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The Alien Myth in the 21st Century

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posted on Jul, 8 2013 @ 06:45 PM
Aliens today have ascended to a mythical status. Alien sightings and UFOs date back to the days of the Bible and
have always been interesting. Today the Alien/UFO phenomena has become a new mythology. No 'proof' exists
that any of the so-called phenomena has a genuine alien [out of this world] existence but many have claimed sightings, abductions, and other strange attributes to aliens be they Grays, Reptilians, Pladians, Draconians,
chanelled entities, or whatever. Is there any validity to this phenomena? Are there existent alien species independent of the humans who are perceiving them? Or has man's need for imaginative beings produced a new mythology which is just that, mythology without substance?

Believers, non-believers, and alien responses welcome.


posted on Jul, 8 2013 @ 07:02 PM
reply to post by AlienView
Great thread and questions.

I believe there are supporting cases and strong evidence to support something going on out there. The governments have demonstrated they don't have anything to match or surpass what some of these things are capable of doing and this suggests "otherworldly entities".

So, whatever some of these things may be, terrestrial or non-terrestrial, we reportedly still don't have a handle on what some of them may be, even after millions of sightings.

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posted on Jul, 8 2013 @ 07:10 PM
reply to post by Jaellma

I agree. Seen too much, read too much to dismiss it as no more than imagination. We still have to wonder why
no hardcore proof exists? I know it is popular to believe the government has the proof and may have been in
contact with these aliens and that disclosure will come - no proof of that either.

posted on Jul, 8 2013 @ 07:10 PM
Well the place I'm at now is that _possibly_ some master alien race has dispatched robotic self-replicating probes, either subluminally for millions of years or instantly by editing the Universe, and some group of humans has successfully back-engineered these machines and created a breakaway civilisation.

However, contrary to popular opinion, I don't think that aliens need to be part of the equation, but it makes it easier because otherwise we have to account for the super-exponential progress of this breakaway civilisation.

Having said that, if aliens were involved I feel the Earth would be a minor attraction for them, with the whole Universe to explore, kind of like some dusty old small town that nobody visits except by accident because their car broke down.

I feel that anything which implies excessive motive, like abductions or cattle mutilations, will have some human agenda behind it, like expanding the gene pool of this breakaway civilisation, and surveying the human habitat for damage caused by pollution and radiation.

I don't think it's fair to lump together mysticism, like ghosts and faeries and telekinesis which offer no measurement data, with UFOs for which there is extensive and repeating data.

Of course my opinion will change as I read more and more crazy stuff on this forum..

posted on Jul, 8 2013 @ 07:51 PM
These so called aliens exist in the spiritual realm for now. Thats why they can be channelled. Anyone familliar with the work of the Vrill Society?

posted on Jul, 8 2013 @ 09:15 PM
reply to post by lestweforget

The thing with channeling, as anyone so involved including me, will tell you is that you can never be completely sure
the messages stem from a source outside of your own psyche. And even some of the best known channelers will
admit this.

I looked up the The Vril Society and read it too is in the realm of a hypothetical group that may also be a myth.

Here is a page that covers them:

posted on Jul, 8 2013 @ 09:20 PM
reply to post by lestweforget

No but I would love to know a little more about this vrill society. Sounds creepy

posted on Jul, 8 2013 @ 09:21 PM
reply to post by AlienView

Just seen your link.. Thanks

posted on Jul, 8 2013 @ 09:56 PM
Pacman isnt the only game character, there is potentially millions of game characters.

Humans arent the only beings, there is potentially millions of other type of beings.

posted on Jul, 8 2013 @ 10:14 PM
There's just as much evidence for the existence of visitation by non-terrestrial intelligence as there is for any number of 'miracles' performed by television evangelists, and tribal psychic surgeons.

One of the problems with all this 'evidence' is the fidelity of the means, prejudices, and bias by which said 'evidence' has been obtained. Too often over zealous self trained 'researchers', ufologisits irrevocably contaminate cases.

A few rules to go by in looking at cases to clear out false positives;

1. Regardless the source, eye-witness accounts that are only eye witness accounts even where a mass sighting occurs are just stories and inadmissible.
2. Anything requiring hypnosis for validity is inadmissible.
3. Anything occurring while in bed, sleeping, or even driving such that attribution hynopompic, hypnogogic, or other similar sleep related, or self-hypnotic states may find attribution are also inadmissible.
4. Anything involving altered states of consciousness, including those achieved with chemical assistance are inadmissible.

The list could go on to name further inadmissible qualities under what I'm calling the Skully paradigm, but for now, even with extreme prejudice, there's still a number of interesting cases.
Still, all these only suggest evidence of 'something', and interpretation of that 'something' is still a matter of debate.

posted on Jul, 8 2013 @ 11:33 PM
I'll go ahead and say my harsh opinion that the existence of genuine UFOs (objects that remain unidentified even after close examination, scrutiny, and consideration of possible identities) is only deniable through ignorance or personal bias. The evidence is overwhelming that there are some anomalous objects in the sky, and the question is of their origin.

I stick with the ET hypothesis since it remains the best hypothesis, above hypotheses such as secret government craft, time travelers, etc.

