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Benghazi and Syria

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posted on Aug, 29 2013 @ 05:47 PM
This is my opinion and no proof can be offered for obvious reasons - the investigation will never be complete and the administration will never allow the facts to see the light of day.

Short and sweet - Benghazi was planned in advance and coordinated to allow the weapons to be spirited off by jihadists assisting the resistance in Syria - more and more sophisticated weapons than we will ever know. What they planners didn't count on was Stevens returning on the very day it was to occur. They could not recall him for after the event, he would have known the administration had foreknowledge of it. They couldn't send in the Marines because they needed this transfer of weapons to happen. Stevens needed to be sacrificed so the plan would move forward.

Unfortunately these weapons didn't turn the tide of the civil war in Syria and we find ourselves where we are today - a false flag attack with chemical weapons in order to justify military intervention by the West.

Guess this makes Iran Contra look like child's play.

If it's in the wrong forum, please move. If it isn't worth the bandwidth, delete it.

posted on Aug, 29 2013 @ 06:46 PM
reply to post by Bilk22

If I may ask a serious question? What weapons would they have gotten a hold of that night? The photos of the whole compound I have from the outlaying edges in and around the buildings don't show much physical space. The inside was very well furnished and appointed as a diplomatic residence...not conducive to large storage of things.

..and Stevens 'Good-Night-O-Gram' sent early in the evening indicated no he didn't have hundreds of stingers stacked and packed to the rafters. He'd have been as skiddish as ever. The gamer/staffer in touch with friends outside the compound into the attack itself, reporting one of them as being their personal security detail before being killed himself...hadn't seemed skiddish before the attack either.

I'm not saying what you're suggesting isn't true....because worded differently, I've suggested the idea myself. I just can't figure out (or flat out do not want to, perhaps) what would be small enough to store at the Dipo Compound and cart off on foot how they did. Photographs the rebels took all through the event also showed no bucket brigade style carrying off of stingers by the hundreds...

So.. What is small enough to carry off ...but valuable enough to risk obliteration for? Maybe we really don't even want to know. Could be this dark core really is a black hole of bad.

posted on Aug, 29 2013 @ 08:09 PM
reply to post by wrabbit2000

They got into the CIA safe house too and not just the embassy compound, I believe. There were also vehicles there that could have contained weapons. It's obvious something was in the area as the reports of many CIA on the ground that night, must mean something was going down. Was there an exchange that occurred and the embassy attack was a diversion that Stevens walked into?

The administration's response with the video suggests something critical happened there that night and they had prepared a story in advance. Heck in hindsight, the demonstration that occurred in Egypt a few hours earlier now makes more sense as they were able to point to that as a jump-off point for the Benghazi "demonstration". The Muslim Brotherhood was still in control then so that could have been easily arranged too.

posted on Aug, 29 2013 @ 08:27 PM
reply to post by Bilk22

Well, to take a cold assessment of the facts for this... As I understand it, it went something like this for time line to really matter.

- A few months prior to the attack, the side wall was blown out of the compound. The guy who did it was video taped driving away while the private security (militia) hired to defend simply watched very carefully and recorded every detail ....while diligently writing it all down, of course and being precise, I'm sure. Doing nothing...whatsoever..else to stop the explosive from being planted. The people who did that used a name for credit which roughly translates as 'Free Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman." They really want him back, it seems, as Morsi of Egypt also talked about getting him released. I'm kinda sensitive to this because the Sheikh of Honor has been housed just miles from me and it's not lost on me that someone may be dumb enough to try to get him out some day. No telling these days.

- That night, the ambassador sent the good night telegram to Tripoli that all was quiet and he was headed to bed, then all hell broke loose an hour or so later with the compound being overrun and totally destroyed by midnightish. The one staffer having texted out that he recognized one of the attackers as security. I assume the pics of the vehicle awash with blood inside and the hand print on the pillar belong to the kid....but we may never know for sure.

- The attack followed the group from the Dipo compound to the Annex (CIA) and the battle really pissing everyone off was fought there. That is where the former Seals were killed, defending the 20+ civilians they rescued out of the Dipo compound and however many were with them, then inside the CIA Annex. THAT one, plenty of time existed to have gotten help there if they'd started moving at the time the first strike came against the State compound.

The CIA Annex was VERY different in layout and obviously thought to things like....surviving anything beyond a peaceful protest. (CIA isn't stupid and they don't take 'we can't afford that' for crappy security, like State does) Where the Dipo compound looked like a small vineyard you might find outside Napa Valley for goodness sakes.. lol.. Still, they didn't hit the CIA until the evacuation that was ordered not to happen, moved all those people from State property to CIA by the timelines I've ever seen.

You'd have thought they'd hit CIA first....but nope. They followed something, is my guess. Something that probably has a lot to do with this whole event. I just can't figure out if they got it before the attack broke off and Tripoli help came around first light.
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posted on Aug, 29 2013 @ 08:38 PM
There's no difference between 'CIA' and 'State Department'. You would never be able to tell which was which and they wouldn't tell you either.

First reports said something like 4 CIA in the other compound, then recently we find out the number is more like 30.

The whole thing in Benghazi was fishy, to say the least.

The struggling leader of Syria using chemical weapons makes absolutely no sense. He knew what the response would be from the US and/or UK. He's also not so stupid that he doesn't know who he can't pick fights with. The chemical weapon thing in Syria is such a blatant setup, it's almost embarrassing. Shuffling arms between Libya and Syria isn't the least bit unexpected at this point. If nobody questions it, then the federal government will continue to do such things.

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