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Why there is still a vaccine/autism controversy? This is an important video for those with children

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posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 02:19 AM


The Canary Party presents a video narrated by actor Rob Schneider on the corrupt Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. It shows how the federal government and pharmaceutical companies continue to get away with claiming that vaccines don't cause autism in the face of mounting evidence that the vaccines are doing just that....In the last 30 years in America the rate of Autism has gone from 1 in 10,000 to one in 50 while the vaccination schedule has tippled ...If true that is appalling in itself.....The excuse used for the blooming autism rate is usually blamed on better reporting and diagnosis.

Growing up I never met an autistic child or knew of someone who had one; yep I am old.
Today, I can think of three couples who are facing and trying to care for children who will need assistance for the rest of their lives...

Anyway if you are interested watch the short well done video and make up your own mind...If the 1/50 verses the 1/10,000 numbers are correct then we have a much bigger problem than most realize or is being reported.

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Same here i'm old as well, if you think about it. The lack of Vitamin B3 yes Nicotine. Apes Schizophrenia, the food we eat is depleted in so much necessary vital stuff all it needs is something like vaccines, to shove people over the edge, as I understood it 1 in 80 have Autism but its 1 in 50 males. Take out the ingestion of B3 in passive smoking, and the upswing in comfort food you have a disaster. Another cluster f^%$#.

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 07:49 AM


reply to post by PtolemyII

The list of studies you posted is a cannibalised version of the one analysed here.

It goes into quite some depth on some when needed with plenty of links etc.
Have a read.

This is a very weak rebuttal list, mostly consisting of 'studies of studies', corrections of recitation format, and blog responses from paid skeptics, or studies with one line abstracts outlining 'research' which consisted of a 'web query for articles.' Half of the studies, which were not blog opinions, outlined no methodology and no constraints or pre-study survey confidence intervals. And many were sponsored by one pharmaceutical vaccine industry activist organization. They were critiques and not original work.

And, I really have never heard of a refutation of a journal published article called a "debunking." The word refutation is considered the professional term. Most professionals when they refute a study, bring hard evidence and detailed work, not one liners commonly used on the UFO and Bigfoot industry.

I mean, here is an example of a 'Study' you included in this list which is an absolute joke. Over which, were it conducted by an intern even, I would fire the individual who handed this to me for review.

I am on the fence on this issue, but regard it as a gravely serious matter in which there is no room for propaganda and intellectual pomposity from the celebrity and paid skeptic community. The issue deserves better diligence than this outline serves.

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The rebuttal list matches the original set of studies quite well I thought They have been circulating in various form around the usual anti-vax sites for quite a while now and there is a fair bit of dialogue around them.

If you care to dig a bit deeper and study the originals one by one you will no doubt come to the same conclusion as that of the rebuttal list.

Did you actually look at the study you linked in your post or did you just look at the summary page thinking that was the whole study?
Here's the full study itself

I find this line from you quite ironic "but regard it as a gravely serious matter in which there is no room for propaganda and intellectual pomposity from the celebrity and paid skeptic community. The issue deserves better diligence...
Who's narrating the original video again?
The propaganda, faked and fudged studies and downright lies are coming from where again?

I very much doubt you're on the fence at all.

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 08:02 AM

Wow, talk about deniers with their heads in the sand. If vaccines are not causing brain damage then why did the SIDS rate drop precipitously when England quit doing the vaccine schedule they were on until after children turned 2? Encephalitis is a massive problem with vaccines. It is believed to be the major cause of SIDS.

Viera Scheibner is a retired principal research scientist with a doctorate in natural sciences. During her distinguished career, she has published three books and 90 scientific papers in prestigious scientific journals.

In 1983, she published her book on the results of her research Vaccination: The Medical Assault on the Immune System. She often provides expert reports for court cases involving immunizations and vaccine-damaged individuals throughout the world.

This was a pro-vaccine doctor until she found massive linkage to children dying of SIDS and getting a vaccine. She did studies with families using breathing alarms, and she noticed that there were no alarms for breathing until after the children were vaccinated.

