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The Belgian UFO Wave

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posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 05:27 PM
It's police officer's job to document things - as to my knowledge, almost every police patrol has a camera in their vehicle.

I am very familiar with the Belgian wave then back and still think it's one of the most intriguing cases but cannot imagine that numerous police offers, pilots and other officials reported the triangles, often seen for minutes "hovering very slow"...and there is not ONE SINGLE picture of those sightings.

The only photograph of a triangle we have is that single one which is said to be a hoax.

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 07:19 PM
Witness sightings were put together in a film with the story of the ship
coming from the west border and slowly maneuvered around.
It was hunting for a lost sister ship hiding in a forest. Then the chase
began with drops in altitude that were impossible to follow.
Very rare case of low flight and witnesses to see an unknown ship.

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 07:51 PM
It would be useful to have the aeronautical expertise of some ATS members analysing this.

Besides the photos there is detailed radar information about these triangles (provided by the Belgian Air Force).
Some Belgian AF F-16´s managed to lock-on on radar for a very short time.

This was already covered on another thread (at least).
As someone already said (on that thread mentioned above) they are probably some USAF black program making a "show of force" to impress the crumbling USSR authorities.

Just my 2 cents.

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 09:56 PM

Originally posted by IMSAM
Telos goddamn those Belgians must be stupid.

Sending jets to hunt a hoax

Did the hoaxer also hoax the radar hits?Or was is a series of unfortunate events that led to a big ufo case?

Dude these traitor bloodline of our Netherlands stole a part of the country. The years have not served them good and they are expected to have a lower IQ then Belgium cows.

So UFO might be real, the needy Belgium followed and learned that a uf needed way more then a needy pilot.The word "anti-Christ" is a religious word.

Please fellow European brothers, forgive my sarcasm, but our royals shouldn't have married family members.
I love you all anyway, I'm as big as any other retard around, but I need to use this gift for profit.

posted on Jun, 8 2013 @ 12:22 AM
From what i read of two Gendarmies statements they parked at the edge of a body of water(perhaps that dam)
and the ufo hovered over the water shooting huge red fireballs out over the horizon, and then retriving them when they returned......??WHF was THAT about?

posted on Jun, 8 2013 @ 07:15 PM
Well, i am not surprised that ATS members better known for their "aeronautical and aerospace expertise" dont comment on this thread.

It is a loose-loose situation for them.
Either they recognize the existence of UFO´s as non man-made craft or the existence of black programs (running for decades and involving technologies that would deeplly surprise the average citizen).

It´s a pity, because we (the common mortal kind) could learn something.

posted on Jun, 9 2013 @ 02:25 AM
reply to post by gortex
'UFOevidence' has gone down again.

I might copy the site next time it's live in case it ever goes down for good.

posted on Jun, 9 2013 @ 11:33 AM

Originally posted by meaningless333
Well, i am not surprised that ATS members better known for their "aeronautical and aerospace expertise" dont comment on this thread.

It is a loose-loose situation for them.
Either they recognize the existence of UFO´s as non man-made craft or the existence of black programs (running for decades and involving technologies that would deeplly surprise the average citizen).

It´s a pity, because we (the common mortal kind) could learn something.

They probably haven't commented as this subject has been covered numerous times and there is still no clear cut answer for it.

I'd guess that both options are part of what is going on, black budget ops and non man-made craft are active in our skies

posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 09:23 PM
Recent interview with retired Belgian Air Force General Wilfried De Brouwer.

In this video, retired Belgian Air Force General Wilfried De Brouwer discusses a wave of triangular UFOs he investigated in 1989 and 1990. He was in charge of the Belgian Air Force's official investigation. They never came to a definite conclusion as to where the mysterious triangles came from. De Brouwer also discusses the controversial photograph that was allegedly taken in Petit-Rechain.

posted on Feb, 2 2016 @ 05:10 AM
Among all the sightings that took place at the time, one of the most important took place on the night of 30th March 1990.
Various observations were made by ground witnesses (as usual) and unexplained radar echoes could be tracked by the NATO radar located in Glons.
Here is a copy of a police (Gendarmerie) report of the time as some of the witnesses were also policeman.

Transcript :

GENDARMERIE - Unit of (deleted) - 02 Apr 90
No 1190/21/N
Ex F to note N° 1S/03/W of 03 Apr 90

To commander of Wavre district
To captain (deleted)

TOPIC: Observation of unlikely phenomenon during night of 30 to 31 Mar 90

The 31st Mar 90 around 0030 Hr, after various reports of "strange lights" observation in RAMILLIES, we stopped along the road RN29, in the village of Thorembais-les-Beguines. From that observation place, we noticed a light apparently similar to a star in the direction of NAMUR/EGHEZEE. This light seems to be blinking or shaking. Light intensity was not constant.
We then noticed two planes (recognizable thanks to their white blinking lights) coming from JODOIGNE (Beauvechain airbase), they took height and headed towards the "light". The first plane went underneath it while the second passed above (estimation as of our observers position).

