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So wheres Atlantis?

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posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 05:11 AM
Okay I know this has probably been done before but this is a different thing. I was thinking, you know how Atlantis is claimed to be in the Atlantic, Ireland, China and all these other places? Well shouldn't we just make a list of all the places then fully asess them for the possibility of Atlantis being there then mark them off?
Heres some:
the Atlantic
South China Sea

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posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 05:16 AM
hm in the pc-game Indiana Jones, it is near crete, you will find some clues in the excavation of Knossos!

posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 05:20 AM
Atlantis is South America
see link for more info.
or do google search.

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posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 05:21 AM
thats right, folks...

for only 8 MILLION dollars you can take a guided tour!

posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 05:23 AM
I am reading a book that is implying that it was on the land coast of Antartica before the end of the ice age, they were advanced and left many stories and maps (they left advanced maps of antartica that were arround during the renasaunce, a time before the continent was even discovered)

it was then said that when the ice age ended the city was covered with water, which later turned to ice, and the survivers fled with the story and what they could cary.

this would imply plato's documentation of it was just a story that was finaly written down.

Another theory that is out there is that it was a city in the agean sea (sp?), and that a volcano eurupted and colapsed in on itself, destroying most of the island, and covering some of it with water. This is backed by geological documentation of such an event observed arround the time of Plato, which is how he documented it.

posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 05:34 AM
I went to a seminar which was based on the Atlantis theory.
What was discussed left me somewhat astounded and downright flabbergasted.

The theory was based on the fact that Atlantis was not a place, it was an era.
The Atlantians ruled a massive part of the planet (Similar, I suppose to the Roman Empire). They were a highly evolved society and had technology that was more advanced to what we have today.

Now get this.... they were apparently supported by the "Watchers, Nephalim, Sons of God...) or whatever name they go by. I mean they actually mixed with these " gods" on a personal basis. The superior standard of living, these guys had, was purely due to the influence of the Nephalim.

Well, being human, the Atlantians became extremely hedonistic and greedy. Through their lust and greed, they turned on their benefactors and killed some of them. The others fled. Without the help and advice from their gods, the people lost their powers of telepathy, magick etc.

The society was supported by the use of crystal energy and Mother Earths natural energy fields (Ley Lines). Losing the ability to utilise the power of these, the leaders resorted to using fossil fuels and the like.

Remember. although they had lost the protection and support of the Watchers, there were still many great minds amongst the populace. They had to work out how to survive, and support the commerce and industry that relied heavily on profit margins and shareholders interests.

ahem.....well, they decided that solar energy was both free and abundant. The problem was that Earth was a bit too far from the sun, so, "hey guys, not a prob, lets just move the planet closer to the sun." Apparently they had the know-how to do this.

They built a massive pyramid type structure in the sea, and at a certain time, when the sun was directly above (noon) they would switch on the device. This would slowly pull the earth and sun closer towards each other.

In the mean time, they had to make othe plans for energy. So.......easy peasy, tap into the earth crust, down to the molten section (about 20km down) and use the lava to create energy. They chose a spot where the Azores is today. In those days it was a large single island.

Well, heres where the preverbial hit the fan. They drilled down, but miscalculated the enormous energy that they were releasing. The resulting catrastophe resulting in a massive explosion, which sent millions of tons of ash and stuff in the stratosphere, causing the sun to be blocked out, a tilting of the earth to occur, therefore creating the ice age.

Oh yes, by the way the Atlantians were all forced to follow a state religion that was satanic. Oh another by the way, the massive pyramid tilted during the polar shift and is still there today.....we call it the Burmuda Triangle.

Any comments?

Here is a bit more: Please notice that I have copied and pasted this from another forum I belong to.

If the legeng of Atlantis happened the way described, we are all descendants of the Atlanteans.

By copulating with the local populace and creating demi-gods, the Nephalim went totally against their given instructions.

In doing so they were punished by losing their status of immortality. They also incurred karma, which they had to work off. Basically they received human status again. Over the past thousands of years many have paid off their karma. By the way, if memory serves me correctly (which would be a miracle in itself) there were 72 Nephalim who came down to our physical plane originally.

Remember these folk were originally mortal, died, reincarnated, died etc, until they went to the higher Devine plane. Think about it.....It is a same as going to school, studying hard, redoing subjects you have failed, passing them, going to university, studying hard and eventually getting your degree.
These guys did all all that and eventually were one with SOURCE. Then a group decide that things were not 100% and wanted more. SOURCE gets pissed off and says
" Guys, I've had it up to here with your whining and backstabbing. You have two choices.........I've created a realm called the Abyss. You can either go to the Abyss for thousands of years, until the darkness in your hearts dissapears, or go to that blue planet.....Those of you who go to Earth, will be required to teach the locals agriculture, medicine and construction. You will have to dress like the locals. You may NOT mix with them physically. Anyone who does this will deal with me directly!. Once your mission is over you may rejoin me in the Devine".

