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The Alien Agenda for Universal Conquest

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posted on Jul, 18 2013 @ 11:00 AM

Originally posted by AlienView

A large percentage of unknown and even known existence is based upon our imagination -- it is the false belief in
a fixed and absolute realiy that is the grand delusion of the unimaginative who need a fixed delusion or illusion of
reality to cling to. 'IF' my hypothetical advanced alien beings exist, and I do believe they exist, then only by allowing for them to enter into our psyche will we one day be able to communicate with our super-creative, super-intelligent intergalactic space brothers.[and sisters if they are gender type beings].

Wow! Now THAT is one prophetic statement and very insightful. Thanks!
Funny, isn't that what the Buddhists have been saying all along? That the world is Maya,
or illusion.
In the "Conversations with God" books, by Neal Donald Walsch, he claims
"There is one thing the knowing of which changes everything, that we are making all of this up."
Same idea in A Course in Miracles - that there is no world, other than what you wish to see.

That would explain why intelligent people can examine the ET phenomenon and come
to vastly different conclusions.
I dunno . . . make my head hurt, but your comment is pregnant with meaning.

posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 12:01 AM
reply to post by UncleVinnys

It now goes further than a Buddhist cosmology - Today's science is now verifying a 'Creative Universe'
- Quantum Mechanics [also called Quantum Science] postulates a multi-dimensional state of existence where
not only are 'other worlds" possible - in fact they are likely!

posted on Sep, 24 2013 @ 09:25 AM
reply to post by AlienView

Yes,I totally agree with you.I can help you in this cause.(If you dont understand what im saying please read my reply on your 2 years old Topic-Are You An Alien?....)My race has allready created a being very similar to humans,infact almost identicall.We have solved all the"lower life needs and nature to be dominant".Its actually very simple,Humans do not need anymore upgrading and genetic manipulation to become perfect.They are allready perfect in their own way.They are "unic"(one of a kind or endemic species-meaning in a universic scale).The human brain is a computer,when young it copies the behaviour of the beings around him.It can be reprogramed-brain wash,but with negative conciquensess.The only thing remaining to do is let humans slowly develop to a higher level.Or,teach them yourselfs.Wich I think you have allready started to do.There have been obductions of babys.We need to have more control over their rule.Start to teach kids at school about important and more true things,wait for the the old people Wich have a limited perception of the universe and reality to die out.The world then would slowly evolve.Do not change the one thing They stand out in the universe from all the other beings,their nature,emotions and Unity.Iv'e been in many alien bodys,visited many worlds and never before I felt such strong emotions.My consciousness has been through many worlds,realitys,universes,dimensions and its very old.I have experienced many things in my spand.This is why the universe even exists,to make a world of many different variorties of life,realitys and perception .And ofcourse,for consciousness to have a solid form and not just fly around in endless space.Maybe,soon enoth,it will be time for humans to know the truth of their existance and their future and ofcourse their present,no matter of the impact they would experience.

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