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A Real Conspiracy......I Need Your Help to Fight It!

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posted on Jul, 2 2013 @ 12:19 PM
reply to post by sheepslayer247

This actually doesn't surprise me. There is something that I call the Political Underworld, but you may also call it the Criminal Underground. It's made up of doctors, lawyers, judges, police, secret agents, businessmen, politicians, you name it, and may also involve their relatives. Basically, "people who know people" and do "favors for favors." Sometimes there are specific links: family, a cult or religion, a club or secret society, a political party, etc., but they can also interconnect through "a friend of a friend who owes a favor." They know all the loopholes and have all the right connections to "get things done." Obviously, what I'm describing is corruption and this is how many people get to high places, how innocent people end up sentenced for crimes they never committed to silence them about things they weren't meant to know and how horrible crimes get buried (evidence goes missing, etc.) This is the dark side of modern society which most people know nothing about, yet I can guarantee you that you have at least some friends or family who are linked to this political underworld. We all do. This will be a learning experience!

This has nothing to do with what is right and everything to do with a battle of wills, connections and resourcefulness. Yes, go to the media! But don't be surprised if they show no interest, or if they do and then suddenly (and for no apparent reason) change their mind and refuse to explain why. Some who have "stirred the hornet's nest" would recommend not fighting and instead having these people go to this well-connected family and offer them any kind of settlement that they might accept to put a stop to it now. They are clearly in the wrong but this is not about what's right or legal, it's about what can be done.

If these people choose to fight this "connected" family, then fight their darkness with LIGHT: go to the media, alternative media, any radio station that will listen or popular website that will tell your story! List ALL THE FACTS because you can back them all up! Do not hide from the truth, BURY THEM IN IT! Spread it around your community (tell everyone!) Keep listing the FACTS to anyone who will listen. Speak it loud and clear and if you can get enough light on it these people may simply disappear back into the woodwork! I've seen it happen before! The world doesn't always work the way we're led to believe that it does. And obviously, making friends and connections yourself can't hurt!

But those are your options: submit to silence them or scream to silence them. Do not rely on the system to do right by you or you'll be sorely disappointed.

Good luck.

posted on Jul, 2 2013 @ 12:46 PM

Originally posted by sheepslayer247
Thanks for all the replies folks!

I am currently throwing something together for the media and will be asking my friends if they have contacted the AG.

Thanks again.

I wouldn't stop at the AG. I'd send copies to the Governor, Senators and State Reps too.

posted on Jul, 5 2013 @ 01:52 AM
I wish I could give you some constructive advice. CPS is essentially accountable to no one, can circumvent the courts, and doesn't need evidence. Each individual investigator has the power to take whatever children they want, with no oversight from management. You can have whatever evidence you want to support your case, but they can find against you just because of a personal agenda. Their findings won't be overturned until years later after thousands of dollars in legal fees if it's later challenged in court.

CPS is an absolute mess. Best of all, they need no proof at all, just a random phone call or comment from anyone is all they need.

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