Well, as things go, the humans were pathetically slow in learning. The Angels were started to get very agitated. All they wanted to do was to get back HOME. And check those human babes out!!. WOWWEE!!!!.

We'll call the leader of this group, Azazeal. He is just as eager to go home, and his team are bitching big time.
"Listen up, people!. Our strategy is not working. These humans are thicker than two bricks put together. I want some of you to go down to the village and see what the problem is.
A few went down. When they came back they had this to say: These folk don't trust us. We can dress like them, but our physical features are just too different.

Azazeal shakes his head and ponders. " Well, we've been here for weeks now (Although in Earth time it was thousands of years). We have another choice, but it is going to cost us big time. I know some of you have been eyeing the local women. We'll lose our immortality, but I want you to mate with then and produce offspring. When these offspring are old enough, Probably in about a day or so (cosmic time), these offspring can teach the people what we have been struggling to do. My idea is that perhaps they will trust their kids more.

This was done and, as I mentioned before, too much information was given too soon. The initial result was a real paradise on Earth. Peace and harmany reigned supreme. But, as usual, the human stuffed (not the word I want to use) it up. My previous post refers to what happened.

Crapola or truth....what a fine line.


posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 05:58 AM
how did plato document this?

If the temple pulled the planet twords the sun it would have started a gravitational psycloid that would have already consumed this planet

To make a temple that would pull us closer to a non magnetic source (the sun) we would need to increase gravity(F=(MmG/r^2), this can only be done by increasing mass, impossible.

in astrological time we are moving slower than the universe, as Velocity increases your time slows down, (ie going near the speed of light a year to you is nearly 1.6 years to the universe) but since the universe is expanding and our globe is spinning, we are moving in slower time than the rest of the universe.

This sounds like a Hindi concept, that is to say, the devine source, the whole celestial time skew being backwards etc.

Why didn't any of their technology survive? to survive an ice age crystal warmth would be nice.

Hmmmm, closer to the sun...if they were so advanced they would have realized moving to achieve a noticible difference in energy, they would need to move alot alot Very VERY large distance closer to the sun, at which point our inter solar velocity, coupled with gravity of the sun would send us into a cataclismic fall into the sun.

it just seems very based in what i as a scientist would call fiction, a colaboration of faulty truths that apart may present some kernal of truth, but together seems very unlikely, though, I may very well be wrong, we probibly won't know in this life time :-D

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posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 08:47 AM
Yeah, that's true, they're need to get more mass onto the earth in order to increase the attraction towards the sun, by grabbing some nearby asteroid perhaps... which would destroy our stable orbit. Unless of course they found someway to also speed up it's velocity to stop this and keep it stable at it's closer orbit... somehow I doubt this. If they had the technology for that somehow I'd imagine a small global event wouldn't wipe them out so thoroughly.

I like the idea of how Atlantis was actually down around the south pole, I saw a really good article on that somewhere, I'll try to find it... I'd like to think there was some truth to their existance.

posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 09:20 AM
Done many times before... but for the sake of arguement...


Crete (but it doesn't lay west of the Pillars, does it?)

Troy (again, not past the Pillars of Hercules)

Canary Islands (once a likely source, but where's the continental shelf?) *Read Charles Berlitz' book Atlantis*

Bahama Islands (all those submerged roads and pyramids... hmm...) *any Edgar Cayce site or book, or perhaps even a boolan search*

South America (Atlantis lies between the Pillars and the 'true continent beyond'... they knew of Asia, so there was another landmass between South America and Asia?) *U2U Gazrok for more info about South American Atlantis, or do a boolan search here on it*

Antarctica (possible... go to any Graham Hancock website to read more) *U2U soothsayer for more info concerning Antarctica being a place of civilization, or once again, boolan search... or go to your local library and check out Graham Hancock's Fingerprints of the Gods*

and on and on...

posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 11:26 AM
The discussion of where Atlantis was is like discussing if the Frankenstein monster was made of Lego or Mechano.

Only Plato wrote about Atlantis, and it was on two of his "dialogues", where he used other people to discuss his theories.

posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 12:01 PM
Been done many times.
Here's just 1 thread, use the search for many more.


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