I think the best evidence pointing to extra-terrestrials comes from the testimonies of Betty Hill and Bob Lazar.

posted on Jul, 9 2013 @ 01:50 AM
We can dispute or believe anyone and a lot circumstantial evidence exists for the believers. Jacques Vallee, a
computer scientist and Ufologist wrote several interesting books on his study of the evidence. He pointed out
that in places where UFO phenomena was occuring there are some people who see it and others who don't. And
he felt there was an occult reason for this. He was on a talk show last year [Coast to Coast] and I got the feeling he
now believes some of it is real.
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posted on Jul, 9 2013 @ 02:43 AM

Originally posted by AlienView
Is there any validity to this phenomena? Are there existent alien species independent of the humans who are perceiving them? Or has man's need for imaginative beings produced a new mythology which is just that, mythology without substance?


I believe there is certainly validity to the phenomena based upon the evidence that we have available to us. Too many credible witnesses have come forward with eye witness testimony, photos and video to write it all off as hogwash, and there has been too much government involvement with documentation, although nothing that would indicate any kind of proof to the public has been seen either. What this aerial phenomena is we can't possibly know for sure, at least not anyone outside of an apparently very small group of people in the shadows. Even that is up for debate.

As for the existence of alien species, my belief is that the odds greatly favor it. Why wouldn't the rest of the universe adhere to the same rules concerning evolution and genetics, when everything basically originates as star stuff. Whether some of these alien species acquired intelligence, evolved for many thousands or millions of years, and learned how to traverse interstellar distances and are visiting Earth, those are the big questions. My belief is that aliens might be visiting, but without absolute proof, I am not going to say for certain. I have never seen a UFO, been abducted, or known anyone personally that says they have that I did not feel was trying to pull the wool over my eyes.

There might be a good bit of truth to your last question. The truth is that many people just cannot fathom the immensity of the universe and just how insignificant our place in it is, and that there just might not be any real meaning to life in ways that give them comfort.

posted on Jul, 9 2013 @ 06:16 AM
As I have already posted on other threads on this forum, I think we live in a extremely and complex simulation.
UFO´s and Aliens are the appearance that the beings/entities that exist outside this simulation (and probably running it) choose to present themselves to us (that live in the simulation).
And that´s why they seem impervious to our laws of physics.

On our level (simulation), I think that in order to get a better understanding and achieve a coherent insight of the UFO/Alien phenomena (and that also validates the simulation theory) we need to adopt a multiple perpective as stated by Damsel: Interdimensional Hypothesis (IDH), Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH), Time Travellers, Government advanced craft, etc.

I respect Druscilla perspective and her/his inputs and logic are always welcome to balance the debate, but I think it´s too much personal biased. Radar/IR captures cant be the product of the operator´s mind nor I believe that top fit combat/test pilots are loonies (curious that they are considered loonies when talking about UFO/Aliens, but no one has a problem trusting them an expensive aircraft or a space mission).

For the record, I´m on the believers side.
We are a blink of an eye from being fully aware.

posted on Jul, 9 2013 @ 07:07 AM
reply to post by AlienView

For me...

The question of the existence of ET is not debatable. I do believe they're out there and potentially in great numbers and diversity. Spread across unknown distances and at varying levels of development. Do they visit us or have they visited us in the past is the real question in my mind.

What I do have issues with are all the charlatans, and glory whores who muddy the waters of potential real viable scientific research on the subject with a bunch of Voo Doo pop culture crap.


posted on Jul, 9 2013 @ 09:18 AM
I can not say I am a believer or disbeliever . I have not witnessed the modern UFO phenomena with my own eyes but I am also extremely open minded to the idea.

What really bothers me is, why after all this time with so many people searching for evidence can we still not prove they exist.


I've said it before and I'll say it again, I truly feel we may not be wired mentally to truly understand or comprehend this phenomenon. That would explain, even with all our great human wisdom why we can not empirically prove there scientific existence. That is the part of all of this subject that really bugs me.

Basically we see them, give them names, yet they remain out of our grasp.

Curse you left and right hemispheres of our brains!! I blame them!

posted on Jul, 9 2013 @ 02:31 PM

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posted on Jul, 9 2013 @ 02:40 PM
reply to post by mcx1942

As I mentioned earlier, this was Jacques Vallee the computer scientist and and ufologist theory and conclusion that he reached in a few of the books on the subject he wrote.

Another words where there are some people who may be seeing aliens and UFOs as part of their imagination, others wouldn't see an alien if they were staring one in the face and wouldn't remember being abducted by aliens even if it happened - The truth, possibly like the aliens themselves, remains paradoxical and elusive.

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posted on Jul, 9 2013 @ 02:59 PM
reply to post by AlienView

Don't myths have some basis in reality? How do myths start and evolve?

Are the origin myths of Native Americans just the imagination of primitive people?

I tend to put my faith in actual experiencers and not discount their stories as lies or cries for attention.

so far for 7/13

posted on Jul, 9 2013 @ 03:03 PM
One source of proof, [and I have many] --- but not the Holy Grail of proof --- was the persistent research & development, performed by Adolf Hitler's scientists during World War 2, into the production and testing of flying saucer lookalikes. If Hitler's scientists would have succeeded in this endeavor...his war machine would have not only taken over our world --- but quite possibly --- other star systems as well.

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