We then informed the pediatric and SIDS researchers that the babies were having alarms after vaccinations. We were not critical of vaccines and we didn't even know about the raging controversy surrounding vaccinations. At this point, the Crib Death Management Center pediatricians stopped sending parents to get our monitor. They didn't want parents to know that vaccines were stressing their children. Until that time, I was actually pro-vaccination.

COT RESEARCH RESULTS Our computer printouts of babies' breathing showed non-stop hour by hour recording of the babies' breathing whenever the child was in the cot. Again, the events are called apneas (pauses in breathing) and hypopneas (a stress-induced shallow, low volume breathing pattern). The graphs all showed increased stress patterns after vaccinations. For instance, after a baby was given his third triple antigen (DPT - diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus) the record of breathing changed and produced peaks in the graph, which indicated increased stress levels.

Japan stopped the vaccine schedule and had dramatic results.

What would happen if we stopped vaccinating? Would lives be lost, saved or no change? In 1975, when Japan stopped vaccinating children under the age of 2 years dramatic improvements in their infant mortality occurred. Japan’s place in the world scale of infant mortality went from 17, a poor position, to number 1, the best performance. It is quite clear that the shift of the lower vaccination limit to 2 years resulted in a dramatic decrease in SIDS going quickly from a very high to the lowest rate of infant deaths in the world. Between 1970 and 1974, 37 infant deaths occurred after DPT vaccination in Japan and because of this the doctors in one prefecture boycotted the vaccination. Consequently, the Japanese Government stopped DPT vaccination for 2 months in 1975, and, when vaccination was resumed, the vaccination age was lifted to 2 years.

Since the government will not do true double blind vaccine studies, then it is hard to get very good dependable data. But, when people stopped vaccinating their babies due to fear of the vaccines, infant mortality rates dropped in England.

In England, after the media in 1975 reported brain damage linked to vaccination, parents stopped vaccinating: the compliance fell down to 30% or even 10% in some areas. A. McFarlane reported in 1982 (Lancet) that the overall infant mortality rate plummeted. There is evidence around the world that low vaccination compliance is linked to low death rate and vice versa.

Now, if these vaccines are killing babies, do you not think they could be causing other damage to these young undeveloped nervous systems?

What has SIDS got to do with brain damage?
Seriously, enlighten me.
Do you actually understand anything at all about SIDS?

Viera Scheibner is not and has never been a medical doctor. She has a doctorate in palaeontology.
Would you ask your physician about fossils?
Would you ask a palaeontologist about the rash on your back?

She is a loon of the highest order and a dangerous one at that.
She's the one who suggested that shaken baby syndrome was in fact, caused by vaccines. You know, fractured skulls and bones, detached retinas, internal bleeding etc all caused by vaccines.
She claims that the only reasons children die from vaccine preventable illnesses is down to medical mismanagement.
The figures she quotes in her book when talking about SIDS & vax are just plucked out of thin air, they have absolutely no basis in reality.

Sorry poster but it's beginning to seem like the more ridiculous the claims, the more likely you are to believe them.
Either that or you're a very good troll.
I hope it's the latter.

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 09:45 AM
reply to post by Pardon?

Then maybe children that live in these areas shouldn't get vaccines since it seems to be the catalyst.

The child didn't change after breathing the air the child became ill after taking the vaccine. Maybe the vaccine by itself is safe, but when given to a child that lives in a high risk area, it becomes dangerous.

Of course I don't think the pharmaceutical companies are to blame and they shouldn't be punished for exposing the dangers we face from the poison air we are breathing. We should be going after the manufacturers that are poisoning our water and air.

I am sure our government sees the importance of calling these businesses to task and will jump right on it. Drug companies and big businesses are our friends, all they want is what is good for us, unfortunately it does cost them lots of money, so you do understand they have to charge you for their efforts to keep us safe.