After the fly by of the planes, this "light" gave the impression to fall and then headed to the right. Then the light seemed to fade and vanish in the direction of Namur.

MDL Chef

The planes mentionned in the police report were two F-16s from the airbase of Beauvechain.
The planes took of at 00.05 (GMT+2). Kandinsky already provided in this thread the analysis of the radar data that was released by the Belgian air force. Here is the transcript of the pilot conversation (the hours are given in GMT - local time was GMT+2)

C: Loud & clear how me.
P: Reading you 5, flight level 90.
C: Task VID check armament safe.
P: Safe.
C: For your info, contact at your bearing 310 range is 15.
P: 310, 15, and confirm it's still on FL 90.
C: Checking.

C: Bravo reading you 5.
P: Bravo 5 as well. No.
C: No height on the contact for the moment.
P: Both levelling off FL 90.
C: Roger and both starboard 310.
P: OK, SB 310.
C: Last altitude on the contact is FL 210.
C: Keep on turning, roll out 320.
P: 320.

C: 320, 17 miles. And for the moment maximum level 10000ft.
P: Steady 320.
C: Roger 330, 5 to 10 right range is 15 Possible altitude 10000ft.
P: Steady at 10000. No contact.

C: Contact 330 range 10. 11000ft Starboard 330.
P: Steady 330.
C: 330. 5 right range is 9.
P: No contact keep on taking.
C: 345 range 7. Reduce speed. Slow moving.
P: Roger, slow moving.
C: Still at 10000ft. Bearing 345 range 5.
P: Confirm altitude.

C: Last altitude 10000ft. Check 10 left range is 3. Left side 2 miles. No altitude. Passing overhead.
P: No contact.
C: Just below you.
P: Say again.
C: Just below you now. Both vector 090. Contact is 090 range 2 When steady check 090 range 3. Slow moving. Inside turn 4 Nm, 060, 3.
P: One blinking light just in front of you, do you see it, just below you. An orange one.
C: Range is 3, 060, 3.
P: ... heading 180. Roger reversing 180 You have contact on me MEEL. Roger contact on you. If you reverse 180, on your nose 1 mile. It should be 1 o'clock for you. Blinking orange light. It's on the ground.
P: Efflux, you still have the contact.
C: Contact for the moment 020, 15.
P: Confirm 020.
C: 020, 5 miles.
P: See the blinking light I mean unreadable ...flash.
C: 030, 6 miles.
P: Contact on the ground seems to be 1 light.
C: Another contact now 360, 10 miles.
P: 360, 10.

C: Altitude 11000ft, 350, 11 miles.
P: I have a contact 9000 heading 250 at 970 knots.
C: Possibly your target.
P: One contact on the nose 9000ft speed 310.
C: Range is 6?.
P: Eddy do you confirm contact I have the same in B 15 now unreadable.
C: Contact is at 3 miles now. On the nose 3.
P: Contact is coming in and out.
C: Roger and now... 2miles Right inside turn, level 1 mile 2214 Expedite right, roll out 130.
P: Unreadable. 130.
C: 140 range 3.
P: Confirm heading Efflux.
C: 130, 120 even. And continue roll out 180 He's now 170,4. Check camera on. 160, 3.
P: Camera on. I've a possible contact now at 550 knots in C. 6 alt 10000.
C: Just overhead.

C: If possible take a maximum of pictures.
P: May I suggest you keep the HUD, I keep...
C: At your 6 o'clock 2 unreadable.
P: Efflux, give a new heading.
C: Roll out 360, 360, 2. unreadable Continue SB 030.
P: 030.
C: He's now 050, 3. Altitude 105. Keep on turningtowards 090.
P: Steady 090.
C: 090 on the nose 2.
P: One a/c passing below. Efflux is it possible?
C: At what altitude?
P: I see it Efflux.
C: On the nose 2 miles.
P: MEEL, you see it, just below me now. Efflux you have a new heading.
C: South, 2.
P: Say altitude.
C: FL 105. Snap 130. 130, 3. Last alt. reported 10000ft On the nose 2.
P: Come in attack.
C: Past the contact now. Altitude is 10000ft.
P: I'm at 9000ft.
C: Still no contact?
P: " " " ! Heading please.
C: 270, 2.
P: Confirm 260.

C: 270.

P: Roll out 270. Steady 270. 10000ft.
C: No more contact for the moment.
P: MEEL you switch 135 05 go.
C: Can you contact Brussels on 127.15.
P: 127.15, go. Efflux, confirm new heading.

