature, but the language which is used to communicate the genuine knowledge is symbolic. It can be deciphered by anyone who works at it for long enough.

posted on Nov, 25 2004 @ 07:47 PM
An analogy for this illuminated class is Slytherin House people in the Harry Potter stories. They "keep the green concentrated upon their house." Wealth is maintained by hostile means. The Bloody Baron slices into the neck of Nearly Headless Nick regularly, to keep the blood on his own shirt.

posted on Nov, 25 2004 @ 08:13 PM
The reason you make symbolically encrypted media presentations are many, to the point where you could write a book on the subject. So here are some reasons:

To keep people under test, so that anyone passing the test and gaining an understanding of the symbolism can be identified and then put under ritual watch.

To prove the value of the alchemical system by applying the system to reality in such a manner that it is no more noticed in the civilized world than in nature by those who don't work for the understanding.

Myth is something children believe to be real at face value, and is something adults understand on a deeper level to be symbolic because of the use of analogy. Most people "are children" who by nature believe things and know relatively little - again, one must work to gain knowledge.

To preserve the knowledge even in the face of catastrophic events which might destroy civilization.

The creation of stories mirrors their activity in creating dreams in people's minds, as one stalks victims in their dreams.

Jesus by the way is an encryption which is probably based on a human life. The methods for creating a king are vampiric, and the king must also create himself. Jesus as a person could have been anything from a schizophrenic crank claiming to be the king everyone was looking for, to a soul born naturally illuminated and who was robbed of it.

posted on Feb, 17 2008 @ 01:06 PM
Poster of this thread/topic, Scorpio Shaping Flow,

There is also a similar study on Alchemy called-


By James Scott Kimball

on this page

here are a few topics covered on the -"THE THIRTEEN FIELD-HARMONICS

"12. Astral Dimensional Reality
Elementary Process"

"The next higher array of dimensional reality explications, which field-harmonize with our dimensional level of reality explication, can best be described as a series of "parallel universes" or "dream worlds." Hidden in nonlocality, relative to our waking perspective, they unfold experientially (one per dream) and become local relative to our perspective when our perception tunes to this higher frequency field-harmonic and our physical body sleeps in it's own home-dimension. To experientially confirm this, an individual can attempt to remain alert while the physical body "falls" asleep. This discipline requires persistence to produce reliable results, but with results one can confirm that the Astral dimensional array of realities actually exist and in a seemingly endless variety of formative explications. The subconscious mind spans several dimensions, and I hold the opinion that when we perceptually tune into our field-harmonically relative "Inner Light" dimensional level of reality explication, usually during shamantic discipline induced altered states of consciousness, we experience ourselves as stars."


"The Lie"

"This level of reality operates, relative to our perspective, as a variety of higher dimensional life forms that may, if they know how, interact with our level of reality from a field-harmonically advantageous perspective. The majority of higher dimensional influences exercise commonsense enough to influence our level of reality on a consentual basis, respecting the natural law of freewill. Unfortunately some choose to abuse, and learn to do so to a high degree of affect. The various vengeful "gods" associated with the various "religions" that emerge throughout world-history, especially in the Middle-East, probably originate as a result of the influence of Astral dimensional entities that choose to affect a mind controlling influence upon some field-harmonic spectrally susceptible human vessel, who then becomes a "prophet" and starts a bloody mob-rampage in the name of "the" new "GOD."

The topics covered on the two pages look like they should have Tarot cards between each topic, it is complicated reading so dont expect to understand everything that is on the two pages, especially with the Tarot card pictures missing.

Mod Note: Trim Those Quotes - Please Review this link

Mod Edit: to apply external quote code, please review this link

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posted on Feb, 17 2008 @ 04:13 PM
If you look at the link in the first post of this thread:

Wizard Of Oz Mind Control

It seems that James Scott Kimball and Scorpio Shaping Flow are the same individual.

He's caught my attention, I'll admit.

But there are certain things that don't quite seem to add-up.

I'll try to read the related articles at Hidden-Mysteries soon, and hopefully S.S.F. will eventually show up here again.

Here's another link:

"I chose to utilize Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot for this paper because it seems to me that he really did publish some of "the secrets" in his works in coded fashion, and this code became easy to understand once I discovered how the field-harmonic relative Kabbalah actually worked. I feel that the only cards available that actually reveal a complete reality-explicative system of thought, that mirrors accurately a complete reality explication in nature, have been designed by black-magi (the "good guys" at this level of "know-how" were purged out of our reality long ago)." - James Scott Kimball

Perhaps the Tarot of the White-Magi or "good guys"(in contradistinction to Aleister Crowley's semi-unveiled "Thoth" deck), mentioned above by James Scott Kimball, is found here...:

Gnostic Tarot Deck

View: Glorian Publishing Tarot Cards

The Glorian-Publishing(formerly Thelema-Press) Deck must be much more accurate than the "Thoth" deck.