Yes they have made mistakes in the past, but that is just the cost we have to pay for progress. So what, if a couple of people get sick or die. You ungrateful people should be counting the numbers of lives they save everyday. You would all be on your knees begging them for a cure if they didn't force you to do what is right for you and your children. Our streets would be teeming with the throngs of people living there with their sick and dying children with measles, mumps, polio, diptheria, etc. Hell, where is that vaccine for Leprosy? I am sure they are working on it, and lots more. Give them time, they will have a vaccine soon for everything. They will make us perfect. No more ingrown hairs or toe nails. No more bad hair days. Our path to the world of the perfect being is in a bottle sitting in one of their labs. They will be our savior, our Gods. Wake up. Your destiny awaits. Leave them alone so they can bring us immortality. Trust them. Those old Vamps know what they doing. It just takes a little time.

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 02:06 PM
reply to post by NightSkyeB4Dawn

You really are just wrong based on the data. All those diseases that the pro-vaccine crowd likes to say were eradicated by the vaccines were actually declining immensely prior to any vaccine development because of better nutrition and hygiene. Why are these diseases still rampant in third world countries? Because of poor nutrition and lack of clean water and hygiene.

Let me paint a little example. Remember back when surgeons used to do surgery with dirty water, blood in it, and patients got terrible infections and died, then we discovered bacteria and how using clean tools, water etc reduced chance of infection? Now imagine if at the same time some big company of dewey cheatem & how started pushing via the help of the government that drinking their medicine prior to surgery would prevent infections, and what was in the medicine? Oh, a pinch of lead, mercury etc, but not in an amount that would outright kill most people. The people seemed to be doing well, because of the real reason of clean tools and sterilization methods, but because the government had bought a zillion shares of DC&H they demanded all surgeons used this "medicine".

You can draw out the people developing brain damage, learning disabilities, neurological and autoimmune problems etc.. That is exactly what has happened with the vaccine industry. The diseases have not been brought under control by vaccines, it's nutrition and hygiene.

Vitamin C showed amazing results that not only stopped scurvy, but happened to be happening at the same time pertussis was plummeting without a vaccine available!

Same thing for Measles

Look where the vaccine was released and look how the disease was already massively coming to an end

Gee, looked what happened after children got the flu vaccine!

I don't really know how much proof you all need to look at, but vaccines are NOT what has irradiated disease, it's nutrition, clean water, and hygiene factors.
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posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 02:44 PM
reply to post by UnifiedSerenity

You know I have seen you post that info in other threads and other posters showed you how flawed and dishonest they were. Those graphs are done by the same person who completely fabricated 10 years (YES TEN YEARS) of data. You can't be any more dishonest than that. I can make graphs as well and they would be just as legitimate as those considering yours are completely bogus.

I would explain more as to why they are false but I know you have already been told why you choose to still use them says a lot about character.

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 02:47 PM
reply to post by Grimpachi

Those are not the only graphs I have posted and the sources have been checked, but nice hearing you repeat your ideas. Of course the CDC denies them... duh.

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 03:08 PM
reply to post by UnifiedSerenity

Yes they have been checked and have been discredited by the authors peers. CDC didn't need to discredit them.

Is that why you don't post the source for them is it because you know they will be called out as junk science if you do?

I know you have been repeatedly called out for not posting sources on such things. That is part of the T@C here. Maybe you just forgot again.

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 03:14 PM
Thank you.

posted on Sep, 16 2013 @ 04:17 AM
reply to post by UnifiedSerenity

The "doctor" who produced those graphs is called Raymond Obomsawin.
A quick look around shows that he's a very active speaker on the anti-vax circuit (and quite a well-paid one at that) so his rhetoric is hardly likely to be independent is it?

He also denies HIV/AIDS and is a promoter of Royal Rife "therapy". An all-round quack.

The graphs he produced for his talk are about as misleading and dishonest you can get.
But don't just take my word for it have a read of this. It contains some links to the original data used for some of the slides so you can see how much he has lied on them.

Now, as I've said, you are welcome to believe whatever you wish but when you try to prove your belief to others by using fake "data" you become as dishonest as the originator of the studies.
And seeing from your signature that you probably consider yourself to be religious that surely should be against that belief.

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posted on Sep, 17 2013 @ 01:51 AM
Just as a closing comment I'd like to offer this link for all to read.
Aside from refuting the vaccine/autism risk it explains how the vaccine court came into being.
The last paragraph might be a little bit disturbing for the dedicated anti-vax zealots out there though...It especially is for the queen of anti-vaxxers.

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