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Maybe ATS members aren't so Crazy afterall...

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posted on Aug, 3 2013 @ 02:28 PM

Originally posted by Alatloc
Suspicion is the mark of intelligence i always say.

According to psychiatry, it's a form of paranoia.

I wouldn't have believed either, but a 'professional' told it to me.

DSM-IV (or is it already V or more?) is the gospel truth to them, and a great manual on how to label and drug people based on normal human qualities, and how to take anyone's credibility away from them.

Are you shy? According to psychiatry, you are suffering from "social phobia", and need to be heavily drugged (yes, they miraculously have a drug for EVERY 'mental illness' you have, although they don't have a drug for every physical ailment yet.. psychiatry must be more efficient and better science than any other medical practice).

Are you interested in ANY 'new age' topics? In that case, you are a schizoid (was it some kind of a 'schizotypal' classification, can't remember)! And you need to be heavily drugged by unnatural, artificial, 100% laboratory-made, patented neurotoxin chemical compounds!

Whatever you are, DSM-IV has a name for it, and the drug to go with it! Aren't we living in amazing times?

Hm, I guess this is going away from the topic - I apologize - but I just couldn't resist showing the other side of that coin.

Just a reminder - an old, but good video, explaining the difference between a 'medical disease' and a 'psychiatric disorder':

You can also find it with the search string: "The difference between a medical disease and a psychiatric disorder" - it's short, visual, and to the point - very clear and well done. Lasts less than two minutes..

Anyways, to get back to the topic - yes, I agree with you - only fools accept blindly, intelligent people question, ponder, wonder, ask, and get suspicious, if there is clear reason to be (and in this world, only a retarded idiot would not be suspicious, if they have even a little bit of true information about what's going on).

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