C: Keep on turning right 090.
P: Turning left 090. Efflux steady east now.
C: Roger, maintain.
P: Positive contact as well.
C: For the moment no more contact on the scope.

P: No contact on the scope as well Check fuel. Unreadable. Possible contact at 19 miles 800 knots h 350.

22:23 3000ft
P: Efflux confirm one contact at 5 miles, left side, speed fast.
C: No contact for the moment.
P: 4 miles to the left.
C: Clear to investigate.
P: Investigating. Rolling out now 034.

C: Brussels is calling. No contact.
C: Traffic approaching from 320 range 15, 9000ft. Possible contact bearing 270 range 12. Starboard turn.

P: Turning right 270 This contact seems to be civilian traffic
P: Say again Efflux
C: Contact is civilian traffic

P: Rolling out 277
C: Roger, maintain 17 from Efflux
P: Come in Efflux
C: Did you see in the previous investigation...
P: I had a kind of flashing light on the nose 5 miles
C: And this light was coming from the south?

P: This light is steady.
C: When did you pass over the light, give me a top.
P: Turning left to pass overhead at 10000ft and give you the coordinates. Just passing overhead the light.
C: Roger.
P: Coordinates : 50.32.08.

P: Reversing east, 10000ft.
C: Roger.
C: Possible contact bearing 020 12 miles.
P: 12 miles looking out.
C: High speed roll out 040.
P: 040.
C: Heading is 115 Starb 060.
P: One contact on nose 10 miles.
C: That's the target. No alt on him for the moment.
P: Contact in C 12 MEEL, at 5000ft. 740 knots. Good contact again. Investigating. One contact on the nose 7 miles.
C: Chear to investigate, check armament safe.

P: Sweet and safe.
C: Passing overhead BE for the moment.
P: Lost contact now, he's moving very fast.
C: That's affirm High speed for the moment.
P: One contact on the nose 6 miles, speed to 100 knots.
C: 080, 10 miles. Heading is 120.
P: 120 confirm.
C: Affirmative.

C: Last alt. reported 10000ft 070, 10 miles.
P: 070, 10 confirm. Rolling out 070. Altitude 7000ft. Lost contact more info Efflux.
C: Lost contact as well. It should be 090, 10. Roll out 100.

(To be continued)

posted on Feb, 2 2016 @ 05:26 AM
a reply to: theultimatebelgianjoke

C: Last alt. reported 10000ft 070, 10 miles.
P: 070, 10 confirm. Rolling out 070. Altitude 7000ft. Lost contact more info Efflux.
C: Lost contact as well. It should be 090, 10. Roll out 100.

P: 100.
C: Normally on the nose range 15. You have contact.

P: No contact.
C: 095 Range 18 17, both starboard 310.
P: SB 310 Fuel 044.
C: 17 check playtime left.
P: Playtime left 15 minutes.
P: 17 steady 310.
C: Roger 17. Maintain hdg for the moment. One civilian traffic 315 range is 12 at 5000ft in the TMA.

P: Looking out. Contact at 6000ft slow moving at C.
C: It's civilian traffic. Passing 2 o'clock 5 miles. 5000ft, check 310, 12 miles possible contact.

P: 10 miles on the nose 10000ft. Contact.
C: On the nose range 7.

P: Got the same.
C: Check camera on.

P: Camera on.
C: If possible take max of pictures.
P: Very slow moving.
C: Check alt. of contact.
P: I still have the contact, 5 miles.
C: No height.
P: No height.
C: 3 o'clock 2 miles.
P: " " ".
C: Crossing left to right.
P: Say again.
C: Left side high.
P: Looking out. I see one beacon on the nose.

C: One civilian traffic west, 10 miles.
C: Contact 100, SB 100.
P: Roger SB 100.
C: Civilian traffic 300, 5 miles.
P: " " " " " Steady 120.
C: Continue 100.
P: 100.
C: Even 060 now. 060, 5.
P: Steady 060.
C: 060, 3. You have contact?
P: One contact but speed is changing from 100 to 600.
C: I have the same contact.
P: Slightly to right 4 miles.
C: Affirmative. High moving.
P: Steady east now.
C: Roger.
P: Lost contact.
C: Both vector 180.

P: Turning right south.
C: Contact south higher.
P: Looking out. Steady south.
C: Nine o'clock 3. sorry 3 o'clock.
P: Steady south no contact.

C: Disregard snap 360 now.
P: 360 to the left. Check fuel.
C: Possible contact 350 range 10.
P: 350, 10.
C: 2 contacts due to civilian traffic same position 345, 9 left 330 17 left 330 left 330.

