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Who keeps closing my bedroom door?

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posted on Jul, 1 2013 @ 05:33 PM

Originally posted by Kangaruex4Ewe
DON'T DO IT!!! What if you set up a camera and it is truly something horrible? Seriously? Would you be ok living with that? I have thought of doing the same thing in my house, but do not truly want to see anything... as I and my entity get on quite well without me knowing if it looks like the really old, creepy guy on Poltergeist. If you filmed it standing over your bed with slime and fetid roaches cascading out of it's mouth onto your duvet while you slept... it might leave you feeling somewhat.... violated.

Other than that, it sounds like you coexist with it nicely. We all want the answers to everything. Sometimes there are none. It could be the house, but it could be something else. Who knows. As long as you don't get an "evil" feeling from it, live and let live maybe.

Expanding on this great advice I would use my smart phone camera or timed exposure. There are many apps
to do this and see what is going on.

posted on Jul, 14 2013 @ 01:06 PM
After 2 weeks of nothing happening -

On Thursday night, my husband and I were in bed watching television. Slowly and surely, the door closed. I asked him "did you see that" (I only noticed it as it was halfway through closing - I was looking elsewhere when it started).

He says "yes". I was glad that someone other than myself was able to corroborate this.

He thought it was the air conditioning (pressure differences between rooms).

I still don't buy this explanation. For one, if this was a consistent pressure change, it would do it all the time, not take breaks for weeks at a time. Also, it should happen in also the daytime and not exclusively at night. The a/c in our rooms run all day. Also, the a/c in my room would blow the door closed (as it is blowing onto the door at mid door height).

Nothing has changed before, during, or after these episodes.

I have narrowed down what we are watching on television while this is occurring. The first time we were watching "Paranormal Witness". This latest time, we were watching an episode of "Haunted Collectibles". It was really funny because as soon as the person was talking about slamming doors, our door began to close.

I'm not saying that I believe this is paranormal, I just believe that my a/c units are not causing the problem and find it humorous it only happens when we watch paranormal shows.

I suppose we will never know - no "spirit" (if that's what this is) has taken my invitation to contact me through other means.

At this point, I look at as something "different" happening to us. Not that it is anything bad, just something that will give you a chill when you see it take place.

I just thought it curious this happens again, just once, and just out of the blue.


posted on Jul, 16 2013 @ 12:37 AM
actually I will go with your husband, air flow and air infiltration.
Your house is old and is not sealed tight. Lots of out side air comes in through the cracks. Outside conditions can change the conditions inside. At night the air starts to condense and with this your house is more likely to have more pressure problems.

a good test would be put a door stop on your door but leave the door open a crack like an inch open, hang a piece of tissue paper from the crack, and watch the tissue paper. When pressure differences are greatest you will see the tissue paper move. It seems to me that your room is pressurized more causing the door to close.
A small opening will cause greater air flow, like a wind tunnel. Also you can hang a piece of tissue/toilet paper all the way from the top middle of the door frame down to about an inch away from the floor and leave the door open as normal.

I've seen in my own home a big picture on my wall vibrate, I went to the picture with out touching it I felt the air from the a/c run down the top of wall and get behind the picture causing it to vibrate. I re adjusted the picture and after that the damn thing hasn't vibrated since! urr. kind of like the vibrating picture.

The door bell
sometimes water, humidity can create a slight bridge for electrical current to flow causing it to ring. Since it was muffled this sounds like something that could have caused it. The muffled sound to me sounds like some sort of resistance like water only letting part of the current to flow to the doorbell. If it was a sharp normal ring that may be a different banana.

Were you thinking of someone deceased before the doorbell rang? I've personally had the doorbell ring when I was under stress of a loss. I have no explanation.

you will just have to go and check next time, check immediately if your husbands is in his room, if so get him and you both go and check it out.

you lived there for 18 years, recently you have been watching a lot of ghost stuff on tv so your mind travels away from reality.
Remove that fear and hit it head on and more than not, it won't be a spirit. if you find it to be a spirit, Use it to get proof and get rich!

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