Especially if you look at the Sigils and other attributes, and also considering my recent discovery of how the letters found on the Minor Arcana line up.

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posted on Feb, 17 2008 @ 08:16 PM
reply to post by Scorpio Shaping Flow

Originally posted by Scorpio Shaping Flow
Astral projection is itself a complex issue, and those I speak of are the champions in ragards the ability to project. They do it powerfully, even to the point fo being able to make crop circles using astral ritual. Accidental projection might send you anywhere, or you might stick around here in the astral dimension which alows one to interact with our reality.

The White Lodge Astrally projects powerfully as well:

Arcanum 1: The Magician

Now then, to overcome by means of these requirements the risks per se of every astral experience and thus to obtain a fast and also perfect astral projection is more than enough reason, among other things, in order for the Sacred Order of Tibet to affirm in its motto: “Nothing can resist our power.”

Originally posted by Scorpio Shaping Flow
Their monopoly on the world's illumination makes it easy for them to astral project. It is much more difficult for us "darkened down" folk. But the cool thing is, practice will still build talent, and talent is catalytic in nature, therefore it attracts illumination.

Logos, Mantra, Theurgy: Astral Travel Experiences

"Master Huiracocha mentions in his “Rosicrucian Novel,” that a prodigious cactus named Peyotl or Jiculi exists in Mexico. He states that this cactus has the power of awakening Clairvoyance instantaneously to whosoever masticates it. The Peyotl allows the conscious projection of the Astral Body.

"This is a sacred plant of the grand White Lodge.

"Unfortunately, in the capital of the Mexican Republic, it is absolutely impossible to find the authentic Peyotl. It can only be found in San Luis Potosi or among the Tarahuamara Indians of La Sierra in Chihuahua. The Masters of the Temple of Chapultepec use this cactus for their instant and urgent astral journeys (all they need is to chew it).

[Editor’s Note: The following is from Aztec, Christic Magic , by the same author:

“The Aztec Masters utilized the Peyote (Peyotl) in order to teach the neophytes to travel in their Astral Bodies. However, we do not recommend the use of this marvelous cactus which makes the Astral Body separate itself from the Physical Body and preserves the lucidity of consciousness while acting in the Astral world.

“Indeed, what we recommend is practice, much practice and soon you will act and travel within the Astral Body."]

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posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 06:05 PM
Scorpio Shaping Flow, talks alot about Water in the "Wizard Of Oz Mind Control" thread

Here's a similar topic about water, the importance of water

"The Memory Of Water and it's implications on Spiritual & Religious Beliefs"

"Because water stores energy/emotion/information from ALL sources, therefore our emotions, thoughts, beliefs etc., ARE automatically stored externally in the watery environment (consciousness) of the Earth and beyond! Therefore, by looking externally outside of oneself for the answers to religion/spirituality and so forth, coupled with opening up our protective energy field (auric/biophysical field) as is taught in many religious/spiritual/new age beliefs and healing modalities today, we are not doing ourselves any favours at all. All we are doing is allowing the external imbalance in consciousness – memory/information – that we have created over time to enter our otherwise protective energy field and thus affect our own consciousness according to the level of imbalance taken on board. This external ego-consciousness, as I call it, is what many people today would understand better as being the Astral Reality; it is the Veil, Shadow or Darkness that we have created over time which sits between our inner spiritual light and our conscious awareness of who and what we truly are."

posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 06:24 PM
Also that the human body is made up of over three-gallons of water, so this is potentially a big part of our memories, and important to this illuminated eye diamond or 3rd eye, because the brain is made up of 85% water also.

Remember your basic science class in high school? When they talked about the brain in my class - way back when - they said that brain tissue is 85% water. Now that is interesting because they also said the brain is only 1/50th of the total body weight and it uses 1/20th of the blood supply. Hmmm, logically, that tells me for optimum brain function, we need water. I'm wondering if students get enough water.

The human body is composed of over three-gallons of water and so we humans are highly emotional too, and therefore, very receptive to other external influences and energies! [Conspiracy theorists please note the possibility of microwave mind-control through the plethora of phone masts being erected around the world] The Earth and its atmosphere is made up of around 70-80% water too, and so the Earth (its consciousness) is one huge ‘memory bank’ of stored information and emotion from the beginnings of time. In this respect the Earth is the Akashic Records and we can tap into this ‘memory’ at any time because it is all around us. The Universe too is replete with water which is how we can extend our consciousness (soul/awareness) anywhere we choose to – as some people do when remote viewing a distant entity for example. However, I must point out that from my own experiences I believe that this external travelling puts our soul/consciousness at great risk of possession by lost souls and these external imbalanced entities/though-forms we have created over time.

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