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Syrian Rebels threatens to Openly Threatens Ethnic Cleansing

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posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 10:42 AM
reply to post by lonewolf19792000

The rebirth of the 'Ottoman Caliphate' is a myth, the bogey man to scare non-muslims. The Ottomans were monarchies, and do not employ the democratic process ( Shura) as laid down by the Divine Messenger prophet Muhammad.

Only the first 4 caliphs followed the Shura after the passing of prophet Muhammad. The rest twisted Islam to support the rule of might by kings, and finally, true muslims woke up, overthrew the Ottomans and reinstituted the true Caliphate as prophet Muhammad had taught - democratic process.

There are already Sunni Caliphs of Islam right now in muslim majority lands, but separated by borders - Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Gulf states, Malaysia, Indonesia. Although some of them have monarchs, most of them are only constitutional Monarchs behaving in the manner as Presidents with term limits agreed willingly by the majority, whose sole purpose is to defend Islam, while the rest of the administration of the land including foreign policy are upon elected representatives' legislation of laws based upon the PRINCIPLES of Islam - moral and ethical guidelines which are similar in the central tenets of other mainstream religions, to progress and evolve their nations sharing our world peacefully through the rule of law with the rest of mankind.

Although there is a separation of borders, Islamic principles remains the same throughout. Interpretations may differ from region to region, but there are international conferences annually or regular to meet up, to discuss, debate and find solutions to progress and evolve Islam further, as envisioned by the prophet. Islam was meant for progress, to uplift the barbaric squalor of the arabs with its new generations born, and not meant to remain in 7th century stasis for the nomadic and goat herding few.

There is a difference between a King and a god-on-earth. A king is acknowledged as only a mortal and capable of making mistakes, and correct them or the People will teach him to correct it.

The god-on-earth is all supreme, incapable of mistakes, and no one can challenge his decrees even if it is wrong and unconscionable, for he is a supreme being, the director of souls to heaven or hell, something which most fears of ending up in the wrong place, and thus the easy submission.

Fortunately, prophet Muhammad had already warned that he was the LAST divine messenger. There will be NO MORE after him, and thus if ANYONE claims infallibility or divine status or even claims of having divine dreams, that person is a fake and had committed the highest sacrilege known to mankind.

There are NO other gods except ALLAH! - our common Creator who is known by many names across borders, cultures, time and space and who love us all.

The Supreme apostate infidel persian leader Khamenei is a god wannabe. He rules alone and everyone else within govt are but rubber stamps. No one, absolutely no other mortal, is to challenge him, even if he is wrong or oppresses his own people. Not even his king or president puppets in iraq, syria and lebanon. Or so he deludedly think.

He had atrociously made use of children of the book - jews and christians to be the punching bag of sunni anger against Shiasm of 1200years, deflect it by weeping copious crocodile tears of islamic unity for palestinians murdered, used as body shields not to protect sunnis, but only to protect his own skin while he builds the ultimate weapon to gain religious supremacy, the way the North Koreans did.

Muslims woke up now to those crocodile tears and manipulation of sunnis with his sanctioned slaughter and continued slaughter of innocent sunni men, women and babies in Syria by the tens of thousands over the past 2 years +. So much of siding sunnis by him, which was all a manipulative charade while he pursued cunningly for power and supremacy.

Like many of mankind sharing only common aims in life to progress and evolve, the insignificant nobody me worry too for the shia followers, many are only innocent and want to live in peace, but because after the slaughters done to sunnis by the supreme apostate and his dogs, it will be difficult to control that anger against the followers of shia faith, but NOT IMPOSSIBLE - if we direct those anger to the culprits and NOT upon the innocents whom had hurt and harm no one.

First thing is to END the slaugherings to sunnis, and the NEXT is to hold the Humanslayer Assad, the apostate god wannabe Khamenei and his hizbollah dogs ACCOUNTABLE for the ethnic cleansing and genocide of sunnis and face justice.

After that, anyone else who is guilty of war crimes, will be brought to justice, and their cases heard with lawyers to defend them if they had not been of sound mind, as the descent into darkness of 2 years will do to them after watching their loved ones and friends slayed before their eyes LONG before the rebellion was even born. Not that they go free, for none can escape for murder, but it need not be one of death sentence. Civilised nations do not send the far out certified insane to death, but only to be locked up and kept away from others.
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