C: Civilian traffic 340 range 7.
P: Contact on traffic.
C: At 5000ft, other contact at 325 range is 7, no height.
P: Contact on the radar now.
C: Check camera on.
P: Camera on loosing contact.
C: He's now 345 range is 5.
P: We have the same in B 8, 10000ft. MEEL.
C: 350, 3.
P: Radar contact. Contact slightly to the left, 8 miles, lost contact now
C: He's at your 360 now 360....
P: Request to turn north.
C: Clear now.
P: Steady north Efflux.
C: Roger, no contact.
P: Negative.
C: Reverse south.

During the press conference, the air force released the footage recorded by the F-16s onboard cameras :

VIDEO 1 - VIDEO 2 (Dailymotion videos)

I personally witnessed such a triangular object at the time.

posted on Feb, 2 2016 @ 07:16 AM
a reply to: theultimatebelgianjoke

I too saw a triangular object around that period. One picture that reminded me the most of what I saw back then was one of an F117 with the landing lights on and the red strobing light in between.

What I saw was way slower and made almost no sound, so no jet imo.

I personally believe these where some sort of cover up craft to hide for instance missions with the Nighthawk. Take something with total different flight characteristics and add some simular lights and people linking these sightings together think it's something out of this world...

The famous picture in the OP has been admited a fake by the person who took it saying it was a prank (cannot find the source anymore).

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posted on Feb, 2 2016 @ 07:37 AM
a reply to: zeroPointOneQ

Considering in retrospect what are the 'genuine' aircraft that could have been mistaken, we have the F-117, B-2, NASA's LoFlyte ... There is quite a lot of candidates.

I don't know for you, but personally, no matter what it was, it was huge and it appear to me to be 'man-made'.
I was on a bicycle, on an unlit countryside road with no other traffic. I just bent to turn off the light of my bicycle because of the drag with the clamp-on dynamo (no such thing as high-efficency battery powered leds at the time ...). Then I noticed that thing in the sky. The triangle was on fly-path parallel to the E40 motorway. Heading westward (towards Brussels, coming from Liège) The E40 motorway was directly in my line of sight and perfectly lit.
There were often lo-flying AWACS plane in the area as some of them were based at the then military Bierset base, now civilian Liège airport. I had already seen an AWACS under similar circumstances but that thing was way bigger.
No sound either, even if I could hear the buzzing sound of the ongoing traffic on the motorway.

posted on Feb, 2 2016 @ 10:50 PM
Well someone heard you MM and bumped this thread !

The youtube video on page 1 from Gortex is the one I usually link from Unsolved Mysteries.

Jerry Cohen gives a rebuttal to the supposed bogus radar data for those that are interested.

IMO, even if you discount the radar data completely, the eye witness accounts are numerous and detailed enough, that really only one question remains, alien or military? The Eupen sighting in the Unsolved Mysteries video in particular gives us 2 pairs of officers and 1 dispatcher all seeing the same thing as it passes through the area.

The final pair of officers in La Calamine(tail end of the Gortex video) tell us how it leaves

Then another object was leaving the main object. It was a red light, pulsating and descending vertically from the object. It moved around the building." Then, incredibly, "the three lights at the corner of the platform shrank inwards so that the whole thing became a single circle of light and shot off into the distance faster than the eye could follow.

If it is military, it hovers and moves at blimp speeds, then can take off at jet speeds? Nice piece of tech we decided to just show off in Belgium. So secret we still havent declassified it but yet the USAF just hoped no one would snap pics of it?
And to what end, we have our own radar and testing grounds, whats so special about Belgium ? Of course it is impossible to completely rule out a military explanation, I just think its really reaching.

posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 05:10 PM
There was another smaller wave of triangels in 1997. Not in the same area , but more north. I saw one of these silent diamond shaped crafts.

posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 07:33 PM
Actual footage of one of the belgian triangles @ 11:37 of this video

posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 10:29 PM
a reply to: TanhauserGate

Excellent video , its covering multiple sightings, but it does have a long section dedicated to Belgium (from 8:12 - 19:20).

Interviews included 'Lt Col André Amond, the video witness you mentioned, one of the F-16 pilots, Gen. De Brouwer, and one radar specialist who thought it was likely extraterrestrial (I bet he never makes that mistake again, although he seemed aware of the hate that was going to come his way)

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posted on Feb, 4 2016 @ 04:50 AM
a reply to: 111DPKING111

I can't unfortunately find the complete footage of the press conference De Brouwer gave at the time.
If I remember well, the term he used to describe the craft was "science-fictional".

There is a small Belgian french-speaking forum featuring lots of witnesses of the time, including people who were present at the said press conference :

Forum ufologique

posted on Feb, 13 2016 @ 01:52 PM
a reply to: flexy123

Flagged for later
Stuck in Rendlesham forest for now. Its dark and I'm not sure when I'll find my way out.

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