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The Tax Collector

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posted on Jun, 27 2013 @ 12:24 PM
While at work this morning I have been listening to the news regarding another IRS official pleading the fifth before Congress and I thought I would give my thoughts on this during lunch, so here goes...

Throughout history, the tax collector has garnered the reputation for being the ilk of the Earth. This is apparent in our earliest literature right on through to today. From Jesus, to the Sheriff of Nottingham, the very words tax collector are synonymous with cheat, fraud, and many other less savory terms.

I found this website that gives a brief list of such examples in history. It is an interesting read.

So here is the point of the thread. Today, it should come as no surprise that we see the tax collector stealing from the poor once again. The question is, what are we gonna do about it?
We need to abolish the IRS. The only way to end the corruption we see in the world today is to cut the purse strings. This goes for everything from illegal war to taxes. Stop funding it!

If there are those out there that somehow make apologies for this corrupt system, you are part of the problem, not the solution. So do us all a favor and be quiet while the rest of us think for you. I know that sounds harsh, but by God these people need to be stopped.

Below is the online petition to abolish the IRS. Please sign.

Sorry for the brief thread, but this stuff irritates me.
These people (tax collectors) are WELL KNOWN frauds. Let's do something about it.

posted on Jun, 27 2013 @ 12:38 PM
I agree with your sentiment. But, IMO, the best we may ever get is modest reform. After all, the IRS is the proboscis sunken into the veins of Americans that feeds the federal parasite. I doubt Uncle Sam is going to let us cut it off completely or even overhaul it without a struggle.

posted on Jun, 27 2013 @ 01:19 PM
You have my support.

The IRS is criminal.

After enduring a Audit that lasted 3 1/2 years of 8 of my returns (4 personal, 4 business) I was left dumbfounded.

They can do and will do anything they want when it comes to your taxes.

I'm in sales and the decided to disallow ALL by automobile expenses even though I had documents records.

They disallowed all my business expenses including copy paper because I couldn't prove I didn't use it personally.

They disallowed all my business telephone expenses for the same reason.

An on and on and on.

In the end they tried to nail be for $60,000 more in taxes over what I had already paid for those years.

I had to go to appeals court and basically won everything back.

End result they got another $5,000 from me.

So tell me how much the auditor makes a year? Probably around $50K. How many man hours do you think they put in? Well based on the telephone calls, emails and thousand of copies of documents I can tell you they probably put in at least 500. So $25/hr times 500 = $12,500

So they spend at least $12,500 of your dollars to suck $5,000 out of me.

Plus I spent nearly $10,000 in tax attorney fees to defend myself. Lost untold production hours in my business.

This is happening every day to people.

What I find interesting about this "targeting" scandal is that I was targeted. I found a memo on the IRS website saying their goals were to target my specific industry.

They target groups all the time - I guess it's only news when it becomes political.

Since to operate the IRS exceeds what they collect in revenues - It is time to abolish them forever.


posted on Jun, 27 2013 @ 01:23 PM
reply to post by JayinAR

Unless you are proposing to do away with the federal government as well, with what do you propose to replace the IRS to collect the funds necessary to continue the programs for which the federal government is responsible?

Not everything can be "pawned off" on the States, you know. Many of the so-called "Red" states would sink under their own weight in social programs if not for federally distributed influxes of "Blue" state (largely California) tax dollars.

And of course, whatever you replace the hated IRS with, will itself become as onerous as the IRS it replaces was; that is just the nature of the institution; no one likes to have [I]their[/I] money "taken" for someone else's benefit.

Governing, and providing for, a nation of almost 300 million is a very complicated job, and like it or not, complex problems seldom have such "simple" solutions.

posted on Jun, 27 2013 @ 02:10 PM
reply to post by Julie Washington

Since to operate the IRS exceeds what they collect in revenues - It is time to abolish them forever.

This is an excellent point. To them, cost is not an issue. They just take it from other tax payers. In the meantime, corruption runs deep throughout the entire organization. Government credit cards to pay for prostitutes is just one example.

To the other asking for a solution, well, I haven't given it too much thought. I just know this has got to stop.

Here is a spitball idea, though. A flat tax. The proceeds of which go to the treasury, to be distributed where it is needed. This way, the Congress has direct oversight and the people have a say in matters.

posted on Jun, 27 2013 @ 02:12 PM
we need to abolish the IRS. It's outdated and counter productive to the economy.

TAX reform should be a priority over immigration reform.

What is wrong with these politicians?

posted on Jun, 28 2013 @ 02:15 AM

Originally posted by JayinAR

Here is a spitball idea, though. A flat tax. The proceeds of which go to the treasury, to be distributed where it is needed. This way, the Congress has direct oversight and the people have a say in matters.

Except that a flat tax, wherein everybody is taxed at the exact same rate, regardless of income (and which usually includes some built-in provision for the elimination of deductions), is inherently unfair (and predatory) to those of lower incomes.

If you make $10,000 per year, and I make $100,000 per year, it may seem just fine to you if we both pay 10% of what we make in taxes under a flat rate system. Afterall, I'll have to pay $10,000 in taxes, while you only have to pay $1,000. Good for you, right?

But we Both still have to buy food for our families, right?

And the prices at the grocery store, even under a flat rate tax system, are Not adjusted according to the relative incomes of the customers.

That means I still have $90,000 to spend on the best cuts of beef and such, while you'll be lucky to afford enough milk and bread to keep your family in mayo sandwiches.

And you still think Congress is capable of distributing the taxes received by the Treasury in a fair and equitable manner while the "old boy" lobby network is still in place?

This idea needs a bit more time under the old thinking cap, I'd say.

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